Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren Phillips

Stiff Roommate Massage

Stiff Roommate Massage
Johnny Castle and Lauren Phillips

It’s not very often that I see a redhead and want to click on the video as soon as possible.  but when that redhead has great tits and and ass, then I’m all over it.  Lauren Phillips is one of the sexiest redheaded pornstars that I have seen.  I have a very select number of favourite redheads, along with Ella Hughes and Lenina Crowne.


In Stiff Roommate Massage Lauren gets her kit off for a fuck session with Johnny Castle. She knows that his body aches after his workout.  Miss Phillips has been living with Johnny and his wife for a while now and she has been desperate to get her hands on his big cock after accidentally seeing in the shower.

Lauren took her opportunity by offering to give Johnny a full body massage.  she lied about taking a massage course whilst in college so Johnny let her use her skills on his tired body.  After a few minutes Johnny realised that Lauren has no idea what she was doing.  But when her hands started to wonder under the towel onto his cock, Johnny let her continue.

In Stiff Roommate Massage, with Mr Castle now fully relaxed, Lauren Phillips too the opportunity to get her clothes off and rub her big tits all over him.  Johnny was not sure he was doing the right thing, but he sure was enjoying every second of those big boobs sliding over him.

Stiff Roommate Massage – SUMMARY

Johnny Castle hasn’t had a peaceful moment since his wife’s friend, Lauren Phillips, moved in with them. After Johnny comes home stiff from an intense workout, Lauren convinces him that a nice, oily massage would do him some good. When Johnny agrees, Lauren treats him to a full body experience he’ll never forget.

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