Stuck Between Anal And A Workout Bridgette B

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout
Bridgette B, Isiah Maxwell

Thank you, Sweet Lord Jesus.  We’ve got the fantastic Bridgette B getting fucked in the ass by a big black cock.  Brazzers are really treating us today.  not only do we witness the sex Bridgette B having her arsehole fucked, but we also get to see her amazing body working out and getting sweaty.

Bridgette has been looking for ways to spice up her daily workout routine.  She has become a little bored with her workout that she carries out every morning.  She has being putting her hot latin body through the same stretches and positions for a while now, she needs something different.

During Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, one of her pornstar friends recommended that she tries to insert a butt plug into her big ass before she workouts out.  Worth a try…sounds very strange.  However, Bridgette was delighted to feel how great it felt to have a butt plug in her butt.  Every time she bend over, she gave herself a cheap thrill.  Why didn’t she try this before, she thought to herself.

The only down side to this new sexy workout routine was that it was making her feel very horny indeed.  Her ass and pussy craved a cock to really finish off the routine with a bang.  Luckily for Bridgette B, she caught her neighbour peeping through the window, watching her working out.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, She drags her neighbour into her house.  Isiah Maxwell had been watching his hot neighbour working out with a butt plug in her arse and already had a hard on.  Bridgette B could see that Isiah was ready to fuck her brains out.  She sucked his cock like a woman possessed.  There was only one thing the Bridgette desired, and that was to have her ass fucked by Isiah’s big black cock.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, Bridgette B got her anal graving satisfied.  Her butt gets fucked hard and fucked by a BBC in her living room.  This is yet another fantastic performance by this hot sexy Latin MILF.