Stay On The Line Abella Danger

Stay On The Line
Abella Danger and Zac Wild

Stay on the line

Check out Abella Danger wearing a pair of bright shiny pink yoga pants.  They really show off her fabulous ass.  She is on the phone to one of her friends in Brazzers Stay On The Line.  She is giving her all the juice details about her sex life with Zac Wild.  Her friend wants to know all the details, so Abella tells her to ‘stay on the line’ while she gets fucked.  Her friend can hear everything on the other end of the phone line.


Abella isn’t named Danger just because it sounds cool. All her loyal fans know it’s because she’s got that adventurous personality. In Brazzers Stay On The Line, when Abella comes home after a long day and is chatting on the phone, she perks up a little at her friend egging her on and asking naughty questions about the latest boy toy.

Did Zac make her beg and plead for his hard cock in her throat, or was it more of the hard-line bouncing her thick ass up and down until she’s squirting everywhere? Well, prove it, Abella! Give this friend and us all the details. Maybe even a show…

Well, this is Abella Danger’s 95th Brazzers porn video appearance (including compilations).  I’m sure that we will be witnessing her 100th in the next few months.  Whether or not Brazzers will celebrate her 100th appearance or wait until she has 100 featured scenes under her belt, I can’t say.

Abella Dander Stay on the Line has plenty of squirting moments.  But the most astonishing fact about this new Abella video is that there is no anal sex involved.  As we all know by now, Abella Danger is almost always seen with a big cock in her ass!  I could be wrong, but there is definitely no anal sex in this trailer.  Whether or not they have kept it back for the main scene that is released on March 27th, 2021, remains to be seen.

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