Caught Naked For Strangers Desiree Dulce

Caught Naked For Strangers
Quinton James, Desiree Dulce

Caught Naked For Strangers

I really love the look of Desiree Dulce’s magnificent cleavage.  When she is sitting at her gaming set up her tits look fantastic.  In Caught Naked For Strangers she is one of the sexiest gamer girls on the planet.  No wonder she is one of the most watching gamer girlfriends in the world.  Sitting in a pink vest with no bra on, Desiree is a real piece of eye candy for the online gaming community.


In Caught Naked For Strangers, hot brunette Desiree Dulce is an online gamer superstar and it’s easy to see why. Her fans like to watch her play, but if the tips are good, sometimes she will give them a bit more for their money, flashing her big titties and pierced nipples, showing off her perfect body for them and making herself cum while she gives them good JOI.

If only she was more careful and had waited for her husband Quinton James to leave the house before indulging in her exhibitionism. But nope! And she got caught. Here’s the twist: the thought of Desiree wanting to get fucked by a bunch of different cocks actually turns him on. Our girl notices how hard it makes him and she is ready to go at this point and will give Quinton one hell of a ride for his boner.

This must be a no brainer for most gaming babes.  Getting an army of gaming fans and then seducing them into paying for see her tits is a surefire winner.  Mixing porn with computer gaming is also a niche to promote.  Who doesn’t like the fantasy of thinking you’re getting a private show from one of the hottest gamer chicks in the world.  The Brazzers wardrobe department have done a great job in making Desiree Dolce look like the perfect gamer girl fantasy woman.

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Brazzers Shower Swap Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce

Brazzers Shower Swap
Phoenix Marie, Desiree Dulce and Quinton James

brazzers shower swap

When it comes to threesomes, you will be really happy to see that Brazzers have put Phoenix Marie and Desiree Dulce together.  We all Phoenix as the busty, blonde Amazonian looking pornstar, and now we get to see her having sex with Desiree Dulce and Quinton James.


In Brazzers Shower Swap, Phoenix Marie is left feeling disappointed when Quinton James cuts their morning sex short, cumming quickly before he heads to the shower to get ready for work.

Quinton’s roommate, Desiree Dulce, however, is in a rush too, and when he doesn’t want to let her shower first, she says “Fuck it!” and joins him… which obviously leads to a sneaky shower blowjob!

What will Phoenix do when she finds out? Well, get them both to finish the job in the bedroom by having a wild threesome, of course!

That’s all I have time for today, folks.  I’m up to my eyeballs editing porn some some sexy new clients.  It’s all fun so I can’t complain.  It just means that I have less time to write 350+ words per porn blog post. I hope you enjoy Brazzers Shower Swap.

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen Desiree Dulce

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen starring Quinton James and Desiree Dulce.

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen

If there was to be another Yoga Freaks episode from Brazzers to be released, then we should be grateful that they have given us Desiree Dulce in sheer yoga pants.  She stands on pink yoga pants and stretches her full body out.  Touching her toes, showing off her beautiful ass and generally making sure that the camera gets to see her body in all its glory.


I’m going to struggle to write the minimum 300 words about Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen.  I think I have written plenty already on the previous 14 Yoga Freak episodes, but I’ll do my best.  I have already said that Desiree Dulce is wearing tight, pink, sheer yoga pants.  She is also wearing a white thong underneath that is tight in her butthole.  Miss Dolce wears a white vest to finish off a very sexy yoga outfit.

Desiree Dulce Flirts with Yoga Instructor

Her yoga instructor is Quinton James.  He always looks forward to his yoga session with Desiree Dulce because she always flirts with him.  But he is a married man so he has been able to resist her sexual advances.  But today, her body looks too good to resist.  As soon as Desiree stretches her boobs out in front of his face, Quinton wraps both hands on her boobs and squeezes them as much as he can.

In Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen, Desiree has finally gets his man.  She takes great pleasure in finally tempting Quinton into getting his hands all over her body.  When he slips his hands into her sheer yoga pants, he could feel just how wet her pussy was. Desiree Dolce drops to her knees and gives her yoga instructor a sloppy blowjob.

Brazzers have also given us that great moment of seeing Quinton rip open her yoga pants to reveal that amazing looking ass.  There is some great fucking over a yellow inflatable workout ball.  This is a Brazzers video where we get to see that fantastic body of Desiree Dolce.

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Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife Kimber Woods Desiree Dulce

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife
Kimber Woods and Desiree Dulce

Gamer girl porn videos are still very popular on the internet.  all the nerds and geeks have that fantasy of having a sexy gamer girlfriend who love to play video games wearing hot pants with plenty of cleavage on show. [ FULL VIDEO HERE ]  It this Brazzers Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife porn video, we have two married lesbians Kimber Woods and Desiree Dulce.  Kimber is the gamer girl and Desiree is her hot business women wife.

Miss Dulce is fed up with the amount of time that Kimber spends on the game console, so she tries to ease her off it by selling the gaming chair.  But Kimber is too addictive and just finds another chair.  So Desiree has to change tactics.  She uses her sexual prowess tempt Kimber off the gaming in console and into bed.

I love the outfit that Brazzers have given Kimber Woods.  She really suits the gamer girl look.  Wearing thigh high socks, a white thong, red vest and pink gamer headphones, she certainly looks the part.  I’m not sure what the yellow game console controller is.

Desiree is wearing a smart, black business woman suit with a purple silky blouse underneath.  Her hair is very long and straight.  These two pornstars create a great blonde on brunette lesbian porn video.

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife – Summary

The sexy Kimber Woods loves gaming, but her snobby wife Desiree Dolce is always on her back about it. To dissuade Kimber from gaming, Desiree has their couch removed, but Kimber just grabs a chair and keeps on going.

Having enough, Desiree decides to show Kimber what her excessive gaming is making her miss out on… some pussy licking and mind-blowing lesbian sex! Desiree even breaks out a strap-on dildo to fully capture Kimber’s attention. It’s “game over” for Kimber’s gaming addiction.

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Deeply In Desiree Desiree Dulce

Deeply In Desiree

Deeply In Desiree
Xander Corvus, Desiree Dulce

Xander Corvus is a lucky male pornstar.  Not only does he have a great looking beard, but he also gets to fuck hot women like Desiree Dulce.  What a woman!! We find Miss Dulce teasing us wearing a sexy set of electric blue lingerie.  She strokes her legs, tits and slowly and gently strokes her pussy through her blue panties.  Desiree Dulce is give us those come to bed eyes.


In Deeply In Desiree she is waiting in bed for her man to come and fuck her brains out.  Desiree strips totally naked to show off that outstanding looking body.  The bed sheets are already messy after she got tired of waiting and went about pleasing herself with her fingers.  Now That Xander has arrived, she can get pleasure again by his big cock.

The cameraman gives us a great close up of Xander Corvus’s erect cock with the shocked face of Desiree in the background.  I thought this was a clever shot to get.  When Mr Corvus makes his way to the bed, Miss Dulce immediately gets on her knees and starts to devour her man’s cock.  She had ben waiting too long to finally get his cock in her mouth.

The bedroom is painted in a bright white that matches the gleaming white bedsheets.  This gives this Deeply In Desiree video a really nice bright look to it without looking over exposed.  The large brown headboard gives it a nicely balanced contrasted feel.

Xander gathers Desiree’s hair up in his hand and performs a great throat fucking sequence half way through the trailer.  I believe that there is very little storyline to this latest Desiree Dolce Brazzers video.  With a body like her’s I don’t think there is much point in wasting too much time before getting her completely naked. It’s what we all want to see as soon as possible!

When Xander starts fucking Desiree in the doggy style position, you will see how horny she is.  Her pussy begins to creamy and her sexual moans and groans sound very genuine.  This trailer is a good old fashioned example of two great naked pornstars having sex on a bed.  No bells and whistles, no silly storylines, just hot unapologetic sex.


Cherie And Jenna Get Off Online
Cherie Deville, Jenna Foxx

The sexy Cherie DeVille and Jenna Foxx have gone without sex for too long and something’s gotta give! The girls catch up with each other via video chat and their dry sex lives quickly come up.


Cherie admits that she’s had to do some retail therapy to satisfy herself, and shows off her recent sex toy purchases to an intrigued and turned on Jenna. The ladies are soon egging each other on to use their toys on camera for each other’s pleasure. They end up coming together through the magic of technology!

Brazzers Delicious Dulce HD Porn Video

Brazzers Delicious Dulce

Brazzers Delicious Dulce
Kyle Mason, Desiree Dulce

Here’s the ultra sexy Desiree Dulce starring in Brazzers Delicious Dulce.  Her body is one of the hottest you will get to see naked and being fucked.  If you want a prime example of a top rated pornstar getting down to business then this brand new Desiree Dulce HD porn video is just right for you.

Desiree Dolce is a smoking hot babe. Shirtless in her red leather jacket and black denim cut offs, she is a treat to look at and fuckable beyond. As she touches her perfect tits and playfully puts her hands down her pants, you know what she wants. And she wants it now.


In Brazzers Delicious Dolce, it’s a good thing Kyle Mason shows up to help her with her need to cum. She gets on her knees quick to suck his big cock and see how far down her throat she can take it, and she fucking loves it.

She gives him a sloppy wet blow job before moving to the couch and getting her pussy eaten. Kyle fucks her hard and deep until he cums all over Desiree’s face and she makes sure not to waste one single drop.

This Brazzers Delicious Dulce porn video goes live on the Brazzers Network on 3rd September, 2020.  I, for one, cannot wait!

Sex on the Syllabus Desiree Dulce Ricky Spanish

sex on the syllabus

Sex on the Syllabus
Ricky Spanish and Desiree Dulce

It’s back college for Ricky Spanish. In Brazzers Sex on the Syllabus, he gets to fuck his hot brunette substitute teacher, Desiree Dulce.

During the sex education lesson, Desiree plays a video showing the main concept of reproduction. It was a little too graphic in some places, but the whole class seemed to be paying attention.  Apart from Ricky Spanish.  Desiree Dulce notice that he was jerking off under his desk whilst watching the sex education video.


Miss Dulce could not believe that watching one of her students masturbating actually turned her on.  She catches Ricky’s eye and gestures towards the back room.  Ricky slams his cock back into his pants and follows Desiree into the private backroom.

Ricky was very surprised to find her already dropping to her knees and starting to suck his cock.  He though he was there to get suspended from college.  Ricky Spanish makes the most of this opportunity to fuck a sex substitute teacher.  It is one of his sexual fantasies!

Brazzers Sex on the Syllabus will be released on August 9th, 2020 on the Big Tits at School brand.  Look for the excellent piece of oral sex on the desk sequence…fantastic!