Masseurs Eye View Tru Kait Fucking

Masseurs Eye View

Masseurs Eye View
Erik Everhard and Tru Kait

It’s a pleasure to welcome back Tru Kait to my porn blog.  Her Brazzers videos are very popular and bring decent amount of organic web traffic. I’m hoping that her appearance in Masseurs Eye View will also boost my website traffic as there has ben a slight decrease in visitors lately.

Today, Tru Kait has visited her favourite massage Parlour. There is nothing she enjoys more than having her body massaged to reduce her stress levels.  She is pissed off as her husband was supposed to join her for a romantic spa day together, but her preferred to go and play golf with his business partners.


In Masseurs Eye View, Erik Everhard was delighted to see this fed up housewife climb onto his massage table.  He was even more delighted to see that she was alone.  He was expecting to be doing a his and her’s massage.  Tru Kait started to explain that she was by herself and she had no problem being alone with a male masseur.

Erik performed his usual high standard massage, but Miss Kait wanted more.  She instructed Erik to massage her naked ass.  Erik was not going to pass up on the opportunity to get his hands on such a wonderful looking ass.  He would loose his job if anybody walked in to find his hands massaging and naked female ass.

During Masseurs Eye View, turned on by Erik’s magic hands, Tru Kait removed all her clothes and told him to give her a full body massage…do what ever he wanted.  Me Everhard was in dreamland.  He had the perfect female body laid out in front of him on his massage table.   Wasting no time, he poured sensual oils all over her big tits.  Using both hands he rubbed the oil all over her natural breasts and noticed that her nipples became erect.  It was no only her nipples that were erect.

In Brazzers Masseurs Eye View, Tru Kait rubbed her hand over Erik’s cock and was very impressed by what she could feel in his pants.  This horny neglected housewife was going to have sex with her masseur right there and then.  There was no way she was leaving the massage table with getting her pussy slammed by Erik Everhards’s massive cock.

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Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me

Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me

Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me!
Josh, Roxy Risingstar

Here’ a great Brazzers porn debut for the hot blonde Roxy Raisingstar. I have to be honest and say that I have never heard pf her, but I really wish I had.  I immediately found her on Twitter and scanned through her sexy timeline.   She currently only has 14,000 followers, but I imagine that it will double by the time this Brazzers Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me video is released.


Miss Risingstar looks fucking sexy as fuck in a see-through white long sleeved t-shirt.  You can see just how great her tits look every time she is facing the camera.  At the start of her Brazzers debut we find her doing some stretches in her tight blue yoga pants.  Her arse look incredible.  Her roommate is busy talking on the phone, it sound like he is talking to his girlfriend, trying to convince her that he does not find Roxy attractive…what a liar!

Roxy is not wearing a bra and her tis look delicious as the hand down.  She teases her male roommate by bending over and sticking her ass directly into his face.  He is stunned by just how great her ass looks in those tight yoga pants.  There’s no way that he is going to be able to resist fucking this hot flirtacious blonde.

The sex starts wit ha great shot of Roxy being fucked from behind with her white thong pulled to one side.  She didn’t waste time getting undressed, she just wanted her pussy fucked by a big fat cock.  She hasn’t had rough sex for a while and was going to take it while she can.

In Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me, I’m really glad that she keeps her through top on whilst she is fucked.  Her big natural boobs shake and bounce and really look sexy.  It is truly a wonderful sight watching Roxy Risingstar’s shaven pussy getting fucked.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her…I wonder if she does anal…fingers crossed!

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MILF Ex Wants My Cock Shalina Devine

MILF Ex Wants My Cock
Raul Costa and Shalina Devine

When the god of porn made his perfect looking pornstar, I would like to think that he modelled her around Shalina Devine.  This sexy women has all the right curves in al the right places.  She is one stunning looking woman!  I have only recently discovered Shalina Devine.  I had the absolute pleasure in editing her in a Female Fake Taxi video, that I enjoyed every minute of doing!


I now have the pleasure if writing about her latest Brazzers video called MILF Ex Wants My Cock.  I think Shalina could be one of the finest looking MILF pornstars around at the moment.  I can’t take my eyes off her fantastic body with that awesome looking cleavage as she stands there in a beautiful blue lingerie set.

She’s showing off that perfect ass in a pair of black suspenders as she prepares the dinner table…why she is laying the table in her underwear is beyond me, but she certainly looks sexy as fuck doing it.

Thankfully we get plenty of views from all types on camera angles of her body.  The cameraman must of been thanking his lucky stars for this assignment.  I think this is the longest amount of body worshipping by a Brazzers cameraman I have seen in a trailer before!

When the sexual action finally begins, we are treated to seeing this wonderful looking MILF ass getting penetrated.  Yes, Shalina Devine takes a big cock in her arse.  It’s a real anal sex video.  There is a great close up of Raul Costa’s thick cock being squeezed into Shalina’s perfectly shaped rear end.

After watching her parading around in sexy lingerie, I was so happy to be able to watch her arse getting fucked.  It was a surprise.  An arse than perfect is being fucked by a big cock…it’s brilliant!  This is one of the best anal sex videos I have seen for a while.  Just because it’s so satisfying to watch such a beautiful woman with such a beautiful body having her ass fcked and enjoying every minute of it.

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Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed
Baby Nicols and Sean

I remember a few years ago, opening a zip file containing my next editing assignment for Public Agent.  Scanning through the footage, I stumbled across one of the best examples of twerking I had ever seen.  The sexy twerking ass belonged to Latina, Baby Nicols.  It was one if he best Public Agent video that I have edited.   Baby Nicols has got one hell of a sexy body!

So imagine my please when I visited the upcoming scene on the Brazzers web site and saw that she is starring in her very first Brazzers porn video.  It’s about time that this sexy Latina babe from Venezuela get her ass showcased in a Brazzers video.  I’m sure all the Brazzers fans will love her ass.  Although one of the top trending porn search terms is ‘big ass’, I’m sure that her tight firm little butt will be a pleasure to watch, all the same.

In this Brazzers Self-Isolation video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we find Baby Nicols with her hands down her lacey panties and trying to make herself cum. She often resorts to masturbating as he pussy is in constant need of cock.  As she strokes her tight pussy, she joyfully feels the wondering hands of her lover, Sean caressing her ass from behind.  Sean is making the most of just being able to get his hands over that amazing Latina ass.

Baby Nicols Twerks and Fucks

As the trailer progresses we finally get to see what I saw a few years ago, we get to see that fantastic ass twerking in front of her lovers face.  With her panties still on and riding up deep into her arse crack, it’s a fucking wonderful sight!

During Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, Sean is unable to resist just pulling those panties to sone site and burying his face into her arsehole.  I was wondering how long he would resist that amazing little ass.  He slides a finger into her wet pussy and the look of satisfaction on Baby Nicols face is there for all to see.

Sean is then treated to a sloppy blowjob.  Her sweet mouth gets wrapped around his medium sized cock.  Yes, it is a refreshing change to see an average size cock rather than a monster cock in a Brazzers video.  This feels like a very natural and genuine love making porn video.

Finally we get to see what I think everyone is anticipating…we get to see Baby Nicols twerking all over Sean’s cock.  From behind, we watch the Latin babe riding cowgirl and shaking her ass like crazy in a bid to cum all over Sean’s cock.

To round off this Latina Brazzers video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we also witness some awesome POV doggy-style and even some squirting pussy juice.  The only thing that lets this new Baby Nicols video down slightly, is the choice of background music.  I think it would have sounded better using the instrumental version rather than with vocals.

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Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy

Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy

Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy
Starring Billie Star

I love editing Billie Star videos.  She has such a great looking body.  I remember seeing her at one of our staff Xmas parties at a bar in Prague about 6-7 years ago.  I remember seeing her amazing body then and now regretting not trying to talk to her.  To be fair, she was surrounded by plenty of other Czech guys trying to get her attention.

In her latest Female Fake Taxi video, Billie Star is wearing some sexy black lingerie that makes an appearance once she seduces her customer into having sex with her on the backseat of her taxi.

This is what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum about editing this Billie Star Dance for your Free Ride Big Boy porn video.

Billie Star picks up her dream man…a stripper.  She is very interested in seeing his body so she offers him a free ride if he danced for her.  Miss Star takes this hunky stripper to her favourite lay-by and let’s him get to work on her body. Billie is so turned on that she cannot resist touching and then sucking this guys big cock.

This is a wet and wild Female Fake Taxi video that goes live on 9th November 2020…enjoy


Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom's New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend
Pascal White and Elizabeth Romanova

Well well well, if it’s not one of the sexiest petite blonde pornstars that I have had the pleasure of editing.  Yes, it’s the stunning Elizabeth Romanova appearing in a Brazzers hardcore porn video.  I believe that this is the first time she has been in a Brazzers video since May 2019.

This tiny little blonde has been on my radar ever since I edited a couple of her awesome Fake Taxi videos.  I really enjoyed editing those.  Her performance was always top notch.  I’ll always remember the shot of her laying on the backseat of the Fake Taxi with a single rose in her arse…brilliant!

So what is Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend all about.  well, it sounds self explanatory really doesn’t it.  She is a sexy blonde who love to tease her mom’s new boyfriends.  Miss Romanova knows that her tight little body is too much for most men to turn down if it’s offered on a plate.

For Pascal White, there was no way he was going to turn don the opportunity to get his cock in this sexy blonde prick tease’s wet pussy.  Even if she is her girlfriend’s daughter.

Tiny Blonde Elizabeth Fucked by an Older Guy

In the opening shots of Brazzers Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend we find Elizabeth on her knees wearing some light blue denim hot pants that really show off that tiny little ass.  She is also wearing a pair of thick dark rimmed glasses to make her look like a geeking college girl.

Wondering around the house in bare feet, she stumbles upon her mom’s new boyfriend masturbating on his bed.  She stops to watch for a while.  The sexy little blonde loves to watch a man stroke his cock.  Her hand wonders down to her pussy and she plays with her clit and she continues to watch him wank.

Elizabeth Romanova then comes up with a plan to get her pussy fucked.  She know her moms new boyfriend will have to walk passed the living room, so she lays on the sofa with her panties down and her tits out.  She slowly plays with her pussy just as he strolls into the lounge.  Elizabeth’s pussy is ready for a good hard fuck.

With her mom out on a shopping trip, Elizabeth makes the most of having areal man to fuck.  all her previous college boyfriends have let her down when it came to fucking her pussy.  Most guys could not last more than 30 seconds before shooting their loads over her face.

But Belgian male pornstar, Pascal White, was no such guy.  He was not going to miss out of fucking this tiny blonde in as many sexual positions as he possibly can.

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Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight – Fake Taxi

emily bright is so nice and tight

Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight
Fake Taxi

Emily Bright is a wonderful looking blonde babe with a killer body to go with it.  She certainly got my attention when I was editing the Fake Taxi video.  I’m always happy to see a new pornstar appear on my editing suite.

Here’s what I wrote about this Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight Fake Taxi video for

Wow…take a Goosey Gander and the delicious looking Emily Bright. With her long blonde hair, pretty dress and a hot looking figure, she looks a million dollars.  She is on her way to the bar to celebrate with friends. She believes that she has finally got a new job. She has just been to the interview and it went really well!

Unfortunately for Emily, she was so excited about her new job, that she left her handbag and her purse behind at the interview.  So, she had to offer up her tits, ass and finally her pussy to the taxi driver to settle her bill.

Emily Bright puts on a wonderful display of cock sucking and cock riding in this Fake Taxi video that will go live on 23rd October, 2020.


Blindfolded Cheater Tru Kait

blindfolded cheater

Blindfolded Cheater
Angelo Godshack, Tru Kait

Haha, a great storyline set up here for Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater.  The sexy Tru Kait is a sexually frustrated housewife, looking to spice up her sex life.  She decides that the best way forward for her is to use a dating app for sex only.  Tru Kait is not interested in leaving her husband, as she loves him dearly, but she does need more cock in her pussy.

When she started searching through the dating app, she is alarmed to see that her husband is also on the app. Why is her husband, Angelo Godshack, also looking for other people to fuck?  Maybe she has also neglected the role between the sheets.


In Blindfolded Cheater, Miss Kait comes up with a great plan.  She decides to arrange a meeting with her husband in a hotel but not telling him that it is her that will be meeting him. She tells him that she wants him to be wearing a blindfold when she arrives as she does not want to give away her identity.

Angelo GodShack agrees to these demands as he has seen Tru’s amazing body on the app, with her face blurred and is happy to be given the chance to fuck that amazing body.  So if he has to be blindfolded, it thought it’s a small price to pay to get his cock in her sweet looking pussy.

When she arrives, she find her unsuspecting husband laying on the bed in the hotel room. He has kept to his word and is wearing a blindfold.  Tru Kait enters the room and doesn’t say a word.  She just slowly undresses herself and begins to rub Angelo’s growing cock.

The sex in this Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater is very in tense.  These two pornstars go hard and fast with each other to produce a stunning face paced sex scene.   Tru Kait certainly has the perfect body for this porn video and Angelo definitely has the sexual stamina to fuck Miss Kait all night long.

The final scene of this top porno, sees Tru Kait handcuffing her cheating husband to the bed and walking out of the hotel room.  I would love to find out how Angelo Godshack explained his way out of this sticky situation.

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