Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load

Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load
Syren De Mer, Scott Nails

If there’s one thing we know about Brazzers and that’s just how well they can make the most out of a successful niche.  Whether it’s stepmom’s, shocked faces, WTF moments, Brazzers are the masters at squeezing every last drop of click-through out of a niche that they strike gold with.  So today we have another porn video set in the laundry room.  Syren De Mer gets fucked in her butthole by Scott Nails in this video called Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load.

Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load

Miss Syren De Mer is busy loading her king size washing machine, when she discovers that somebody had been using her favourite dildo.  It just falls out of the laundry straight onto the floor.  In Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load, she wonders who could have taken her rubber sex toy from her bedroom draw and used it for their own pleasure.  She does have 3 step daughters living with her so it could have been anyone of them.


This hot MILF is not overly concerned, she is pleased that somebody got to use it for what it was bought for.  The only concern for Syren was that somebody forgot to put it back.  What if she wanted to fuck herself with it one night and it was not there.  Whoever used it, would be shocked to discover that Miss De Mer uses this particular dildo to fuck her own arse with.

So, with her favourite anal dildo in her hand, and already on her knees at the washing machine, Syren unzips her denim jeans and exposes her big MILF ass. She runs the head of the dildo around her butthole and then slides it in.  She loves the feel of it stretching her anal passage.  Anal is her favourite sexual practise but her husband in normally too tired to give it to her.

Syren De Mer MILF pornstar
MILF Syren De Mer

During Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load, the brunette MILF gets carried away with herself and stuffs the dildo in and out of her arse until she is one her way to an anal orgasm.  This is when Scott Nail walks passed the laundry room and is pleasantly shocked to see his girlfriends stepmom fucking her own ass.  He develops an immediate erection and creeps up behind Syren De Mer and slides his cock into her arse.

At first Syren was a little embarrassed to be found fucking her own ass but the feel of Scotts big dick inside her arse was too much to say no too.  She backed herself on his fatty dong and rode it like a trooper.  It had been a while since she had experienced a real big stiff dick in her asshole.  Scott Nails and Syren De Mer have hardcore anal sex in the laundry room until he cums all over her.

I think that this video could easily be used as a porn advert.  There is a great shot of her unzipping her jeans that has been seen before with Dee Williams in a similar Brazzers laundry room video called Making Assmends.  There are also some great shocked faces made by Syren De Mer as she firstly finds the dildo and then when she feels Scoot Nail’s cock slide into her ass.

Although Big Ass Anal For A Heavy Load is Syren De Mer’s 23rd Brazzers appearance, it is her first since March 14th, 2019 when she starred with Xander Corvus in Red Hot Boss From Hell.  So it’s a great welcome back to Brazzers in this awesome anal sex in the laundry room porn video.

Anal For Your Bride Luna Star and Small Hands

Anal For Your Bride Luna Star and Small Hands

Anal For Your Bride

Ahh it’s the classic best man getting to fuck the bride scenerio.  But this one has a slight twist.  It’s hot Latina bride getting fucked deep in her ass for the first time.  Luna Star was planning on letting her new husband fuck her in her butt for the first time.  Waiting for her wedding night she has spend the last few weeks stretching her ass with butt plugs.


Anal For Your Bride, Luna was sure that her big bubble butt would be the perfect wedding gift a man could get.  But as this is a wedding in Pornoland,  her husband was not up to the task.  He got so drunk at the wedding reception, that he passed out before Luna had the chance to get her ass fucked.

Listening outside the bedroom, Small Hands could hear Luna Star sobbing.  He knocks on the door and Luna opens it still wearing her wedding dress but with her big Latina tits half hanging out.  Luna confides in her best man that she was hoping to have anal sex on her wedding night.  Her ass was perfectly prepared, but her husband failed to control his drinking.

In Anal For Your Bride, Small Hands was shocked that anybody would miss out on the chance of fucking Luna Star in the ass.  When Luna catches Small Hands taking an interest in her big boobs, she starts to run her hands over her cleavage and give out all the signs that so was willing to let her best man replace her husband for one night only and get her ass fucked after all.

This is a great anal sex sex.  The best part is that Luna keeps her wedding dress on all the time that she is getting fucked deep in her Latina butthole.

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