Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress Iconic Video

Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress

This is the Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress iconic porn video.  It is one of the most recognisable Fake Taxi ever released.  Jasmine sitting in the backseat in a light blue dress with that cheeky smile and outstanding looking figure.


This British FakeTaxi video was released on the internet on May 23rd, 2013 and was Jasmine’s first appearance on the backseat of the infamous London taxi.  Miss Jae is on the backseat talking to one of her girlfriends.  Jasmin is explaining that she has not had sex for a while but she in convinced that she has not lost her touch.

That figure hugging blue dress shows off her flat stomach and perfect looking bust.  her arms are covered by a black leather jacket that finishes of the look perfectly.  Jasmine Jae does a fabulous job in talking on her phone for the opening 3 minutes.  It’s not often the Fake Taxi driver is kept quiet for so long.

This Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress video is officially called Busty Brunette’s Dry Spell Ends With Cabbie’s Hard Fucking.  The scenario that plays out is about Jasmine trying to prove that she can still get a fuck out of any guy she chooses.  In this video she decides to try it on with the taxi driver.

She doesn’t have to work that hard.  He heard her phone conversation where she told her girlfriend that she was going to try and shag him.  He was not going to take much persuading to jump in the back and fuck her pussy with his big fat cock.

I really enjoy the blowjob in this Fake Taxi blue dress video.  Jasmine Jae’s big tits look great in a blue bra and she sticks a big cock down her throat.


Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a Car

ella hughes fucked in the ass

Well well well…Do you want to see that video where Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a car? It’s one of the UK’s sexiest pornstars getting her arsehole filled by a fucking huge cock!  Ella Hughes shows off her ass gapping skills in this viral Brazzers porn video called Shy redheads Want Anal.

Chris Diamond is the lucky fella who gets to slam his big white cock deep into Ella’s beautiful little ass.  She has broken down in her car with her friend are the typical damsels in distress.  Wearing a pair of very short daisy duke denim shorts,  Miss Hughes uses her sexy body to flag down a passer by to see if they could look at the broken down engine.

Luckily for Ella, Chris Diamond drives passed and offers his expert opinion on how to fix the car.  But Chris is a professional, he’s not going to fix the car for free.  Ella Hughes and her sexy friend have no cash with them.  Mr Diamond is not actually bothered about a cash payment.  He is more than happy to take payment of a sexual nature.

Knowing how to please a man is Ella’s speciality.  She has fucked so many guys since her college days, that she has no problem what so ever in dropping to her knees and thanking Chris with a deep throat blowjob.  in Ella Hughes fucked in the ass, Ella frantically fiddles with her clit and she starts to enjoy sucking on this big penis.  She is so turned on that she forgets herself.  Miss Ella Hughes drops her shorts to the floor and bend over for Chris Diamond to stick his cock into her butt.

Watching Ella Hughes fucked in the ass is a real pleasure.  It’s amazing how her tiny little British as is able to take on such a huge cock.  She must of been walking sidewards for a few days after filming this viral Brazzers porn video.

I have been fortunate enough to edit a few Ella Hughes porn videos in the past for Fake Driving School and Fake Taxi, but never an Ella Hughes anal sex video!  Many one day….one day!

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Lola Marie in Brazzers Dick In The Box

Danny D, Lola Marie


British ebony with big boobs Lola Marie gets her pink pussy slammed by Danny D and his massive white cock.  Lola makes a great impression on the Brazzers male pornstar veteran.

Lola Marie Dick in the Box

Lola and her friend Beth are visiting a sex shop and they love looking at the dildos.  They tease the shop assistant with their flirting and messing about with with the biggest dildos they can find.  They talk about how they love to feel a big dildo stretching their pussies.

It’s all too much for Danny, who is getting a hard on listening to their dirty talk.  When Lola Marie goes to pay for her new sex toys, she notices Danny’s massive bulge in his trousers.

Brazzers Dick-In-The-Box is a great Brazzers interracial video.  Lola Marie is an experienced British pornstar and knows how to take a big cock deep into her wet pink pussy.

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Carmel Anderson British Pornstar Appreciation

Carmel Anderson has a mighty fine little arse.  I have been admiring her little butt for many years now.  Ever since I saw her in one of her very first Fake Taxi videos, I became a fan.  Not only of her ass, but of her pornstar performances in general.

I decided to write this Carmel Anderson’s ass blog article after I saw her tiny tush again in a Fake Taxi video.  I was creating some Twitter porn adverts and saw a fantastic thumbnail on the FakeHub members area and it brought back memories of editing her porn videos.  The thumbnail shows her on all fours sucking a big cock, wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts. the daisy dukes barely covered her arse cheeks.  It really shows off her petite little body.

Hot British Pornstar Carmel Anderson

As some of you may already know, I am definitely a big boob fan, so it may surprise some of you that Carmel is one of my favourite pornstars as she does have small boobs.  But there is something about her that keeps me going back to her scenes time after time.

I have edited Carmel Anderson in Fake Taxi, Fake Cop and Public Agent, and have enjoyed every minute of her performances.  I particularly enjoyed her first outing in Fake Cop when she was wearing a tiny gym outfit before getting fucked in the arse by coppers big long cock.

In her 2nd appearance in the the Fake Cop series, she was in Spain.  She was caught stealing oranges by a British officer on a work exchange experiment.  I think she found out that I was a fan by the time she shot this scene, because she sent me a personal message during an off camera moment!! Brilliant!  In this Fake Cop in Spain video, she gets bent over outdoors in the sunshine and pounded by a huge cock.

Carmel Anderson Sucking in Spain

I believe that Carmel is no longer shooting mainstream porn for studios.  I understand that she is shooting self made content.  I really hope that she can return to FAKEHub one day.  I would truly love to edit more of her porn.

You can find Carmel Anderson still tweeting her work by following her on Twitter.  Her twitter account name is @xPowerToolettex

If you want to see more of this hot, tiny British babe then you can watch Carmel Anders getting fucked during a casting interview for a modelling job.  If that is still not enough for you, then check her our when she gets fucked in a Public Agent POV video at night time.

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