Porn Confessions – I’ve Never Actually been on a Porn Set

Although I’ve been editing porn for nearly ten years and have over 46K Twitter followers, it actually pains me to say that I’ve never actually been on a porn set.

I think the closest I’ve actually come is visiting the building in Prague where Fake Hospital used to be filmed, but I was there when there was no porn being filmed, so that doesn’t count.

Me and Fake TaxiI’ve also taken a selfie with one of the original Fake Taxi cars when it was parked up in the production manager’s garden, but I’ve never actually witnessed any porn being shot at all.

But I am a porn video editor after all…so there’s little, if any point in my being on set at all. 

I have been invited a few times but the timing was not right, or circumstances changed and it never happened.

I did think about trying to talk myself into having a cameo role in a Fake Taxi scene.  I was hoping that I could just walk passed the taxi while the pornstar is being picked up at the same time, but I never plucked up the courage to ask.

I think something inside me wants to be able to look back one day and say that I was actually on a porn set or I was actually in a porn video.

So who know’s, one day, when the COVID-19 lock-down has been lifted I may revisit this and see if I can blag my way on to a porn set and blog about my experience.