Lost Lil Humper Amber Alena Huge Fake Tits

Lost Lil Humper

Lost Lil Humper
Juan El Caballo Loco, Amber Alena

Amber Alena gets her massive fake tits out gain for Reality Kings.  This Lil Humpers porn video sees her getting fucked by Juan El Caballo Loco.

Poor Amber Alena has lost something important to her. With her big tits and tight body she is out roaming the streets, looking everywhere for her lost lil humper, Juan “El Caballo” Loco. She wants her little humper back so bad, she’s even posted signs!

Luckily, a nosy neighbor found the lil guy and called her up. When she arrives, she can tell Jaun has caught her scent. He is humping like a maniac in the background and breaking shit. Amber decides that it’s a good idea to settle him down with a blow job right through the gate.

In Lost Lil Humper, The neighbor doesn’t mind, she’s taken care of humpers before. So Amber gets down to business and fucks the hump right out of Juan. She uses her massive breasts to titty fuck him and then rides him like there’s no tomorrow. Juan cums all over her luscious ladies and then curls up into a ball for a nap. Oh, humpers… Aren’t they all the same?

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Amber Alena in Brazzers Ambers Morning Titjob

Ambers Morning Titjob

Ambers Morning Titjob
Amber Alena

Amber’s Morning Titjob is a Brazzers solo girl video where you get to see her huge massive tits.  She fucks herself silly with a big brown dildo until she cums again and again.


The sexy Amber Alena has just woken up and is excited to show us her horny morning routine. She brings out a dildo and starts giving it a hot titjob and blowjob (lubed up by lots of spit), before riding it on her bed. In Ambers Morning Titjob, to make things even better, she treats the viewer to some hot dirty talk throughout.

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