Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen Desiree Dulce

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen starring Quinton James and Desiree Dulce.

Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen

If there was to be another Yoga Freaks episode from Brazzers to be released, then we should be grateful that they have given us Desiree Dulce in sheer yoga pants.  She stands on pink yoga pants and stretches her full body out.  Touching her toes, showing off her beautiful ass and generally making sure that the camera gets to see her body in all its glory.


I’m going to struggle to write the minimum 300 words about Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen.  I think I have written plenty already on the previous 14 Yoga Freak episodes, but I’ll do my best.  I have already said that Desiree Dulce is wearing tight, pink, sheer yoga pants.  She is also wearing a white thong underneath that is tight in her butthole.  Miss Dolce wears a white vest to finish off a very sexy yoga outfit.

Desiree Dulce Flirts with Yoga Instructor

Her yoga instructor is Quinton James.  He always looks forward to his yoga session with Desiree Dulce because she always flirts with him.  But he is a married man so he has been able to resist her sexual advances.  But today, her body looks too good to resist.  As soon as Desiree stretches her boobs out in front of his face, Quinton wraps both hands on her boobs and squeezes them as much as he can.

In Yoga Freaks Episode Fifteen, Desiree has finally gets his man.  She takes great pleasure in finally tempting Quinton into getting his hands all over her body.  When he slips his hands into her sheer yoga pants, he could feel just how wet her pussy was. Desiree Dolce drops to her knees and gives her yoga instructor a sloppy blowjob.

Brazzers have also given us that great moment of seeing Quinton rip open her yoga pants to reveal that amazing looking ass.  There is some great fucking over a yellow inflatable workout ball.  This is a Brazzers video where we get to see that fantastic body of Desiree Dolce.