Seductress In Stockings Abella Danger

Seductress In Stockings

Seductress In Stockings
Abella Danger, Isiah Maxwell

Some fantastic interracial hardcore porn in a video called Seductress In Stockings starring the wonderful Abella Danger and Isiah Maxwell.  Abella shakes that world class ass of hers and get Isiah’s big black cock has hard as a rock.

The way Abella Danger is able to shake that booty is truly remarkable.  She is so well known know for having the best white booty in the adult industry.  Her sexy ass has been fucked so many times in Brazzers videos that I’m surprised she can actually sit down.


Miss Abella Danger is dressed is some very sexy stockings which are held up with a garter belt and black suspenders that can drive most guys wild.  They certainly look as sexy as fuck on the legs and waist of Brazzers favourite Abella Danger.

When Isiah is ready to fuck, his cock is looking hard and ridged has a bedpost.  I don’t know how some women manage to fit cock this size into themselves.  Today Abella is going to ride it deep in her wet pussy.  We are very much used to seeing Miss Danger getting fucked in the arse, but today she settle for a big black stuck deep into her pussy.

In Brazzers Seductress In Stockings, Isiah Maxwell has the pleasure of having this experienced female pornstar ride his cock for however long he wants to.  He is able to control his cumshot until the time is right.  With Abella riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, it’s hard to see how any man could delay is orgasm as long as Mr Maxwell does.

So if you was to see a tight white pussy being stretched by a big black cock, then you will enjoy watching Abella Danger in Seductress In Stockings which is released on to the Brazzers Network on 27th September, 2020.


Making Karla Squirt Karla Kush and Alex Jones

making karla squirt

Making Karla Squirt
Karla Kush and Alex Jones

OK, here we go with another wet and wild Brazzers video called Making Karla Squirt.  Alex Jones is tasked with the job of getting Miss Kush to make her pussy squirt all over the place.  Karla is wear some really hot, white silky panties that really turn her boyfriend on.  To be fair, her arse does look incredible in them.  Those white panties really show off her sexy round ass.

Karla is on her laptop trying to do some research for her new project.  It becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate whilst Alex is rubbing her pussy through her panties.  Eventually, Miss Kush has to close the laptop and pay some attention to her boyfriends sexual advances.


With Alex Jones recording every move her makes in POV, you get to see how he teases his sexy girlfriend by stimulating her clit though her wet knickers.  My wife hates me doing that.  She says it always feels weird though the knickers.  She prefers my just to stick my hand down there and get on with it.

But in Making Karla Squirt,  it seems like Karla Kush fucking loves it.  She especially loves it when Alex goes down on her and licks her pussy with her sexy whit panties still on.  Eventually all that pussy teasing leads Karla to slide her knickers to one side and instructs Alex to stick his fingers deep into her sopping wet hole.

When the fingers have worked Karla Kush into a horny mess, she cannot resist the urge to get her bf’s big black cock out and start wanking it as fast as she can.  Alex has to stop her going too fast.  He doesn’t want to cum too quickly.  He is intent on fucking his sexy girlfriend and after he makes her squirt all over the bed.

In this trailer for Making Karla Squirt, I counted 4 occasions were she gushed all over Alex’s big black cock.  I’m guessing that there is much more pussy juice on show in the full video.  You also get to see her pussy stretched by her black boyfriends extremely large black penis too.

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Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a Car

ella hughes fucked in the ass

Well well well…Do you want to see that video where Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a car? It’s one of the UK’s sexiest pornstars getting her arsehole filled by a fucking huge cock!  Ella Hughes shows off her ass gapping skills in this viral Brazzers porn video called Shy redheads Want Anal.

Chris Diamond is the lucky fella who gets to slam his big white cock deep into Ella’s beautiful little ass.  She has broken down in her car with her friend are the typical damsels in distress.  Wearing a pair of very short daisy duke denim shorts,  Miss Hughes uses her sexy body to flag down a passer by to see if they could look at the broken down engine.

Luckily for Ella, Chris Diamond drives passed and offers his expert opinion on how to fix the car.  But Chris is a professional, he’s not going to fix the car for free.  Ella Hughes and her sexy friend have no cash with them.  Mr Diamond is not actually bothered about a cash payment.  He is more than happy to take payment of a sexual nature.

Knowing how to please a man is Ella’s speciality.  She has fucked so many guys since her college days, that she has no problem what so ever in dropping to her knees and thanking Chris with a deep throat blowjob.  in Ella Hughes fucked in the ass, Ella frantically fiddles with her clit and she starts to enjoy sucking on this big penis.  She is so turned on that she forgets herself.  Miss Ella Hughes drops her shorts to the floor and bend over for Chris Diamond to stick his cock into her butt.

Watching Ella Hughes fucked in the ass is a real pleasure.  It’s amazing how her tiny little British as is able to take on such a huge cock.  She must of been walking sidewards for a few days after filming this viral Brazzers porn video.

I have been fortunate enough to edit a few Ella Hughes porn videos in the past for Fake Driving School and Fake Taxi, but never an Ella Hughes anal sex video!  Many one day….one day!


How Could You – Cali Carter and Scott Nails

How could you cali carter

How Could You?!
Cali Carter, Scott Nails

Just looking at the screenshot above, you will know that this new Brazzers video called How Could You is going to be a belter.  Cali Carter in a sexy bra is always something that I’m going to click on in a heartbeat.

Just look at those lovely titties resting nicely in her tit holder.  It’s such a good looking view for Scott Nails, there’s no wonder that he can’t resist fucking his best friends wife.  that’s right, Cali is cheating on her husband with his best mate.

They have been having an affair for months and finally her dip-shit husband has suspected something.  In Brazzers How Could You starring Cali Cater and Scott Nails, Cali’s husband asks Scott to try and find out who she is having an affair with.


Little does he know that Scott has been fucking the shit out of Miss Carter for a few months.  He pops round the house as soon as the husband goes to work and slips his big cock into Cali’s warm wet pussy.  Cali cannot wait to feel that large dick deep inside her.  Scott Nails’ cock always reaches the places that her husbands cock cannot even get anywhere near.

This new Cali Carter porn video will be live on 22nd September 2020.  It’s another awesome video where you will get to see this sexy pornstar in action.  Also coming soon is a Brazzers Luna Star compilation video.  Watch all the best bits of Luna star getting her big booty out and having her pussy pounded by the big cock in the adult business.

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Spying On SolaZola from the Brazzers Network

Spying on SolaZola

Spying On SolaZola
SolaZola, Alex Gause

The long haired brunette sex bomb SolaZola is desperate to take a shower.  she is trying to get ready for a night out on the town.  She has not been out with her friends for while since lock-down.  So it was very important to get that sexy little body looking all fresh and clean.

Unfortunately for SolaZola, her boyfriend Alex Gause is a bit of a dirty pervert.  He never stops trying ti fuck her at every opportunity.  She’s not complaining to much because he does have a big cock, but she really wants to get ready to go out.

So when she spots Alex spying on her in the bathroom she starts to get a little frustrated.  Alex wants to make a sex tape and he feels that a shower sex video would look great on his planned OnlyFan page.

SolaZola is not so sure, she just wants to take a shower and get dressed.  But just taking one look at her boyfriends cock hanging out, her mind started to wonder towards sucking and fucking in the shower.

In Spying on SolaZola, Alex Gause brushes he cock up again her arse and she cannot resist reaching around and stroking that big cock.  With the shower still running, she gets on her knees and wraps her lips around that big bell-end.  She gives a superb example of a POV blowjob.  She gags as her back of her throat gets whacked by his stiff, ridged cock.

In Brazzers Spying On SolaZola, what follows is a POV self-made porn video where SolaZola gets her tight, shaven pussy fucked all around their apartment.  Her tiny little body is thrown about as her boyfriend with a big fat cock gets to fuck her in whatever position and where ever he wants.  That’s one of the many perks of having a really big cock – your hot girlfriend will fuck you whenever you demand.

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Non Fashion Moves Karlee Grey and Kendra Spade

non fashion moves

Non Fashion Moves
Karlee Grey, Kendra Spade

Holy fuck, ladies and gentlemen, this lesbian video called Non Fashion Moves has a little bit of everything.  Kendra Spade is looking for a nice new dress to wear to her bachelorette party, if you’re in the UK, it’s a hen party.

She walks into a small shop in town that she likes.  She has a friend in there who normally helps her out to find nice clothes for parties.  Karlee Grey is the shop assistant that Kendra loves to be helped by.  She always has great fashion tips and has a great sense of style.


In Brazzers Non Fashion Moves, Karlee is happy to remeasure Kendra’s stunning body to make sure that she all the right information before selecting the perfect dress for her.  Kendra is a little surprised that Karlee asks her to remove her dress and just stand in her underwear.  Karlee explains that it’s the best way to get the perfect measurements.

Lesbian Sex in a Shop

Whilst taking Kandra’s measurements, Karlee cannot help but compliment Mis Spade on her fabulous figure.  She tells her that her husband to be is a very lucky man.  But Kendra is a little nervous about the wedding night.  Kendra explains that her fiancee has never licked her pussy, and he was going to make sure that he tried on the wedding night.

When Karlee heard that Kendra had never had her pussy licked at all, she offered up her expert oral sex techniques to shoe Kendra what she has been missing for all these years.  Kendra opens her legs to allow Karlee to slide her tongue up and down her hairy pussy.  Kendra had never felt anything like it.

Soon Kendra’s pussy wet dripping wet and she wanted to explore more of this feeling of a women touch her body.  Very soon, both of these hot babes were totally naked on the shop floor and finger blasting each others pussies.

The only thing that No Fashion Moves has missing, it the use of sex toys.  I have not been able to watch the full video yet, but the trailer shows no sign of dildos or strap-ons.

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Mia Malkova Fucked in White Yoga Pants

mia malkova fucked in white yoga pants

Mia Malkova fucked in white yoga pants is what this remastered porn video is all about.  Richie Black is the lucky bastard who gets to rip open those white yoga pants and slip his cock deep into her wet, tight pussy.

Yes, it is another Brazzers remastered video, but you can’t complain when it features Mia Malkova fucked through ripped yoga pants.  The sexy and simple beautiful Mia Malkova is wearing a tight as fuck white yoga outfit and being put through a tough workout by personal trainer Richie Black.


Mia is sore after the hardcore workout and Richie insists on helping out by massaging her aching body. Mia’s a bit surprised at first, but she’s not going to turn down a free massage by her hunky trainer. Richie has more than Mia’s calf muscles on his mind, soon oiling up her perfect booty and ripping her soaking yoga pants.

What follows is one of the most flexible fucks that Brazzers have ever showcase on their porn site, with Richie bending Mia Malkova in all sorts of different ways! Mia is delighted to get this extra bang for her buck… as long as her boyfriend doesn’t find out.

This outstanding yoga themed porn video is a must watch if you want to see the gorgeous Mia Malkova fucked hard and fast is as many sex positions as humanly possible.

Bump In The Night Emily Blake and Danny D

Bump in the night

Bump In The Night
Danny D, Emily Blake

Wow, take a look at the beautiful Emily Blake in that sexy blue lingerie set.  Her body is fucking hot hot hot.  You can see just how well Emily has been looking after body during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With her gorgeous long blonde hair and eyelash extensions, I would say that Emily Blake has the perfect body and face for porn.  Her ass has the perfect shape for reverse cowgirl and spanking videos.

Emily Blake is feeling sexy one night and surprises her husband with her new expensive blue lace lingerie, but once again he’s too sleepy to fuck! When it sounds like someone has entered the family house, Emily demands that her husband checks it out.

Emily Blakes husband doesn’t see that Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Danny D, is hiding in a cupboard downstairs, and tells her that nobody was there. Emily investigates herself and finds Danny, who confesses to her about how much he regrets their break up.

In Brazzers Bump in the Night, Emily tells him to leave, but when she finds her husband already in bed, she heads back downstairs, where Danny is still waiting for her. Horny and craving Danny’s huge cock, Emily decides to give him one last wild ride, with a sneaky hardcore fuck behind her husband’s back that’ll send her back to bed with a smile… and a facial!

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