Stuck In The Booty With You Ebony Mystique

Stuck In The Booty With You

Stuck In The Booty With You
Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

The most frustrating this about being an affiliate porn blog writer is when there is not a lot of information available about the videos I’m trying to promote.  On a Sunday morning I rely on the Brazzers team to provide some kind of scene description for me to comment on.  But this Stuck In The Booty With You video starring Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique have no description whatsoever.


So the only option I have today is to just write about what I can see on the Stuck In The Booty With You splash screen.  We see a naked Steve Holmes with his fingers deep inside Ebony Mystique’s big black booty. It looks like he is trying to stretch her asshole out to prepare for some anal fucking.

Miss Mystique is bent over with her arse in the arse gleefully enjoying being fingered in her big black asshole.  She has a bottle of lube in her hands so she obviously needed a bit of help getting her arse ready for anal.  While Mr Holmes has his fingers in Mystique’s ass, her husband walks in and is disgusted at what he sees’.  Nobody would want to see their wife with another mans fingers up her arse…unless it’s the doctor, but even then….

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