YesPornPlease Wish Upon A Pornstar Brazzers

Wish Upon a Pornstar

Briana Banks is seen here sucking Keiran Lee’s big cock. THis video from Brazzers is called Wish Upon a Pornstar. It’s taken from the Pornstar Like It Big porn site.

This is a porn video attempt at a fairy tale parody. Keiran Lee get to make a wish after helping a strange old lady across the street. So natural he wished for a big cock and to fuck a sexy pornstar.

Keiran stops scrolling through his Briana Banks spank bank to help a weird old woman cross the street. After, she looks up at him thankfully and tells him, “Tonight, I’ll grant your biggest wish!”

When the clock strikes midnight, Briana herself appears in the doorway, ready to give Keiran the sneaky fuck of a lifetime. It’s the ultimate fairytale ending for this horny husband.

She’s Dick-Stracted Blonde with Big Tits Porn Ad


She’s Dick-Stracted is a Brazzers porn video showing the sexy blonde Nicolette Shea getting finger and fucked in an office.  Marc Rose is the lucky male pornstar who gets to fuck this blonde with huge tits.

He goes under the desk to have a good feel of her pussy.  Nicolette Shea looks super sexy in her black thigh high stockings.  Her massive fake tits get exposed during a job interview.

This video is basically about a hot blonde who is at a job interview.  Marc Rose has to try and distract her though-out the interview.  The only thing that can cause Dick-Straction is the thought of Marc Rose fucking her brains out in the office.

This Brazzers porn advert has taken video clips from the full version of this porno.  The full length version is called Testing Her Concentration 2.

Nicolette Shea He Makes Wifey Watch Brazzers

He Makes Wife Watch

Nicolette Shea continues to impress everyone with her porn star performances. This time she is enjoying a threesome with Adriana Chechick and Mick Blue.

Watch Nicolette ride a strapon cock. Adriana love watching Nicolette’s pussy ride on her and her husband watches them fuck. Nicolette is tired of her husband fucking other women. Some times he even makes her watch him fuck in their own house.

This time Nicolette does not want to watch. She wants to join in and make her husband realise that she is happy to be fucked by other women with a strapon dildo.

Nicolette Shea’s huge boobs look amazing as they bounce around in front of the camera. I can’t take my eyes off of those fucking huge fake tits.

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Michelle Thorne Fake Driving School Video

Michelle Thorne Fake Driving School Video

Hot British blonde pornstar Michelle Thorne stars in a Fake Driving School porn video.  She gets her huge boobs out for the driving instructor and rides his cock in his car.

Her sexy blonde hair and big boobs make her one of British’s top rated MILF actresses.


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Mixed Opinion about 13th Doctor Who Being Female


What Does a Female 13th Doctor Who Mean for Porn?

Porn producers around the world must of been rejoicing when they heard that the 13th Doctor Who is going to be female.  The prospect of hundreds of Doctor Who porn parodies being conceived id a fascinating prospect.  I remember Brazzers creating Doctor Who parodies with Danny D playing the lead role, but now female porn stars can be used to be a female porn version of the 13th Doctor Who.

13th Doctor WhoLooking at the photo of Jodie Whittaker, any blonde MILF porn star could play the role.  The first trailer for 13th Doctor Who shows her with shortish blonde hair.  So any blonde would be able to slip on whatever her costume will be.

So who will be the first to release the brand new Doctor Who porn parodies with a female playing the lead role?  Will Brazzers revisit the idea, or will DigitalPlayground invest in high quality special effects to bring DR Who into the porn World?

My Own Views on a Female Doctor Who.

I’m a Doctor Who fan.  I started watching since the re-incarnation with Christopher Eccles.  I have to young children in those days and they both loved watching Doctor Who.  After Christopher Eccles only series, David Tenant made the role his own.  When Doctor Who regenerated into Matt Smith we were a little apprehensive about having such a young Doctor Who.  But it took about 20 minutes for Matt Smith to win us over.

So can Jodie Whittaker win over Doctor Who fans as fast as Matt Smith won us over?  

I was disappointed when I heard that the Doctor Who producers have decided to cast a female in the title role of Doctor Who.  Not because I’m anti-women or I think that women belong in the kitchen etc etc…but I just believe that the Doctor is a male character.  I understand that the Doctor in fact an alien and gender shouldn’t be a factor, but the character has been male for over 50 years.  To me Doctor Who is male just as Sherlock Holmes is a male character.

I believe that the Doctor Who producers are just bowing to pressure from political correctness and feminism.  Although I have no evidence for this opinion at all,  I would be very disappointed if this opinion is proved to be right.  Thousands of children watch Doctor Who.  I don’t think that many of them would of been shouting a the TV, if another male actor was cast as the 13th Doctor Who.  

I can’t imagine young Doctor Who fans jumping on Twitter  or Facebook to rant their feelings about another Doctor Who not being female.  To be honest, I think this decision has to been to please a generation of feminist’s and far-left liberal minded people.  I think it is such a shame to make such a radical change to an iconic TV program just to please a small minority of fans.

BUT…saying all that, I’m more than willing to watch Jodie Whittaker take on the role.  I won’t be boycotting Doctor Who.  But I have a feel ing that the viewing figures will dramatically drop off throughout the next series.  Could this be the last series of Doctor who that we see for a few years?  TIME WILL TELL.

Hadley Viscara A Natural Distraction

Hadley Viscara A Natural Distraction

Watch Hadley Viscara make her Brazzers debut as she gets fucked by male porn veteran Charles Dera in A Natural Distraction.

Hadley Viscara

Charles returns home from a long day of work and in need of some alone time. He’s shocked to discover Hadley sitting on his couch.

He’s never met her before and is surprised to see her in his house. Hadley lets Charles know that she spent the night with his son and is just hanging out until he gets home.

Hadley Viscara Brazzers Debut

Charles, feeling awkward about having one of his son’s flings hanging around, asks for her to leave so that he can get to his personal time, which will consist of watching porn.

But wherever Charles goes, it seems like Hadley gets in his way. Frustrated, Charles decides to take a shower but is surprised to find Hadley is already in there!

She offers for him to join her as they share the shower, but Hadley tempts Charles with her big tits. Before you know it she seduces this older man into giving her the dicking of a lifetime!

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RealityKings Gimme That Cock

RealityKings Gimme That Cock

Phoenix Marie and Seth Gamble star in this RealityKings Gimme That Cock porn video. Phoenix Marie is a wild as ever in this MILF porn video.

RealityKings Gimme That Cock

Fitness fanatic Phoenix Marie is training Seth Gamble to help him train for his military test and this dominant MILF is literally training him like it’s boot camp!

Private Gamble’s skinny and out of shape, he can’t take it anymore and can’t complete his workout.

That’s not going to cut it for Phoenix, who is absolutely furious! Come on! How the hell is Seth going to get into the military if he can’t even finish this workout?

Phoenix Marie Gym Instructor Sex

Phoenix demands to see his cock to prove that he’s a man, and when she does, she can’t help but want to wrap her dick sucking lips around his big piece!

Phoenix realizes that the only way for Mr. Gamble to prove his manliness is to manhandle him and his big dick through rigorous sex-ercise!

Busty, dominant Ms. Marie drops and gives Seth the greatest blowjob of his life before sticking his cock between her massive tits and then riding him until he covers her body in cum

Now that’s the effort, and dicking, cock hungry Phoenix Marie was hoping for!

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RealityKings Saved by the MILF

RealityKings Saved by the MILF

Nina Dolci and Zoey Taylor star in RealityKings Saved by the MILF.  These two hot babes perform lesbian sex in a Moms Lick Teens episode.

RealityKings Saved by the MILF

Zoey Taylor is at the newest gym in town trying to get in a workout. She’s enjoying her exercise, lifting weights and getting her sexy, slender body nice and toned.

With her supple cleavage and tight ass, it’s no wonder that this tempting teen is getting the attention of two jocks from the gym.

These jerks try every lame trick in the book to try and pick up Zoey. No matter how much she tells them that she’s not interested in their small dicks, they keep harassing her!

MILF on Teen Lesbian Sex

Luckily for Zoey, a sexy MILF was also working out and couldn’t help but want to step in and beat up these boneheads for Zoey’s sake.

After Nina Dolci takes care of the dweebs, she comforts Ms. Taylor, who is happy to have been saved by the MILF! Zoey admits to sexy Nina that she’s not interested in dicks, just pussy!

Nina reads Zoey’s body language as she pulls down her top revealing her sweet, perky tits that are just dying to be licked! Big titted Nina dominates this submissive slut into a sex-ercise Zoey soon won’t forget!

Looks like Zoey will be cumming to this gym more often, because she’s never been eaten out so good, especially by a horny MILF like Nina!

FemaleFakeTaxi Michelle Thorne and Sam Bourne

FemaleFakeTaxi Michelle Thorne

This the awesome FemaleFakeTaxi Michelle Thorne and Sam Bourne video, called Lucky Student Fucked by Busty MILF

femalefaketaxi michelle thorne

Michelle Thorne picked up Sam today, on his way to uni, and he’d shot up so much since Michelle Thorne last saw him! But he told me he was on his way to school to quit!

He said something about not being very smart, plus there was a girl he fancied who much preferred the jock type.

Michelle Thorne Fucks Sam Bourne in Taxi

I was hoping a talk would help, so I found us a place to stop and chat. I assured Sam he’s a handsome young man, and some day women will see it. Before I knew it, we were kissing and he was sucking on my nipples!

Sam even said he’d dreamed about my big tits a few times before! He liked the feel of me touching his cock, so I took it out of his pants and showed that young man how a real woman should treat him.

He had a sexy body, and a big cock, and there’s just something so hot about being the dominant one in the situation.

I had to fuck him! I showed him my pussy, then I sat it right down on his dick and rode him in the backseat.

We even got out of the car for a go. In the end, I wanked his cum all over my tits. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little sexy comfort…

RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

Alena Croft and Kyle Mason star in RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft from the Milf Hunter site.

RealityKings Getting Dirty With Ms Croft

Yard work can be grueling and hard, but what’s even harder is when your boss is a busty MILF who doesn’t wear any panties!

Kyle Mason and his friend are working on Ms. Alena Croft’s flower bed. Alena is a bitchy boss who just wants Mr. Mason and his friend to do some proper yard work.

But what’s really wrong with Ms. Croft is that she’s got a thorn in her side. She hasn’t been fucked in months and is clearly in need of some dick!

Blonde MILF Fucked in the Shower

After watching Alena show off her naked snatch while on her hands and knees, the guys notice her getting naked in the bathroom!

With her massive tits and tight pussy on full display, Kyle decides to sneak into the shower.  He and get a closer look at his hot as fuck boss!

Alena showers and gets herself nice and wet but soon begins fantasizing about one of her yard workers.  She wants them to sneak in and giving her the dicking she desires.

Luckily for Ms. Croft, Kyle has been watching her masturbate in the shower, getting turned on by this sexy slut as she rubs the shower head all over her dripping wet pussy!

But when Alena catches Kyle peeking in on her flicking her clit, will she be upset or pleasantly happy that he’s the big dick she’s been waiting for?

Christina Shine Fucks Big White Cock

Christina Shine Fucks Big White CockChristina Shine Fucks Big White Cock

Hot blonde babe Christina Shine Fucks Big White Cock in a brand new Brazzers porn video.


WATCH sexy Christina get her tight pussy fucked by Danny D and his monster cock.  Her pussy gets stretched to the limit without any lube!

When Christina notices fine lines forming on her face, she seeks the help of Dr. Danny, an adventurous plastic surgeon with a slew of skincare secrets under his belt.

To help tighten her up, he suggests a controversial yet tremendously effective treatment that’s guaranteed to keep Christina cumming back for more.

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