Porn Editor Flying a DJI Mavic Mini in his Spare Time

Flying a DJI Mavic Mini

As you can probably tell by the weak title to this porn blog post, I am running out of ideas to write about, so I will talk about Flying a DJI Mavic Mini in my spare time.  I know…it’s not the most interesting of articles I’ve ever written, but I need to update this blog!

I Fly a DJI Drone

I’ve been flying a drone around the skies of Kent, UK , and putting them on my Instagram account for about 7 years now.  My first drone was a DJI Phantom Vision 2+.  I really got into drones when I watched footage of drones on YouTube.  I was lucky enough to have saved a bit of cash and treated myself, much to the horror of the wife.  She couldn’t believe how much money I spent on ‘a toy’.

I was convinced that I could become a YouTube star by showing off some of my drove videos, BUT I never realise that there was actually rules involved when flying a drone.  There are strict rules around where you can and cannot fly.  So my dream of flying over the Canterbury cathedral were dashed early on.

I also never thought about how hard a DJI Phantom would be to fly in the good old British weather.   It’s not a good idea to fly a drone in windy conditions and especially not in the rain.

I’m now Flying a DJI Mavic Mini

I now have a much cheaper DJI Mavic Mini that I absolutely love to fly.  It’s compact, light, east to set up, simple to carry around.  I have already captured some much better aerial video using the Mavic Mini than I ever did with my Phantom Vision.

Costing just over £400 I feel the Mavic Mini is an absolute bargain.  I have no need to have anything more expensive than that.  There are some great other DJI drones on the market, but I have no need to spend over £1000 for the type of video and photos that I take. I basically just take photos and record videos for my Instagram account.

I often think about creating a YouTube account and make some interesting drove video for YouTube, but I remember just how much footage is required to make a 8-10 minute drone video and to keep the viewers interest.  I’ll think about it some more…maybe there’s room for a DJI Drone Onlyfans page, LOL