Stuck in a Locker Watching Her Strip Naked


Stuck in a Locker Watching Her Strip Naked

Ricky Spanish gets himself put in a locker by the college jock.  He is always being bullied because of his size.  However, Ricky was in for a surprise when Katana Kombat comes into the locker room to get undressed and changed after gym class.

Ricky watch this hot brunette take off her clothes and stand there naked.  But Katana can here his heavy breathing from inside the locker.  She opens up the lock to find Ricky Spanish spying on her.  He was also totally naked.

Miss Kombat took one look at he his huge cock hanging between his legs and thought this was an opportunity too good to miss.  There was no way that she would be able to turn down a chance to get fucked by a big cock in the locker room.

This Brazzers porn advert as seen on Pornhub is taken from a Brazzers video called The Nerd Nails the Girl.  This college locker room sex video was released 26th January 2019.