Brazzers Carly Rae My Boyfriend Or His Brother?

Brazzers My Boyfriend Or His Brother? Carly Rae, Danny D and Jordi El Niño Polla

British blonde pornstar Carly Rae Summers loves her Spanish boyfriend… but she also loves big dick! So when she accidentally walks in on her boyfriend’s older brother coming out of the bathroom, she can’t help but look at the monster dick dangling between his legs.

Danny D lets her stroke it, but she resists temptation and runs back to her boyfriend’s bedroom. The sight of Danny D’s huge white British penis has her so turned on she fucks Jordi El Nino Polla harder and nastier than she ever has before.

But Danny’s not done teasing her – he looks into his step brother’s bedroom and flashers his huge dong in Carly Rae’s face. This time Carly can’t resit the need to go and play with that lengthy manhood. She follows Danny back to his bedroom and satisfies her big bell-end craving.

Caught Fucking in Public Washrooms

Caught Fucking in Public Washrooms is a Brazzers compilation of clips featuring porn stars fucking in public toilets.

Most of these clips are of sexy pornstar having sex in toilets, or as the American’s would say…Washrooms.  I first saw this porn advert on PornHub in May 2017.  The first image is of Danny D sticking his massive cock through a glory hole.  I thought this was just going to be a porn ad advertising glory hole videos, but as the porn ad plays out, I realised that it is a compilation of different toilet porn scenes all rolled in to one.

So it’s not just Danny D fucking Alessa Savage.  This porn ad video also show a lesbian threesome, a lesbian strap on sex scene and some awesome squirting footage too.

But the most recognisable toilet porn scene in this porn ad is called Boss’s Bratty Daughter starring Alessa Savage & Danny D.  In this scene, Danny D is fucking British Teen pornstar Miss Savage in the washroom.  They get interrupted while having sex, but they just carry on fucking.


Die Hard Fucker Harder DigitalPlayground

Die Hard Fucker Harder is a porn advert from DigitalPlayground that is promoting their new Die Hard porn parody porn video.

Danny D looks to be the man in the vest pretending to be Bruce Willis in this Dies Hard porn XXX Parody.  In this very short porn advert, you get to see squirting, gun shots, twerking and a great blowjob shot.

DigitalPlayground always go the extra mile to get their porn parodies looking authentic and spend quite a bit of money producing them.  They have been doing this kind of porn parody for a number of years now.

So if you have been a fan of the last 4 Die Hard films, you may want to see what the film look like when they have real hardcore porn scenes in them.

Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4 Danny D and Abigail Mac

OK folks it’s time for more Power Banger XXX action from Brazzers.  This Power Rangers porn parody has really been a huge success.  The cosplay fans must be jizzing in their pants over this awesome porn series.

Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 4 see’s Abigail Mac star as the Yellow Banger.  Her fit body loos out of this world in her tight fitting yellow Power Banger outfit.  This best thing about this Power Rangers porn parody episode is that Abigail Mac is able to keep her outfit on ad just get fucked through a whole in her crutch.

It’s so nice to see a super hero getting fucked in her super hero outfit. It’s what the cosplay porn fans really want to see.  Their is no point in dressing up a sexy pornstar in a sexy super hero outfit, only for her to take it off during the sex.

So when the Yellow Banger is fighting Danny D, her tight fitting trousers develop a hole and exposes her pussy.  This distracts her arch enemy and she is able to defeat him.  But with her pussy exposed, she notices that there is a huge bulge in Danny D’s pants.  Even as arch enemies, there has always been sexual tension between them.  With Danny’s erection showing no signs of subsiding, and Abigail’s pussy ready and waiting, these two cosplay role players start fucking.

Danny D is able to fuck Abigail Mac without taking her outfit off.  The hole in her uniform is in a perfect position for him to be able to fuck her brains out is any position that he chooses.

I’m already looking forward to Brazzers Power Bangers episode 5 – I’m guessing that it will be a gangbang scene.

Check out the other episodes in this series.

Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 1
Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 2
Brazzers Power Bangers: A XXX Parody Part 3


Brazzers Fuck Romance Moka Mora

Brazzers Fuck Romance Moka Mora

What better way to make your Brazzers porn debut than getting your pussy fucked hard by Danny D and his huge 12 inch cock.

If you are a female and you are looking for a sex club, then you will be pleased to hear that you can be fucked hard too.  Its not just seeding guys and sexually frustrated businessmen that visit sex clubs these days.  More and more women are desperate to find sexual gratification by whatever means necessary.

Moka Mora is on the look for a sex club that can make her cum like she has never cum before.  Fed up with the normal everyday sex life, she is in the search for something different.  Will she be able to find a guy that can fuck her and give her multiple orgasms?

When she hears that there is such a place, she dresses in her sluttiest clothes she can find.  She wears very short denim cut down shorts.  You can see the bottom of her arse cheeks as she walks into the sex club.

Moka Mora is not interested in romance.  She just wants a no strings attached hard fuck.  She just wants to get her thrills and go home sexually satisfied.

So when she peeps through her first glory hole, she catches a glimpse of Danny D’s fully erects 12 inch cock.  This is what she has been looking for.  She pay’s her money and enters Danny’s booth.  She takes her time to cock worship it, before taking as much of it as she can down her throat.  She gags hard, but she is determined to make the most of this fine specimen of a penis.

Moka Mora loves being fucked from behind.  She bends over a chair and let’s Danny use her pussy like a slut hole.  She doesn’t care that she has just paid a man for sex.  She believes that it has been worth every penny as Danny unleashes his cum all over her pretty little face.


Brazzers Gamer Heaven Cathy Heaven

Brazzers Gamer Heaven Cathy Heaven gets fucked by her step son Danny D.

It’s another quality example of Step mom fucking her step son from Brazzers.  This time it’s combined with the gamer niche.  But in this Brazzers episode, the gamer is not a sexy gamer chick.  Danny D is playing the role of Cathy Heaven’s spoilt step son.  He is always used to getting his own way in life.

Cathy is desperate for her new step son to like her.  She thinks that if she can get a good relationship with him, then her new husband will be impressed by her.

So as a present, Cathy gives Danny a new gaming console.  Danny doesn’t even say thank you.  He just sits there all day and plays games.  He does not engage with his sexy step mom with big tits.  So Cathy has to try other measures to try and get Danny D to like her.

In this new Brazzers Gamer Heaven scene she starts to dress in very sexy and revealing clothing.  This does not work.  Danny is still too busy playing computer games to notice how sexy his new step mom is.  Cathy Heaven has to take things one step further.   This time she walks in front of the computer screen totally naked.  Her big tits are now in Danny’s face.  He cannot ignore her now.

Eventually Danny puts his game control box down and grabs Cathy by the tits.  His sexual feelings for his step mom are suddenly awakened.  What happens next between a step mom and her step son will remain a secret from her husband.  But one thing is for sure…they will be fucking a lot more often.


Brazzers Anal Queen Escort Phoenix Marie & Danny D

Brazzers Anal Queen Escort Phoenix Marie & Danny D

Danny D is staying overnight in a strange town for business, and someone’s left a card in his hotel room: Anal Queen Escorts. Thinking it’s a prank from one of his colleagues, Danny gives them a call.

However, he discovers the alluring Phoenix Marie on the other end – and she’s talking dirty about stuffing his dick in her other end. It sounds so hot that he hires her to come over for a royal ass-pounding. Does Danny know what he’s getting into for one night with an Anal Queen?

This Brazzers video is a porn advert video waiting to be made, surely?

Brazzers Locked Out Danny D & Sidney Alexis

Brazzers Locked Out Danny D and Sidney Alexis

Sidney Alexis is making her Brazzers debut.  What a way to start.  She gets her tight pussy pounded by Danny D and his 12 inch cock.

Sidney loves her private swimming pool. Every day she enjoys a skinny dipping and tanning naked. But today she she’s accidentally locked herself out of her house! She shows up on her neighbour’s doorstep still dripping wet and asking to borrow his phone. Danny is a happily married man, but one look at those big naturals has him risking it for a friendly neighbourly fuck

Brazzers Vaginal Stimulation: A ZZ Medical Study

Vaginal Stimulation: A ZZ Medical Study Danny D and Abella Danger

Abella has gone to see Dr. D because nothing seems to be stimulating her vagina. While Abella is extremely sexually active and, her pussy just won’t respond. She wants her poon to be dripping wet while she gets banged, but nothing seems to work!

Can Dr. D use the medical tools at his disposal to give this slut the ultimate orgasm she’s been waiting for?

Your Slut Sister Loves My Joystick

Your slut sister loves my joystick. Porn ad.

Your slut sister loves my joystick!! is a brazzers porn ad where two guys are gaming when the sister teases the friend, one of the guys goes to grab some water bottles and when he comes back his friend is cuming on the girl.

This is a porn advert aimed at geeks that play games on XBox or PlayStation. There is a big niche on Gamer Girls so this will help satisfy that need.

The original video is called The Best Distraction and the pornstars are Danny D & Alex Blake

Here the official scene description :-

Alex is bored and wants attention from her brother’s friend, but her brother is being a huge cock blocker. Little does he realize his teenage sister won’t let anything come between her and a hard fuck.