Brazzers Anal Reaction Sasha Rose

Brazzers Anal Reaction

Brazzers Anal Reaction
Renato, Sasha Rose

Look into those eyes…those sexy Sasha Rose eyes. You’ve come for those eyes, but you’ve stayed for the anal sex.  When I saw those sexy eyes I was hooked, so when I saw that it was a Sasha Rose anal porn video, I was delighted!


The screenshot shows Miss Rose being video recorded by a handheld camera.  Her boyfriend Renato has his cock in her arse and the look on her face shows that she is loving it.  I’m hoping that Renato gets some great footage of himself fucking Sasha Rose’s tight butthole.

When I press play on the Brazzers Anal Reaction I’m greeted by the dreaded ‘Unlock Now” splash screen which means I am limited about when I can write about this new Sash Rose Brazzers anal sex video.

What I can say is that Sasha loves to have the asshole teased by her BF’s big cock for a while.  She does not want him to simply stick his cock in her arse, but she was him to make her butthole clinch a few times first in anticipation on penetration.

On this occasion, Renato decides that he wants to capture Sasha’s face every time she thinks his cock is going to slide into her chocolate starfish.  He puts his camera on and gets close ups of her pretty face and stunning sexy eyes.

This is the second time that we have seen Sasha Rose getting fucked it the ass.  Her Brazzers debut called Roommates With Anal Benefits saw the lucky Raul Costa sticking his cock in her arse as she paraded around in tight blue nylon pantyhose.  So are we seeing the emergence of a new Brazzers anal queen?

Brazzers Anal Reaction will certainly help her towards that coveted title.  Anal sex fans will of course be happy to watch her asshole getting pounded again.


Panty Modeling Angelica Cruz and Scott Nails

panty modeling

Panty Modeling
Scott Nails, Angelica Cruz

This new Angelica Cruz porn video is a must see for all you panty fans out there.  Whether you you’re a panty sniffer or if you just like watching hot babes parade around in their tiny panties, you are going to enjoy Miss Cruz in Brazzers Panty Modeling.

Angelica has been spending the day shopping.  She has realised that her panty collection is looking rather ordinary and has decided to spice things up a little for her new boyfriend, Scott Nails.  She wants to surprise him with a new collection of sexy panties.


She visits numerous shops to find the right kind of panties that she thinks will get Scott really turned on.  She has no complaints when it comes to his sexual performance, but she feels like she needs to keep him interested in her all the time.

When she gets home, she is really excited to show Scott what she has bought.  As soon as Scott peaks inside her shopping bags, he is delighted with Angelica’s purchases.  He instructs her to go into the bedroom and start trying them on and modeling them for him.

What follows in Brazzers Panty Modeling is some awesome close ups of Angelica Cruz trying on different types of panties.  She is great at removing those new panties very slowly and then shaking her little ass for us all to marvel at.  I particularly enjoyed the tiny red lace panties that she tries on first.  I found those really sexy to look at, I might even get the wife some for Christmas.

Scott enjoys taking some photos on his cellphone of Angelica Cruz in her panties.  I think he is going to use them on her OnlyFans page.  He’s sure that will bring in lots of new subscribers to her page.  But when he goes to take his final photo, Angelica surprises him by not wearing any panties at all.  Scott tells her to put his favourite green panties on.  He wants to watch himself fucking her with the panties sliding across her ass.

Brazzers Panty Modeling continues with Scott fucking Angelica from behind.  Most of this new Brazzers video is shot in POV by Scott.  He gets some amazing porn footage of his big cock penetrating Miss Cruz’s tight little pussy in her panties.  But there is one more surprise left for Scot Nails.  Angelica removes her panties and tells him to stick his big cock in her ass.


Purple Bitch Gets Surprise Anal Purple Bitch

Purple Bitch Gets Surprise Anal

Purple Bitch Gets Surprise Anal
Purple Bitch

I have to be honest and say that I’ve never heard of Purple Bitch before.  I’m quite surprised that I have never heard the name because she is from Czech, and I have certainly edited a lot of porn videos with Czech models.

I also wondered whether Purple Bitch is actually her real stage name or whether the description writers were not given her name and they just made it up to fill the gaps.  But to be fair, some of the European pornstars do come up with some strange choices for pornstar names.


At first, I thought this was going to be another solo self isolation porn video.  That was until I actually read the title and noticed the it was called Purple Bitch Gets Surprise Anal.  I presume that she is actually going to get fucked in that pretty little asshole of her’s.

Purple Bitch Gets Surprise Anal starts off with this European porn starlet fucking her pussy with a rainbow coloured dildo.  She is recording a video for her OnlyFans account.  She loves to know that she has lots of fans watching her making herself cum on camera.

Today she is going to give her devoted OnlyFans members a treat.  She is going to stick her new rainbow coloured dildo in her asshole.  It’s something she has never done before and she was going to sharing it with her growing number of paying customers.  As she gets lubbed up she teases her butthole by rubbing the end of the dildo around the entrance to her ass.

When Purple Bitch finally slides the colourful sex toy into her arse, she was so surprised to find that she loved the feel of the dildo entering her arse for the very first time.  She begins the thrust the dildo in and out of her arse just like she would do in her pussy.

What Miss Bitch is not aware of is that her boyfriend is n the other room watching her give this awesome self anal fucking on his laptop.  Watching how much she was enjoying her ass getting penetrated, he walks into her room with a huge erection and sticks his cock in her arse and gives her surprise anal sex for all her OnlyFans member to enjoy.

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Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?
Xander Corvus and Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden and her stunning pornstar body star in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?.  Fuck knows how she would fit an exercise ball up her ass, they are fucking huge.

But this Brazzers anal sex video title is a slight play on words.  She really does have a portion of an exercise ball in her arse.  This exercise ball has a special feature.  It has a big dildo attached to it, so yes, you could say that Kayla Kayden really does have an exercise ball stuck in her butthole.


Kayla Kayden loves to exercise, and she’s decided to take her workout routine to the next level with a dildo exercise ball. The problem is that her husband, Xander Corvus, doesn’t know about it. Although Kayla is able to hide the dildo ball from Xander at first, when she rips her tights open and sticks it up her ass, it gets stuck.

Kayla, though, makes a wise choice in enlisting Xander’s help, because once he gets the ball unstuck, he fills Kayla’s tight ass with his massive cock, proving that intense anal sex is the ultimate workout.

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Horny Valentina Gets Anal – Valentina Jewels

Hot Valentina Gets Anal

Horny Valentina Gets Anal
Valentina Jewels, Johnny The Kid

I’m delighted to say that we have been treated to quite a few anal sex Brazzers videos over the last few weeks.  you can never get enough anal in my opinion, so it’s with great pleasure that I can add this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal to my porn blog.

This hotty certainly ha the booty ready to be fucked.  She has got just enough junk to make her ass wobble about when being slammed hard from behind.  In the screenshot we see tat she is wearing a sexy silk robe wit no bra on.  Her tits look very juicy and the look ready to be exposed.


Valentina Jewels wakes up horny, but her tired husband isn’t interested. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta have a plan B when she wants to get fucked… she makes a call to get breakfast delivered and when delivery guy Johnny the Kid shows, Valentina invites him into the house

Johnny just wants his money at first, but once Valentina opens her robe and fully displays her impressive tits, he’s suddenly very open to sticking around and having some fun. After a sloppy blowjob, Johnny gets to stick his dick in Valentina’s ass. Can they finish before Valentina’s husband decides to come out of their bedroom?

I love Valentina’s short hair and make up in this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal video.  She really looks very sexy, so hats off to the Brazzers make-up and hair department if they are responsibly for her look.  There is certainly a bit of everything to get you going in the build up to the anal sex.
There is some lovely views of her big ass getting teased by Johnny the Kid’s big long cock, and we all love it when her white nylon stockings get ripped open and her arse becomes visible.  I’m looking forward to see more Valentina Jewels anal sex video in the very near future!

Roommates With Anal Benefits Sasha Rose

Roommates With Anal Benefits

Roommates With Anal Benefits
Sasha rose and Raul Costa

To be honest, this video was posted late on the brazzers porn site, so I’m not sure if Google with index this porn blog post in time for you guys to start searching for it.  So I’m wondering whether it’s actually worth reviewing it.  ALSO there is no trailer available to actually review at the moment so I can’t actually review anyway.  I might as well go out and fly my Mavic Mini.

So I’m just going to have to leave this video description here and leave the review to your own imagination.  All I will say is that the thumbnail look fucking awesome and Sasha Rose looks fucking sexy in pantyhose.  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO >>>

In Roommates With Anal Benefits, Sasha Rose decided to find a roommate, she thought Raul Costa seemed genuinely mature. Instead, he turned out to be a classic college dude: a lazy slob who makes frat bros look like model tenants. Sasha, who likes to keep some semblance of order, feels the need to pick up after Raul, which often means doing his laundry.

When Sasha finds Raul just hanging out in his bedroom with a tube sock over his cock, she’s both shocked by the display and impressed with the size of his dick; however, when Sasha pulls off the sock to inspect it, all the cum it contains spills onto her.

Roommates With Anal Benefits this sends her into angry cleaning mode, although she can’t stop thinking about Raul’s cock. If Sasha is doing all the chores, she decides to get something satisfying out of it, which in this case turns out to be intense anal sex.

With her sexual urges satisfied, Sasha’s hope is that their wild romp reinforces more considerate domestic behavior from Raul. But hey, if it doesn’t, there’s always more anal sex to be had, which works out perfectly for everyone!

Sasha Rose may be small of stature, but she’s full of suprises. Since 2008, this tiny Russian has been astounding porn fans worldwide with her enormous talents for kinky sex, and particularly for how much she can fit in her petite ass.

Roommates With Anal Benefits, sometimes Sasha even impresses herself with her capacity for anal pleasure! In her adorable Russian accent, Sasha laughs, “I think sometimes because I am small, my butt cannot take a big cock, but then I’m surprised to find that they all fit.” This petite beauty has been with some of the biggest names (both figuratively and literally!) in the porn business, from Rocco Siffredi to Danny D, and she’s never met a dick she couldn’t handle.

With her massive sexual appetite, Sasha even loves fucking more than one guy or girl at a time, and in spite of her petite size, there’s always more than enough of her to satisfy everyone!

This spinner may be tiny, but she has a big personality and big goals of one day becoming a porn director: “I want to direct and tell others what to do. They will laugh at first hearing from such a small person, but they will learn!”

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Torn Tights Anal Shower Canela Skin

Torn Tights Anal Shower

Torn Tights Anal Shower
Jordi and Canela Skin

In life there is ass, great ass, and then there is Canela Skin!  If you are looking for a fine piece of ass then look no further than this wonderful Latin babe with the hottest booty in the adult industry right now.  Watch Torn Tight and Anal Shower and then decide whether you agree that Canela’s Ass is right at the top of the great ass list.

Her beautiful booty is one of that I have had the pleasure of editing.  I have edited her in a FakeTaxi video and more recently when creating great ass compilation videos for FAKEhub.


So, I’m delighted to be able to walk you through what to expect in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Torn Tights Anal Shower.  As the title suggests, we are going to see Jordi rip open Canela’s nylon tights and get his cock buried deep inside her wonderful rear end.

The scene opens up with Canela Skin getting her clothes off.  She takes off her top to reveal her tits and tattooed body.  Then we get a quick glimpse of her giving a sloppy blowjob, before watching her getting into the shower with her purple nylon tights on.  Quite why she is showering with nylon tights on, is not explained, but we can run with it.

We then find the ponytailed Miss Skin pulling down her soapy wet purple nylon tights over her big ass.  This is wen you can truly see what a fantastic ass she has.  It’s a the perfect example of Latina bubble butt!  The action heats up with a close up of Canela Skin rubbing her soapy pussy.

We don’t actually get to see Jordi enter the shower, but Canela is complimenting him on the size of his cock.  It looks so big compared to his skinny Spanish body.  What Jordi lacks in weight, her can certainly make up in stamina.  He rips apart Canela Skins purple tights and gets to work by rimming her ass.

Jordi helps himself to a good ass fucking. He is anal heaven during this scene.  Getting his big Spanish cock in her Latina asshole must be one of the best experiences of his porn career.  Jordi finishes the scene off by cumming in her arse and watching Canela Skin pushing Jordi’s cum out of her arse.

I’m still not convinced by the use of of vocals on the background music.  This is something new that Brazzers have done over the last few weeks… it doesn’t work for me to be honest.

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MILF Ex Wants My Cock Shalina Devine

MILF Ex Wants My Cock
Raul Costa and Shalina Devine

When the god of porn made his perfect looking pornstar, I would like to think that he modelled her around Shalina Devine.  This sexy women has all the right curves in al the right places.  She is one stunning looking woman!  I have only recently discovered Shalina Devine.  I had the absolute pleasure in editing her in a Female Fake Taxi video, that I enjoyed every minute of doing!


I now have the pleasure if writing about her latest Brazzers video called MILF Ex Wants My Cock.  I think Shalina could be one of the finest looking MILF pornstars around at the moment.  I can’t take my eyes off her fantastic body with that awesome looking cleavage as she stands there in a beautiful blue lingerie set.

She’s showing off that perfect ass in a pair of black suspenders as she prepares the dinner table…why she is laying the table in her underwear is beyond me, but she certainly looks sexy as fuck doing it.

Thankfully we get plenty of views from all types on camera angles of her body.  The cameraman must of been thanking his lucky stars for this assignment.  I think this is the longest amount of body worshipping by a Brazzers cameraman I have seen in a trailer before!

When the sexual action finally begins, we are treated to seeing this wonderful looking MILF ass getting penetrated.  Yes, Shalina Devine takes a big cock in her arse.  It’s a real anal sex video.  There is a great close up of Raul Costa’s thick cock being squeezed into Shalina’s perfectly shaped rear end.

After watching her parading around in sexy lingerie, I was so happy to be able to watch her arse getting fucked.  It was a surprise.  An arse than perfect is being fucked by a big cock…it’s brilliant!  This is one of the best anal sex videos I have seen for a while.  Just because it’s so satisfying to watch such a beautiful woman with such a beautiful body having her ass fcked and enjoying every minute of it.

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