Nuru Nymph 2 Roxy Risingstar and Renato

Nuru Nymph 2

Nuru Nymph 2
Renato and Roxy Risingstar

This hot blonde bombshell gives us all a nuru massage treat.  Her fucking awesome natural body gets all oiled up in Nuru Nymph 2 as she fucks Renato’s brains out.  This is only the second time that we have had the delight of seeing Roxy Risingstar in a Brazzers movie.  Please, I pray to the porno gods that we see a lot more of her very soon!


Nuru Nymph 2 opens up with Miss RisingStar oiling up her big natural boobs and showing off that incredible big ass of hers.  This sexy blonde that strips naked and masturbates on the massage table.  She is waiting for her firsts client of the day, but she needs to have an orgasm before she can concentrate on work.

Unfortunately for Roxy, her client, Renato, arrives early.  So when there is a knock at the door, she has to hurry and get dressed.  Frustrated that she did not get to cum, she lets Renato into her massage parlour.

In Nuru Nymph 2, With her mind wondering, Roxy Risingstar forgets herself.  As she starts her massage, her hands wonder over her clients groin.  She it startled to find that Renato has an erection in the towel.  She cannot hide her curiosity at the size of his cock.  She is so impressed with just how big and hard it feels.

Renato gives her permission to remove the towel and play with his cock and balls.  Roxy’s shaven pussy was still wet from her earlier fondle with herself, so she had no problem sliding her fanny over Renato’s large erected cock.

As I have already mention, this is only Roxy RisingStars 2nd appearance in a Brazzers hardcore video.  But, I can assure you that it certainly won’t be her last.  I think that Brazzers fans will be begging them to bring her back time and time again.  Roxy is definitely a star on the rise.

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Aidra’s Catsuit Tease Aidra Fox and Zac Wild

Aidra's Catsuit Tease

Aidra’s Catsuit Tease
Aidra Fox, Zac Wild

I’ve been busting my balls writing this Brazzers porn preview reviews.  But I have found that my Google traffic has decreased to an alarming level!  I’ve been writing over 350 word plus reviews, and I now get less organic search engine traffic that even, So for this Aidra’s Catsuit Tease video, I’m just going to leave the official Brazzers description below and see if this porn blog post even gets indexed.


The stunning Aidra Fox overhears her horny boyfriend Zac Wild on the phone and is shocked to hear him say that he hasn’t had enough sex today, even though she fucked him earlier in the morning!

Now, Aidra’s pride is on the line and she has to make sure her man is fully satisfied. She changes out of her cute casual outfit, into a hot catsuit. Zac is shocked when Aidra then corners him in the kitchen. Aidra’s Catsuit Tease, she takes charge, teasing Zac and telling him what to do. After some sexy foreplay, Aidra lets Zac fuck her again, and this time she intends to wear him out.

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A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House

A Messy House Is A Horny House
Phoenix Marie and Mini Stallion

Petite ebony pornstar Mini Stallion gets the Phoenix Marie treatment in Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House.  Her tiny little body is used as a personal sex toy by one of the worlds most dominating pornstars, Phoenix Marie.

Miss Stallion is supposed to be tidying the house.  She has been given strict instructions from her new blonde stepmom.  The house is a little untidy after the weekend of having friends stay over.  But Mini is not in the mood to be told what to do by a stepmom that she has only known for a few months.  She is tired of being bossed around by her Dad’s busty new trophy wife.


In A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini gets a call from her BF.  He wants to come and fuck her, but he is stuck out of town.  Mini decides that if her can’t come to the house, she would put on a show for him using her mobile phone.  She live streams herself fingering and playing with her pussy.

When she got very close to orgasm, Phoenix Marie returns to find Mini with her fingers in her pussy and live streaming all of it on her phone.  Miss Marie is furious.  She snatches the phone away and demands that Mini gets on with the housework.  Mini does and she is told. She has never seen Phoenix Marie so angry.  Mini gets on her knees a start picking things off the floor.

This is when Phoenix noticed that Mini Stallion has a jewelled butt-plug inserted up her tight little ass.  Phoenix suddenly becomes aroused and her old high school lesbian experiments suddenly come rushing bak into her head.

During Brazzers A Messy House Is A Horny House, Mini is order to get back on the sofa and open her legs.  Her stepmom now wanted her to continue fingering herself.  Phoenix watches her ebony stepdaughter masturbate while she rubs her big boobs.

Noticing that Mini is still a little nervous about playing with her pussy in front of her, Phoenix take off all of her clothes and starts masturbating too.  But Phoenix is not anywhere near climaxing, so she orders Mini to lick her pussy.  This is the first time that teen babe, Mini Stallion has ever licked a MILF pussy.

Phoenix Marie has to guide Mini through how to lick a pussy properly.  She gets very frustrated with her lack of enthusiasm, so she has to be very dominating over her stepdaughter to make sure that she got the orgasm that she wanted from her.

At the end of A Messy House Is A Horny House, once both Phoenix and Mini both had lesbian sex act induced orgasms, Mini was still left to clean up the house.

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Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?
Xander Corvus and Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden and her stunning pornstar body star in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?.  Fuck knows how she would fit an exercise ball up her ass, they are fucking huge.

But this Brazzers anal sex video title is a slight play on words.  She really does have a portion of an exercise ball in her arse.  This exercise ball has a special feature.  It has a big dildo attached to it, so yes, you could say that Kayla Kayden really does have an exercise ball stuck in her butthole.


Kayla Kayden loves to exercise, and she’s decided to take her workout routine to the next level with a dildo exercise ball. The problem is that her husband, Xander Corvus, doesn’t know about it. Although Kayla is able to hide the dildo ball from Xander at first, when she rips her tights open and sticks it up her ass, it gets stuck.

Kayla, though, makes a wise choice in enlisting Xander’s help, because once he gets the ball unstuck, he fills Kayla’s tight ass with his massive cock, proving that intense anal sex is the ultimate workout.

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Booty Bounce Blanche Bradburry and Erik Everhard

Booty Bounce

Booty Bounce
Erik Everhard, Blanche Bradburry

Wow what a great looking screenshot that Brazzers have teased us with for this new workout porn video.  Blanche Bradburry is a hot looking busty blonde with ah fucking near perfect body for porn.  In Brazzers Booty Bounce we are going to see that smoking hot body put though it’s paces by Erik Everhard.


In the opening action we get to admire Blanche’s fantastic body as she prepares to start her early morning workout.  She is wearing tight fitting gym gear and her arse looks so tight inside those gym pants.  Im guessing that Erik Everhard is playing the part of her personal trainer who is obviously going to fuck her at some stage during her workout.

Worshipping Blanche Bradburry’s Great Ass

Of course he is…it’s a porn video.  Erik does plenty of ass worshiping in this Booty Bounce workout porn video.  I can’t blame him at all.  Blanche does have a fucking amazing looking ass.  The way this Brazzers trailer is cut we are able to see as much of what is in store in the full video ass possible.

Along with Erik’s ass worshipping, there is some great footage of Blanche Bradburry riding her exercise bike with a big fat dildo on the seat.  As she cycles, she gets the thrill of her dildo sliding into her wet sweaty pussy.  I have a friend who is always on about sweaty pussy, so he will enjoy Blanche’s sweaty cunt being penetrated by her long dildo.

So, given the fact that this Brazzers video is called Booty Bounce, we should be expecting to see some anal action at some point, and let me tell you, we are not disappointed in the slightest.  Erik Everhard is able to slide his big Canadian cock in Miss Bradburry’s ass while she rides her exercise bike.  It’s truly a fantastic piece of ass fucking.  Hats of to the production crew on this one!

So this workout porn video has a bit of everything.  It has great anal sex, a stunning blonde babe and lots of glorious ass worshipping.  Blanche has appeared in some of SEXYhub’s porn videos in the past.  I am hoping that she will be popping along and featuring in a few more FAKEhub video sooner or later and I’ll get the chance to edit her being fucked hard.

You will be able to see Blanch Bradburry getting her ass fucked during her morning workout on November 4th, 2020.

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Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom's New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend
Pascal White and Elizabeth Romanova

Well well well, if it’s not one of the sexiest petite blonde pornstars that I have had the pleasure of editing.  Yes, it’s the stunning Elizabeth Romanova appearing in a Brazzers hardcore porn video.  I believe that this is the first time she has been in a Brazzers video since May 2019.

This tiny little blonde has been on my radar ever since I edited a couple of her awesome Fake Taxi videos.  I really enjoyed editing those.  Her performance was always top notch.  I’ll always remember the shot of her laying on the backseat of the Fake Taxi with a single rose in her arse…brilliant!

So what is Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend all about.  well, it sounds self explanatory really doesn’t it.  She is a sexy blonde who love to tease her mom’s new boyfriends.  Miss Romanova knows that her tight little body is too much for most men to turn down if it’s offered on a plate.

For Pascal White, there was no way he was going to turn don the opportunity to get his cock in this sexy blonde prick tease’s wet pussy.  Even if she is her girlfriend’s daughter.

Tiny Blonde Elizabeth Fucked by an Older Guy

In the opening shots of Brazzers Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend we find Elizabeth on her knees wearing some light blue denim hot pants that really show off that tiny little ass.  She is also wearing a pair of thick dark rimmed glasses to make her look like a geeking college girl.

Wondering around the house in bare feet, she stumbles upon her mom’s new boyfriend masturbating on his bed.  She stops to watch for a while.  The sexy little blonde loves to watch a man stroke his cock.  Her hand wonders down to her pussy and she plays with her clit and she continues to watch him wank.

Elizabeth Romanova then comes up with a plan to get her pussy fucked.  She know her moms new boyfriend will have to walk passed the living room, so she lays on the sofa with her panties down and her tits out.  She slowly plays with her pussy just as he strolls into the lounge.  Elizabeth’s pussy is ready for a good hard fuck.

With her mom out on a shopping trip, Elizabeth makes the most of having areal man to fuck.  all her previous college boyfriends have let her down when it came to fucking her pussy.  Most guys could not last more than 30 seconds before shooting their loads over her face.

But Belgian male pornstar, Pascal White, was no such guy.  He was not going to miss out of fucking this tiny blonde in as many sexual positions as he possibly can.

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Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!

Wow, We're Kinda Sluts, Huh

Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!
Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey

Eighteen-year-old roommates Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey are preparing for a night out when they realize that some of their laundry has gotten mixed together. They decide to look through the laundry to try to sort it out since they have no clothes to go out in and haven’t done laundry in quite some time.

The girls get to work and begin to sort through the giant pile. As they pull out different items from the pile, like shirts, underwear, and leggings, they inspect each item and recall an anecdote of how it got dirty, every anecdote reflecting their sexually wild lifestyle.

In Girlsway Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!, finally, they stop looking through the pile, realising that finding something suitable to wear is hopeless, joking that sex seems to be the only thing they are good at. Not having clothes to go out in, Chanel cheekily suggests that they stay home and stick to what they’re good at. Jane grins back at her, biting her lip, obviously interested. They push the pile of laundry off the bed excitedly.


Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian Fake Taxi

cookies and cream for hot russian

Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian
Starring Venera Maxima

If you like seeing hot European women in sexy uniforms, then you will love watching this new Fake Taxi video called Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian.  Venera Maxima looks so hot in a girl guides uniform.  She is caught out in the rain whilst trying to sell her cookies.  She gets picked up by the Fake Taxi and taken for a ride she will never forget.

Here’s what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum

Another day and hot babe on my editing screen.  This time it’s Venera Maxima getting her sweet pussy pounded in the back of the Fake Taxi.

She is dressed as some type of girl guide and is trying to sell cookies.  But as the rain began to pour, she has to grab a taxi.  This meant that there was no way she could sell her cookies.

The taxi driver offered to buy half of her cookies in exchange for a blowjob.  As she sucks on his cock, the taxi driver agrees to buy all the cookies if he can spunk all over her pretty face.

Look out for this Cookies and Creampie for Hot Russian scene going live in November 2020.

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