Stroking The Guards Post Sofia Lee

Danny D is all dressed up as one of those guards you see outside Buckingham Palace.  He’s in for hell of a challenge not to get distracted from his duty in Stroking The Guards Post.


Sofia Lee is on holiday taking in the sites of London.  She has always be fascinated by the queens guards hat stand outside Buckingham Palace all day.  She has heard that they are not allowed to move at all!


She has seen YouTube clips of people trying to make them move by pulling funny faces at them or trying to distract them by pranking them in numerous different ways.

Sofia has got another plan.  She’s pretty sure that she can get this Queens guard to break tradition.  Wearing a very low cut pink blouse, her sexy cleavage is already turning heads as she walks around the sights of London.

She takes some selfies with the guard and tries to make him move by shouting “boo” in his face.  But Danny D has seen this all before.  Tourists do this to him all day.

Sofia LeeIn Brazzers Stroking the Guard’s Post, Sofia Lee has one final trick up her sleeve.  She follows the guard to his next post and starts to perform a sexy dance in front of his face.  She pulls down her top to show even more of her beautiful boobs.

She can see that Danny is doing his very best not to get tempted into to moving from his post.  She even starts to grind her arse up and down his groin…surely that will do the trick?

Finally Danny has to give in.  When his cock can stand no more teasing, he unzips his fly’s to let Sofia get on her knees to suck him off.  But what Danny did not expect was that other tourists would watch and take selfies with them having sex!

This had gone far enough. Danny knew that he would be sacked for this so he thought he might as well make the most of it and take Sofia inside the palace for a proper good fuck.  As Danny fucked her hard and fast, two other female tourists were able to watch through an open window.

They both stood and admired Danny’s huge cock pounding away at Sofia’s wet pussy.  What a truly wonderful day seeing the sights of London!

Stroking the Guards Post is Sofia Lee’s Brazzers debut.  I’m sure we will see much more of her very soon.  She has all the incidents to be a Brazzers star of the future.

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