Bonnie Rotten Squirting in the Hospital Porn Advert

Bonnie Rotten Squirting

This latest Brazzers porn advert shows Bonnie Rotten squirting all over the place in a hospital.  She cannot stop her pussy from squirting.  Luckily Dr Danny D is on hand to rescue the situation.


Watch Danny D use his massive cock to stop Bonnie Rotten from passing out.  Her pussy squirts so much she might pass out from dehydration.  She screams in the hospital that she suffers from a rare sexual addiction.  If she doesn’t get cum over her face everyday, she has a complete meltdown

In this video called  We Need Cum, Stat! Dr Danny D is an expert in women’s vagina’s.  He knows just how to settle her down.  Some hard fucking from his cock is just what she needs.

In this Bonnie Rotten Squirting video, Danny even gets the nurse to give him a hand in holding Bonnie Rotten down so he can administer his dosage of big cock.

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Fucking Through The Fourth Wall Brazzers Bonnie Rotten

Fucking Through The Fourth Wall

Fucking Through The Fourth Wall
Markus Dupree, Bonnie Rotten

This new Brazzers advert shows Bonnie Rotten squirting all over Markus Dupree in a home cinema.  She has spiders webs tattooed all over her tits.  She also gets fucked in the arse by the luck guy that is Mr Dupree.


I think this video is called Fucking Through The Fourth Wall because it is so hardcore.  We all know that Bonnie Rotten like hard rough sex, but even this new tube site porn advert is very rough indeed.

There is a lot of squirting being show.  Her pussy is just like a living water fountain.  The doctor has no choice by to stop the squirting by sticking his be cock in her pussy and then her arse.