Software for Editing Porn Videos

Over the last 12 months or so, since my Twitter account has gone through the roof, I often get asked what are my porn video editing software recommendations.

Software for Editing Porn Videos

I have been editing porn videos since 2012, and have mainly used two pieces of editing software.  Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.  Final Cut Pro is an Apple video editing package that is only available to use on an iMac or MacBook.  Premiere Pro is developed by software giants Adobe.

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I first started video editing using Premiere Pro.  This was in my early stages of learning how to edit.  I was using a shitty laptop and an even shittier low res monitor to cut my teeth in the world of video editing.  But, to be honest, this put me in good practice.

When I joined up with the guys at FakeHub, I was given a 24 inch Mac and this made life so much easier.  So from going from a poor performance laptop to a brand new iMac was a dream.

Final Cut Pro

So Final Cut Pro…the only problem at that time was that it did not handle MP4 files.  I had to convert any MP4’s into MOV before I could start edit.  It was no big deal as I had a structured work flow.  I would simple schedule MP4 to MOV conversion to run over night, so in the morning I was ready to start editing straight away.

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

In 2017 I made the decision to start using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  This was a really good move.  Not only did I no longer need to convert MP4 to MOV, but I also felt that this piece of editing software was more stable and suited to my needs.

I much prefer using Premiere Pro as my software editing porn videos.  Premiere Pro Creative Cloud would be my porn video editing software recommendation.

I decided to pay for the yearly subscription (I don’t believe that Premiere Pro is available to purchase without downloading from Adobe).  You are also able to pay a monthly subscription too.  One good point to mention here is that, because you are now subscribed as a Adobe customer, you automatically receive any updates, fixes and bug reports from Adobe.  So you are always sure to have the latest version available.

If you are looking for free porn video editing software, then my advise would be not to bother.  If you are interested in creating quality porn videos, than you need to invest in quality editing software.  Free video editing software are free for a reason.