Girl In A Bag Left On Backseat

Girl In A Bag Left On Backseat
Starring Fake Taxi and Marilyn Sugar
Release Date 12th May, 2021

Girl In A Bag Left On Backseat

I think this might have been one of the easiest Fake Taxi videos that I ever had to edit.  The taxi driver is tasked with driving a large bag to the airport.  With no passenger in the back, there was hardly any subtitles for me to write.  I merely had a couple of minutes to subtitle at the beginning of Girl In A Bag Left On Backseat when the taxi driver and another guy negotiate the fee for taking the bag to the airport.

Here’s what the Fake Taxi driver had to say about finding Marilyn Sugar stuffed in a bag…

This man asked me to transport a bag to the airport today. I am not a delivery man, but I could use the cash, so I agreed to take the bag for a bonus. We loaded the bag into the taxi, and my goodness, it was heavy. As I drove along, the bag started to move.


It freaked me out! I pulled over to check what was inside, and was shocked to find blonde girl Marilyn Sugar inside of it. Her hands were tied and her mouth was covered with tape, so I let her go. Getting out of the bag, Marilyn told me she knew how to thank me, and started sucking my cock!

In Girl In A Bag Left On Backseat, she stripped and showed me her perky tits, then fucked me hard. Once I had finished with her wet pussy, she finished the job for a facial. She then asked to get back into the bag – some kind of fetish! I wasn’t going to ask questions, after all, I’m just a humble taxi driver.

Farewell Fucking Brazzers Chanel St James

Farewell Fucking
Lucas Frost, Chanel St James

Oh my fucking days, it’s Chanel St James.  The reality TV star has lite up the porn industry and made her Brazzers porn video debut.  Wow, just take a look at her.  With blonde hair, great tits and ass, this famous MILF looks like a pornstar from the golden era of the 70’s.  You might of seen Chanel St James on the Fox Reality TV channel when she was cast in My Bare Lady Season One.  She was cast as a adult actress trying to break into mainstream acting.

Farewell fucking

Luckily for us, Chanel St James has decided to give porn another go and in Farewell Fucking you will get to see just what we have been missing!  Mainstream actings loss is definitely porn’s gain!  From the very start of Farewell Fucking we find this hot blonde MILF totally naked in a large bubble bath.  Miss St James s really show off that incredible body of hers.  She is smoking a vaping devise and blow the vape back towards the camera.  Her dark eye make up makes her look really sexy.


Big-tittied MILF Chanel St. James takes a hot, relaxing bubble bath getting herself supple and wet, because she knows what she’s about to do next will not be easy. She is meeting with soon-to-be ex-husband Lucas Frost to sign the divorce papers, but Lucas does not want to divorce his hot blonde wife. Why the hell did they even bother getting married in the first palce?

Chanel St James BrazzersTo be fair the sex was great but sex isn’t everything is it…is it?. Chanel makes Lucas an offer he can’t refuse, one final fuck and then the motherfucker has to sign the papers.

Lucas Frost take one long look at the divorce papers, and then a good long look at his soon to be ex-wife’s great look rack.  Fuck it, one last Farewell Fucking it is!  He signs the papers and makes sure that Chanel St James gets a fuck that she will remember him by.

I was really happy to see that the porn video editor for Farewell Fucking hasn’t bothered wasting too much time with the set up.  They have really made sure we get to see the best sex between Lucas Frost and Chanel St James.  Is this the start of a long lasting Brazzers career for Chanel St James, or is it just a fleeting visit from this famous MILF.  Surely Brazzers will realise that they have got true porn royalty on their hands and will make sure that she returns to keep those Brazzers members very happy.

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Brazzers Clumsy Barber starring Marilyn Sugar

Brazzers Clumsy Barber
Christian Clay, Marilyn Sugar

I think I might of sounded a little harsh about the European Brazzers porn video is a previous porn blog post.  Hopefully I did sound as though I was slagging them off, I was merely saying that I don’t think there will be as many Euro Brazzers video being released once the COVID situation passes.  This would mean that we would miss out on seeing hot blonde Euro babes such as Marilyn Sugar and that would be a real shame!  In Brazzers Clumsy Barber she gets he shaven pussy fucked by Christian Clay in the barbers shop!

clumsy barber marilyn sugar

I have had the absolute pleasure is editing some Marilyn Sugar porn videos in the past for FAKEhub.  She really is a cute babe and can ride a cock in er pussy like she riding a pogo stick.  She love having a big cock buried deep in her sweet Czech pussy.  Her body is to die for and that ass….is fantastic!


In Brazzers Clumsy Barber we find the platinum blonde babe in a barbers shop wearing a tiny pair of orange hot pants.  As I’ve already said, that ass looks simple divine!  She invites Christian Clay to sit in the barbers chair.  Fuck knows why, because Mr Clay is totally bald on top!  It soon transpires that Christian is there for a wet shave rather than a haircut.

Marilyn Sugar
Blonde Czech Pornstar

As Marilyn Sugar covers Christians face with shaving foam, she sexy perky tits are right next to his face.  He can’t resist looking at them, they do look delicious.

In fact, her tits are so nice that Christian Clay has got a hard-on and is jerking himself of underneath his apron.  When Marilyn Sugar finishes the shave and removes the apron, it reveals Christina big hard cock.  Miss Sugar gives a fantastic shocked face, and that’s when the sex starts!

In Brazzers Clumsy Barber, most of the sex between Christian Clay and Marilyn Sugar takes place on the barbers chair.  They manage to pull off some great sexual positions using jus the chair.  There are some fantastic shoots of Miss Sugar’s pussy squirting as she fingers herself to orgasm right in front on Christians face.  Even missionary position looks great. The cameraman has positioned himself perfectly to see Marilyn’s small natural boobs bouncing as Christian pounds away at the wet Czech pussy.

I’m hoping that we get to see another Marilyn Sugar Brazzers video before Brazzers stop the European production.  I still believe that this will happen, but I hope I am wrong.  This is a great Brazzers debut video from Marilyn Sugar.  Her blonde hair really does catch the eye, and her ass in those orange hot really does look like a peach!