Masseurs Eye View Tru Kait Fucking

Masseurs Eye View

Masseurs Eye View
Erik Everhard and Tru Kait

It’s a pleasure to welcome back Tru Kait to my porn blog.  Her Brazzers videos are very popular and bring decent amount of organic web traffic. I’m hoping that her appearance in Masseurs Eye View will also boost my website traffic as there has ben a slight decrease in visitors lately.

Today, Tru Kait has visited her favourite massage Parlour. There is nothing she enjoys more than having her body massaged to reduce her stress levels.  She is pissed off as her husband was supposed to join her for a romantic spa day together, but her preferred to go and play golf with his business partners.


In Masseurs Eye View, Erik Everhard was delighted to see this fed up housewife climb onto his massage table.  He was even more delighted to see that she was alone.  He was expecting to be doing a his and her’s massage.  Tru Kait started to explain that she was by herself and she had no problem being alone with a male masseur.

Erik performed his usual high standard massage, but Miss Kait wanted more.  She instructed Erik to massage her naked ass.  Erik was not going to pass up on the opportunity to get his hands on such a wonderful looking ass.  He would loose his job if anybody walked in to find his hands massaging and naked female ass.

During Masseurs Eye View, turned on by Erik’s magic hands, Tru Kait removed all her clothes and told him to give her a full body massage…do what ever he wanted.  Me Everhard was in dreamland.  He had the perfect female body laid out in front of him on his massage table.   Wasting no time, he poured sensual oils all over her big tits.  Using both hands he rubbed the oil all over her natural breasts and noticed that her nipples became erect.  It was no only her nipples that were erect.

In Brazzers Masseurs Eye View, Tru Kait rubbed her hand over Erik’s cock and was very impressed by what she could feel in his pants.  This horny neglected housewife was going to have sex with her masseur right there and then.  There was no way she was leaving the massage table with getting her pussy slammed by Erik Everhards’s massive cock.

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Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress Iconic Video

Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress

This is the Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress iconic porn video.  It is one of the most recognisable Fake Taxi ever released.  Jasmine sitting in the backseat in a light blue dress with that cheeky smile and outstanding looking figure.


This British FakeTaxi video was released on the internet on May 23rd, 2013 and was Jasmine’s first appearance on the backseat of the infamous London taxi.  Miss Jae is on the backseat talking to one of her girlfriends.  Jasmin is explaining that she has not had sex for a while but she in convinced that she has not lost her touch.

That figure hugging blue dress shows off her flat stomach and perfect looking bust.  her arms are covered by a black leather jacket that finishes of the look perfectly.  Jasmine Jae does a fabulous job in talking on her phone for the opening 3 minutes.  It’s not often the Fake Taxi driver is kept quiet for so long.

This Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress video is officially called Busty Brunette’s Dry Spell Ends With Cabbie’s Hard Fucking.  The scenario that plays out is about Jasmine trying to prove that she can still get a fuck out of any guy she chooses.  In this video she decides to try it on with the taxi driver.

She doesn’t have to work that hard.  He heard her phone conversation where she told her girlfriend that she was going to try and shag him.  He was not going to take much persuading to jump in the back and fuck her pussy with his big fat cock.

I really enjoy the blowjob in this Fake Taxi blue dress video.  Jasmine Jae’s big tits look great in a blue bra and she sticks a big cock down her throat.


Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio Sofi Ryan

Sofi's Pussy Pounding Cardio

Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio
Justin Hunt and Sofi Ryan

Holy fuck, take a look at those fucking amazing tits.  Yes, Sofi Ryan is back in a fantastic Brazzers video called Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio.  I can’t get over how great those boobs looking in the image above.  Sofi certainly has a tremendous pair of natural boobs.

The only disappointing thing about seeing this Sofi Ryan photo is that the actual Brazzers tailer is currently locked.  I’m really hoping we get to see the one minute version of this great looking Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio video as soon as possible.


Without the trailer, I am a little restricted in what I can tell you about this new Brazzers Sofi Ryan video.  I can say that she is wearing a tight fitted athletic outfit because she has been out for a run and is welcomed home by her living in boyfriend Justin Hunt.  Justin loves it when Sofi gets back from her early morning run.  She will be sweaty and in need of a shower.

When Sofi gets in the shower, he always gets to watch her undress in the bathroom and then get her body all soaped and slippery.  Justin Hunt has lost count of how many times he has fucked this great looking pornstar in the shower.  He knows how to make her cum.  Fucking her from behind in the stand up doggy position makes Sofi Ryan have an orgasm in minutes.  It never fails.

I’m not sure if we get to see shower sex in this Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio porn video.  But I’m going to guess that we do.  I am also hoping that we get to see Sofi Ryan getting fucked whilst still wearing that athletic outfit.  I have recently stumbled upon some YouTube videos of sexy pole vaulting women in very short shorts and thought that it would make an interesting outfit to be fucked in.

I’m really looking forward to watching Sofi Ryan’s big breasts bouncing in this new Brazzers video called Sofi’s Pussy-Pounding Cardio.  She has one of the best pairs of big naturals in the porn business right now.

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It’s My Fucking Wifi Luna Star in Pantyhose

It's My Fucking WiFi

It’s My Fucking Wifi
Xander Corvus and Luna Star

In my house the WiFi is king.  I think I have about 20 devices connected to the WiFi at times.  Mobile phones, Alexa devices, computers, and games consoles all eat up the WiFi bandwidth.  I’m lucky I can plug my work station straight into the home Ethernet port and get extreme download and upload speeds thanks to having a ‘fibre to the house’ internet connection.

So if a up and coming business woman is going to be doing a lot of video meetings due the the COVIS situation, then she will need a great WiFi connection.   Unfortunately, this is not the case for Luna Star. In It’s My Fucking Wifi her video calls keep cutting out due to her poor WiFi quality.  Luna is getting so pissed off with her Wifi dropping out every few minutes.


in a bid to try and get her connection sorted out, she calls a technician to come to the house and investigate her problem.  Xander Corvus is the lucky internet tech guy who visits this sexy babe and is immediately fantasising about fucking her as he tries to fix her problem.

In It’s My Fucking WiFi, we are greeted with a fantastic view of Luna Star in a suit jacket and not much else.  During her video calls, the cleavage is fully on show.  Whoever is on the other end of the conference call is getting a good eyeful of Luna’s great pair of tits.  She gets more and more frustrated every time the WiFi connection drops.

Luna Star Fucking in Ripped Pantyhose

As she waits for Xander to arrive, she sits at her desk with her arms folded and her skirt riding up her ass.  She doesn’t care that her pantyhose are on display and that her panty’s are visible.

As soon as Mr Corvus arrives, his eyes are diverted to her cleavage. Luna notices that he is not concentrating on his job.  She wants the WiFi sorted as soon as possible.  She decides that the best way to get the job done, would be to let the internet guy shoot his load over her and then he will be able to pay full attention to the job in hand.

Luna Star sticks Xander’s face straight into her pussy.  She demands that he licks her pussy to get her as wet as possible.  She wants to get this over and done with.  But when she finds out how big his cock is, Luna decides to make the most of having a huge cock to play with for the morning.

The star attraction of this Brazzers It’s My Fucking WiFi is not only Luna Stars cock fucking abilities, but it’s also that fucking amazing booty of hers!  It’s incredible how she manages to get that ass moving as she rides all over Xander Corvus’s rock hard cock.  There are some great close up views of Luna’s big ass thumbing down on Xander’s thighs as she straddles him cowgirl style on a chair.

It’s My Fucking Wifi has all the ingredients of a great porno, big tits, big ass and a plenty of sexual stamina!

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We Love Bridgette B Videos Over 10 Years at Brazzers

Bridgette B

Is there any wonder why I chose to write about Bridgette B in the first of my We Love…. series of porn blog posts.  She has got such a great range of porn videos to write about, so I’m not going to run out of words very soon!

With her big boobs and juicy butt, Bridgette B is a Latina pornstar that has appeared in so many different scenario’s when it come to the porn movie industry.  I am going to do my best to describe some of my favourite Bridgette B starring roles from her amazing Brazzers achieves from the last 12 years.

We have to go back all the way to June 2008 to find the first appearance from Bridgette B in a Brazzers video.  Her first role was as a hot blonde nurse who rides a patients cock in the hospital ward.  It was quite an introduction.  Seeing Bridgette B in a sexy nurse outfit in a video called Extra Long Stay was quite a pleasurable experience.

It was nearly another year before Miss B made her second grand appearance.  She was cast in A Steamy Orgy in which she was totally naked and getting fucked in a foursome located in a sauna.  Bridgette was cast alongside British blonde pornstar Carmel Moore.  A fantastic example of group sex in a sauna!

It was in July 2009 that we got to see this busty Latina babe getting her arse fucked by a big cock in a Brazzers video called Prudish Pussy Promiscuous Posterior.  Scott Nails is he lucky male pornstar who popped her Brazzers anal cherry.  Watching Bridgette B having a big cock stuffed in her bubble butt was a real joy for porno fans all around the world.  There was more anal action with Miss B in Fill My Cracks And Fuck My Ass that was released in the same year and she appeared in an another 4 Brazzers video before the end of 2009.

Free Anal Bridgette B

2010 saw another 11 highly popular videos starring Bridgette B.  brazzers must of thought they had hit the jackpot and made the most out of the rising Latina pornstar.  her videos were some of the most popular Brazzers video of the year.  With those amazing tits and spectacular arse, Bridgette’s video views went through the roof.

In 2011 Bridgette appeared in one of my early favourite lesbian videos. The Wild and Crazy Bitches saw her joined by Francesca Le and Janie Summers.  Bridgette played a dominant lesbian and played with two pussies and fucked them both with a variety of dildo and sex toys.  It wasn’t just their pussies that Bridgette penetrated.  I remember with great fondness watching her inserting a purple vibrating dildo into her blonde subs arsehole.

Writing this Bridgette B blog article I’m suddenly aware that I didn’t realise just how many anal sex video she performed in for Brazzers.  I’m browsing through her Brazzers thumbnails and I can see a lot of video with a big cock in her Latina ass.  For example, on May 11th, 2011 she stars with Scott Nails in Caution: Enter The Ass Zone.  Her arse gets a real hard pounding in that anal adventure.

Moving into 2012 we find a great Bridgette B squirting video called Wet Spots.  It’s the first squirting thumbnail on her Brazzers page.  She’s having her pussy made to squirt by male pornstar Will Powers.

It’s in a 2013 double penetration video that I can certainly remember getting very excited about.  It one of the for times I can recall Bridgette performing in a Double penetration video.  She is fucked by Keiran Lee and Erik Everhard in a threesome video called Breakfast with Bridgette.  I still remember staring at my monitor watching her arse and pussy getting fucked at the same time.

Let’s fast forward into 2016 and remember that awesome Free Anal video.  We find Bridgette B locked in to stocks, from the middle-ages.  She’s naked, apart from a pair of sexy black stockings. He arse is there for the taking .  Anyone is invited to pop their cock in her arse for a free ass fucking.  I believe that this was a very successful video when it was turned into a porn advert.  It pulled in plenty of revenue for the Brazzers guys.

Bridgette B Red Lifeguard Outfit

In 2017, Bridgette starring in an iconic Brazzers video.  Seeing Bridgette B and Nicolette Shea together wearing the classic red BayWatch swimsuits on the beach made a massive splash around the porn world.  This video called BabeZZ Watch A XXX Parody saw Charles Dera being found on the beach and rescued by these busty pornstars on one of the best porn videos of 2017.  The thumbnail alone can be remembered and adored by Bridgette B and Nicolette Shea fans all around the world.

For me personally, it was a video that was released in January 2020 that was to bring me the most organic web traffic to this porn blog. Moriah’s Wedding Shower starred Bridgette B and Mariah Mills.  It’s a threesome video that saw these two busty pornstars getting fucked on Moriah’s wedding.  They both look so fucking hot in their wedding day lingerie.  They were enjoying lesbian sex when they joined by Scott Nails who took pleasure in fucking both of them at the same time.

I hope you have enjoyed me taking you through my memories of watching Bridgette Brazzers porn videos for over a decade.  I’m really looking forward to more and more of this special Latina pornstar with great tits, big ass and a body that was built for porn!


Sneaky Shower Sex Gabbie Carter

sneaky shower sex

Sneaky Shower Sex
JMac, Gabbie Carter

Brazzers have treated us to two natural looking pornstars today.  I have already written 465 words about Indica Monroe’s Brazzers debut in Downblouse Yoga 2, and now we have Gabbie Carter in Sneak Shower Sex as well.

Gabbie gets undressed with the camera giving use extreme close ups of her big natural tits and great looking ass.  When she peels off her thong, you can almost smell that sweet looking pussy.  She walks into the shower room but walks straight into her boyfriends best friend already taking a shower.


The are both a little embarrassed to see each other naked, but Gabbie is intrigued by JMac’s big cock and wonders why t is already erect.  JMac explains that he enjoys masturbating in the shower, especially in the morning.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Gabbie Carter pushes him back into the shower, drops to her knees and starts sucking on Jmac’s cock.  this is a much better way to start the day rathe then jerking off.  When Gabbie has had enough cock sucking, she pours shower gel onto her big naturals and tells Jmac to rub it all over for her.  Watching her big 100% real tits getting soapy is a great piece of footage.

Once the soapy foreplay is over, Jmac’s cock is a hard as a rock and it has no problem sliding deep into Gabbie Carter’s soaking wet pussy.  They try as many sexual positions that they can in the small shower cubical before moving onto the bathroom floor.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Brazzers certainly give us a lot of great visuals of Gabbie huge bouncy tits hanging and swinging as she gets well and truly pounded by Jmac and his rock solid cock.  They have no guilt whatsoever when Gabbie’s boyfriend comes back from the gym.  Gabbie just wipes spunk off her face and goes and makes breakfast.

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Slip And Slide 4 Anissa Jolie

Slip And Slide 4

Slip And Slide 4
Kai Taylor and Anissa Jolie

Oh my goodness, it’s another treat for big boobs fans like myself.  Big bouncy, juicy baps are my favourite and Anissa Jolie has all that and more.  Slip And Slide 4 she gets her massive natural boobs out and her pussy fucked by Kai Taylor’s massive British cock.

We find this curvaceous big breasted angel wearing some tight fitted white clothing as she prepares for a sensual massage.  She rubs her pussy up and down and gives her sweet tits a good squeeze to get her nipples erect.  Anissa pushes her titties together to give us a great view of the awesome cleavage.

In Brazzers Slip And Slide 4, as the titles disappear we are greeted by the fabulous sight of Anissa pouring massage oil over her baps to make her white t-shirt completely see-through.  Those big European boobs look fantastic.  She continues to rubs the oil all over herself and it really turns her on.

We are not formally introduced to her masseur Kai Taylor.  He just appears on screen pounding away at her wet shaven pussy.  Kai does have a great big hard British cock that Anissa Jolie loves deep inside her body.

But Anissa is not just all about tits…no no…she also has a big ass that she parades in front of the camera in a white thong.  She gives us some twerking action too.  The slow motion twerking is fucking brilliant.

During Brazzers Slip And Slide 4, the beautiful and big-boobed Anissa Jolie strips down and oils herself up to have some fun with her boyfriend (Kai). After making out, Anissa has Kai lie on the floor. She straddles his back and gives him a hot nuru massage (generously applying more oil to both of them as she goes).

Next, she starts playing with his cock, while he eats her pussy. Soon, the couple start fucking; the oil making them extra slippery. The hot scene culminates with some boob fucking and a cumshot onto Anissa’s face and breasts.

Check out Anissa Jolie and Kai Taylor fucking each other in this massage porn video from Brazzers on November 10th, 2020.

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Horny Valentina Gets Anal – Valentina Jewels

Hot Valentina Gets Anal

Horny Valentina Gets Anal
Valentina Jewels, Johnny The Kid

I’m delighted to say that we have been treated to quite a few anal sex Brazzers videos over the last few weeks.  you can never get enough anal in my opinion, so it’s with great pleasure that I can add this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal to my porn blog.

This hotty certainly ha the booty ready to be fucked.  She has got just enough junk to make her ass wobble about when being slammed hard from behind.  In the screenshot we see tat she is wearing a sexy silk robe wit no bra on.  Her tits look very juicy and the look ready to be exposed.


Valentina Jewels wakes up horny, but her tired husband isn’t interested. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta have a plan B when she wants to get fucked… she makes a call to get breakfast delivered and when delivery guy Johnny the Kid shows, Valentina invites him into the house

Johnny just wants his money at first, but once Valentina opens her robe and fully displays her impressive tits, he’s suddenly very open to sticking around and having some fun. After a sloppy blowjob, Johnny gets to stick his dick in Valentina’s ass. Can they finish before Valentina’s husband decides to come out of their bedroom?

I love Valentina’s short hair and make up in this Brazzers Horny Valentina Gets Anal video.  She really looks very sexy, so hats off to the Brazzers make-up and hair department if they are responsibly for her look.  There is certainly a bit of everything to get you going in the build up to the anal sex.
There is some lovely views of her big ass getting teased by Johnny the Kid’s big long cock, and we all love it when her white nylon stockings get ripped open and her arse becomes visible.  I’m looking forward to see more Valentina Jewels anal sex video in the very near future!