Squirting Material Part 1 and Part 2

Squirting Material Part 1

Squirting Material Part 1 and Part 2
Gia Derza, Alexis Tae and Mick Blue

This looks like another outstanding two part Brazzers series.  It’s rare to find Brazzers releasing a two part porn series on the same day, so I’m wondering whether it’s actually an admin error and part 2 will be recalled and released on another day.  But I’m going to write about both parts in order to beat other porn bloggers to the scoop on this one.

Squirting Material Part 1 – Looking at the screenshot for part 1 we find Gia Derza with a large red strap-on cock in her throat.  She doesn’t look too comfortable about it either.  Wearing a light blue thin sweater Alexis Tae is inserting the strap-on into her perverted friend throat.


Alexis has known for a while that Gia is a bit of a pervert.  She has worked her way around most of the jocks and college but she never realised that she wanted cock all of the time.  So when she walks in to her bedroom masturbating, Alexis decides to help her out with her thirst for cock.

In the opening sequence with join Gia Derza playing with her pussy and looking at a photo of her fantasy man.  She has her panties pulled tone side and is wearing a black dress with silver chains holding it together.  She is talking to the photo as she strokes her pussy.  As the camera moves in for a closer look, we can see that she has also been using a shiny silver butt-plug and she makes herself squirt.

It’s during the squirting sequence that Alexis Tae walks in on her to find her mid orgasm.  Alexis drops the large bowl of pop corn that she was carrying in shock.  As soon as they realise what was going on, the action turns straight into an anal strap-on lesbian fuck fest.  Gia Derza can be seen riding a big red strap-on dildo in her big ass.  She rides it hard in a bid to achieve an anal orgasm.

When the action turns to see Alexis Tae fucking Gia in the ass from behind, I did notice that the photo that Gai was masturbating over was a photo of a grey haired and grey bearded Keiran Lee.  She is holding it as her college girlfriend continues to fuck her in the arse wit ha red strap-on.

The photo is obviously Alexis Tae’s dad, so towards the end of this Squirting Material video,  Gia confesses to wanting to be fucked by an older guy and says that she would be able to handle an older guy.

If you wanted to see two lesbians in a hardcore anal strap-on video with plenty of squirting, then part 1 of Squirting Material is going to satisfy your porn needs.

Squirting Material Part 2 – After watching part 1 I was fully expecting to see Keiran Lee arrive for part 2 and thought that maybe there was an admin error n the Brazzers site.  But no.  Part 2 does in fact star Mick Blue as the older guy who gets to fuck Gia Derza.

Squirting Material Part 2

Mick is casually sitting on the blue sofa reading his phone and just generally minding his own business.  Dressed smartly in a blue shirt and black trousers, he is unaware that Gia is watching him and rubbing her pussy.  Gia is wearing tight black hot pants and black top and look really hot indeed.

Even though her fantasy older man is Keiran Lee, she is more than happy to try and seduce Mick Blue into fucking her firm college co-ed body.  As Gia continues to rub her wet pussy, Mick soon senses that she is there watching him.  Miss Derza is startled when Mick finally opens his mouth to invite her into the living room.


To get the sex started, there is that classic porn scenario of Derza spilling some water onto Mick’s pants and helping him take them off.  When she removes his pants, she finds Mick’s cock already fully erect.

Part 2 of Squirting Material sees Mick Blue pound Gia Derza’s arse in a hardcore anal sex porn video.  Gia really loves being fucked hard in the ass.  There is so much rough anal sex in this trailer it is hard to keep track of.  Fair play to Mick Blue for being able to have the stamina to keep up with Gia Derza’s lust for cock in her arse.

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