Its OK My Dad Knows Im a Whore

Its ok my dad knows im a whore

Its OK My Dad Knows Im a Whore

This Reality Kings porn ad that says Its ok my dad knows Im a whore.

Shows a fat bearded dad watching TV while his daughter gets fucked in the same room.

The guy passes him a beer in the middle of the action, in the end they get caught but the guy hands him a six pack and all is forgiven.

Full Description

It's game day and Michael Vegas is watching TV with his stepdad. Nothing can distract them from the television screen, that is, until the doorbell rings. Michael goes to answer the door and is surprised to see the beautiful Carter Cruise at his door!

Michael lets this sexy slut inside but while he thinks she's come over to watch the game, Carter's got a plan of her own! This horny whore reminds Michael of the magical summer she spend sucking and fucking his big cock!

Carter's come back for a second half of riding Michael's dick that is! Carter seduces Michael into fondling her perky boobs and licking her lusciously sweet pussy lips right behind his stepfather's back.

These two lovers will need to be sneaky, since under this roof there's one rule: no sex! While Michael knows the rules of the house, he simply can't resist the tempting Carter and how her dripping wet pussy is craving his cock! Will Michael be able to follow Carter's game plan and sneakily fuck this beautiful blonde's brains out?

Or will his stepfather throw off the game and turn around to see Carter Cruise naked with a hard cock deep inside her pussy?

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