How Could You – Cali Carter and Scott Nails

How could you cali carter

How Could You?!
Cali Carter, Scott Nails

Just looking at the screenshot above, you will know that this new Brazzers video called How Could You is going to be a belter.  Cali Carter in a sexy bra is always something that I’m going to click on in a heartbeat.

Just look at those lovely titties resting nicely in her tit holder.  It’s such a good looking view for Scott Nails, there’s no wonder that he can’t resist fucking his best friends wife.  that’s right, Cali is cheating on her husband with his best mate.

They have been having an affair for months and finally her dip-shit husband has suspected something.  In Brazzers How Could You starring Cali Cater and Scott Nails, Cali’s husband asks Scott to try and find out who she is having an affair with.


Little does he know that Scott has been fucking the shit out of Miss Carter for a few months.  He pops round the house as soon as the husband goes to work and slips his big cock into Cali’s warm wet pussy.  Cali cannot wait to feel that large dick deep inside her.  Scott Nails’ cock always reaches the places that her husbands cock cannot even get anywhere near.

This new Cali Carter porn video will be live on 22nd September 2020.  It’s another awesome video where you will get to see this sexy pornstar in action.  Also coming soon is a Brazzers Luna Star compilation video.  Watch all the best bits of Luna star getting her big booty out and having her pussy pounded by the big cock in the adult business.

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Bump In The Night Emily Blake and Danny D

Bump in the night

Bump In The Night
Danny D, Emily Blake

Wow, take a look at the beautiful Emily Blake in that sexy blue lingerie set.  Her body is fucking hot hot hot.  You can see just how well Emily has been looking after body during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With her gorgeous long blonde hair and eyelash extensions, I would say that Emily Blake has the perfect body and face for porn.  Her ass has the perfect shape for reverse cowgirl and spanking videos.

Emily Blake is feeling sexy one night and surprises her husband with her new expensive blue lace lingerie, but once again he’s too sleepy to fuck! When it sounds like someone has entered the family house, Emily demands that her husband checks it out.

Emily Blakes husband doesn’t see that Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Danny D, is hiding in a cupboard downstairs, and tells her that nobody was there. Emily investigates herself and finds Danny, who confesses to her about how much he regrets their break up.

In Brazzers Bump in the Night, Emily tells him to leave, but when she finds her husband already in bed, she heads back downstairs, where Danny is still waiting for her. Horny and craving Danny’s huge cock, Emily decides to give him one last wild ride, with a sneaky hardcore fuck behind her husband’s back that’ll send her back to bed with a smile… and a facial!

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Tempted By The Babysitter Girlsway

tempted by the babysitter

Tempted By The Babysitter
Aaliyah Love, Silvia Saige and Emma Hix

Wives Aaliyah Love and Silvia Saige are talking about their new babysitter while waiting for her to show up. Aaliyah is a bit nervous but Silvia can’t wait for the freedom having a babysitter will allow.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and the wives invite the babysitter, 18-year-old Emma Hix, inside. They chat with Emma, who innocently flirts with them. Aaliyah and Silvia then leave for work, closing the door behind them. Emma watches the door for a few moments before grinning to herself, nipping her bottom lip as if having mischievous, lustful thoughts.


In Girlsway Tempted By The Babysitter, a few days later, Aaliyah and Silvia are getting home from work. They greet Emma and make idle chat, asking how the day went. Emma assures them that Victoria was wonderful! Is it okay if she finishes up the tidying she was doing before she goes? Aaliyah and Silvia are impressed, allowing Emma to finish her cleaning.

Emma picks up a duster and tidies the nearest furniture as the wives settle in. Aaliyah insists that she’s just going to go say hi to Victoria. After Aaliyah leaves, Emma sneaks a look at Silvia and ‘innocently’ bends over to dust something, showing off her ass. Silvia’s eyes go wide as she does her best to tear her eyes away from Emma’s hot ass.  The next day, the wives again get home from work and chat with Emma briefly. Silvia’s cell phone rings. She checks it and says it’s her mom, so quickly excuses herself from the room.

In Tempted By The Babysitter, Emma sees her opportunity and mischievously saunters toward Aaliyah, sitting next to her on the couch. Emma becomes more blatantly seductive, touching Aaliyah’s arm. Aaliyah almost melts into the touch, but then shakes her head. She excuses herself, rushing out of the living room.

After Aaliyah leaves, Silvia returns, putting her phone away. She looks around for Aaliyah and seems a bit nervous that Aaliyah isn’t around. She asks Emma where Aaliyah went.

When Emma responds with a flirtatious comment, Silvia becomes weak in the knees with arousal, though straightens back up and looks guilty. She quickly thanks Emma for her help that day and takes Emma by the shoulders, steering her towards the door. Emma smirks and takes her leave.  Silvia lets out a sigh of relief, though still looks conflicted.

The next day, both Aaliyah and Silvia are wracked with guilt over how they’ve been looking at Emma. They sit down to talk, confessing that they’ve been lusting for the babysitter and agree to fire her to protect their marriage. They invite Emma over.  An hour later, Emma arrives at the house. She cheerfully greets the wives, though her smile fades a bit when she sees Aaliyah and Silvia looking serious.

During Tempted By The Babysitter, they invite her in to sit down. The wives try to fire her, stating that they need to protect their marriage. Emma insists that they can have a threesome, since THAT wouldn’t be considered cheating. Aaliyah and Silvia are shocked, then enlightened. They turn to each other, marveling over how they never even considered that! It’d really make their lives a whole lot easier if they could just work out all that tension and have a bit of fun. They really DO need some private time together.

After a brief back and forth of checking in with each other to make sure a threesome is really okay, they eagerly agree.  Emma sure is one TEMPTING babysitter!!

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Girlsway Mom-Night Stand Katie Morgan

girlsway mom-night stand

Girlsway Mom-Night Stand
Katie Morgan and Morgan Rain

Katie Morgan is a naughty housewife. She’s been with her new husband for only a week and she’s already cheating on him! But as she shares the bed with a random college student, Morgan Rain, she’s confident that this will not come back to bite her.

They both travel in different circles, so once this one-night stand is over, they’ll never see each other again… Or so she thinks! A few days later, Katie is finally introduced to her new step-daughter, who couldn’t attend the wedding. To her horror, it’s none other than Morgan! Katie can’t believe this is happening — and that she still has the hots for Morgan.

She tries to behave herself but Morgan keeps tempting her. Although Katie tries her hardest not to fall into bed with Morgan again, she can’t resist… She already cheated once, so she may as well do it again!

When Morgan lifts Katie’s shirt and starts sucking on her breasts, all of Katie’s worries drift away. Soon enough, Katie’s once again tasting Morgan’s sweet pussy and loving it. It seems like what was meant to be a one-night stand is going to be anything but!

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An Appetizing Affair Isabelle Deltore

An Appetizing Affair

An Appetizing Affair
Dean Van Damme, Isabelle Deltore

I’ve had the pleasure of editing a couple of Isabella Deltore porn videos so I was delighted to see that she is now appearing in in Brazzers An Appetizing Affair.

Isabella and Dean Van Damme both cheat on their spouses at a business conference.  They sneak off to a quiet area and fuck each other senseless after flirting with each other over dinner.

Isabella Deltore Anal Video >>

Australian pornstar Isabella Deltore really has a smoking hot body.  The type of body that you would say was built for porn.  She has a petite frame with a great set of tits and a fuckable little ass.

Brazzers An Appetizing Affair will hit the members area of the Brazzers porn site on 28th August 2020.  Miss Deltore is generating a great number of new fans every month.  The combination of the Aussie accent and that wonder-body, is keeping her admirers glued to all her porn updates.

In An Appetizing Affair, you will get to see Australian porn queen, Miss Deltore get fucked in the ass and squirting her pussy juice all over the floor.  Her tiny little ass is quite something, and to see it be penetrated by a big cock, is a true piece of porn gold.

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His Best Friend’s Bedding Jasmine Jae and Danny D

His Best Friend's Bedding

His Best Friend’s Bedding
Jasmine Jae, Danny D

Jasmine Jae’s husband has been doing the dirty deed with her bestie… and he’s busted. She’s decided there is only one way to rectify the situation; by fucking his best friend, Danny D. It’s a real eye for an eye – or – cock for a cock, type situation.

And Jasmine is not shy when it comes to getting Danny’s cock deep down her throat. She sucks his big dick hard and furiously before he dives down and discovers her beautiful pierced pussy. Pearls! Jasmine takes all of Danny inside her and he rams her hard from behind. Jasmine rides Danny like a pro.

In His Best Friend’s Bedding, it seems they both forgot about the hubby watching sports in the other room. So much so, that Jasmine begs for Danny’s giant cock in her ass. Danny makes hot use of all of Jasmine’s holes until he cums all over her mouth and face and tits. And Danny’s bestie could not be prouder. Back to the game!

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Fixing My Daughters Boyfriend Michelle Thorne

Fixing My Daughters Boyfriend

Fixing My Daughters Boyfriend
Sam Bourne and Michelle Thorne

It’s alway a pleasure to see Brazzers use some British pornstars.  In Fixing My Daughters Boyfriend we have Sam Bourne and British busty blonde MILF Michelle Thorne together for an outrageous porno.

I really enjoy watching Michelle Thorne.  I have had the good fortune of editing her in several Fake Taxi and Female Fake Taxi videos in the past.  I really enjoy her sense of humour and her great big tits and ass.


In Brazzers Fixing My Daughters Boyfriend she is paired up with British male pornstar Sam Bourne.  She is playing a busty mom who finds out that Sam Bourne is not able to satisfy her daughters sexual needs.  Even though Sam has a big cock, Michelle tells him that he is not using it properly.

Miss Thorne takes Sam in to her bedroom while her daughter sleeps.  She shows him how to properly pleasure a women.  Michelle lets Sam play with her huge knockers and lick her pussy. She guides his tongue around her cliteros until he finds the right spot to make her cum.

Now that Sam has been taught how to fuck a real woman, he can’t wait to wake his girlfriend up and show her all his new moves.

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Brazzers Step Mom Top Rated Porn Videos

Brazzers Step Mom Top Rated Porn Videos
Ava Koxxx, Leigh Darby, Jeanie Marie Sulivan, Stevie Shae, Nikita Von James

Here’s my run down of some of the top rated Brazzers Step Mom porn videos that have been released over the last decade.  Hot step mom videos have really taken off ever since it was not considered to be a taboo subject.  Obviously it has to be a step mom and not a real mom to make this niche work.

There are plenty of great scenarios where a step son, or step daughter is left home alone with their new step mom.  I like the storylines where the step mom is teaching their new dependant how to really please a woman or how to properly suck a cock.  This normally involves the step mother joining in with a threesome.

brazzers step mom jordi

My Scissoring Stepmom stars Jordi El Nino Polla getting his big Spanish cock sucked and fucked by two big breasted British pornstars Ava Koxxx and Leigh Darby.  These two hot step moms were caught having lesbian sexy by Jordi.  When they noticed his erection, it re-ignited their lust for cock.  Jordi gets used like a sex toy by these two sex hungry moms dressed in sex black stockings and suspenders!

Brazzers step mom Marie Sulivan

Some would say that the ideal step mom would be a step mom that is a gamer.  Imagine if your hot new step mom is a secret gamer girl.  In Brazzers Stepmom’s Got Game, Oliver Flynn discovers that his dad’s new wife loves to play video games.  It was a great way to bond.  Playing video games with his hot young step mom, Jeanie Marie Sulivan, really turned him on.  It turned him on so much that it gave him an erection.  His cock became so hard that it popped out of his pants.

His gaming step mom took one look at his big cock and immediately went down on him and gave him the best blowjob of his life.  Oliver could not believe his luck.  He has a hot step mom who love gaming and loves sucking his bellend.

brazzers step mom threesome

I’m taking you back to 2013 for Seducing The Slutty Stepmom starring
Stevie Shae, Nikita Von James and Danny D.  This is a great threesome involving Danny D catching his step mom masturbating when she hears Danny fucking his girlfriend.  As soon as Danny sticks his massive cock inside Stevie Shae, she could not keep quiet.  Danny’s cock was far too big for her to handle.

All the sex noises coming from Danny’s bedroom made Nikita Von James’s pussy very wet.  She was surprised just how much she enjoyed listening to her step son fucking his girlfriend.  She could not stop the urge to stick her hands down her pants and play with her wet twat.  When Danny comes out his his bedroom to get some extra lube, he discovers his masturbating step mom.  Dany and Stevie invite her into the bedroom to join them in a steam slutty threesome.

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