Stooping to her Level Spencer Bradley and Indica Monroe

Stooping to her Level
Spencer Bradley and Indica Monroe


Heidi (Spencer Bradley) is visiting her parent, Janice. As they talk, Janice fretfully admits that she’s worried about Heidi’s stepsister, Tara (Indica Monroe). She’s always been a bit of a troublemaker and now she wants to move out on her own, although Janice doesn’t think Tara’s ready. Since Heidi’s always been such a good girl, Janice asks if Heidi will let Tara move in with HER for a bit to hopefully rub off on her. Always the people pleaser, Heidi agrees to let Tara move in with her. Maybe they’ll have fun, just like old times!

But weeks later, it’s clear that Heidi is NOT having fun and that things are strained between the stepsisters. Despite Heidi’s best efforts, Tara is disobedient and rebellious, showing absolutely no concern for others. When Tara stays out all night doing God-knows-what, it’s finally time for them to have a talk.

While Heidi tries to reason with Tara, Tara lashes out at her. Tara points out that Heidi must be so sick of being so responsible all the time. This seems to strike a nerve with Heidi and Tara is quick to accuse Heidi of being jealous of her free-spirited ways. Heidi maintains that she only wants to keep Tara on the right path, wanting to steer her away from making bad decisions and being promiscuous. But even as she says this, it seems half-hearted.

Seeing a unique opportunity, Tara preys on Heidi’s yearning to do something wild and makes her an offer: if Heidi doesn’t want her to go out at all hours and fuck random people, Heidi should fuck HER.

Will Heidi give into temptation to both keep her stepsister safe AND finally break free from her good girl shackles?