Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian Fake Taxi

cookies and cream for hot russian

Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian
Starring Venera Maxima

If you like seeing hot European women in sexy uniforms, then you will love watching this new Fake Taxi video called Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian.  Venera Maxima looks so hot in a girl guides uniform.  She is caught out in the rain whilst trying to sell her cookies.  She gets picked up by the Fake Taxi and taken for a ride she will never forget.

Here’s what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum

Another day and hot babe on my editing screen.  This time it’s Venera Maxima getting her sweet pussy pounded in the back of the Fake Taxi.

She is dressed as some type of girl guide and is trying to sell cookies.  But as the rain began to pour, she has to grab a taxi.  This meant that there was no way she could sell her cookies.

The taxi driver offered to buy half of her cookies in exchange for a blowjob.  As she sucks on his cock, the taxi driver agrees to buy all the cookies if he can spunk all over her pretty face.

Look out for this Cookies and Creampie for Hot Russian scene going live in November 2020.


Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie

Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie

Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie
Siri Dahl

Oh my goodness, I have never seen Siri Dahl before, but all I can say is….look at that fine piece of ass!  Wearing that red thong that that is buried deep in her ass crack really helps to show off those fine looking ass cheeks.

In Brazzers Siri Gets Caught And Fucked By Her Roomie she gets caught with her hands down her thong and playing with her pussy.  Her roomie just happens to walk in to her bedroom with his camera on to catch her in mid-frap.


But Siri Dahl is not that embarrassed by the situation.  She is in fact, a little turned on by the fact that somebody has caught her masturbating and is filming it.  She decides to show a lot more of her curvy natural body.  Siri flashes a tit and opens her legs to give her roomie a real video to record!

Siri is playing with herself in bed, but she forgot to close her door. Her horny roommate Liam takes this as an invitation to walk right in on her (while filming with his phone). Siri is embarrassed to be caught, but she doesn’t throw Liam out… clearly there’s a spark between the cute roomies.

Siri flashes her tits for Liam, then let’s him film her ass. Liam starts feeling her up, which leads to sliding his fingers in her ass. And that, naturally, leads to him sticking his big dick in her ass and giving her the good anal fucking she’s been craving.

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The Clumsiest Girl In The World Kendra Sunderland

The Clumsiest Girl In The World

The Clumsiest Girl In The World
Zac Wild and Kendra Sunderland

I’ve just been to the gym and I ache like fuck, so it’s so nice to be able to chill out and write about awesome porn videos before I start my porn editing schedule for the day.  Today Brazzers bring us Kendra Sutherland starring in The Clumsiest Girl In The World.  Just by looking at the screenshot, I can tell that it is going to be a great video.  I love to see the brazzers pornstars on all fours.  But in the beginning of this new porn video, Kendra is on her knees cleaning.

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In The Clumsiest Girl In The World, she’s not the greatest cleaner in the world and she is constantly knocking things over with her big sexy ass and big boobs.  Doing the housework in a tiny white see through vest and short panties, is not the best way to clean the house.  She is also not wearing a bra so her tits bounce and jiggle all the time she is trying to get the house looking clean for her boyfriend, Zac Wild.

There is a great piece of footage when for some strange reason Kendra Sutherland get stuck in what I think is a cat’s play tower.  She leaves her arse exposed in the air and her tits hanging with her cleavage there for all to see.

Kendra Sutherland in Stuck

During The Clumsiest Girl In The World, Kendra Sunderland is the complete package. She’s got brains, she’s got beauty, and she’s got sarcasm drier than Mars. But nothing in this world is perfect… She’s a clutz. She spills her drinks, backs into trash cans, gets stuck in washing machines… You name it, she’s probably spent an uncomfortable amount of time stuck inside it.

We follow Kendra during her typical Sunday routine – cleaning up around the house in a comfy-yet-hot outfit that only she could pull off… Bashing into furniture, soaking her shirt, and maybe doing more harm than good…

I this Brazzers The Clumsiest Girl In The World, however, perhaps she can use this perception to get something a little bit more out of her day. A convenient cat tree, a believable backstory, giant tits hanging and round delicious ass wiggling… Zac will never know what hit him.

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Beth Gives You What You Wanted Beth Bennett

Beth Gives You What You Wanted

Beth Gives You What You Wanted
Beth Bennett

OMG, I love Beth Bennett.  I’ve always seen her in the background of plenty of Brazzers videos.  I look at her pretty face and big boobs and wonder why she has never made a starring performance.  I have had the pleasure of editing some of Beth Bennetts solo video where she teases her viewers in some great JOI videos.

So I’m so happy to be able to have a full feature video from Brazzers starring Beth Bennett.  She has a great pair of tits and such a sex voice that I could listen to all day.  Miss Bennett looks so fucking sexy in all black lingerie.  The bra really shows off her amazing cleavage.  It’s also such a great relief to finally see her sucking a fucking a real cock.  I think we will be seeing much more of Beth Bennett in the very near future!

You’ve seen her in various scenes and repeatedly asked “who’s the other girl?”. She’s Beth Bennett and she’s here to give you what you’ve been looking for. Beth confronts a pervy fan who’s been leaving all kinds of nasty comments about her on Brazzers.

To the perv’s surprise, Beth is into the comments and willing to help him fulfill all of his fantasies. She gives him a footjob and a sloppy blowjob, before letting the lucky guy fuck her in multiple positions and drop a load of cum on her face.

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Anal Sex Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum

Anal Sex Doesn't Happen In A Vacuum

Anal Sex Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum
Jordi and Canela Skin

What a fucking treat we have in store today!  Canela Skin gets her big latin booty out for an anal sex video with Jordi.  This Spanish male pornstar has the pleasure of sticking his freakishly large cock deep in to an ass that was born for anal porn videos.

Canela Skin has one of the best examples of Latin booty that I have ever had the privilage to edit.  I remember very well editing a scene with her in the back of the Fake Taxi.  It was not an anal sex video unfortunately, but I certainly remember that fine peice of ass.

Canela Skin likes to keep her place clean, but unfortunately for her, her boyfriend Jordi ENP – a real man of leisure – is a total slob – and a horny one at that. Although Canela’s thick, juicy ass proves tempting as she vacuums, Jordi has no interest in getting up off the couch, where he’s enjoying a box of cookies and tall glass of milk.

With Canela forced to vacuum around Jordi, he clearly enjoys the proximity to her tits and ass a little too much, leading to him sticking his finger right up Canela’s ass as she cleans! Despite her initial annoyance, Canela is eager to take every inch of Jordi’s cock right up her ass, and once they’re actually fucking and Canela is squirting, Jordi proves to be a surprisingly capable multi-tasker.

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Sneaking On Hot Roomie Aubree Valentine

Sneaking On Hot Roomie

Sneaking On Hot Roomie
Xander Corvus, Aubree Valentine

I visit the Brazzers web site every morning to checkout the brand new videos.  I always look forward to seeing who is going to be appearing in a new hardcore video.  I also enjoy seeing the new thumbnails that the guys at Brazzers use to try and tempt you into becoming a Brazzers member.

So when I opened up the web site this morning and saw Aubree Valentine and her big chunky ass on show, I was extremely delighted.  It’s a fucking great view of that big sexy booty of her’s.  A POV shot of Xander Corvus sticking his big cock into her wet pussy was enough to get my blood pumping to all the vains required!


Looking at her bag butt with her panties pulled over to one side is a real turn on.  Xander’s cock is doing the business in this new video called Sneaking On Hot Roomie.  Aubree is being such a filthy tease around the house.  Being her roommate is a challenge when she insists on parading around the house in hardly any clothes.

With a roommate as hot as Aubree Valentine, how can you blame Xander Corvus for peeping on her? Wearing tight shorts that barely cover her ass, Aubree slips away into her bedroom where she plays with her pussy and humps the pillow to get herself off. With Xander and his big cock nearby, however, Aubree soon discovers that he can get the job done a lot better than her pillow ever could!

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Stuck Between Anal And A Workout Bridgette B

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout
Bridgette B, Isiah Maxwell

Thank you, Sweet Lord Jesus.  We’ve got the fantastic Bridgette B getting fucked in the ass by a big black cock.  Brazzers are really treating us today.  not only do we witness the sex Bridgette B having her arsehole fucked, but we also get to see her amazing body working out and getting sweaty.

Bridgette has been looking for ways to spice up her daily workout routine.  She has become a little bored with her workout that she carries out every morning.  She has being putting her hot latin body through the same stretches and positions for a while now, she needs something different.

During Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, one of her pornstar friends recommended that she tries to insert a butt plug into her big ass before she workouts out.  Worth a try…sounds very strange.  However, Bridgette was delighted to feel how great it felt to have a butt plug in her butt.  Every time she bend over, she gave herself a cheap thrill.  Why didn’t she try this before, she thought to herself.

The only down side to this new sexy workout routine was that it was making her feel very horny indeed.  Her ass and pussy craved a cock to really finish off the routine with a bang.  Luckily for Bridgette B, she caught her neighbour peeping through the window, watching her working out.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, She drags her neighbour into her house.  Isiah Maxwell had been watching his hot neighbour working out with a butt plug in her arse and already had a hard on.  Bridgette B could see that Isiah was ready to fuck her brains out.  She sucked his cock like a woman possessed.  There was only one thing the Bridgette desired, and that was to have her ass fucked by Isiah’s big black cock.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, Bridgette B got her anal graving satisfied.  Her butt gets fucked hard and fucked by a BBC in her living room.  This is yet another fantastic performance by this hot sexy Latin MILF.

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She’s All Tits Ass and Pussy Briana Bandares

She's All Tits Ass and Pussy

She’s All Tits Ass and Pussy
Briana Bandares

Good fucking god, this is one hot babe that has a pornstar body to die for.  her big tits, great ass and cock hungry pussy is perfect for making porn with.  In this latest outdoor Public Agent sex video, Briana Bandares gets fucked by a heavily tattooed guy.

Here’s what I wrote about this hot new Briana Bandares outdoor sex video for FakeTaxi Forum

Wow…she is definitely all tits and arse.  Briana Bandares has a fine pair of tits and a great booty to go with them.  This Public Agent video is set in Spain.  It’s shot in a really great location, by the beach.


When she gets her tits out and shows off her big ass in her white thong, I was so happy!If you are into tattoos, then you will be very impressed with this Spanish guy doing the fucking.  I think he has 70% of his body covered in ink.

Public Agent She’s All Tits, Ass and Pussy, goes live on October 12, 2020.

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