Spoiling Azul Azul Hermosa

Spoiling Azul

Spoiling Azul
Ricky Johnson and Azul Hermosa

Reality Kings describe Azul Hermosa as a porn goddess and they could not of described her any better. I don’t think I’ve stared at a body for as long as I did whilst writing about this video for quite some time.  Her face and body are simply heavenly.

In Spoiling Azul, porn goddess Azul Hermosa wakes up her boyfriend, Ricky Johnson, wearing her finest lingerie. “Did you forget?” she asks the confused man with a supplicant look in her eyes. Caught off guard, Ricky realises it’s his couple anniversary today and he has to impress his girl.

Luckily, Ricky has a big present for the pretty Azul. What a nice surprise when the black haired lady opens Ricky’s gift box, only to find Ricky’s huge dick inside. Hungry as she is, it doesn’t take long before the cock is in her throat. In Spoiling Azul, horny Azul spreads her legs and let Ricky pleasure her like he’s never done before. What a delightful way to celebrate!

In Reality Kings Spoiling Azul Description

In the background there is a small kitchen unit. The worktop is a black granite material and the rectangular cabinet below is a gloss white with a long silver handle. There is a spotlight that gives a yellow, warm glow over the unit. Below the worktop there is a large silver kitchen appliance.

The walls next to the kitchen unit are a painted white. There is also a sofa, and it has grey and white fluffy cushions placed on it, two of each colour. Behind the sofa, there is a large red ornament which is bigger at the base and gets smaller towards the top until it is thin.

There is also a table behind the sofa that has a glossy top and has a grey box of tissues on it. On the sofa there is Ricky Johnson, who is propped up on his elbows. He wears a white beanie that has ribs in on his head and comes just above his eyes, nearly covering his light, thin eyebrows.

He has a small amount of facial hair, he has a small black beard that resides mainly on his chin and upper lip. He has a small amount of light stubble on his cheeks and towards his ears. He wears nothing but the beanie and has a bare chest.

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