Fucking Her When Shes Hidden Under the Duvet

Fucking Her When Shes Hidden Under the Duvet

Here’s that video where you see a guy fucking her when shes hidden under the duvet.  This new video shows a hot looking brunette in a yellow top watching her husband playing with a sex toy.

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The woman in the yellow top is the big boobed Sofia Lee.  She a very hot pornstar with great big boobs.  Sofia is very interested to know what the sex toy feels like so she takes a closer look.

But she nearly gets caught looking at it and has to dive under the covers so she does not get caught.  She doesn’t realise that her pussy is showing and it actually looks like the sex toy is still there.  Her husband gets his cock out and starts to fuck Sofia’s pussy.

He soon realises that it feels too realistic and figures out that he must be fucking her when shes hidden under the duvet. Sofia is not complaining.  She is more than happy to let her step bro continue to pound away at her wet pussy.

Watch Sofia Lee get her wet pussy fucked in this Brazzers video called My Husband’s Fake Ass Pussy which was released on October 14th 2020 and got excellent reviews.

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Pillow Humpers Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

Pillow Humpers

Pillow Humpers
Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

It’s fucking 0430 and I’m at my desk writing about Pillow Humpers starring man-boy Jimmy Michaels and Michelle Anderson making her Brazzers debut.  I love my wife, but her fucking snoring has made me get up at stupid o’clock to start work.


Pillow Humpers sees Michelle Anderson getting caught grinding her pussy against her pillow.  She is caught and recorded by her roommate Billy.  Michelle is wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts as she tries to make herself cum by rubbing her pussy over and over against her pillow.  She has seen it on a porn video once and wanted to give it ago.

But as she was about to have an orgasm, she spots Billy out of the corner of her eye with his cell phone in her hand, filming her.  He believes this video will go viral once her uploads it.  Miss Anderson jump off the bed in embarrassment.  Billy’s cock was pointing out for her to see.

Billy Michaels has an erection that Michelle likes the look of.  She asks Billy if he would be interested in a sexual exchange.  She will let Billy fuck her tight pussy, if he agrees to delete the phone footage before her uploads it.

In Pillow Humpers, Billy delightfully agrees to Michelle’s offer.  He has wanted to sample his sexy roommates pussy ever since her moved in.  He was sure that he was a better sexual solution than dry humping the pillow anyway.

This video is a great introduction to teenaged pornstar Michelle Anderson.  Her straight brunette hair and petite body looks great on camera.  She is able to pull off the teen look very well, so I expect her to be be featuring in more Brazzers teen videos over the next few months.


Panty Modeling Angelica Cruz and Scott Nails

panty modeling

Panty Modeling
Scott Nails, Angelica Cruz

This new Angelica Cruz porn video is a must see for all you panty fans out there.  Whether you you’re a panty sniffer or if you just like watching hot babes parade around in their tiny panties, you are going to enjoy Miss Cruz in Brazzers Panty Modeling.

Angelica has been spending the day shopping.  She has realised that her panty collection is looking rather ordinary and has decided to spice things up a little for her new boyfriend, Scott Nails.  She wants to surprise him with a new collection of sexy panties.


She visits numerous shops to find the right kind of panties that she thinks will get Scott really turned on.  She has no complaints when it comes to his sexual performance, but she feels like she needs to keep him interested in her all the time.

When she gets home, she is really excited to show Scott what she has bought.  As soon as Scott peaks inside her shopping bags, he is delighted with Angelica’s purchases.  He instructs her to go into the bedroom and start trying them on and modeling them for him.

What follows in Brazzers Panty Modeling is some awesome close ups of Angelica Cruz trying on different types of panties.  She is great at removing those new panties very slowly and then shaking her little ass for us all to marvel at.  I particularly enjoyed the tiny red lace panties that she tries on first.  I found those really sexy to look at, I might even get the wife some for Christmas.

Scott enjoys taking some photos on his cellphone of Angelica Cruz in her panties.  I think he is going to use them on her OnlyFans page.  He’s sure that will bring in lots of new subscribers to her page.  But when he goes to take his final photo, Angelica surprises him by not wearing any panties at all.  Scott tells her to put his favourite green panties on.  He wants to watch himself fucking her with the panties sliding across her ass.

Brazzers Panty Modeling continues with Scott fucking Angelica from behind.  Most of this new Brazzers video is shot in POV by Scott.  He gets some amazing porn footage of his big cock penetrating Miss Cruz’s tight little pussy in her panties.  But there is one more surprise left for Scot Nails.  Angelica removes her panties and tells him to stick his big cock in her ass.


It’s My Fucking Wifi Luna Star in Pantyhose

It's My Fucking WiFi

It’s My Fucking Wifi
Xander Corvus and Luna Star

In my house the WiFi is king.  I think I have about 20 devices connected to the WiFi at times.  Mobile phones, Alexa devices, computers, and games consoles all eat up the WiFi bandwidth.  I’m lucky I can plug my work station straight into the home Ethernet port and get extreme download and upload speeds thanks to having a ‘fibre to the house’ internet connection.

So if a up and coming business woman is going to be doing a lot of video meetings due the the COVIS situation, then she will need a great WiFi connection.   Unfortunately, this is not the case for Luna Star. In It’s My Fucking Wifi her video calls keep cutting out due to her poor WiFi quality.  Luna is getting so pissed off with her Wifi dropping out every few minutes.


in a bid to try and get her connection sorted out, she calls a technician to come to the house and investigate her problem.  Xander Corvus is the lucky internet tech guy who visits this sexy babe and is immediately fantasising about fucking her as he tries to fix her problem.

In It’s My Fucking WiFi, we are greeted with a fantastic view of Luna Star in a suit jacket and not much else.  During her video calls, the cleavage is fully on show.  Whoever is on the other end of the conference call is getting a good eyeful of Luna’s great pair of tits.  She gets more and more frustrated every time the WiFi connection drops.

Luna Star Fucking in Ripped Pantyhose

As she waits for Xander to arrive, she sits at her desk with her arms folded and her skirt riding up her ass.  She doesn’t care that her pantyhose are on display and that her panty’s are visible.

As soon as Mr Corvus arrives, his eyes are diverted to her cleavage. Luna notices that he is not concentrating on his job.  She wants the WiFi sorted as soon as possible.  She decides that the best way to get the job done, would be to let the internet guy shoot his load over her and then he will be able to pay full attention to the job in hand.

Luna Star sticks Xander’s face straight into her pussy.  She demands that he licks her pussy to get her as wet as possible.  She wants to get this over and done with.  But when she finds out how big his cock is, Luna decides to make the most of having a huge cock to play with for the morning.

The star attraction of this Brazzers It’s My Fucking WiFi is not only Luna Stars cock fucking abilities, but it’s also that fucking amazing booty of hers!  It’s incredible how she manages to get that ass moving as she rides all over Xander Corvus’s rock hard cock.  There are some great close up views of Luna’s big ass thumbing down on Xander’s thighs as she straddles him cowgirl style on a chair.

It’s My Fucking Wifi has all the ingredients of a great porno, big tits, big ass and a plenty of sexual stamina!

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Morning After Masturbation Mona Azar

Morning After Masturbation

Morning After Masturbation
Mick Blue and Mona Azar

I decided to skip the Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video.  I just couldn’t bring myself to write about another Brazzers self-isolation masturbation porn video.  As soon as I saw Jenna Foxx with a sex toy on the thumbnail I made my mind up not to bother trying to write over 350 words about her ebony pussy getting pleasure by a hitachi wand.

I thought that my readers would be more interested in reading about Morning After Masturbation starring Mick Blue and Mona Azar.  I think that this Persian busty babe would be more appealing to my readers.  It’s nothing against the sexy black pornstar, Jenna Foxx, it’s just that solo girl videos just don’t pull in as much organic search engine traffic.


This Brazzers Morning After Masturbation porn video starts off with Mona Azar asleep on top of somebody’s bed.  She is wearing a pink PJ set that you can see her erect nipples through.  I think the idea is that she is having a wet dream and she starts to masturbate without even opening her eyes.  She has no idea that Mick Blue is watching her with her hand down her PJ bottoms and playing with her pussy.

Whatever she was dreaming about has made her super wet indeed!  Miss Azar looks hot in pink.  Her tanned skin makes a great contrast with those long knee high pink sock on too.  During Morning After Masturbation, when she wakes up from her dream, she is very horny as she didn’t quite reach orgasm.  So she was secretly delighted to find Mick Blue standing at the end of her bed.

Mona Azar wastes no time in displaying her need for cock.  She happily pulls her big natural tits out to give Mick Blue a massive hint that she was willing to fuck on his bed right now.  Mick was never going to say no to fucking a Persian hottie with a 100% natural body.

The sex in Brazzers Morning After Masturbation in fast and frantic.  Mick Blue certainly still has the stamina to keep up with Mona.  Her body loves riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to give the best camera angles of her big ass shaking about.

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Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed

Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed
Baby Nicols and Sean

I remember a few years ago, opening a zip file containing my next editing assignment for Public Agent.  Scanning through the footage, I stumbled across one of the best examples of twerking I had ever seen.  The sexy twerking ass belonged to Latina, Baby Nicols.  It was one if he best Public Agent video that I have edited.   Baby Nicols has got one hell of a sexy body!

So imagine my please when I visited the upcoming scene on the Brazzers web site and saw that she is starring in her very first Brazzers porn video.  It’s about time that this sexy Latina babe from Venezuela get her ass showcased in a Brazzers video.  I’m sure all the Brazzers fans will love her ass.  Although one of the top trending porn search terms is ‘big ass’, I’m sure that her tight firm little butt will be a pleasure to watch, all the same.

In this Brazzers Self-Isolation video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we find Baby Nicols with her hands down her lacey panties and trying to make herself cum. She often resorts to masturbating as he pussy is in constant need of cock.  As she strokes her tight pussy, she joyfully feels the wondering hands of her lover, Sean caressing her ass from behind.  Sean is making the most of just being able to get his hands over that amazing Latina ass.

Baby Nicols Twerks and Fucks

As the trailer progresses we finally get to see what I saw a few years ago, we get to see that fantastic ass twerking in front of her lovers face.  With her panties still on and riding up deep into her arse crack, it’s a fucking wonderful sight!

During Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, Sean is unable to resist just pulling those panties to sone site and burying his face into her arsehole.  I was wondering how long he would resist that amazing little ass.  He slides a finger into her wet pussy and the look of satisfaction on Baby Nicols face is there for all to see.

Sean is then treated to a sloppy blowjob.  Her sweet mouth gets wrapped around his medium sized cock.  Yes, it is a refreshing change to see an average size cock rather than a monster cock in a Brazzers video.  This feels like a very natural and genuine love making porn video.

Finally we get to see what I think everyone is anticipating…we get to see Baby Nicols twerking all over Sean’s cock.  From behind, we watch the Latin babe riding cowgirl and shaking her ass like crazy in a bid to cum all over Sean’s cock.

To round off this Latina Brazzers video called Baby Nicols Gets Fucked In Bed, we also witness some awesome POV doggy-style and even some squirting pussy juice.  The only thing that lets this new Baby Nicols video down slightly, is the choice of background music.  I think it would have sounded better using the instrumental version rather than with vocals.

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Unzipped And Oiled Up Azul Hermosa

Unzipped And Oiled Up

Unzipped And Oiled Up
Keiran Lee and Azul Hermosa

Keiran Lee is back in his latest outing for Brazzers.  Today he gets the opportunity to  sample Azul Hermosa’s sweet pussy and wonderful looking ass.  It’s another Brazzers porn video this time we have the delectable Azul Hermosa making her fifth appearance for the famous Brazzers brand.


The scene opens up with Azul Hermosa looking at the camera with those dark sultry eyes and long dark brunette hair.  She is wearing a leather garment that is perfectly fitted around her enhanced boobs.  Her sexy hispanic eyes are really gorgeous to stare into.  She unleashes those fantastically shaped breasts as one nip slips out anyway.

Azul turns around and starts shaking her amazing ass in front of the camera.  We get a great close up of her perfectly formed ass in a leather zipped outfit.  The kind of outfit that you just want to slowly unzip and the slip your cock into.

Azul Hermosa Fucked in Bed

We then hit the sex.  Keiran Lee slams into Azul Hermosa’s pussy with everything he’s got.  She is in fucking ecstasy as Keiran’s big British cock pounds away deep inside her.  Watching Miss Hermosa getting fucked doggy style really shows off her fine looking booty.  It is one of the best examples of ass Brazzers have shown for a while.

The action then turns to some outstanding sloppy blowjob action.  Watching on from a side view, we get to see just how much cock Azul can get down her throat.  To be fair, she doesn’t quite get all the way down the balls, but she gives it a good fucking try.

As this video is called Unzipped and Oiled Up you would be expecting to see Azul’s body covered in oil at some stage, and in the next section, this is exactly what we get to see.  Azul pours oil over her sexy butt and rubs it all over each cheek.  To be honest, I would have liked to see more of the oiled up ass and I was hoping to see her unzip the outfit to expose her booty.

Keiran Lee makes the most of his time fucking Azul Hermosa and fucks her in as many positions as he can.  there is a great shot of her riding cowgirl and with the camera behind her, Keiran stretches her ass open to give us a great view of her butt hole…it’s a shame there was no anal, but you can have everything all the time.

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Cleaning Up His Cock Luna Star Anal Sex

Cleaning Up His Cock

Cleaning Up His Cock
Xander Corvus, Luna Star

The wonderful Luna Star is looking tin tip top form getting her arse fucked once again in a superb Brazzers anal sex porn video.  Her tight asshole is penetrated by a big cock while she is trying to clean up the house.

The opening shots to Cleaning Up his Cock shows Luna Star putting on some yellow marigolds and she is looking like she is ready to clean up the whole house like a perfect little housewife.  The look of determination on her face is there for all to see.

Luna is wearing the tiniest of tiny denim shorts that ride up her big booty.  They are so short that you are able to see that she has a pink butt plug inserted into her ass.  She wants to feel the pleasure of her ass being simulated whilst bending over and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Of course, this would not be a Brazzers porn video if all we got to see was Luna Star doing some housework, no matter how fucking sexy she looks whilst doing it.  Luna gives us a great view of her pouring water over her see-through t-shirt which exposes her wonderful boobs and erect nipples.

Fucked in the Ass to Avoid the Housework

In Cleaning Up his Cock, when she tries to hoover the living room floor, her boyfriend Xander Corvus cannot resist having a grope of her booty as she glides passed.  Xander is just chilling out on the couch watching his sexy as fuck girlfriend doing all the housework.

Knowing that Xander loves her ass, Luna twerks in front of him.  She shakes that booty for all it’s worth.  She knows that as soon as she comes close with her ass, Xander is going to has a good feel and then demand that she stops what she is doing, takes off her clothes and gets down to business.

During Cleaning Up his Cock, it takes just one more piece of big booty shaking in Xander Corvus’s face to get him out of his laying position and standing up and grabbing Luna’s ass with both hands.  He fucking loves playing her famous pornstar ass.  What a way to spend the day…lazing around watching Luna Star and then being able to fuck her on demand.

That’s just what Luna wanted.  She is very good at teasing her boyfriend with her ass.  Every porn lover on the planet with give his left testicle to have a play with Luna Star’s ass.

Cleaning Up his Cock is another fine piece of anal penetration magic.  Luna Star bending over with a big cock in her arse is one of the many great shots in Luna’s latest ass fucking demonstration.

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