Triage These Tits Mary Jean & Johnny Sins

Triage These Tits Mary Jean & Johnny Sins

Everything is backed up at ZZ hospital when patient Mary Jean arrives to be kept overnight for observation. Since their aren't any rooms free, Dr. Sins has no choice but to triage Mary in the hallway.

When he learns that the issue involves Mary not being able to orgasm, he decides to try some alternative medicine. Now he just needs the other doctors and nurses to leave him alone.  

Just so he can get use his tongue compressor on Mary's juicy pussy before unleashing his caduceus stick all over her face!

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Brazzers Getting My Hands On A MILF Bridgette B

Bridgette B Dirty Masseur VideoCONTINUE TO FULL VIDEO >>>

Wow.  Bridgette B is back and looking a million dollars.  OMG her body, her tits and that big ass!!  She is all oiled up and ready to be fucked in a Dirty Masseur porn video with Lucas Frost.

Lucas Frost is just out for a walk minding his own business when Bridgette B walks passed him.  She is one of the hottest blonde MILF's she has ever seen.  As she walks passed him, her boobs gentle bounce up and down.  He cannot resist accidentally brushing his elbow against her left breast.

Lucas found out that this hot MILF has just moved into the same neighbourhood.  He had to think of a plan to get into her knickers.  He really wanted to fuck the shit out of her.  

Bridgette B Massage Photos

Lucas rented some massage equipment.  He got a fold up massage table, all the erotic oils and a set of luxury white towels.  He also bought a copy of How To Give Your Partner a Sexual Massage to read very quickly.  When he thought that he could perform a sensual massage, he plucked up the courage and knocked on her front door.

Lucas convinced Bridgette B that he was a surprise masseur booked by her husband while he was away on business.  Lucas told her that her husband had prepaid him for a full body massage and that she could have any extras that she wanted.

Bridgette B was a little sceptical at first, standing in her silky dressing gown, especially as she didn't have a husband.  She decided to play along with this guy.  He was obviously just there to try and fuck her pussy.  Bridgette B had not had sex for 2 days so her pussy was ready for new cock.

Lucas got to work on Bridgette's naked body.  He could not believe that he had actually talked his way into her house and had her naked within ten minutes.  Little did he know that she was already ware of his plan and was going to give him everything that he could dream about.


As she laid on her front, she asked Lucas if it was about time that she rolled over so he could massage her huge tits.  Lucas was lost for words.  As he started to spread sensual massage oil all over her huge boobs, his cock started to show though the top of his trousers.  

He could not stop gaining an erection.  As the tip of his cock started to show, Bridgette B start to play with it.  Lucas could feel her hand dive into his pants and play with his balls.  He was in heaven.  His plan had worked.

Watch Bridgette B AKA Spanish Doll, get fucked by Lucas Frost while she is covered in massage oil.  Her body, tits and ass look absolutely fantastic.  The scene finishes with a great cumshot all over her big tits.  The only thing missing from this scene is a bit of anal. 

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Brazzers Sit On It And Spin Abella Danger

Fidget Spinner in the Arse

Fucking fidget spinners.  They are fucking everywhere right now.  Now look...there is even a fidget spinner in Abella Danger's ass!

Brazzers have created another anal sex video designed around the fidget spinner craze. Fuck knows how fidget spinners are still 'a thing'.   I believe that they were initially designed to help keep autistic children's minds occupied.  But now every other child has one.

I even read somewhere that there had been a warning issued about exploding fidget the fuck do they explode??  I pretty sure they are not supposed to powered by anything!

Now that I have got that off my chest, let's talk about this new Big Wet Butts porn video starring Abella Danger and Markus Dupree.  As it is a Big Wet Butts video, we are sure that it is going to feature plenty of anal action...and we are certainly not disappointed.

Abella Danger Anal Sex Photos

Abella Danger is wearing a pair of pink rimmed glasses.  I can't even notice if there is any real glass in the glasses, but I thin Brazzers use them as a prop.  Brightly rimmed glasses really stand out when used on promotional material such as porn adverts or porn tube thumbnails.  They also make the pornstar look younger and give the video a teenie bopper style look.

As I mentioned earlier, this Brazzers Sit On It And Spin porn video features a fidget spinner.  Brazer have been able to get a custom made fidget spinner with their logo on it.  They have then attached the spinner to a big black butt plug.  Naturally, the buttplug is inserted into Abella Danger's arse, and the fidget spinner can still be spun.


So as much as I detest the commercialisation of fidget spinners, I do like what Brazzers have done in this scene.  Bringing together a latest craze, a hot teen pornstar and anal sex all in one great Big Wet Butts porn video.

This is Abella Danger's 21st Brazzers porn video to date.  After making her anal debut in Brazzers Abella's Ass is in Danger, she has continued to feature in some of the best examples of anal sex on the internet.  Her big round ass and tiny waist make her a perfect pornstar for any teen anal sex video.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing much more of her arse getting penetrated by big cocks in the very near future!

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Brazzers Two Balls in the Corner Pocket Luna Star

LunaStar fucked in the arse

Luna Star makes another grandstand performance in an anal sex porn video.  Her wonderful big ass is being fucked on camera buy Sean Lawless.

Luna Star plays a sexy waitress wearing very short denim shorts.  You can almost see her arsehole every time she bends over.  Sean Lawless really wants a piece of her big butt.  Every time Luna bends over, he gives her arse a slap.  At first she is a little offended, but as he flirts with her throughout the night, she starts to warm to his charms.

By the end of the night, Luna Star challenges Sean to a high stakes game of pool.  But this game of pool did not involve any cash.  The deal was that if Sean won this game of pool, then he would get to fuck Luna Star in the ass.

Anal sex on a pool table

Luna was a great pool player.  She was certain that she would win.  But in the back of her head she really wanted  to be fucked in the arse.  As the game got down to the last few balls, Luna Star deliberately missed the final black-ball.


She could not miss out on the chance of anal sex over the pool table.  She let Sean win their pool match and she slowly pulled her short denim shorts down over her big round ass.  Sean pulled her red thong out of her arse and licked her tight little butt hole.

Sean could tell that Luna loved having her arse hole licked out.  He could hear her moan every time his tongue went deep into her shitbox.  Luna Star was bent over the pool table and was ready to take Sean's cock into her arse.

She cocked one leg up onto the pool table and guided Sean's big cock in to her butthole.  It was a tight squeeze at first, but as her arse began to relax, Sean was able to start pumping her arse over the pool table.

Luna Star was in anal heaven.  She loved nothing more than a big dick being thrust in and out of her chunky ass.  Plenty of guys have fucked her arse in the past, and she knew just how to ride it.

Luna Star looks incredibly sexy in this Brazzers anal sex video called Two Balls in the Corner Pocket.  It really shows off Luna's famous big round butt.  Luna Star fans will be very happy to see her being fucked in the arse by a big dick over a pool table.

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Thick Thigh Thumpers Porn Advert

Thick Thigh Thumpers

Thick Thigh Thumpers is a porn advert that I saw on youPorn whilst uploading a video for PublicAgent. I often see great porn adverts on the tubes site when I have to upload my own tubes.

This new porn advert features the larger brand of porn star. I would not put them in the BBW category. I don't believe that these porn stars are anywhere close to BBW niche.

This short video clip feature porn stars such as Sybil Stallone, and busty Emma Butt. Brazzers created this advert to show off their curvy pornstars. All the porn stars in this Thick Thigh Thumpers porn advert have huge boobs and big round asses.

You get to see younger guys fucking these curvy porn stars. Most of the clips are of busty pornstars being fucked from behind. This is so the camera can see their huge tits swinging around.

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MOFOS Abella Danger Pervs on Patrol

MOFOS Abella Danger Pervs on Patrol

Abella Danger is caught taking sex selfies of her big booty. In this MOFOS Abella Danger video, her thong is so tight up her arse you can barely see it!

MOFOS Abella Danger

Abella Danger is a hot porn star with one of the most bouncy of booty's in the business.

Porn producers from all over the world are queuing up to get her featuring in there porn videos.

This Abella Danger performing her magic in MOFOS Perv on Patrol.  The video is called Big Booty Babe Begs for Hard Fuck


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Brazzers Testing Her Concentration 2 YesPornPlease

Brazzers Testing Her Concentration 2

Brazzers Testing Her Concentration 2

Nicolette Shea has her big fake tits and her big round booty out on show for her latest Brazzers porn video with Marc Rose.

Nicolette is out of work and going to as many job interviews as she can. But today's interview is nothing like the others.

When Marc Rose starts licking her pussy under the desk Nicolette doesn't know how to react. The interviewer calmly explains Marc is there to test Nicolette's concentration.

Nicolette Shea does her best to impress while Marc eats her pussy, plays with her huge tits and fucks her over the desk - all while the interviewer keeps asking her questions!

Will she be able to stay focused and make a good impression? Or will Marc's cock prove to be more important than any job?

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What The Fuck Is This Free Anal

What The Fuck Is This porn advert shows a blonde women offering her arse for Free Anal.  The porn star is Bridgette B.  This is quite an old porn advert that is being re-circulated by Brazzers marketing.

I can see why.  It is a very hardcore porn ad.  It certainly got my attention.

what the fuck is this

Can you imagine finding Bridgette B in the stocks with her arse hanging out begging to be fucked.

How many men would e in the queue waiting for their turn to fuck Bridgette B in the arse.

She has got a fantastic round latina booty.  She also has a great big pair of tits.  but this porn advert is solely concentrating on her ass.

This video was originally called Free Anal and was released back in March 2016.

Boning in the Back of the Bodega

Boning in the Back of the Bodega features the hot porn star Luna Star.  In this outrageous porn advert, she gets caught inserting a cucumber in to her pussy at the grocery store.

Boning in the Back of the Bodega

Boning in the Back of the Bodega scene description

Luna is a horny maniac who loves to go into stores and make a mess— by masturbating in the aisles, that is! While the shopkeeper is helping a customer, he notices a spill in one of the aisles.

The shopkeeper doesn’t know where the spill has come from--little does he know it was from Luna squirting! When one of his customers catches Luna rubbing her pussy, the shopkeeper has trouble kicking her out of his store!

So he calls a policeman, who to their surprise feeds his cock to a hungry and horny Luna! Will this little shop ever rid themselves of this cock-hungry whore?

This scene was originally called How Conveniant as was released in May 2017.

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RealityKings Sticking A Pipe In Her Pussy

It's not everyday that you call a plumber and a sexy female plumber arrives at your door.  But in this RealityKings video called Sticking A Pipe In Her Pussy, that is precisely what happens to luck Bambino when his sink springs a leak.

Sticking A Pipe In Her Pussy

RealityKings Sticking A Pipe In Her Pussy scene description

Bambino's sink is busted, so he calls the plumber. Unbeknown to him, the plumbing company has sent over their top, and sexiest, employee in the curvy cutie Valentina Nappi.

With her massive tits and plump ass, Bambino sure is glad they sent such a beautiful woman to do the dirty work! Valentina waltz into the kitchen with her skin tight outfit on full display. Her tight shirt that just can't wait to be pulled off and tighter denim shorts that show off her ass. Professional Valentina walks into the kitchen, eager to get to work.

She gets down on all fours, bends over teasing her thick, juicy ass to Bambino who can't help but stroke his cock while just thinking about banging her tight pussy with his big cock! When Valentina asks him for a wrench, she's surprised to see him masturbating to her right behind her back!

Ms. Nappi stands up and decides to let Bambino know that she thinks this dirty pervert needs his pipe to be cleaned. This horny plumber slut can't get enough dick in her diet!

Valentina deep-throats Bambino, showing why she's the most highly recommended pipe cleaner in the business. She lays back and lets his huge cock pound her perfect, dripping wet pussy until its quitting time!

The sink might not have been fixed, but at least the curvy Valentina Nappi got her fill of big dick, that is!

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Rachel Starr in Baking With Bae

Rachel Starr in Baking With Bae.  A brand new RK video from RealityKings.  Take a peek at he hot sexy porn legend that is Rachel Starr.  She is performing with Sean Lawless in this cookery inspired porn scene.

Baking With Bae

Baking With Bae scene description from

Rachel Starr is busy baking cookies, but that doesn’t stop her boyfriend, Sean Lawless, from having some fun with her beautiful round buns! Sean fondles Rachel’s sweet ass and licks her pussy while she’s finishing up. Once the oven’s nice and hot, Ms. Starr suddenly has all the time in the world to suck and fuck his cock! Rachel shows off her beautiful body while getting down and naughty.

She starts sucking cock and riding Sean while twerking her sweet ass and having her massive tits jiggle with orgasmic bliss! But will these cookies be any good, or is Rachel's pussy the most delicious thing Sean will eat all day?

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