Strip Dance Practise Isabelle Deltore Martina Smeraldi

Strip Dance Practise

Strip Dance Practise
Isabelle Deltore, Michael Fly, Martina Smeraldi

Wow, what a pair of absolute beauties.  Australian Isabelle Deltore and Italian Martina Smeraldi both have their tight wet pussy holes fucked by Michael Fly and his massive cock.

When Isabelle and Martina get together in a hostel to practise their striptease moves, they always find time for a bit of touchy feely action to really get themselves in the mood.  They like to get themselves in the moment when practising how to prick tease their paying customers.

They did not realise that Michael Fly was watch them go through their slutty dance routine.  As he watch them twerk and grind on each other, he developed and erection that he need to relieve.  He got his big cock out and started to stroke it as he fantasised about fucking these two hot strippers.

But when Isabelle turned around and caught Michael masturbating in the door way, she took one look at his cock and dragged him in the bedroom where she stripped him off naked.

Isabelle and Martina took it in turns to tease Michaels aching cock with their sex arses.  They both rubbed their big booty’s over his cock and very nearly make him cum too soon.  But these babes are experts in cock control and they gradually calmed him down with a slow and sensual double blowjob.

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