Swap In For A Facial Indica Flower

Swapping for a facial

Swap In For A Facial
Steve Holmes, Xander Corvus and Indica Flower

We’ve not seen the wonderful natural boobs of Indica Flower on Brazzers since her debut on February 3rd, 2020.  I wonder why it has taken so long for her to return.  It’s probably some thing to do with the Corona virus lockdown rules.  But it is very nice to see her again.  This time in a threesome.

The first sequence of Swap In For A Facial sees Indica and Xander Corvus running around the bedroom desperate for a fuck.  They don’t want to waste anytime.  As soon as Miss Flower gets home from college Xander just wants to fuck her.  Dressed in a purple vest and light blue denim booty shorts, Indica dives into bed and prepares for a hard fucking.


A hard fucking is what she certainly gets from Xander.  He wants to fuck her hard before his weird step dad gets home.  Whilst she is riding Xander’s cock, she receives a photo on her phone from Xander’s step dad.  He has sent her a dick pic.  Steve Holmes has sent her a photo of his erect cock and wants her to come and fuck him.

Indica makes and excuser to leave Xander for a while so she can go and get a piece of is step dad.  She walks into Mr Holme’s bedroom totally naked.  Steve jumps out on her and makes her squeal.  Indica tells Steve that she want his big cock inside her.  That is music to Steve ear’s and he needs no second invitation.

Swap In For A Facial is an action packed porn video showing Indica running between different bedrooms and getting fucked by both Steve Holmes and Xander Corvus.  She thinks that she is playing them both, but in fact she is the one being played.  Steve and Xander are both in on the plan.  It is what they do.  They like to get college babes in the house and take it in turns fucking them.

They ave the perfect set up.  Two guys with big dicks in a big house.  They have fucked plenty of hot sexy college co-eds this way.  So I’m wondering if Brazzers are going to pair up these two male pornstars and turn this idea into a common scenario.

In Swap In For A Facial, Indica Flower shows that she can easily manage to fuck two guys at the same time.  She show great energy running between two bedrooms and satisfying two big horny cocks at the same time.  She certainly is able to give great tit wanks.  She performs plenty of that on both Xander’ and Steve’s cock.  it’s the perfect way to get their massive dicks hard.

The final scene of this video is Indica being able to have both of these guys in the same room for a facial.  It’s then that she realises that she was not so cleaver after all and she had been beaten at her own game.  She gets her face covered in cum when she gleefully wanks both of their cocks over her face.  It’s in the POV parts that you see just how sexy her blue eyes are.

I’m hoping we wont have to wait another 10 months to see this hot pornstar from Louisiana performing in a Brazzers video again.  I love her natural body and those natural boobs are great assets for tit wanking.

At the end of Swap In For A Facial, after Steve Holmes and Xander Corvus empty their balls over Indica’s face, they give each other a fist bump and send her on her way.  I’m wondering who will be next to get fucked by this perverted step dad and step son couple?

Could Swap for a Facial become a Brazzers viral porn advert?  I think there is plenty of potential for that to happen.  There is enough fast paced action to create a porn ad with.


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