The Extra Mile Pure Taboo Porn

the extra mile pure taboo

The Extra Mile
Rebecca Vanguard, Olive Glass and Dan Ferrari

Carla (Rebecca Vanguard) is so thankful for her office job as Monica Grant (Olive Glass)’s personal assistant. Things aren’t going so well at home but the job helps pay the bills and take care of her loved ones.


In The Extra Mile, of course, things at work aren’t easy since Monica is an exceptionally tough woman to work for.  Although Carla’s always doing her best to please Monica, she somehow always feels like she’s still not doing enough.

In Pure Taboo The Extra Mile, gradually, the errands that Monica asks her to run get personal. Carla becomes uncomfortable but she’s not in a position to kick up a fuss as she obediently does each and every one.

But when Monica asks her to pick up a sexy dress for a friend’s gift AND try it on to send Monica a sexy picture, Carla’s starting to think that this is taking things TOO far… Little does Carla know, when Monica one day brings in her husband, Bobby (Dan Ferrari), the demands are about to take a dark turn.


Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 and Part 2
LaSirena69, Kayla Kayden and Small Hands

I have decided to merge both of these new Brazzers videos together under one porn post.  I thing it would be wise to just have these two Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd videos together instead of making separate posts.  I enjoy watching any porn video that features the hot blonde pornstar Kayla Kayden.  To me, she is one of the most naturally good looking pornstars on the adult industry at the moment.

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 1 – When LaSirena69 walks in on Kayla Kayden masturbating in her bed, she climbs on top of her, surprises her, and decides to take over. Kayla is happy to let LaSirena finger and eat her tight, wet pussy, but what she doesn’t know is that LaSirena’s roommate, Small Hands, is lurking – and also eager to fuck. When Small Hands sneaks into the bedroom, LaSirena does her best to sexually distract Kayla while dealing with Small Hands’ disruptive presence.


After nearly getting caught, Small Hands escapes and leaves LaSirena and Kayla to scissor their way to multiple orgasms. But once they settle down for a nap, Small Hands sneaks back in and wakes an eager LaSirena up with a finger in her pussy, picking up where he nearly left off before. Can they keep their sexy secret from Kayla?

Twos Cumpany Threesomes A Crowd Part 2 – With Small Hands nearly disrupting LaSirena69 and Kayla Kayden’s intense lesbian sex in the bedroom, LaSirena drags Small Hands to the bathroom so they can start fucking. But just as they’re getting into it, Kayla comes to the bathroom thinking that she’s about to join LaSirena for a sexy shower.

After hiding Small Hands behind the shower curtain, LaSirena tries to keep Kayla out of the shower by initiating more hot fucking, but Small Hands can’t contain himself. He rips a hole out of the polka dot shower curtain, creating a glory hole where he can spy on the lesbian action.


Small Hands, though, gets too turned on, and he can’t help but stick his hand, and then dick, through the opening to tease and fuck LaSirena. Although LaSirena manages to hide Small Hands’ cock by sticking it up her pussy, Kayla quickly discovers what’s going on – which turns out to be beneficial to everyone in the form of an intense threesome.

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Nurse’s Threesome Cures All Lacey London Tori Montana

Nurse's Threesome Cures All

Nurse’s Threesome Cures All
Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels

Here we have an interracial threesome.  Two stunning ebony pornstars take on a big cock from Jimmy Michaels.  With hot nurses being worshipped all over the world right now, its a good time to bring out some porn featuring nurses getting fucked hard.

Lacey London and Tori Montana are two really beautiful women.  They are home help nurses so unfortunately we don’t see them dressed up in full sexy nurse uniforms, a bit of  a shame…BUT…they are wearing really tight clothes to make up for it.


The first bit of sex we see in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All is Lacey and Tori scissoring.  Rubbing their pussies on each other.  What a glorious sight it is too!  Their wet pussy make all the right noises as Jimmy walks in to find them performing lesbian sex acts.

In Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, Jimmy is not going to let this opportunity get away, even if it does mean fucking his step sister.  Jimmy has never actually fucked a black girl before.  He does realise that it’s not going to feel any different than all the white girl pussy he has fucked in the past…or is it?

Sexy home care nurse Lacey London has her hands full with an aging patient, but what makes matters more complicated is the rivalry between stepsiblings Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels – who both desperately want to fuck her.

As they vie for Lacey’s attention, Tori wins out thanks to some trickery, giving her alone time for some hot scissoring and pussy-eating. But when Jimmy stumbles in looking for Lacey, Tori decides on some next level trickery to show her seductive powers over Jimmy.  Brazzers Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, ultimately culminates in a scorching threesome after a shocking revelation under the blankets. After draining Jimmy’s cock of all his cum, it’s clear that Lacey has a healing touch.

If you are looking to watch an interracial porn video that has a bit of everything, then I think you are going to enjoy watching Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels all fucking each other in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All.

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Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood
Laney Grey, Kiarra Kai and Khloe Kapri

Laney Grey has invited her new neighbor, Kiarra Kai, to stay over to welcome her to the neighborhood. As Laney and Kiarra are chatting, Laney’s friend Khloe Kapri arrives at the house. She has also been invited to stay over. The trio decide to watch a movie.

A little later, the three girls are spread out in front of the TV. They are all wearing long oversized t-shirts as pajamas. When they get cold, the three girls begin to spoon each other. The physical closeness of the spooning gives Khloe an idea, and she suggests that they all compare boobs. Despite some shyness, the other girls agree.


In Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood, Khloe goes first and takes off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts. Laney and Kiarra’s eyes go wide. They tell Khloe how nice her breasts are.  Next, it’s Laney and Kiarra’s turn to reveal their breasts. They look at each other excitedly. Finally, they take deep breaths and remove their shirts, revealing their bare breasts.

The three of them appraise each other’s breasts, obviously becoming increasingly horny as they do so.  With the sexual tension rising, the girls can’t help getting curious about how each other’s breasts feel. Before long, all three girls are touching each other’s breasts in an increasingly sensual way.

During Girlsway Welcome To The Neighborhood, soon, with the sexual tension reaching its peak, Khloe suggests that they try kissing each other’s nipples, since none of them has ever done that before either. Swept up in the moment, any inhibitions the other two girls had are gone now, and they quickly agree.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Kiarra!!!

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Stuck Between Two Nurses Fake Hostel

Stuck Between Two Nurses

Stuck Between Two Nurses
Jennifer Mendez and Ariela Donovan

Tw super hot European pornstars in an awesome Fake Hostel video celebrating the world of hot sexy nurses.  In a time where we all appreciate the hard work that nurses are doing all over the world, FAKEhub have brought together two fantastic looking babes to treat Steve Q to a threesome that he’s never going to forget.

Here’s what my porn editing colleague Dick DeLonge had to say about editing this FakeHostel Stuck Between Two Nurses video for

This marks my first foray into the Fake Hostel world! I had a great time editing this, it’s structurally different from our other FAKEhub brands, so offered a nice change of pace. It’s always a joy to edit a scene with Steve Q (a true pro!) and Jennifer Mendez, those two together with Ariela Donovan make this a memorable threesome! As you’ll see when the scene comes out, Steve is taking every pre-caution with all new arrivals!

As I mentioned, FakeHostel is a bit different to our other brands, one extra thing to do is to choose some music to go with the scene. This can be pivotal to get the tone of the scene right, a bad music choice can ruin a scene, so I spent a good amount of time choosing this, making sure that it blended seamlessly with the final edit.

Catch this scene on FAKEhub 19th October 2020!

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Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart

Just Can't Keep Them Apart

Just Can’t Keep Them Apart!
Gianna Dior, Hazel Grace and Katie Morgan

Gianna Dior greets Hazel Grace, a friend who has arrived to stay over for the night. They’re both 19 and haven’t seen each other for a while. Gianna’s step-mom Katie Morgan joins them to greet Hazel as well and it becomes immediately obvious that Katie and Hazel have the hots for each other. Gianna becomes stressed, breaking them up by leading Hazel away to drop off her stuff.

In Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna and Hazel are watching movies together. Katie joins them. But when Katie Morgan starts to move to sit in the middle of the couch to be closer to Hazel, Gianna sees this and panics, quickly scrambling to the middle of the couch, almost getting sat on. Katie and Hazel are both surprised and Gianna beams seated squarely between Katie and Hazel. Katie reluctantly sits on the end. Gianna looks pleased with herself while Katie and Hazel look dejected.

Later, Gianna and Hazel get ready for bed. Katie visits to give a goodnight kiss to Gianna and Hazel asks for one, too. Gianna interrupts them and shoos Katie away.
A short time later, Gianna is still laying in bed with her eyes open. She glances over and sees that Hazel has her eyes closed.

‘Oh my god, FINALLY! Now I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on her,’ Gianna whispers to herself.  Gianna hurries quietly out of the bedroom.

During Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna freshens up in the bathroom, but when she arrives back at the room, she catches Katie and Hazel enthusiastically fucking. Gianna is exasperated. There are a confrontation and Gianna accidentally let’s slip that she doesn’t want Katie and Hazel to be involved…because SHE wants Katie!

Now that they know the truth, Katie and Hazel don’t delay, bringing Gianna into the fold for a steamy threesome!

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Girlsway No One Can Replace Her

Girlsway No One Can Replace Her

Girlsway No One Can Replace Her
Ryan Keely, Kayla Page and Vanna Bardot

Ryan Keely and her new fiancee, Kayla Paige, are together at Ryan’s house. They are about to introduce Kayla to Ryan’s 18-year-old step-daughter, Vanna Bardot.
Ryan calls out to Vanna, inviting her to come into the living room.

Vanna begrudgingly enters the room and is introduced to Kayla. Ryan leaves to let them get to know each other. Ryan kisses Vanna on the cheek and Kayla on the lips before leaving. Vanna looks jealous after Kayla gets kissed.


When they are alone, Kayla smiles. She tries to ask Vanna how her day is going but Vanna is grumpy and evasive, clearly not wanting to be talking with Kayla. Vanna’s posture is tense and closed off as she keeps distance between them.

In Girlsway No One Can Replace Her, Kayla eventually sighs, becoming more sympathetic. When Kayla brings up the fact that Vanna’s birth mother passed away, it becomes clear that Vanna Bardot is having trouble moving on from that.

But Vanna still isn’t happy with the conversation and tries to scare Kayla away by coming onto her.  Kayla seems stunned but then excitedly calls in Ryan Keely. Now it’s Vanna’s turn to be stunned when she learns that both Kayla and Ryan want to have sex with her!

During Girlsway No One Can Replace Her, it looks like Vanna’s plan has backfired…but with these two gorgeous women eager to have sex with her, she’s not complaining!

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My Two Wives Remastered Kendra Lust Peta Jensen

my two wives

My Two Wives Remastered
Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen

Johnny Sins must of thought it was the best day of his porn life when filming My Two Wives with Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen.  Imagine spending the whole day on set and fucking these two stunning pornstars.

Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen play two wives that need to satisfy Johnny’s appetite for pussy and tits.  They both agree to fuck Johnny on alternate nights and this agreement seemed to be working just fine.


But when Pete Jensen felt super horny one night she could not help wondering into Johnny’s bedroom for an extra night of cock. But this was Kendra’s night with Johnny.  But Kendra was feeling generous and agreed to let Peta join them in their first ever threesome together.

Brazzers My Two Wives has been remastered to bring this awesome threesome video back to life.  It is a great example of how good threesome can be when performed by absolute professional pornstars.   I would imagine that this porn video would have been filed in one take.

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