Roommate Threesome Swap Part 1 and 2

Roommate Threesome Swap
Alex Legend, Aften Opal, Tokyolynn

Roommate Threesome Swap

When Tokyo Lynn greets Alex Legend with a blowjob right as he steps out of the shower, he can’t believe his good luck. Unfortunately, their roommate, Aften Opal, barges in needing to talk to Tokyo, which instinctively causes Tokyo to shove Alex back in the shower to hide him. After their conversation, Tokyo starts to masturbate in her room, thinking she’s lost her chance to fuck.


In Roommate Threesome Swap, Alex, though, finds her and bides his time spying, only to get so distracted that he doesn’t notice Aften sneakily start to blow him in Tokyo’s doorway! Not wanting to let this opportunity slip away, Alex shows exemplary patience by sending Aften in to help satisfy Tokyo’s needs first.

After sending Aften Opal into the bedroom to fuck Tokyo Lynn, Alex Legend gets quite the show. But standing on the sidelines is only so satisfying. After Aften waves Alex in, he sneakily fucks Aften in multiple positions without alerting Tokyo, who previously made it clear she wishes he’d join.

During Roommate Threesome Swap, Alex finally makes his presence known, though, when he inserts his massive, hard cock into Tokyo’s pussy from behind, surprising her with exactly what she wants. From there, an intense threesome finally ensues, making all that earlier swapping the perfect prelude.

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Guess Who’s Cumming To Dinner Jeni Angel

Guess Who’s Cumming To Dinner
Alex Legend, Jeni Angel

Guess Who's Cumming To Dinner

Jeni Angel never enjoys dinner with her new stepmom. She’s a real bitch and doesn’t treat her like the college student she is. Luckily for Jeni, the renaissance man Alex Legend is joining them for dinner. From the moment he arrives, Jeni can’t keep her panties on.


In Guess Who’s Cumming To Dinner, at the dinner table, Jeni plays with her food and her pussy at the same time. Before long she’s got Alex sweating while giving him a footjob under the table. Alex can barely take another second and finds his opportunity to sneak Jeni off with him to his room. Alex has some surprises for Jeni other than his cock. He gives her a wand to make her squirt and before long Jeni is cumming all over his dick.

Jeni Angel poses against a large dining table, her hands on either side of her leaning on the table top. Her left leg is bent over her right leg and she pops her hip to the right. The room has a grey wallpapered back wall with a large green house plant in the left corner and wooden beams.

The table is a dark brown wood with glass cups and plates placed at each of the grey material chairs. The floor is light wood laminate. Jeni Angel’s hair is jet black with the front strands pinned out the way of her face and full of natural bouncy curls. She has a light tanned skin tone with her face in a lighter coloured foundation and a dewy glow.

She has brown arched eyebrows over her dark coloured eyes and blended contour under her cheekbones and over her forehead. She has black winged eyeliner over her eyelid and black mascara on her eyelashes for length and thicker volume. In Guess Who’s Cumming To Dinner, Jeni Angel has a thin smile on her face and her lips are covered in a natural glossy lip gloss.

Around her neck she has a long black beaded necklace. For her outfit she wears a mint green dress with long sleeves down to her wrists and off the shoulder style around her chest. There are silver buttons down the middle of the dress and on her feet she wears short black suede boots.

Don’t Wake Your Girlfriend Katie Morgan Ryan Keely

Don’t Wake Your Girlfriend!
Katie Morgan, Alex Legend and Ryan Keely

Dont Wake Your girlfriend

I really enjoy seeing Ryan Keely in Brazzers porn videos.  She always looks incredibly sexy and give her all in every performance I have been lucky enough to see.  In Brazzers Don’t Wake Your Girlfriend, she is once again giving a 5 star porn performance.


Don’t Wake Your Girlfriend sees Katie Morgan and Ryan Keely playing to mature students who have gone back to college to study for a hair and beauty course.  They plan to open a beauty salon together, who knows if thing turn out OK they might even sell sex toys too.  Something that they are both exerts in using.  Their sex toy advice would be first class.

Mature Female Students Share a Bed Together

Ryan invites Katie back to her house for some extra studying together.  They get along very well at college.  they are the oldest in the class, but the younger guys at college all fantasise about seeing them both naked together.  Some of the ‘its girls’ at college are very jealous of the attention than the older ladies are getting.

Once at Miss Keely’s house, they decide that once the studying was finished, it was far too late to allow Katie to drive home.  Ryan set up the guest bedroom and insisted that Katie Morgan stayed the night.  Katie was very pleased to be invited to sleep over.  She was even more delighted that Ryan crept into her bed during the night and fucked her.


In Don’t Wake Your Girlfriend, Katie Morgan and Ryan Keely share a passionate night together.  Neither of them had ever imagined that they would end up naked together and making each other cum.  Ryan even has a boyfriend.  It’s Ryan’s boyfriend, Alex Legend, that come home unexpectedly and find them asleep together in the guest room.

Katie’s naked ass was hanging out of the bed, so Alex decided to have a good feel of it.  Katie awoke and enjoyed having a mans hand caress her ass and fingering her pussy.  She rolls over and starts to suck on Alex’s cock.  Try hard not to wake Miss Keely, Alex enjoys Katies warm lips wrapped around his bell-end.  But eventuallyRyan wakes up to find Alex fucking Miss Morgan doggy-style.  Seeing her boyfriend fucking another woman really turns her on and now Alex has to fuck both Ryan Keely and Katie Morgan in this outstanding Brazzers threesome.

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Sneaky Milf Fucks in Shower Osa Lovely

Sneaky Milf Fucks in Shower

Sneaky Milf Fucks in Shower
Alex Legend, Osa Lovely

Well it looks like Brazzers have been holding some outstanding porn video back for us.  Instead of the usual two upcoming videos, I have 6 to get my teeth into.  First up is watching Osa Lovely getting naked in the shower.  Her pussy gets fucked from behind by Alex Legend in Sneaky Milf Fucks in Shower FULL VIDEO >.

MILF Osa Lovely is just trying to get some house cleaning done, but her daughter’s visiting boyfriend (Alex Legend) has different plans. Making his intentions known early on by squeezing Osa’s ass mid-hg, Alex starts spying on Osa as she cleans.

In Sneaky Milf Fucks in Shower, eventually sneaking up behind the willing MILF and sliding his cock into her pussy. To hide from her daughter, Osa has Alex hide with her in the shower. But now the daughter wants to hop in the shower with Alex and won’t take no for an answer!

About Osa Lovely

If you like your chicks ultra voluptuous, let us introduce you to Osa Lovely. This Texas-born siren has juicier curves than a Kardashian! Thick, jiggly, and fine as fuck, Osa got her start in the industry in 2008, and gained a legion of loyal fans before stepping back in 2010 to pursue other goals.

During her brief hiatus, Osa went to university to study neuroscience, got married, obtained her real estate licence, started investing, and even opened a couple of businesses! But as they say: once a sex fiend, always a sex fiend. Newly divorced, this sensual sweetheart missed the rush and glamour of the porn life, and returned in true superstar form in 2016 with a raunchy cum-filled birthday gangbang.

Now that she’s back to hanging with rappers, chillin’ on beaches, and twerking her big-ass booty on porn sets across the globe, Osa is totally in her element. Known for her hardcore gangbangs and ability to stretch her asshole to take even the biggest of the dicks, this nasty Southern belle is just hitting her stride.

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Fishnet Worth Eliza Allure BBW Brazzer Video

fishnet worth

Fishnet Worth
Alex Legend, Eliza Allure

I was lost for words when I saw the screenshot for this Brazzers BBW video.  I just thought…WOW…what a stunning BBW Eliza Allure is.  A sensational video that sees Brazzers go hard into the BBW niche.  sure, it;’s not the first Brazzers BBW video, but I think Eliza could be the biggest BBW star that they have put on the Brazzers Network.

In Brazzers Fishnet Worth, Eliza Allure is hanging with her man, Alex Legend, and trying to get a little fuck time out of him. But he’s way too into his game to pay any attention to her! She decides to use her natural curves to make him pay attention and gets all dolled up in sexy lingerie to shake her ass in front of the screen.


In no time, Alex has completely forgotten about the game and can’t keep his hands off her. She wraps her big tits around Alex’s cock and gives him a gaggy blow job. Alex uses his big hard cock to fuck Eliza every which way. Eliza rides Alex and smothers his face with her luscious big naturals. Alex cums all over Eliza’s juicy round ass and rubs it all over her. Now that’s the attention Eliza was after.

Wow…what a fucking ride.  Will we see Brazzers releasing more and more BBW porn videos?  Do they think that their HUGE membership base is ready to see plenty more BBW video…?  Time will tell I assume.

Rotating Her Tyres starring Aidra Fox

rotating her tyres

Rotating Her Tyres
Alex Legend, Aidra Fox

How lucky are we to have Aidra Fox recording this video called Rotating Her Tyres.  Miss Fox decided to create this “How to Change you Tires” tutorial video after being lost in the middle of nowhere with a flatty.

She didn’t want anybody to go through the same nightmare situation as she did.  She hires a porn video editor to help her create the sexy tutorial.  She knows that the best way to grab viewers attention is to make it a sexy as possible.

Wearing a tight white t-shirt and blue denim hot pants she goes though the procedure of how to change a flat tyre on a car.  In Rotating Her Tyres, she makes it look so simple.  Keeping her eye on the camera, she also notices the bulge in the camera man’s pants.  How can he be so turned on just listening to her talk about changing a tyre.

but then she realises that she is exposing a little bit of her inside thigh that goes right up to her crutch.  Seeing the size of the camera mans bulging penis, she continues to be a sexy as she can before rubbing her crutch and forgetting all about the tyres.

Reality Kings Cater To Him Ashley Lane

Reality Kings Cater To Him

Reality Kings Cater To Him
Alex Legend, Ashley Lane

Sexy Ashley Lane is busy preparing for the catering job of a life time.  If she manages to pull this off, her job is set for life.  So when the day does not go according to plan, she needs to use her hot body to please her very demanding VIP customer.


In Reality Kings Cater To Him Ashley Lane knows that the way to a mans heart is through his cock, not his stomach.  Whoever said that in the first place was a fucking idiot.  There’s nothing better than seeing Ashley having her throat fucked by Alex Legend in this hardcore porno.

A caterer to the rich and famous, Ashley Lane is no stranger to pleasing the whims of demanding men (no matter where those requests may lead her).