Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates

Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates
Xander Corvus, Codi Vore, Nolina Nyx

Here’s a Brazzers porn advert in the making if ever I saw one.  Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates starring Xander Corvus, Codi Vore and Brazzers debutant Nolina Nyx has the potential to become a click-through success across the porn tube networks.  The huge natural boobs of Codi Vore will draw anybody’s attention to a porn advert and the pretty looking face of Nolina Nyx, and I’m sure the Brazzers porn advert editors will be able to create something that you be seeing on the PornHub ad spaces in not time.

Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates

As I have mentioned above, Nolina Nyx is appearing in her very first Brazers video.  Nolina is a natural breasted starlet from Los Angeles.  She has a winning smile, awesome boobs and a prize winning ass.  With long brunette hair and a perfectly toned athletic body, I can see Miss Nyx returning to the Brazzers studios for many times to come.


In Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates we find Codi Vore and Nolina Nyx dressed in very tight workout gear.  They look like they are just about to go for a jog.  Both of them are not wearing appropriate boob support and watching them both jogging together would be an awesome sight coming towards you.  It transpires that it’s Xander Corvus’s birthday and his girlfriend has organised a short gift giving surprise moment in the kitchen.  Xander is not very impressed with the birthday gifts or having to wear a stupid party hat.

Xander’s hot roommates Codi Vore and Nolina Nyx take their turn to give him his birthday present.  He opens it up and to his surprise, it’s a Fleshlight!  He can’t believe it. He has always wanted one of those.  His girlfriend has no idea what it is.  She actually believes it is a pen holder for his office.  With the awkward birthday morning surprises over, Xander’s girlfriend heads off to work and Xander hits the shower.

Codi Vore Videos
Codi Vore Videos

In Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates, when Xander is in the shower, Codi and Nolina decide to give him one more present for his birthday.  They creep into the bathroom to watch Xander in the shower naked.

When he turns around and find them both topless, he realises that this is going to be the best birthday present ever.  He gets out of the show and let’s Codi and Nolina give him the best double blowjob ever.

The sex in Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates looks fucking awesome guys and girls.  As with all Codi Vore videos we get to see her bouncing those fucking huge natural tits when she rides Xander’s cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.  These two hot natural breasted babes take it in turns to get fucked by Xander Corvus in the bedroom.  It a fantastic threesome that I am sure will make a brilliant porn advert in the next few weeks or so.

The image of Codi Vore with two party hats hanging off her tits will certainly make a great eye catching sequence along with the moment when Xander’s girlfriend return home early to catch him fucking his big boobed roommates.

Anatomy Of A Sex Scene 4: Spaghetti Porn? Codi Vore

Anatomy Of A Sex Scene 4: Spaghetti Porn?
Michael Vegas, Codi Vore

Anatomy Of A Sex Scene 4 Spaghetti Porn

Ahh it’s great to see Codi Vore and her huge natural boobs appearing in another awesome looking Brazzers porn video.  She is wearing some cute knee high white socks with a yellow trim and those sexy nerd glasses really make Codi look very sexy indeed.  Every Codi Vore porn video I’ve seen features her at some stage getting topless and making her huge boobs bounce as much as possible.  I often wonder if she ever gets boob pain after making those big naturals swing and bounce so much during a pornshoot.


At Brazzers, we’re always on top of the latest porn trends and tropes, delivering the hottest content on the planet. We also try to be innovators, as you will learn after watching this scene. You’ve heard of Spaghetti Westerns, but have you ever heard of Spaghetti Porn?… No, probably not (admittedly, we’re not even sure if it’s a thing or not, but what the hell, right?).

In Anatomy Of A Sex Scene 4: Spaghetti Porn, if you like big natural tits and oil, well then maybe this will tickle your fancy! Watch alongside new stepdad Michael Vegas as Codi Vore’s big boobs bounce around while she attempts to play a video game, before Michael’s appetite for spaghetti quickly turns into an appetite for sex in this wild and wacky scene. Bon appetit!

This is Codi Vore’s 11th Brazzers porn video appearance.  All us big natural boobs fans love seeing her in Brazzers or RealityKings videos.  We know that we are in for a big boobs treat whenever we see Codi’s name appearing on the title.

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Behind The Curtain 2 Jenna Foxx Madi Meadows Codi Vore

Behind The Curtain 2
Jenna Foxx, Madi Meadows and Codi Vore

Behind The Curtain 2

We have not seen a genuine lesbian threesome for quite a while on Brazzers and in Behind the Curtain 2, they have more than made up for it!  Jenna Foxx, Madi Meadows and Codi Vore all star in this amazing new 3way interracial porn video.  I am happy to say that this new girl on girl on girl is going to be a huge hit for the Brazzers porn site.  It’s the first time we’ve seen Madi Meadows in a Brazzers video since December 2015…welcome back Madi!


It’s Codi Vore’s birthday and her girlfriend Jenna Foxx has decided to spoil her with a couples massage. They playfully strip naked in front of each other, before sexy masseuse Madi Meadows enters. Madi is horny and into both girls, so she decides to throw a little extra love into her massages.

You’ll love watching Madi Meadow using two hitachi wands to make Codi Core and Jenna Foxx cum with ease.  Madi is an expert when it comes to knowing just how to make women cum as quickly as possible.

She oils up Codi and Jenna, then alternates between massaging them… getting more and more intimate as she goes. Codi and Jenna can’t initially see what Madi is doing to the other girl, thanks to some carefully placed curtains, but Jenna eventually catches Madi eating Codi’s pussy. Rather than get mad that the masseuse is pleasuring her girlfriend, Jenna joins in and it becomes a hot, oily lesbian threesome.

If you are into lesbian porn, then you are in for a treat. Behind The Curtain 2 will tick all the boxes when it comes to satisfying the many lesbians porn fans out there.  Three hot pornstars that have no problem in eating pussy and getting knuckles deep in each other.  There are some incredible female orgasms that send shudders down each of their spines.  I’m really impressed with this video.

I believe that Jenna Foxx, Madi Meadows and Codi Vore all have great chemistry together and their natural tits look fantastic when all three are totally naked together.  Have you seen Behind the Curtain 1 starring Kerian Lee and Julia Cash?

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Brazzers Sex Inspector Codi Vore and Will Pounder

Brazzers Sex Inspector
Will Pounder and Codi Vore

brazzers Sex Inspector

Ahh it’s always a good morning when we get to see the wonderful big natural boobs of Codi Vore.  Her massive swinging titties have been gracing our screens for a couple of years now and her loyal fan base is on the rise.  In Brazzers Sex Inspector we get to see Codi Vore unleash those super heavy breasts during a sex scene with Will Pounder.


It’s just another day on the job for sex inspector Codi Vore, who checks in on Will Pounder to make sure his sex life is healthy, and that his answers are honest! This big natural beauty has her doubts as to how satisfied Will’s sex partners have been as of late, and she isn’t convinced he truly loves to eat pussy.

In Brazzers Sex Inspector, perhaps feeding him her panties will help answer the question? Or perhaps feeding him directly from the source instead will bring out the truth!

This is the 10th Brazzers appearance for Codi Vore (including compilations).  She is the go to pornstar when Brazzers are in need of a massive pair of juggs.  Miss Vore has also appeared in Reality Kings porn videos too.  This hot blonde with gigantic tits is from Las Vegas and the sun is happy to be in in full on lesbian videos or hardcore B/G scene too.

I’m already ready and waiting to see her again in any porn video where we get to witness those huge bouncing tits of hers.

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Brazzers This Party Needs Big Natural Tits Codi Vore

Brazzers This Party Needs Big Natural Tits

Brazzers This Party Needs Big Natural Tits
Codi Vore and Xander Corvus

Feast you eyes on the huge natural tits of the fabulous Codi Vore.  Her big boobs videos are going down a storm across the internet.  When she gets those huge fun bags bouncing, it’s hard to make them stop.  She must go home battered and bruised after riding soo much big cock in her tight pussy.  She is wearing a bright yellow top that cannot hold back her massive tits.


Xander Corvus is the male pornstar who is in charge of keeping thos huge natural whoppers under control.  He does his best, but once Codi Vore is in her cock riding rhythm, there’s nothing in the world that will stop her jumbo boobs rocking our world!

Brazzers This Party Needs Big Natural Tits Video Summary

When Xander Corvus invites his friends over to meet his new roommate and play a game of charades, Codi Vore is forced to come out of her shy shell to fit in. At first, Codi doesn’t know quite how to express herself, but with some encouragement from Xander.

In Brazzers This Party Needs Big Natural Tits,  with her confidence grows, and she starts to interpret her prompts in overtly sexual ways that emphasize her big natural tits, culminating with Codi sending unmistakable signals that she wants to take every inch of Xander’s cock in her wet pussy.

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Codi’s Errands Codi Vore

Codi’s Errands
Zac Wild, Codi Vore

Codi Vore is such a smoke show in her short skirt and low-cut top, that she can make an unsuspecting Zac Wild hard and horny- even when she’s hauling a trash bag down to the dumpster. Zac asks Codi if they could add each other on social media and Codi accepts.


In Codi’s Errands, she pulls up her profile and shows Zac all her favorite photos while pressing her luscious body against him. Zac can’t help himself – he grabs her juicy melon tits and squeezes them. Then they relocate to a place much more private than the building’s dumpster, where they can fuck as loudly as they want to.

In Depth Review of Codi’s Errands

The background is of a painted white wall, at the bottom of the wall there is a silver plug socket with an appliance plugged in. There is Zac Wild and Codi Vore in the photo. Codi Vore is standing by the wall, her hair is blonde with dark roots and the ends of her hair are slightly curled.

She has round glasses that have a small, thin frame and she has a small amount of makeup on with bronzed cheeks and pink lipstick. The Codi has a happy expression on her face, almost as if she is laughing. Her top is a light pink which has a scooped neck and short sleeves.  Miss Vore is showing off a lot of cleavage.  It’s difficult not to with those huge natural boobs.

She wears a skirt that has a black waistband and then a blue base colour with a pink floral pattern. The skirt is also layered with frills. The Zac has his back to the camera, his head is bald and he has no facial hair. He wears a grey top with short sleeves and it is fitted around the top of his arm.

Big Tits Shower Trick Codi Vore

Big Tits Shower Trick

Big Tits Shower Trick
Van Wylde and Codi Vore

When I visit Brazzers web site in the morning to look at the upcoming videos, it’s always a joy to see such a great looking thumbnail.  I get a little tingle in my stomach when I see that there is a potential porn video that will bring in some affiliate money.  This new Codi Vore video may do just that.


In Big Tits Shower Trick, seeing her huge natural boobs pressed up against the window of her shower room, is a great vision.  Also the fact that there is a blind man walking around whilst she is getting fucked is a stroke of genius.  I am a big fan of Codi and her giant natural boobs. I first noticed her on Twitter several months before she appeared in her Brazzers debut.

Codi posts some great candid videos on her twitter account to promote her Only Fans and Manyvids accounts.  she must be making a fortune by making the most out of her prized assets.

In Big Tits Shower Trick, we first find Miss Vore bouncing her big naturals at Van Wylde when he visits to deliver some parcels to her house.  Her blind husband is the not able to see her flirting outrageously with the delivery guy.  She is wearing a green vest that shows off her amazing cleavage.  The camera follows her into the shower room where she unleashes those massive boobs and pulls down her pants to reveal her big booty too.

Codi Vore has ordered a bright pink suction dildo for her shower, and it seems like she’s done it right under the nose of her poor blind husband. However, it’s just a ruse to get deliveryman Van Wylde into the house so that he can service Codi with his huge manhood, which is exactly what turns both Codi and her blind husband on.

After appearing initially conflicted at the thought of cucking a “blind” man, Van is unable to resist Codi’s big whooping natural tits. When he sneaks into the bathroom, thinking he’s evaded Codi’s husband, he finds her far more assertive than he imagined, all of which works for Van – until he gets confronted post-sex by both members of this kinky couple.

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My Trainer Loves Big Natural Tits

My Trainer Loves Big Natural Tits

My Trainer Loves Big Natural Tits!
Codi Vore and Summer Hart

Codi Vore announces that her trainer loves big natural tits, well I’ve got news for you Codi…so do I!!  Summer Hart isn’t the only one who would love to get their hands on your massive big boobs.  I think all lovers of huge real tits would love to bury their face in your juicy knockers.

In this Brazzers girl on girl porn video, Summer Hart and Codi Vore get in on during some personal one on one personal training.  Miss Hart can’t take her eyes off Codi’s big bouncy boobs.  Who can blame her?  A massive pair of babs is so very distracting.


Codi Vore’s personal trainer, Summer Hart, is both demanding and extremely horny. So when it comes to working out, Summer loves to correct Codi’s form to assert her authority while feeling up Codi’s big natural tits and juicy ass.

After putting Codi through some seductive yoga stretches, an exercise band work out, and skipping that make her tits fall out of her top, Summer decides that if Codi is going to get a real cardio workout, she needs to get fucked.

Luckily, Codi loves being dominated, so she relishes Summer smothering her with her tits and sitting on her face. From there, scissoring and intense orgasms replace supersets and squats, allowing Summer to give Codi the most intense workout she’s ever experienced.