Taking The Perfect Pelfie Scott Nails, Brixley Benz

Taking The Perfect Pelfie

Taking The Perfect Pelfie
Scott Nails and Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz finally makes her Brazzers debut.  She is welcomed to to her very first appearance in a hardcore Brazzers video by Scott Nails and his massive cock.

At the start of Taking The Perfect Pelfie we see Brixley Benz either taking photos of herself or recording a sexy video.  She is on her bed with her phone in her hand getting her small ebony boobs out.


Scott Nails is spying on her through a gap in the door.  He is enjoying watching Brixley posing for some sexy pics and video.  But when Brixley gets totally naked and starts masturbating, Scott cannot hold back and walks into the room.

Scott is her mums new boyfriend but that does not stop Brixley Benz seducing him into getting his cock out and finishing what she started. There’s no way that Mr Nails is going to be able to say no to fucking his girlfriend’s hot ebony daughter.

There is some great POV action in this Brixley Benz Brazzers debut.  Her tight pussy gets a good stretching from Scoot’s cock.  If somebody could let me know what a Pelfie is, I’d be very grateful.


Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate Jazmin Luv

Fucking His Girlfriend's Roommate

Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate
Johnny Castle and Jazmin Luv

Jasmin Luv is busy studying on her bed.  She is trying to do as much craming as possible,  She has important exams coming up very soon.  She is wearing some very bright green panties and her mind soon wonders from her studies to her pussy.


Jazmin Luv has not had sex for a while and is very jealous of her roommate who has been bragging about how much she loves fucking her boyfriend, Johnny Castle.  Johnny apparently has the biggest cock in college and her roommate gets to ride it as much as possible.

In Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate, when Johnny arrive early to take her out, Jasmin Luv takes the opportunity to see just how big Johnny’s cock really is.  She flirts with him a lot and invites him into her bedroom to help her study.  But Jasmin’s panties keep catching Johnny’s eye.  When teen Jasmin Luv spots Mr Castle looking at her ass, she offers him a proposition he can’t refuse.

Miss Luv tells Johnny that he can fuck her tight college teen pussy if he helps her with her studies.  She lifts up her skirt to reveal that sweet little pussy that Johnny has been craving for.

In Fucking His Girlfriend’s Roommate, Jasmine Luv, wearing pink socks and a yellow vest and no bra, pulls Johnny Castle’s pants down to expose his big cock.  It is indeed a big cock and Jasmine Luv was going to make sure that she makes to most of every inch of it.


Sneaky Shower Sex Gabbie Carter

sneaky shower sex

Sneaky Shower Sex
JMac, Gabbie Carter

Brazzers have treated us to two natural looking pornstars today.  I have already written 465 words about Indica Monroe’s Brazzers debut in Downblouse Yoga 2, and now we have Gabbie Carter in Sneak Shower Sex as well.

Gabbie gets undressed with the camera giving use extreme close ups of her big natural tits and great looking ass.  When she peels off her thong, you can almost smell that sweet looking pussy.  She walks into the shower room but walks straight into her boyfriends best friend already taking a shower.


The are both a little embarrassed to see each other naked, but Gabbie is intrigued by JMac’s big cock and wonders why t is already erect.  JMac explains that he enjoys masturbating in the shower, especially in the morning.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Gabbie Carter pushes him back into the shower, drops to her knees and starts sucking on Jmac’s cock.  this is a much better way to start the day rathe then jerking off.  When Gabbie has had enough cock sucking, she pours shower gel onto her big naturals and tells Jmac to rub it all over for her.  Watching her big 100% real tits getting soapy is a great piece of footage.

Once the soapy foreplay is over, Jmac’s cock is a hard as a rock and it has no problem sliding deep into Gabbie Carter’s soaking wet pussy.  They try as many sexual positions that they can in the small shower cubical before moving onto the bathroom floor.

In Sneaky Shower Sex, Brazzers certainly give us a lot of great visuals of Gabbie huge bouncy tits hanging and swinging as she gets well and truly pounded by Jmac and his rock solid cock.  They have no guilt whatsoever when Gabbie’s boyfriend comes back from the gym.  Gabbie just wipes spunk off her face and goes and makes breakfast.

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Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me

Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me

Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me!
Josh, Roxy Risingstar

Here’ a great Brazzers porn debut for the hot blonde Roxy Raisingstar. I have to be honest and say that I have never heard pf her, but I really wish I had.  I immediately found her on Twitter and scanned through her sexy timeline.   She currently only has 14,000 followers, but I imagine that it will double by the time this Brazzers Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me video is released.


Miss Risingstar looks fucking sexy as fuck in a see-through white long sleeved t-shirt.  You can see just how great her tits look every time she is facing the camera.  At the start of her Brazzers debut we find her doing some stretches in her tight blue yoga pants.  Her arse look incredible.  Her roommate is busy talking on the phone, it sound like he is talking to his girlfriend, trying to convince her that he does not find Roxy attractive…what a liar!

Roxy is not wearing a bra and her tis look delicious as the hand down.  She teases her male roommate by bending over and sticking her ass directly into his face.  He is stunned by just how great her ass looks in those tight yoga pants.  There’s no way that he is going to be able to resist fucking this hot flirtacious blonde.

The sex starts wit ha great shot of Roxy being fucked from behind with her white thong pulled to one side.  She didn’t waste time getting undressed, she just wanted her pussy fucked by a big fat cock.  She hasn’t had rough sex for a while and was going to take it while she can.

In Put Down The Phone And Fuck Me, I’m really glad that she keeps her through top on whilst she is fucked.  Her big natural boobs shake and bounce and really look sexy.  It is truly a wonderful sight watching Roxy Risingstar’s shaven pussy getting fucked.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her…I wonder if she does anal…fingers crossed!

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Strap-On For Some Cheating Part 1 and Part 2

Strap On For Some Cheating

Strap-On For Some Cheating Part 1 and Part 2
Scarlit Scandal, Mia Moore and Michael Vegas

Scarlit Scandal is having a steamy fling with the sexy Mia Moore, but what Mia doesn’t know is that Scarlit used to date her roommate, Michael Vegas. Before that little tidbit gets out into the open to complicate things, Scarlit sneaks up on Mia at the refrigerator and fucks her from behind with a strap-on.


After nearly getting caught by Michael, who reveals he wants to get back together with Scarlit, Scarlit and Mia enjoy more strap-on sex, pussy-eating, and intense scissoring. But after Scarlit goes to deal with Michael, Mia doesn’t exactly leave as expected. Will her curiosity get the better of her?

In Strap-On For Some Cheating, with Scarlit Scandal and Mia Moore having gotten away with steamy strap-on sex and scissoring, Scarlit goes to deal with Michael Vegas, who wants to get back together. When she heads to the bedroom, she finds Michael reclined on the bed with his cock at the ready. Scarlit can’t resist, and before she knows it, she and Michael are revisiting familiar fuck territory.


During Strap-On For Some Cheating, when an overly curious Mia decides to check on Scarlit, Michael hiding under the blankets can’t make up for his overt horniness, and he sneakily fucks Scarlit right under Mia’s nose. Mia, though, senses something’s amiss, and after she tosses the blankets back and catches Scarlit and Michael mid-fuck, all that’s left to do is leave them be to reconnect.

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Blindfolded Cheater Tru Kait

blindfolded cheater

Blindfolded Cheater
Angelo Godshack, Tru Kait

Haha, a great storyline set up here for Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater.  The sexy Tru Kait is a sexually frustrated housewife, looking to spice up her sex life.  She decides that the best way forward for her is to use a dating app for sex only.  Tru Kait is not interested in leaving her husband, as she loves him dearly, but she does need more cock in her pussy.

When she started searching through the dating app, she is alarmed to see that her husband is also on the app. Why is her husband, Angelo Godshack, also looking for other people to fuck?  Maybe she has also neglected the role between the sheets.


In Blindfolded Cheater, Miss Kait comes up with a great plan.  She decides to arrange a meeting with her husband in a hotel but not telling him that it is her that will be meeting him. She tells him that she wants him to be wearing a blindfold when she arrives as she does not want to give away her identity.

Angelo GodShack agrees to these demands as he has seen Tru’s amazing body on the app, with her face blurred and is happy to be given the chance to fuck that amazing body.  So if he has to be blindfolded, it thought it’s a small price to pay to get his cock in her sweet looking pussy.

When she arrives, she find her unsuspecting husband laying on the bed in the hotel room. He has kept to his word and is wearing a blindfold.  Tru Kait enters the room and doesn’t say a word.  She just slowly undresses herself and begins to rub Angelo’s growing cock.

The sex in this Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater is very in tense.  These two pornstars go hard and fast with each other to produce a stunning face paced sex scene.   Tru Kait certainly has the perfect body for this porn video and Angelo definitely has the sexual stamina to fuck Miss Kait all night long.

The final scene of this top porno, sees Tru Kait handcuffing her cheating husband to the bed and walking out of the hotel room.  I would love to find out how Angelo Godshack explained his way out of this sticky situation.

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Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand

Stepmom Lacey's Helping Hand

Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand
Lacey Bender

Here we go again with another awesome stepmom fucking her stepson porn video from Brazzers.  Lacey Bender is the sexy blonde step mom who needs a nice younger guys big cock deep in her sexually frustrated hole.

Watch Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand and see this sexy older woman suck on her husbands sons big penis.  She is in her knees enjoying every inch as she does her best to stick it down the back of her throat.  Lacey Bender has a filthy look on her face when she licks this big cock up and down its long shaft.


This hot stepmom doesn’t forget about the balls either.  She does her best to fit both balls in her mouth so she can suck on both of them at the same time.  She is a proper filthy slut of a step mom.

You gotta take the good with the bad in this life. The bad, for young Jason, is being stuck at home with an inconvenient hand injury. The good is getting some one on one time with his sexy and attentive stepmom, Lacey Bender.

Jason is trying to watch porn, but finds he can’t jerk off properly with his right hand being hurt. His dick only gets harder when Lacey comes in the room and does laundry, wearing a hot dress that leaves little to the imagination.

Lacey notices Jason’s hard dick poking up under his blanket and is immediately impressed and curious. When she realises that Jason won’t be able to finish himself off with his left hand, she makes the only compassionate choice, offering to give her stepson a good ball-draining fuck.

You will be able to see this fantastic Lacey Bender Brazzers debut video on October 13th, 2020.  You’ll be rewarded with your patients.  Stepmom Lacey’s Helping Hand is one of the those horny stepmom videos that will satisfy your cougar fucking needs.

I think you will enjoy this Lacey bender Brazzers debut porn video.  I think she is a good addition to the MILF niche.  Brazzers will surely be brining her back for more videos in the very near future.

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Cheating Whore Kiara Lord from Brazzers

kiara lord cheating whore

Cheating Whore
Kiara Lord

Well, could a porn video title  be anymore blunt and to the point?  What has Miss Kiara Lord done to deserve to be in a Brazzers video called Cheating Whore?  I’m surprised that this title has never been used before in the huge Brazzers archive of hardcore porn videos.

Kiara Lord stars with Raul Costa to being you a redheaded porn video to watch over and over again.  Her sexy pale body is looking so fucking fine when she is on all fours and getting her pussy pounded by Raul’s huge fat cock.

Raul is convinced that his sexy ginger girlfriend has been cheating on him.  Lately, she had been working late and coming home at strange times.  There’s no way that her office would be open so late.  So when she comes home one evening wearing a sexy short dress, he makes Kiara confess to having an affair at work.

Kiara Lord goes into graphic detail of how she gets her ginger pussy fucked after work by a colleague with a huge cock.  She explains that even though Raul has a big cock, the office guy is even bigger.  Expecting to be thrown out of the house, Kiara starts to pack her bags. But to her amazement, Raul pulls out his hard cock.  All this talk about her being fucked over a desk at work has actually turned him on.  She can’t believe it.

Kiara decides that she is not going to miss out on being fucked twice in one day by two different guy.  She gets on to her knees and gags on his cock and makes it very sloppy.  She gags all over his cock and Raul fucking loves it.  His bell end throbs and aches to be inserted into his cheating whore of a girls friends wet pink pussy.

If you enjoy watching ginger whores with pale skin and big tits, then Brazzers Cheating Whore starring Kiara Lord and Raul Costa with be right up your alley.  It is live on 15th October, 2020.

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