Making Karla Squirt Karla Kush and Alex Jones

making karla squirt

Making Karla Squirt
Karla Kush and Alex Jones

OK, here we go with another wet and wild Brazzers video called Making Karla Squirt.  Alex Jones is tasked with the job of getting Miss Kush to make her pussy squirt all over the place.  Karla is wear some really hot, white silky panties that really turn her boyfriend on.  To be fair, her arse does look incredible in them.  Those white panties really show off her sexy round ass.

Karla is on her laptop trying to do some research for her new project.  It becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate whilst Alex is rubbing her pussy through her panties.  Eventually, Miss Kush has to close the laptop and pay some attention to her boyfriends sexual advances.


With Alex Jones recording every move her makes in POV, you get to see how he teases his sexy girlfriend by stimulating her clit though her wet knickers.  My wife hates me doing that.  She says it always feels weird though the knickers.  She prefers my just to stick my hand down there and get on with it.

But in Making Karla Squirt,  it seems like Karla Kush fucking loves it.  She especially loves it when Alex goes down on her and licks her pussy with her sexy whit panties still on.  Eventually all that pussy teasing leads Karla to slide her knickers to one side and instructs Alex to stick his fingers deep into her sopping wet hole.

When the fingers have worked Karla Kush into a horny mess, she cannot resist the urge to get her bf’s big black cock out and start wanking it as fast as she can.  Alex has to stop her going too fast.  He doesn’t want to cum too quickly.  He is intent on fucking his sexy girlfriend and after he makes her squirt all over the bed.

In this trailer for Making Karla Squirt, I counted 4 occasions were she gushed all over Alex’s big black cock.  I’m guessing that there is much more pussy juice on show in the full video.  You also get to see her pussy stretched by her black boyfriends extremely large black penis too.

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Bump In The Night Emily Blake and Danny D

Bump in the night

Bump In The Night
Danny D, Emily Blake

Wow, take a look at the beautiful Emily Blake in that sexy blue lingerie set.  Her body is fucking hot hot hot.  You can see just how well Emily has been looking after body during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With her gorgeous long blonde hair and eyelash extensions, I would say that Emily Blake has the perfect body and face for porn.  Her ass has the perfect shape for reverse cowgirl and spanking videos.

Emily Blake is feeling sexy one night and surprises her husband with her new expensive blue lace lingerie, but once again he’s too sleepy to fuck! When it sounds like someone has entered the family house, Emily demands that her husband checks it out.

Emily Blakes husband doesn’t see that Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Danny D, is hiding in a cupboard downstairs, and tells her that nobody was there. Emily investigates herself and finds Danny, who confesses to her about how much he regrets their break up.

In Brazzers Bump in the Night, Emily tells him to leave, but when she finds her husband already in bed, she heads back downstairs, where Danny is still waiting for her. Horny and craving Danny’s huge cock, Emily decides to give him one last wild ride, with a sneaky hardcore fuck behind her husband’s back that’ll send her back to bed with a smile… and a facial!

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Making Mom Sweat Ryan Keely and Vanna Bardot

Making Mom Sweat

Making Mom Sweat
Ryan Keely and Vanna Bardot

Ryan Keely and her 18-year-old stepdaughter Vanna Bardot are doing yoga together, going through lots of sexy yoga poses, chatting as they do so. They’re both really happy that they’ve finally found the time to hang out together.

Before long, the ladies are very sweaty and Ryan mentions that she is getting VERY hot. Vanna suggests that she take her shirt off.Ryan agrees and pulls her shirt off, revealing her massive breasts, which are barely contained in a tight sports bra. Vanna stops in her tracks, her eyes widening lustily at the sight of Ryan’s luscious breasts.

In Making Mom Sweat, they resume the yoga, but now Vanna keeps stealing lusty glances at Ryan. Ryan is oblivious to her daughter’s attention. Soon Ryan, bent over on all fours, complains that she is still hot even after taking off her top. A mischievous look comes over Vanna as she suggests that Ryan take her pants off. Ryan mentions that she WOULD be more comfortable like that, but wouldn’t it be weird for Vanna?

Vanna insists that it wouldn’t be weird. In fact, she can help Ryan off with the pants. Vanna gets behind her. But instead of pulling down her pants, Vanna ‘accidentally’ rips the seat of Ryan’s pants open, exposing her ass and pussy.

During Making Mom Sweat, Vanna can’t resist the sight of Ryan’s pussy and buries her face between Ryan’s amazing ass cheeks. Ryan is shocked but isn’t complaining, gasping with pleasure.  Vanna LOVES making her mom sweat!!!

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A Very Happy Ending Katy Jayne and Kyle Mason

A Very Happy Ending

A Very Happy Ending
Kyle Mason, Katy Jayne

My oh my, look the tits on Katy Jayne.  This sexy blonde pornstar certainly has a very fine rack.  In Brazzers A Very Happy Ending, you will get to see those puppies bouncing all over the place as Kyle Mason fucks the shit out of her.

Kyle spots Miss Jayne starting her morning workout.  He peeps through her window and admires her sexy ass.  She is wearing some very tight yoga pants that really turn Kyle on.  He loves seeing women in tight pants.  He looks as hard as he can to try and spot a bit of camel toe.

In Brazzers A Very Happy Ending, Katy is waiting for her massage guy to arrive for her post workout rub down.  Her phone rings and she finds out that her massage hunk is not able to make it.  This is music to Kyles ears.  He knocks on Katy Jayne’s door and offers up his massage service.

Without thinking too much about it. Katy accepts the offer and lays down on her massage table ready for Kyle to do his work.  It’s not ling before Miss Jayne notices that her massage guy has an erection.  She is in the mood for a pounding, so she whips out Kyles cock and sucks and fucks him all morning.

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Girlsway – I’m Such A Klutz!

girlsway i'm such a klutz

Girlsway – I’m Such A Klutz!
Alison Rey and Evelyn Claire

It’s Alison Rey’s first day on the job as a barista and she’s not doing so great. She’s practically shaking with nerves when her first customer, Evelyn Claire, enters and asks for an iced coffee. She stumbles over herself as she gets the order ready but then does the unthinkable: accidentally pouring iced coffee all over Evelyn’s shirt!

Evelyn is stunned but also amused as Alison panics, trying to remedy the situation. This leads to Alison literally offering the shirt off her back as she strips Evelyn down. She won’t have Evelyn leaving the cafe with a giant coffee stain on her blouse! Although Evelyn’s stunned, Alison is so cute that she goes along with it. Of course, this gives Evelyn a mischievous idea as she insists that she’s not yet completely satisfied… However, there IS something else Alison can do to win her over.

In Girlsway I’m Such A Klutz, although the coffee was ice cold, things become scorching hot between them as Alison gets down on her knees and eagerly eats out Evelyn’s pussy. But this is just the beginning! The customer’s always right and she wants Evelyn to leave nothing but glowing reviews about her customer service!

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Brazzers Delicious Dulce HD Porn Video

Brazzers Delicious Dulce

Brazzers Delicious Dulce
Kyle Mason, Desiree Dulce

Here’s the ultra sexy Desiree Dulce starring in Brazzers Delicious Dulce.  Her body is one of the hottest you will get to see naked and being fucked.  If you want a prime example of a top rated pornstar getting down to business then this brand new Desiree Dulce HD porn video is just right for you.

Desiree Dolce is a smoking hot babe. Shirtless in her red leather jacket and black denim cut offs, she is a treat to look at and fuckable beyond. As she touches her perfect tits and playfully puts her hands down her pants, you know what she wants. And she wants it now.


In Brazzers Delicious Dolce, it’s a good thing Kyle Mason shows up to help her with her need to cum. She gets on her knees quick to suck his big cock and see how far down her throat she can take it, and she fucking loves it.

She gives him a sloppy wet blow job before moving to the couch and getting her pussy eaten. Kyle fucks her hard and deep until he cums all over Desiree’s face and she makes sure not to waste one single drop.

This Brazzers Delicious Dulce porn video goes live on the Brazzers Network on 3rd September, 2020.  I, for one, cannot wait!

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Kayla Wants A Dick On Camera Kayla Kayden

Kayla Wants A Dick On Camera

Kayla Wants A Dick On Camera
Toni Ribas, Kayla Kayden

Hot blonde Kayla Kayden is seen here in a superb reverse cowgirl position.  She is riding the big cock of Toni Ribas in Brazzers Kayla Wants a Dick on Camera.  She has a wonderful pair of boobs and a fucking fantastic ass.

This new Brazzers video actually starts off as a sologirl video.  Kayla explains that it has been hard to get her pussy fucked during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The state the she lives in has been very strict on social distancing.  Getting a guy with a big cock to visit her house has been a long time in coming.

So when Toni Ribas arrived to give her a good hard fucking, Kayla decided to get this long awaited sex romp on camera.  She could hardly hide her delight that Toni was willing to fuck her pussy hard on camera.  He was more than happy to let Kayla suck his cock and then ride him as hard and as fast as she wanted.

Watch Miss Kayden screaming in ecstasy as she breaks out into numerous intense orgasms as Toni pounds away on her wet pussy.  This new Brazzers big tit, blonde babe vieo will be live on the Brazzers web sire on September 2nd, 2020.

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Lil Plumber Luna Star and Ricky Spanish

Lil Plumber

Lil Plumber
Luna Star, Ricky Spanish

Sexy brunette Luna Star is all dolled up and ready for a strapping plumber to come sink her drain. Just the thought of those large hands on her big tits and round ass has her leaking already!

In Lil Plumber, wet and excited, horny Luna answers the door only to find quirky Lil’ Plumber Ricky Spanish. Lucky for Ricky, Luna can’t take her eyes off his tool! Watch as the bodacious Luna Star takes Ricky’s pipe into her soft wet pussy.

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