FemaleFakeTaxi Michelle Thorne and Sam Bourne

FemaleFakeTaxi Michelle Thorne

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Michelle Thorne picked up Sam today, on his way to uni, and he’d shot up so much since Michelle Thorne last saw him! But he told me he was on his way to school to quit!

He said something about not being very smart, plus there was a girl he fancied who much preferred the jock type.

Michelle Thorne Fucks Sam Bourne in Taxi

I was hoping a talk would help, so I found us a place to stop and chat. I assured Sam he’s a handsome young man, and some day women will see it. Before I knew it, we were kissing and he was sucking on my nipples!

Sam even said he’d dreamed about my big tits a few times before! He liked the feel of me touching his cock, so I took it out of his pants and showed that young man how a real woman should treat him.

He had a sexy body, and a big cock, and there’s just something so hot about being the dominant one in the situation.

I had to fuck him! I showed him my pussy, then I sat it right down on his dick and rode him in the backseat.

We even got out of the car for a go. In the end, I wanked his cum all over my tits. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little sexy comfort…