Sovereign Syre in Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy starring Sovereign Syre and Calvin Hardy

Invasion of Privacy

Sovereign Syre is chatting on the phone to a friend as she tidies up around the house. She mentions her recent breakup and talks about how happy she is that she has moved into a brand new place. Sovereign Syre also mentions that she has seemingly been misplacing things lately.  Sovereign Syre looks around her new apartment with a smile, excited for her new beginning.


Days later in Invasion of Privacy, Sovereign Syre walks into the room from the bathroom. She has a towel around her body and a separate towel around her head. She has clearly just gotten out of the shower. As she walks towards her bed, she looks down at the floor, stopping in her tracks as she sees something. She looks surprised and puzzled as she looks down at an unlit and unused cigarette. Sovereign Syre picks it up. She looks very unsettled and nervous as she looks around the room.

Sovereign (who doesn’t smoke) quickly calls her superintendent Calvin Hardy to ask if any maintenance people have been in her apartment.  In Invasion of Privacy he tells her nobody has and mentions the possibility of the previous tenant still having a key. This makes Sovereign even more nervous but Calvin Hardy assures her that the building is safe.

Days later, Sovereign arrives home to find her door open. Looking fearful and uncertain what to do, Sovereign calls Calvin Hardy in a panic. He tells her he will be right over to change the locks as a precaution.

During Invasion of Privacy, a few minutes later, Calvin Hardy has just finished changing the locks. Sovereign is very appreciative to Calvin Hardy for making her feel safe. But there’s something Sovereign doesn’t know about Mr Hardy…something that would make her rethink ever inviting him into her home…

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