Stuck Between Two Nurses Fake Hostel

Stuck Between Two Nurses

Stuck Between Two Nurses
Jennifer Mendez and Ariela Donovan

Tw super hot European pornstars in an awesome Fake Hostel video celebrating the world of hot sexy nurses.  In a time where we all appreciate the hard work that nurses are doing all over the world, FAKEhub have brought together two fantastic looking babes to treat Steve Q to a threesome that he’s never going to forget.

Here’s what my porn editing colleague Dick DeLonge had to say about editing this FakeHostel Stuck Between Two Nurses video for

This marks my first foray into the Fake Hostel world! I had a great time editing this, it’s structurally different from our other FAKEhub brands, so offered a nice change of pace. It’s always a joy to edit a scene with Steve Q (a true pro!) and Jennifer Mendez, those two together with Ariela Donovan make this a memorable threesome! As you’ll see when the scene comes out, Steve is taking every pre-caution with all new arrivals!

As I mentioned, FakeHostel is a bit different to our other brands, one extra thing to do is to choose some music to go with the scene. This can be pivotal to get the tone of the scene right, a bad music choice can ruin a scene, so I spent a good amount of time choosing this, making sure that it blended seamlessly with the final edit.

Catch this scene on FAKEhub 19th October 2020!