The Bra Fairy from Girlsway

The Bra Fairy
Chloe Cherry, Ryan Keely and Casey Calvert

The Bra Fairy

Chloe Cherry wants to throw out an old bra that has become damaged. But her stepmother, Ryan Keely, advises her to leave it under her pillow instead, so the Bra Fairy can come. Chloe looks skeptical, but Ryan acts sincere, convincing her. Chloe holds the old bra over the garbage for a moment like she’s going to throw it out, but then ends up keeping her hold on the bra and leaving the room with it, muttering to herself that she can’t believe she’s going through with this. Ryan giggles mischievously.


during The Bra Fairy, later that night, Chloe puts the old bra under her pillow before going to bed, even though she still has doubts that the Bra Fairy really exists.  A bit later still, Chloe Cherry is resting in her bed. Someone’s hand slides under Chloe’s pillow to remove the old bra and replace it with a new bra. Chloe’s eyes fly open as she becomes fully alert, and she scrambles over to the light and turns it on, wanting to see who’s there.

Chloe then sees that the other person in the room is a beautiful woman with wings wearing sexy lingerie, Casey Calvert. Chloe is shocked at the sight of this stranger, and asks Casey who the heck she is. Casey smiles warmly and replies that she’s the Bra Fairy, of course.

In The Bra Fairy, at first, Chloe is skeptical that Casey really is the Bra Fairy. But once Chloe becomes convinced that Casey is telling the truth, she lets it slip out that she thinks Casey is very attractive. Chloe promptly covers her mouth in embarrassment, but Casey gives a warm, reassuring laugh, telling Chloe that she’s pretty cute herself.

There is a charged moment as the ladies come together, kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. But it doesn’t take long for Chloe’s moans of pleasure to cause Ryan to come into the room. Ryan is also shocked to discover that the Bra Fairy is real, because she was just kidding before. Casey gets one look at Ryan and invites her to join them.  It’s time for the Bra Sexy Fairy to show the ladies what she can REALLY do!!

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GIRLSWAY Bolster Madness Bunny Colby

GIRLSWAY Bolster Madness
Bunny Colby and Casey Calvert

GIRLSWAY Bolster Madness

Sexy masseuse Bunny Colby is REALLY into other women’s butts. In fact, she’s so into butts that her boss Casey Calvert has to warn her to stop telling clients to get bolster massages – unless a client requests it first. This gives Bunny an idea. She’s going to fuck her.


Later that day, Gia Derza arrives for a massage. Bunny purposefully leaves a bolster out, to try to get Gia to ask for a bolster massage. Gia trips over the bolster, but does not ask for the item to be included with her massage. Whoops! As the massage begins, Bunny again tries to bait Gia into asking for the bolster, but Gia STILL doesn’t bite.

During GIRLSWAY Bolster Madness, Finally, Bunny pretends to take a phone call where she talks up bolster massages. Gia FINALLY bites and asks for the bolster, positioning herself on the bolster so that her shapely ass is on display. Bunny happily takes her time massaging Gia’s beautiful ass, and Gia admits that feels really good. Gia moans and encourages Bunny to keep going, so Bunny eats out Gia’s pussy and then they move on to having fantastic sex!

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Girlsway Dressed To The Nones

Girlsway Dressed To The Nones
Maya Kendrick and Casey Calvert

Girlsway Dressed To The Nones

Maya Kendrick rarely has the apartment to herself, but today is an exception. With her roommate out for the day, she gets to enjoy lounging around in just her underwear and panties. It’s just so freeing and something she wishes she could take advantage of more often.


In Girlsway Dressed To The Nones, as she lounges, there’s a knock on the door. When she answers it, she finds a parcel she’s ordered just out of reach. Summoning up the courage, she steps outside to grab the box but, to her horror, the door closes and locks behind her.

During Girlsway Dressed To The Nones, she thinks fast and, using the box for cover, she scurries to a cafe next door for help… where she runs into Casey Calvert, a VERY surprised barista who WAS having a quiet day — until now!

Rekindling Her Passion Casey Calvert and Maya Kendrick

Girlsway Rekindling Her Passion starring Casey Calvert and Maya Kendrick

Rekindling Her Passion

Casey Calvert, a very bored masseuse, greets her next client, Maya Kendrick, as she arrives at the parlor. Although Maya is nothing but chipper and friendly, Casey looks like she’d rather be anywhere else but there. But a job is a job, so she soon sets to work.


In Rekindling Her Passion, Maya definitely notices that something is wrong as she gets the most unenthused massage she’s ever gotten in her entire LIFE. Through small talk with Casey, she learns that Casey’s lost all passion for her work with clients. Casey once used to thrive off making people feel GOOD but has grown jaded over the years…

It breaks Maya’s heart seeing someone so lost, so she earnestly reminds Casey about all the POSITIVES of her job. It’s not all doom and gloom. Even though Casey feels like her work doesn’t matter, she makes a real difference for every person she meets — Maya included!

During Rekindling Her Passion, gradually, Casey warms up to Maya’s caring words, feeling rejuvenated. With all of this newfound energy and hope flowing through her, she’s eager to repay Maya with the happiest ending imaginable!

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Picture-Perfect Seduction Girlsway

Picture-Perfect Seduction

Picture-Perfect Seduction
Candice Dare, Alison Rey and Casey Calvert

Candice Dare is excited as she shows her friend, Alison Rey, into her new massage parlor. Alison is there that day to help her with getting assets to promote the parlor. You see, Candice hired a marketer, Casey Calvert, who is coming in to get pictures and videos of Candice massaging Alison so that they can start bringing in customers!

When Casey arrives, she gets down to business, having Candice do a mock massage with Alison. Candice and Alison are willing to do whatever Casey says since she’s the one who knows what she’s doing. However, it doesn’t take long for the mock massage to turn into something a bit too real for them as Casey starts encouraging them into sexier and sexier positions.

It seems like Casey’s all about catching how sensual a massage is, which naturally builds heat between the two friends… Then Casey suggests giving Alison a happy ending to REALLY drive the point home! Although the friends are a bit nervous, who are they to argue with an expert??

Candice and Alison give it they’re all for the camera, although it doesn’t take long for them to forget Casey’s even there! As they hungrily eat out each other’s pussies, Casey is never far away. Candice isn’t sure how much of this she can REALLY use to promote her business, but she’ll definitely work with Casey again!

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Sister Strap Sandwich Girlsway Video

Sister Strap Sandwich

Sister Strap Sandwich
Casey Calvert, Keira Croft and Zoe Sparx

Casey Calvert and Keira Croft are two step-sisters who just found out that they’re dating the same girl! It seems that Zoe Sparx has a thing for sisters and deceived them by dating both of them at the same time. But instead of cutting ties with Zoe completely, they have an idea on how to get back at her. Casey and Keira aren’t going to let Zoe get off THAT easy!

Casey gets Keira to call Zoe and invite her over. Of course, they keep the fact that Casey will be there, too, a secret so that they can confront Zoe together. Once Keira connects with Zoe and extends the invite, the game is on.


When Zoe shows up and greets Keira, she has NO IDEA what’s in store… until Casey reveals herself. Keira knows she’s been busted and begs for forgiveness, insisting that she didn’t mean to hurt either of them. She cares about them both but got a bit greedy…

However, the step-sisters aren’t convinced about Zoe’s sincerity and insist that if she wants to make it up to them, she’ll have to be punished… Zoe’s eyes widen as Casey and Keira break out strap-ons and, though she knows it’s supposed to be a punishment, she can’t help but get excited!

Things get hot and heavy as Casey and Keira vent their frustrations with a fiery double-penetration session. Although Zoe is being scolded, being teamed up on by two hot sisters is her fantasy come true! But after everything is said and done, will she be able to win them back over?

Girlsway Runaway Bride Whitney Wright Casey Calvert

Girlsway Runaway Bride

Girlsway Runaway Bride
Whitney Wright and Casey Calvert

Whitney Wright, a masseuse, is a bit surprised when she goes to massage her next client, Casey Calvert and finds her wearing a full wedding dress! Casey looks a bit panicked, so Whitney has the feeling she’s dealing with a runaway bride. Even so, Casey’s her client and she’ll do whatever she can to help her relax!

Casey soon removes her wedding dress after being prompted but is a bit shy about being naked. As Whitney massages Casey, she uses her charm to get Casey to open up to her. Apparently Casey has cold feet because she’s worried about getting married without having the chance to explore her sexuality. She’s never had the chance to get with a woman — what if that’s what she really likes?

Whitney smiles, letting her hands wander sensually over Casey’s body. If Casey REALLY wants to learn more about herself before tying the knot, here’s the perfect chance!

Whitney makes sure this is an encounter to remember as she does everything in her power to put Casey’s mind at ease. Casey writhes with delight as she has her pussy eaten out and is tribbed to completion. With this new experience under her belt, will Casey walk down the aisle or embrace a new path?

WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am Casey Calvert

WAM Bam Thank You Ma'am

WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am
Casey Calvert and Zac Wild

This is a Reality Kings porn video where Casey Calvert and Zac Wild have hot rough sex on the kitchen floor.  They both get dirty after Casey Calvert spends all day cleaning.  She dresses up as a sexy maid who cleans and then gets everything messy again for guys with a fetish for hot babes in maids outfits.


When you see brunette Casey Calvert all buttoned up in her spick-and-span cleaning uniform, you’d never guess that this hot maid who spends all day making homes spotless is the messiest slut you’ve ever seen.

In WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am, watch Casey bend over to sweep the floor so clean you can eat off it… and watch her ride Zac Wild’s big cock on the floor, both of them covered head to toe with food! Casey squirts cleaner on a mirror as she cleans up, and squirts sweet syrup on her chest as she gets dirty.

This dedicated maid fluffs up the pillows as she makes the bed… and eases her pillowy booty down on a sweet chocolate cake! Watch Casey get her hands – and more – dirty now.