Taking The Perfect Pelfie Scott Nails, Brixley Benz

Taking The Perfect Pelfie

Taking The Perfect Pelfie
Scott Nails and Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz finally makes her Brazzers debut.  She is welcomed to to her very first appearance in a hardcore Brazzers video by Scott Nails and his massive cock.

At the start of Taking The Perfect Pelfie we see Brixley Benz either taking photos of herself or recording a sexy video.  She is on her bed with her phone in her hand getting her small ebony boobs out.


Scott Nails is spying on her through a gap in the door.  He is enjoying watching Brixley posing for some sexy pics and video.  But when Brixley gets totally naked and starts masturbating, Scott cannot hold back and walks into the room.

Scott is her mums new boyfriend but that does not stop Brixley Benz seducing him into getting his cock out and finishing what she started. There’s no way that Mr Nails is going to be able to say no to fucking his girlfriend’s hot ebony daughter.

There is some great POV action in this Brixley Benz Brazzers debut.  Her tight pussy gets a good stretching from Scoot’s cock.  If somebody could let me know what a Pelfie is, I’d be very grateful.


Lexi’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Lexi Luna

Lexi's Thanksgiving Stuffing

Lexi’s Thanksgiving Stuffing
Lexi Luna and Keiran Lee

I don’t think Brazzers would forget about having a ThanksGiving porn related title.  We are in for a treat this thanks giving as we get to watch Lexi Luna getting her tight pussy stuffed by Keiran Lee’s big British cock.

Lexi’s Thanksgiving Stuffing features some hot sex on the sofa.  Not the most original setting for a thanksgiving stuffing, but it Lexi Luna’s fantastic MILF body more than makes up for that.


There’s not much more I can tell you about this video.  There is not trailer to watch at this time and no description has been written.  So you’ll just have to use your imagination to figure out what else happens in Lexi’s Thanksgiving Stuffing.  It can’t be too difficult to figure out…can it?

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No Turkey Just HAM Molly Stewart Lacy Lennon

No Turkey Just Ham

No Turkey Just HAM
Molly Stewart with Lacy Lennon

Wow, here’s a treat for all you redhead lovers out there.  Brazzers have given you Molly Stewart and Lacy Lennon in a girl on girl video.  These two ginger babes are preparing dinner, but with the sexual tension at boiling point, there was no way that they would not end up naked together.


I think I might of mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of redheads, but I have to admit having Molly Stewart and Lacy Lennon together in a lesbian romp does look very appealing indeed.

No Turkey Just HAM starts off a little on the rough side.  There is a little bit of ass slapping and some face slapping as this scene gets going.  Molly Stewart is not very impressed with Lacy’s cooking and she makes her know about it.

No Turkey Just Ham turns into a very hardcore lesbian fuck fest.  There is some great footage of nylon pantyhose being ripped open and the ass on show is simple incredible.  Molly and Lacy both have fabulous looking asses and I really enjoyed watching them licking each others assholes.  Great rimming action all round.

Og course, with this being a girl on girl video, there is plenty of oral sex on display,  Both of these hot ginger pornstars have their pussies licked until they have female orgasms in the kitchen.

The ginger 69 sequence in this video is amazing.  watching two mops of ginger hair shaking around and they both frantically lick each other ginger cuff boxes look really great from the birds eye view angle.


Pillow Humpers Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

Pillow Humpers

Pillow Humpers
Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

It’s fucking 0430 and I’m at my desk writing about Pillow Humpers starring man-boy Jimmy Michaels and Michelle Anderson making her Brazzers debut.  I love my wife, but her fucking snoring has made me get up at stupid o’clock to start work.


Pillow Humpers sees Michelle Anderson getting caught grinding her pussy against her pillow.  She is caught and recorded by her roommate Billy.  Michelle is wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts as she tries to make herself cum by rubbing her pussy over and over against her pillow.  She has seen it on a porn video once and wanted to give it ago.

But as she was about to have an orgasm, she spots Billy out of the corner of her eye with his cell phone in her hand, filming her.  He believes this video will go viral once her uploads it.  Miss Anderson jump off the bed in embarrassment.  Billy’s cock was pointing out for her to see.

Billy Michaels has an erection that Michelle likes the look of.  She asks Billy if he would be interested in a sexual exchange.  She will let Billy fuck her tight pussy, if he agrees to delete the phone footage before her uploads it.

In Pillow Humpers, Billy delightfully agrees to Michelle’s offer.  He has wanted to sample his sexy roommates pussy ever since her moved in.  He was sure that he was a better sexual solution than dry humping the pillow anyway.

This video is a great introduction to teenaged pornstar Michelle Anderson.  Her straight brunette hair and petite body looks great on camera.  She is able to pull off the teen look very well, so I expect her to be be featuring in more Brazzers teen videos over the next few months.


Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2

Cheat and Swap

Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2
Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey and Xander Corvus

Two black women having fun with a life size sex doll and then given the chance to get fucked by a real cock in threesome with Xander Corvus.  Scarlit Scandal and Lala Ivey are two young ebony women who are butt naked and taking it in turns to rise their male torso sex toy that has a big rubber cock.


In Cheat And Swap Part 1 Scarlit walks into the bedroom for to find Lala Ivey riding the rubber cock in a cowgirl position.  Scarlit accuses Lala of cheating on her.  They are lesbian lovers but its obvious now that Lala Ivey misses having a cock inside her.  But Scarlit gets another surprise when she realises that this sex doll not only has a big cock, it also has a big pair of fake tits too.

In Cheat And Swap Part 1 these two natural black beauties take it in turns to use the sex toy to both make themselves has pussy shuddering orgasms.  They ride it big latex cock like they had never had a cock in their black lesbian pussies before.  Right a t the end of this black on black lesbian video, Xander Corvus wonders in the door catching Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey in the tribbing position.

Swapping Sex Doll for Real Cock

This leads us neatly into Cheat and Swap Part 2 which sees the two hot ebony lesbians swapping a fake cock for a real cock in the form of Xander Corvus’s erect penis.  Lala Ivey is not interested in getting fucked by a guy.  She leaves the room hoping that Scarlit will talk to their roommate Xander about not interrupting them when they are fucking.

But Miss Scandal gets talked into going back on solids as Xander uses his powers of seduction and finally gets to fuck his ebony roommate who he has been fantasising about for weeks.  I’m sure he would have liked to of fucked them both at the same time, but he mustn’t grumble.

Maybe there will be a Cheat and Swap Part 3 at some stage where Xander gets to fuck Lala Ivey as well.

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Mind Body Strap-On Abella Danger Ember Snow

Mind Body Strap-On

Mind Body Strap-On
Abella Danger and Ember Snow

Good lord, what a sight to see first thing in the morning.  I’m usually at my desk anywhere between 0600-0630 to start writing for this porn blog.  This morning I am greeted by the splendid sight of Abella Danger throat fucking Ember Snow with a big red strap-on dildo.


Not only do we see Ember’s throat being fucked, but the screenshot also shows Abella Danger’s big booty straight in your face.  What a great way to start the morning.  I have a feeling that Brazzers Mind Body Strap-On is going to be a very popular porn video indeed.

Mind Body Strap-On is a girl on girl video. It starts with Abella Danger practising her yoga skills as she waits for her first client of the day.  The dark haired and tanned skinned Ember Snow arrives for her very first yoga lesson.  She looks a little nervous about being instructed by such a beautiful woman.

Miss Snow is wearing a pair of peach coloured tight yoga pants with a bit of camel toes showing through.  Her body looks incredible with a white vest on, barely covering her great boobs.  When Abella starts to instruct Ember on how to stretch, we get to see these two outstandingly sexy women in all their glory.  They both have fantastic looking bodies.

In Mind Body Strap-On Ember is unsure about Abella’s yoga methods.  She seems to be spending a lot of time with her hands on her body. Abella touches Ember in places that she is not used to having women touch.  But she lets it fly as Miss Danger’s yoga classes come very highly recommended by her friends.

It’s only when Abella rips open Ember’s peachy yoga pants and exposes her big booty, that Ember realises that this is going to be no ordinary yoga session.  Abella fingers Ember’s pussy from behind and makes her pussy wet.  Ember Snow is going to be having lesbian sex with Abella Danger in the yoga class.

The Brazzers Mind Body Strap-On trailer shows so much lesbian porn.  Abella makes Ember squirt using a vibrator before revealing her big red strap-on that she uses to penetrate Embers soaking wet pussy.  In the short trailer I thing you get to see all the lesbian moves that Abella Danger can thinking of.  I especially enjoyed watching the doggy-style sequence with Abella fucking Ember from behind and making her cum.

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Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits

Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits

Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits
Van Wylde, Halle Hayes

Watch Halle Hayes get fucked in the laundry room.  I think Brazzers have done a bit of data analyse and noticed that the roommates keyword search has generated a lot of traffic and sales.  Roommates fucking has seen a surge in google traffic for me, so hopefully Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits can bring more affiliate sales too!


Halle Hayes big black tits are on display as she parades around the house in a blue vest.  Her tits are trying their very best to burst out.  She love to tease her roommates using her great boobs.  She knows that Van Wylde loves to look at her tits all day.

So when she is bending over the washing machine, Van Wylde makes his moves and start rubbing hi cock up and down her tight ass and makes his cock erect.  Miss Hayes responds by pushing her arse against him to let him know that she is willing to let him fuck her against the washing machine.

When Halle Hayes decided to find a roommate, she was looking for someone mature. Enter: Van Wylde – a lazy slob and frat bro who is hardly a model tenant. Halle, who likes to keep some semblance of order, feels the need to pick up after Van, which often means doing his laundry.

In Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits, when Halle finds Van chilling in his bedroom with a tube sock over his cock, she’s both shocked by the display and impressed with the size of his dick; however, when Halle pulls off the sock to inspect it, all the cum it contains spills onto her face. This sends her to the laundry room with Van right behind her, and he takes the opportunity to tease her pussy while she’s kneeling in front of the machine.

During Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits, Halle encourages intense fucking as she continues to do chores, which satisfies her sexual urges and hopefully reinforces some more considerate behavior from Van.

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Brazzers Anal Reaction Sasha Rose

Brazzers Anal Reaction

Brazzers Anal Reaction
Renato, Sasha Rose

Look into those eyes…those sexy Sasha Rose eyes. You’ve come for those eyes, but you’ve stayed for the anal sex.  When I saw those sexy eyes I was hooked, so when I saw that it was a Sasha Rose anal porn video, I was delighted!


The screenshot shows Miss Rose being video recorded by a handheld camera.  Her boyfriend Renato has his cock in her arse and the look on her face shows that she is loving it.  I’m hoping that Renato gets some great footage of himself fucking Sasha Rose’s tight butthole.

When I press play on the Brazzers Anal Reaction I’m greeted by the dreaded ‘Unlock Now” splash screen which means I am limited about when I can write about this new Sash Rose Brazzers anal sex video.

What I can say is that Sasha loves to have the asshole teased by her BF’s big cock for a while.  She does not want him to simply stick his cock in her arse, but she was him to make her butthole clinch a few times first in anticipation on penetration.

On this occasion, Renato decides that he wants to capture Sasha’s face every time she thinks his cock is going to slide into her chocolate starfish.  He puts his camera on and gets close ups of her pretty face and stunning sexy eyes.

This is the second time that we have seen Sasha Rose getting fucked it the ass.  Her Brazzers debut called Roommates With Anal Benefits saw the lucky Raul Costa sticking his cock in her arse as she paraded around in tight blue nylon pantyhose.  So are we seeing the emergence of a new Brazzers anal queen?

Brazzers Anal Reaction will certainly help her towards that coveted title.  Anal sex fans will of course be happy to watch her asshole getting pounded again.