Brazzers Gamer Heaven Cathy Heaven

Brazzers Gamer Heaven Cathy Heaven gets fucked by her step son Danny D.

It’s another quality example of Step mom fucking her step son from Brazzers.  This time it’s combined with the gamer niche.  But in this Brazzers episode, the gamer is not a sexy gamer chick.  Danny D is playing the role of Cathy Heaven’s spoilt step son.  He is always used to getting his own way in life.

Cathy is desperate for her new step son to like her.  She thinks that if she can get a good relationship with him, then her new husband will be impressed by her.

So as a present, Cathy gives Danny a new gaming console.  Danny doesn’t even say thank you.  He just sits there all day and plays games.  He does not engage with his sexy step mom with big tits.  So Cathy has to try other measures to try and get Danny D to like her.

In this new Brazzers Gamer Heaven scene she starts to dress in very sexy and revealing clothing.  This does not work.  Danny is still too busy playing computer games to notice how sexy his new step mom is.  Cathy Heaven has to take things one step further.   This time she walks in front of the computer screen totally naked.  Her big tits are now in Danny’s face.  He cannot ignore her now.

Eventually Danny puts his game control box down and grabs Cathy by the tits.  His sexual feelings for his step mom are suddenly awakened.  What happens next between a step mom and her step son will remain a secret from her husband.  But one thing is for sure…they will be fucking a lot more often.