Alexis Fawx is such a Prolific MILF Pornstar

If you’re a Brazzers porn site fan then you will know what I mean when I say that Alexis Fawx is such a prolific MILF pornstar.  I’m by no means complaining that there are too many Alexis Fawx porn video being released by Brazzers.  This porn blog post is more of a tribute to just how prolific this hot MILF with big tits from Pennsylvania is.

Alexis Fawx Hard Working PornstarIt seems like there is a new Miss Fawx porn video out every week, or at least 2-3 per month.  I think that Brazzers must have her on speed dial.

Every time they need a hot busty MILF they give her a call and she is always ready and willing to get those big boobs out for another day in front of the Brazzers cameras.

So far in 2021 we have been treated to 13 Alexis Fawx Brazzers videos.  Here are the video titles from Brazzers that Alexis Fawx has starred in so far in 2021 :-

The Shower VoyeurSexpert InterviewSand And Sweat: Part 1 – Sand And Sweat: Part 2 – The Masseuse Gets Massaged Cum Is BlindFawxy LadyFucking Cheater  – Cleaning The College Guy’s CockCafe ChicGamer MILF Gives A TutorialStep-DommeSquat Challenge

We have also been treated to 8 Alexis Fawx Reality Kings porn videos too.

Work Out Or Put Out – Pervy House Sitter Uses The TV – Sweet Sweet Infidelity – My Annoying MILF Stepsister – Creeper Gets Caught And Fucked – Riding Her Laptop – Massage Gun Squirt – Chores Vs. Sex

So is Alexis just looking to take advantage of all these porn video offers to make as much money as possible?  Is she trying to keep herself as busy as possible in 2021 to give herself a well-earned break in 2022?

Nobody would blame her if she is trying to cash in on her prize assets and make as much cash as possible.  I’m sure all the appearances on the top rated porn sites in the world is having a great knock-on affect on her OnlyFans page too!  The more popular she gets, the more OnlyFans subscribers she will generate too.

I’m more than happy to see as many Alexis Fawx porn videos as possible. So I say keep up the good work Miss Fawx and show off that outstanding MILF body as much as you can.

What is your favourite Alexis Fawx porn video of 2021?  Let me know by tweeting me @XXXVideoEditor

Alexis Fawx Twitter Information

If you are a fan of the top rated MILF Alexis Fawx, then you will be looking for Alexis Fawx Twitter information.  I have been following Miss Fawx on Twitter for a while now and really enjoy her tweets.

alexis fawx twitter

Here is the Alexis Fawx Twitter account information that is correct as of 6th January 2021 :

Alexis Fawx Account Link : @AlexisFawx

Current Amount of Followers : 515.1K

Current Amount of other Twitter Account Alexi Fawx Follows : 1,644

The best time to catch Alexis Fawx on Twitter would be at approximately 3pm GMT.

Other Alexis Fawx information:

It looks as thought Miss Fawx is following a non nude policy on her Twitter account.  However, don’t let this disappoint you.  She still posts some quality and beautiful candid photos of herself.  With over half a million Twitter followers, Miss Fawx does a great job in keeping them satisfied without showing too much content.

Ig you are looking to find porn videos and nudes of Alexis Fawn, then you are much better off watching her XXX porn videos.  She is very active right now in the porn industry.  I am always blogging about Miss Fawx every time she releases a brand new porn video.

Alexis Fawx Anal

I’ve been a fan of Alexis Fawx anal sex porn video for quite a while now.  It’s a real joy to find out that this hot MILf his releasing an up and coming anal sex video.  If you are an Alexis Fawx anal sex fan then you will love this selection that I have found for you.

Cum Inside And Make Yourself At Home was, I believe the first time that Alexis Fawx was fucked in the ass in a Brazzers video.  I have had a good look (believe me) to find Alexis Fawx anal sex videos on the Brazzers porn site.

Alexis Fawx Anal with Keiran Lee

So it was with great pleasure that I found Miss Fawx being fucked in the arse by Keiran Lee.  this anal sex video went live on 10th April 2019.  I was beginning to think that I was wasting my time looking for Alex Fawx anal sex videos, but I’m so glad I continued to search.

Seeing this hot naked MILF riding her arse up and down a big thick cock was with the time searching.  You really do get to see her arsehole stretched to the very limit.  Keiran Lee does very well o hold on to he load before cumming in both her ass and her pussy.  He even continues to fuck her from behind after he shoots his load.

We now skip ahead into November 2019 to find Miss Fawx getting fucked by two big cocks.  It’s a double penetration video that shows Alexis Fawx anal passage and her wet pussy getting slammed at the same time.  To my knowledge, this is the first and only Brazzers video where we get to see Alexis performing DP.

Alexis Fawx Double Penetration

It’s the job of Seth Gamble and Xander Corvus to make this top MILF cum on camera.  It doesn’t take too long before these two guys are rock hard and getting their cocks deep into The Voyeur Next Door’s gapping holes in Part 4 of this Brazzers series.

There was also a awesome Xmas present from Alexi in 2020 when she took a big cock in her ass once again when she was in top form and wiggling that sexy MILF ass in the Brazzers Christmas themed porn video called All I Want For Christmas Is Dick that was released on Christmas Eve in 2020.

Alexis Fawx Best Porn Videos of 2020

Whenever I write about a new Alexis Fawx porn video being released, I’m always commenting on just how great her body is. I think I may of mentioned on more than one occasion, that Miss Fawx has one of the best MILF bodies in the adult industry.

So, I thought I would write a porn blog article about some of the best Alexis Fawx porn video that I have seen in 2020.  I must confess that I have mainly seen her best performances in Brazzers videos, but I will include some of her other work in other top rated porn web sites too.  She have performed in 13 Brazzers porn video in 2020, so it would have been hard not to include some of them in Alexis Fawx Best Porn Videos of 2020.

So, in no particular order, let me take you through what I believe to be the best Alexis Fawx porn videos of 2020.

On October 26th, 2020 Brazzers unleashed Alexis Fawx in a workout sex video called MILF Demands Workout Sex.  They dressed her up in the tightest workout gear they could find in wardrobe and paired her up with Xander Corvus.

Alexis Fawx Workout 2020

The result was not only a a great Alexis Fawx porn video, but one of the best pornstar workout videos of 2020 too.  Seeing her great ass in a pair of blue tight legging and a white top that could barely hold back her amazing tits was a welcome sight.

Behold the welcome return of Captain Stabbin’! Anal adventures on the rolling seas are back with the curvy Latina goddess Alexis taking the helm! The beautiful Miami surf and sun makes her big assets glow as she entices Van Wylde for some fun times off shore.

The bikini clings to her big tits and rides between her juicy ass, eager to bounce and grind on your throbbing – Wait, what’s going on? Who the hell are these idiots? Did someone leak the admin credentials? Seems like this ragtag collection has a different idea for Stabbin’s future – involving strip clubs, brothels, mansions, yachts, trailer parks, houseboats, villains and heroes…

And plenty of sex along the way. Will our intrepid band of misfits manage to create a successful porn site in an age of indie content, backstabbing partners, and production hell? Probably not. But it’ll be fun to see them try! Time to relaunch this boat!

For my final top pick of porn video starring Alexis Fawx in 2020 I have chosen Alexis’ Staycation from The Babes Network.  Alexis plays a new stepmom, she could not be more confident but Eliza could use a boost!

Alexis has been bugging Eliza to lose her virginity forever – might as well practice before you meet someone you really like. The two are at the Country Club, enjoying a sunny day, when Troy asks for their drink orders. Alexis can sense the chemistry between Troy and Eliza… and she has an idea!

Well that’s another porn blog added to this web site.  I’m always looking for guest writers to post porn articles on this web site.  Please feel free to email XXXVideoEditor if you would like to add a porn article to my web site.

All I Want For Christmas Is Dick Alexis Fawx

All I Want For Christmas Is Dick

All I Want For Christmas Is Dick
Alexis Fawx and Small Hands

Here we go people, it’s the first Xmas themed porn video of 2020 from Brazzers. It’s like getting an early Christmas present seeing Alexis Fawx dressed in a Christmas underwear outfit.  Those perfect big MILF boobs look very snugly in that see-through red bra with Christmas decorations.

The set up to All I Want For Christmas Is Dick is that Alexis Fawx’s husband has been kept back at the office for another night.  Miss Fawx is so pissed off because she has bought some extra sexy Xmas underwear to surprise him with.  She has worked herself up with some very sexy thoughts about how she was going to fuck his brains out when he got home.


Alexis was just about to start masturbating to try and satisfy her pussy, when there was a knock on the door.  She had totally forgotten that her brother-in-law, Small Hands was visiting for Xmas.  She didn’t have time to get dressed so she opens the door in that amazingly sexy Xmas lingerie.

Alexis stands at the door in that sexy red Xmas lingerie and invites her brother-in-law into her house.  She explains that her husband won’t be home tonight, but she now has other plans to get her pussy some dick.

In Brazzers All I Want For Christmas Is Dick, Miss Fawx decides not to bother getting dressed, but instead she parades around in her see-though lingerie and teases Small Hands with sexual innuendo and bending over in front of him to give him an eyeful of her arse in a g-string.  Her nipples are also very visible through that sexy lingerie.

This hot wife then decides to open some presents early.  She presents Small Hands with a gift from underneath the Xmas tree.  Small Hands opens the box to find a silver butt plug inside.  She had intentionally given him the wrong present.  Now that the ice was broken, Alexis offers up her arse to let Small Hands insert the butt plug into her asshole.

With the silver butt plug inserted into her tiny little bum hole, Alexis and Small Hands fuck each other senseless on the living room sofa.  Alexis really enjoys getting her pussy fucked hard whilst having that butt plug in her ass.  Her husband has to fuck her nice and slowly, but on this Xmas Eve, she is getting fucked rough and hard in her pussy and her ass!

This Xmas Eve Brazzers porn release for 2020, features a hot cheating wife having anal sex with her husband’s brother.  I’m going to guess and say that in the full length version of All I Want For Christmas Is Dick, Alexis’s husband come home early to surprise her for Xmas and finds her face covered in his brothers cum.