Fucking Cheater Alexis Fawx and Ryder Rey

Fucking Cheater
Alexis Fawx, Ryder Rey

Fucking Cheater

Well what a fucking treat we have in store!  I thought seeing Phoenix Marie with a big strap-on was good, but know we have Alexis Fawx putting in a big purple dildo and fucking Ryder Rey!  Wow, what a fucking sight it is to see Miss Fawx fucking Ryder Rey doggy style in Brazzers Fucking Cheater.  I also noticed that these two hot women were both wearing identical clothing in the opening sequences of this new lesbian Brazzers porn video.  They both look really hot hot in denim daisy dukes and purple t-shirts.


In Brazzers Fucking Cheater, the sweet and cute Ryder Rey answers her door to find a pissed off Alexis Fawx outside. Fawx reveals that they’re both seeing the same guy and she wants him all to herself (whether she had him first or not). The girls get turned on, as Alexis strips Ryder down to scope out her “competition”.

They reach the conclusion that the fairest course of action is to fuck each other, since their boyfriend has been fucking both of them. As it turns out, Alexis brought a strap-on along with her for this very situation.

Alexis Fawx is a fucking pro when it comes to knowing how to fuck another women in her pussy using a strap=on dildo.  She can control that rubber sex toy just as though it was her very own attacthed penis.  Ryder Rey loves being hammered by a strap-on dildo and is certainly hammered hard by Miss Fawx when she is riding her doggy style.

Brazzers Fawxy Lady Alexis Fawx Hardcore Anal Sex

Brazzers Fawxy Lady
Alexis Fawx and Isiah Maxwell

Brazzers Fawxy Lady

The highly sexual Alexis Fawx is back in action once again in Brazzers Fawxy Lady.  She is performing in a hardcore anal sex video where she gets fucked deep into her anal passage by a huge black cock.  I just showed the wife Isiah Maxwell’s BBC going into Miss Fawx’s ass and she couldn’t believe it.  A 12 inch black cock is going nowhere near my wife’s ass…even if I gave her permission!


Alexis Fawx is pampering herself today. First, we see her outside in a cute bikini, enjoying the sun and getting herself all wet. When she goes inside, she’s greeted by stud Isiah Maxwell, who oils her up, eats her ass to perfection, then stuffs her asshole with his big cock. Alexis is left worn out, with an ass full of cum; she won’t be forgetting this day anytime soon.

This just another insane example of just how great Alexis Fawx is as a world class pornstar.  She is certainly a very busy pornstar too at the moment.  She is starring in plenty of Brazzers porn videos right now.  She is the ‘go to’ MILF porn actress when Brazzers need to fill a MILF slot in their porn schedule.

Brazzers Fawxy Lady is 63rd appearance in a Brazzers title (including compilations).  I don’t think will be getting tired of seeing her big tits and stunning figure being pounded bu big cocks anytime soon.  If and when she decides to retire from the adult industry, I think she will be remembered as one of the greats.  Alexis Fawx will certainly be remembered by me for quite some time after she decides to hang up her anal beads.

Oh, I forgot to mention…before the hardcore anal sex gets into full swing in this video, she gives us a stunning striptease out of her tiny pink bikini.  I just thought I should mention that!

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Brazzers Cum Is Blind Alexis Fawx

Brazzers Cum Is Blind
Xander Corvus and Alexis Fawx

Brazzers Cum Is Blind

Sit back and enjoy another superb Alexis Fawx porn performance.  Brazzers Cum is Blind is her 63rd Brazzers appearance (including compilations).  I’m always very happy to see this outstanding MILF from Pennsylvania getting her pussy pounded.  I think she is one of today’s leading pornstars whether it’s as a hot MILF or in any other niche that supports her big boobs and fantastic figure.


Alexis Fawx is a banging brunette babe with a bad bedside manner. She’s on the job as a day nurse to some poor buzzard who’s had recent eye surgery, and he isn’t a peach to be around either.

Luckily for Alexis, he’s been temporarily blinded and can’t see what she’s up to. When she sees Xander Corvus sitting on the couch, she decides to test just how shabby this guy’s eyesight really is. Miss Fawx whips her tits out and waves them all around. Xander’s no dummy and quickly gets his dick out.

It’s the ol man’s lunch time and Alexis is on double duty, spoon-feeding gramps while fucking Xander. Turns outs she’s a not great at feedings, but excellent at devouring Xander’s giant cock.

Xander tests how flexible Alexis is as he spreads her out and rams her tight pussy. He makes a big mess of her pretty face and Alexis laps up every drop of his load. Now that’s what you call home care.

Brazzers Cum Is Blind is another prime example of Alexis Fawx at her absolute best.  Taking a big cock in her pussy before taking a great looking facial.  I will never complain about seeing too many videos starring this world class MILF.

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The Masseuse Gets Massaged Alexis Fawx

The Masseuse Gets Massaged
Alexis Fawx and Will Pounder

The Masseuse Gets Massaged

I’ll never get tired of seeing Alexis Fawx in a Brazzers video.  That’s a good thing since she does feature heavily in the Brazzers back catalogue of porn videos.  The Masseuse Gets Massaged is Miss Fawx’s 62nd appearance in a Brazzers video (including compilations and specials).  Recently she has appeared in some of the most popular Brazzers release too such as The Shower Voyeur which became one of my most popular porn posts of recent times.


In The Masseuse Gets Massaged we find Alexis playing the role of an experienced Masseuse.  She is training the new guy Will Pounder in how to reach the places other massage parlours can’t.  She was hoping that one of her good friends was going to be a guinea pig for the day and be Will Pounders test guest.  But she never showed up.  This left Alexis Fawx alone with Will with no way of teaching him the ropes.

Alexis Fawx is a Sexy Massage Teacher

Alexis then had a great idea.  She would pretend to be Will’s first massage customer.  She could show Mr Pounder how to do a proper massage and talk him through it as he goes along.  This was fine with Will.  He has no problem in getting his hands on one of the sexiest MILF’s on the planet.

In The Masseuse Gets Massaged, Alexis guides him through the basics of how to welcome the customer into the the massage parlour and get them ready for a slow and relaxing massage.  But Alexis had forgotten that she did not put any underwear on today.  She was not expecting to get undressed so she left her house commando style.

Alexis removed her clothing and stood in front of Will Pounder totally naked.  She had no problem with getting her kit of as she has a stunning body that was in need of a massage to be honest.  Will pretended to remain professional and treated the naked Alexis Fawx like his first naked customer.  Alexis laid herself down on the massage table and told Will to place a towel over her hot naked body.

In The Masseuse Gets Massaged it was not long before the towel was removed.  When Alexis became to horny to continue her massage lesson, she removed the towel herself and told Will Pounder to stop pussying around and fuck her.  After all, that is what most of his female massage customers would be expected when they book into Alexis Fawx’s massage parlour.

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Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2

Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2 starring Alexis Fawx, Olive Glass and Michael Stefano


Another awesome looking two part Brazzers episode called Sand And Sweat.  On initial viewing, it looks like a military themed two part porn video featuring a couple of top MILF babes.  Dressing in camouflage outfits, Alexis Fawx, and Olive Glass are moving equipment from A to B in scorching hot conditions.

Sand And Sweat Part 1

In the first part of Brazzers Sand And Sweat, we have a full on lesbian video with just Alexis Fawx and Olive Glass.  With the heat making these two hotties hot and sweaty, they take a well-earned break in some shade.  They are so hot that they need to cool down by pouring cold water over each other.  They are both showing a lot of cleavage as the green tops are a little too small for the both of them and they are not wearing bra’s underneath.

Sand and Sweat part one is a lesbian porn video.  Seeing each other sweaty and cooling down with water has made their bodies glisten in the sunlight.  Olive is too tempted by Miss Fawx’s big tits and she cannot resist getting her hands on them.

Sand And Sweat Part 2

After being caught having hardcore lesbian sex,  Alexis Fawx is taken to a different part of the military barracks.  She is told to strip naked by Michael Stefano and do some press ups as punishment for not obeying orders.  Alexis is more than happy to get her kit off.  She is very proud of her sexy MILF body.  Pretty soon, Mr Stefano’s cock begins to throb in his tight pants.

sand and sweat part 2

Alexis Fawx spreads her legs a little wider so Michael can see that her pussy is still wet from fucking Olive Glass a few minutes earlier.   She has had the pleasure of fucking a woman, now she is ready to take on some cock too.  Michael Stefano buries his face in between Alexis Fawx’s ass cheeks and eats her ass.

Miss Fawx has a reputation for enjoying anal sex with some of the other officers, and now she is going to get her sexy ass fucked hard in Sand and Sweat Part Two, by her superior and love every minute of it.

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Sexpert Interview Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

Sexpert Interview

Sexpert Interview
Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

We have the current king and queen of Brazzers starring in Sexpert Interview.  These two giants of Brazzers porn are put together in this porn video that I’m sure will be a huge hit across the internet.  Alexis Fawx is dressed as a busty business women with most of her tits out on display.  She is interviewing the nervous looking Keiran Lee for a job.


During Sexpert Interview,Keiran is doing his very best not to look at Alexis Fawx’s massive tits.  Her magnificent boobs look in the perfect position to shoot your load over.  That’s the look Brazzers are going for and they have succeeded 100%.

You ever sat down for an interview and felt kind of… Picked through with a fine tooth comb? They’re checking out every detail – every possible angle – in meticulous detail to make sure you’re the perfect fit. And Alexis Fawx has the highest expectations of all.

If you plan on satisfying this curvy beauty – huge tits overflowing out of her blazer, bedroom eyes narrow and taking all of you in, skirt hugging her round ass. Eyes up, sir! Can you flirt? What is your cunnilingus technique? Endurance level? In Sexpert Interview, These are very strict requirements for maximum pleasure, and Alexis won’t pass just anyone. Let’s see how Keiran measures up…

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Alexis Fawx Twitter Information

If you are a fan of the top rated MILF Alexis Fawx, then you will be looking for Alexis Fawx Twitter information.  I have been following Miss Fawx on Twitter for a while now and really enjoy her tweets.

alexis fawx twitter

Here is the Alexis Fawx Twitter account information that is correct as of 6th January 2021 :

Alexis Fawx Account Link : @AlexisFawx

Current Amount of Followers : 515.1K

Current Amount of other Twitter Account Alexi Fawx Follows : 1,644

The best time to catch Alexis Fawx on Twitter would be at approximately 3pm GMT.

Other Alexis Fawx information:

It looks as thought Miss Fawx is following a non nude policy on her Twitter account.  However, don’t let this disappoint you.  She still posts some quality and beautiful candid photos of herself.  With over half a million Twitter followers, Miss Fawx does a great job in keeping them satisfied without showing too much content.

Ig you are looking to find porn videos and nudes of Alexis Fawn, then you are much better off watching her XXX porn videos.  She is very active right now in the porn industry.  I am always blogging about Miss Fawx every time she releases a brand new porn video.

Alexis Fawx Anal

I’ve been a fan of Alexis Fawx anal sex porn video for quite a while now.  It’s a real joy to find out that this hot MILf his releasing an up and coming anal sex video.  If you are an Alexis Fawx anal sex fan then you will love this selection that I have found for you.

Cum Inside And Make Yourself At Home was, I believe the first time that Alexis Fawx was fucked in the ass in a Brazzers video.  I have had a good look (believe me) to find Alexis Fawx anal sex videos on the Brazzers porn site.

Alexis Fawx Anal with Keiran Lee

So it was with great pleasure that I found Miss Fawx being fucked in the arse by Keiran Lee.  this anal sex video went live on 10th April 2019.  I was beginning to think that I was wasting my time looking for Alex Fawx anal sex videos, but I’m so glad I continued to search.

Seeing this hot naked MILF riding her arse up and down a big thick cock was with the time searching.  You really do get to see her arsehole stretched to the very limit.  Keiran Lee does very well o hold on to he load before cumming in both her ass and her pussy.  He even continues to fuck her from behind after he shoots his load.

We now skip ahead into November 2019 to find Miss Fawx getting fucked by two big cocks.  It’s a double penetration video that shows Alexis Fawx anal passage and her wet pussy getting slammed at the same time.  To my knowledge, this is the first and only Brazzers video where we get to see Alexis performing DP.

Alexis Fawx Double Penetration

It’s the job of Seth Gamble and Xander Corvus to make this top MILF cum on camera.  It doesn’t take too long before these two guys are rock hard and getting their cocks deep into The Voyeur Next Door’s gapping holes in Part 4 of this Brazzers series.

There was also a awesome Xmas present from Alexi in 2020 when she took a big cock in her ass once again when she was in top form and wiggling that sexy MILF ass in the Brazzers Christmas themed porn video called All I Want For Christmas Is Dick that was released on Christmas Eve in 2020.