Taking The Perfect Pelfie Scott Nails, Brixley Benz

Taking The Perfect Pelfie

Taking The Perfect Pelfie
Scott Nails and Brixley Benz

Brixley Benz finally makes her Brazzers debut.  She is welcomed to to her very first appearance in a hardcore Brazzers video by Scott Nails and his massive cock.

At the start of Taking The Perfect Pelfie we see Brixley Benz either taking photos of herself or recording a sexy video.  She is on her bed with her phone in her hand getting her small ebony boobs out.


Scott Nails is spying on her through a gap in the door.  He is enjoying watching Brixley posing for some sexy pics and video.  But when Brixley gets totally naked and starts masturbating, Scott cannot hold back and walks into the room.

Scott is her mums new boyfriend but that does not stop Brixley Benz seducing him into getting his cock out and finishing what she started. There’s no way that Mr Nails is going to be able to say no to fucking his girlfriend’s hot ebony daughter.

There is some great POV action in this Brixley Benz Brazzers debut.  Her tight pussy gets a good stretching from Scoot’s cock.  If somebody could let me know what a Pelfie is, I’d be very grateful.


Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits

Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits

Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits
Van Wylde, Halle Hayes

Watch Halle Hayes get fucked in the laundry room.  I think Brazzers have done a bit of data analyse and noticed that the roommates keyword search has generated a lot of traffic and sales.  Roommates fucking has seen a surge in google traffic for me, so hopefully Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits can bring more affiliate sales too!


Halle Hayes big black tits are on display as she parades around the house in a blue vest.  Her tits are trying their very best to burst out.  She love to tease her roommates using her great boobs.  She knows that Van Wylde loves to look at her tits all day.

So when she is bending over the washing machine, Van Wylde makes his moves and start rubbing hi cock up and down her tight ass and makes his cock erect.  Miss Hayes responds by pushing her arse against him to let him know that she is willing to let him fuck her against the washing machine.

When Halle Hayes decided to find a roommate, she was looking for someone mature. Enter: Van Wylde – a lazy slob and frat bro who is hardly a model tenant. Halle, who likes to keep some semblance of order, feels the need to pick up after Van, which often means doing his laundry.

In Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits, when Halle finds Van chilling in his bedroom with a tube sock over his cock, she’s both shocked by the display and impressed with the size of his dick; however, when Halle pulls off the sock to inspect it, all the cum it contains spills onto her face. This sends her to the laundry room with Van right behind her, and he takes the opportunity to tease her pussy while she’s kneeling in front of the machine.

During Roommates With Fuck Buddy Benefits, Halle encourages intense fucking as she continues to do chores, which satisfies her sexual urges and hopefully reinforces some more considerate behavior from Van.

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Spy Gets Sneaky Ride Jenna Foxx

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride
Steve Holmes, Jenna Foxx

Creepy old guy Steve Holmes (sorry Steve) is back again and this time he’s getting his old man hands on Jenna Foxx’s hot young ebony body.  Jenna was happily enjoying her alone time with her vibrator when Steve Holmes falls out of the closet holding a video camera.

In Spy Gets Sneaky Ride he quickly runs of to the bathroom to try and finish his wank, but he is caught by Jenna who would rather he finishes off in her black girls pussy.   How could Mr Holmes resist such an offer from such a much younger girl.

At the beginning of Spy Gets Sneaky Ride we find Jenna Foxx with her legs wife open and a purple vibrator getting to work on her clit.  She is letting out some moans and groans as he is getting closer to orgasm.  The camera gets a great close up of her pulsating pussy as Miss Foxx tries to force out and early orgasm.

She is getting closer and closer to orgasm when she suddenly realises that she is being watch from inside her closet.  She calls Steve Holmes a fucking sick pervert for spying on her.  She can believe that she has been filmed masturbating on her bed.

But as I’ve already explained, Jenna Foxx isn’t completely mad about the whole situation.  In fact she is quietly happy to find Steve with his cock hanging out.  She dashes to the bathroom before Steve has time to cum with his hands.

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride, hot ebony babe, Jenna Foxx wants Steve to fuck her pussy and make her cum.  It’s always more sexually satisfying to have a genuine big cock making her cum rather than her purple dildo.

She manages to find Steve in the bathroom with his trousers around his ankles, so she gets on her knees and sticks his cock deep down her throat.  She sucks his cock really had and fast.  Steve Holmes can’t believe his luck.  Looking down to find a gorgeous young black babe going to town on his bell end.

To make sure that Jenna makes the most of having a big cock to fuck, she takes Steve back into her bedroom to fuck him on her bed.  He rides him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then makes him fuck her in the missionary position with the vibrator rubbing her pussy.

I loved the view of Jenna Foxx’s natural tits hanging down in front of the camera in this Spy Gets Sneaky Ride video.  Her natural boobs are a breath of fresh air.  Jenna is a really good all natural ebony porn performer.

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Handled With Care Ana Foxxx and Isiah Maxwell

handled with care

Handled With Care
Ana Foxxx, Isiah Maxwell

OK, so it’s 0530 in the morning and I’ve decided to get straight onto the blog.  This morning I’m greeted with Handled with Care starring ebony babe Ana Foxxx and black male pornstar Isiah Maxwell.  The initial start up screenshot is of Miss Foxxx in a pair of nylon stockings and having water poured over her.

The opening shots are of a topless Ana Foxx playing with her small boobs.  She is doing a little dance to the camera.  Topless and wearing some very hot see through nylon pantyhose.  Ana wiggles her cute little butt and she knows how to make the most of it.


In Brazzers Handled With Care her boyfriend Isiah Maxwell arrives and places a blindfold over her eyes and she waits for him to play with her sexy black body.  The action then cuts away and we find Ana Foxx in a different outfit.  This time she is wearing electric blue lingerie and is busy masturbating like crazy, desperately trying to make herself cum, she even has a butt plug inserted in her fine looking ass.

Next comes a POV blowjob where Ana gives Isiah a wet sloppy blowjob and gets as much of his big black cock down her throat as she possibly can.  Once his BBC is as hard as a rock, the fucking can begin.

During Handled With Care, Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx fuck each other hard on the sofa.  His big cock gets buried into her wet pussy and makes her cum on several occasions.  There is a stunning shot of Ana riding cowgirl and spreading her arse cheeks to give a great view of her butt hole.

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Gaming Gets Jenna Horny – Jenna Fox

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny

Gaming Gets Jenna Horny
Jenna Fox

I’m starting to wonder whether it’s actually worth adding these Brazzers solo girl videos to my porn blog.  To be honest they are the worst performing blog posts in terms of search engine results.  It seems as though nobody is interested searching  for these COVID 19 isolation type masturbation videos.

So I’m not going to waste too much time in reviewing and describing this ebony gaming pornstar sex toy video.  It’s Jenna Fox playing on her games console and then getting very horny and deciding to get her wand out and play with her pussy.

I suppose this Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video is appealing towards those guys and girls who fantasise about having a gamer girlfriend who will have sexy whilst playing computer games.  There has been a growing gamer girlfriend niche that always needs catering for.


Jenna Foxx is playing an online game with some friends; her webcam shows her chilling in a cute loungewear outfit. After a few minutes of gaming, Jenna says goodbye to her team and disconnects from the game.

Jenna then strips down and starts playing with her pussy (with her hands and some toys). Gaming and masturbation make a great combo… but she should probably double check her webcam!

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Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen Zaawaadi

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Wow, what a way to make your Fake Taxi debut.  This amazing African pornstar is called Zaawaadi.  She definitely only needs one name.  You won’t be forgetting the name Zaawaadi in a hurry.  This new African pornstar has a fucking awesome body and she loves hard rough sex too.  She certainly gets what she wants from Big Dave in the back of his Fake Taxi.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot more of this crazy big bootie African babe.  She really made me laugh whilst editing this video.  If she continues to shake that sweet black ass, then she is going to be a real fans favourite in no time at all.

Here’s what I wrote about Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen for FakeTaxiForum.com

Big Dave is back and he’s in for a treat when he picks up African Queen Zaawaadi. She is an ebony babe with a fantastic body on her. After fooling around about wanting to go on Safari in the taxi, Zaawaadi was in a playful mood. She joked about being an African Queen that loved to suck cock.

When Big Dave gets her naked on the back seat of his famous London taxi, he fucks her hard and fast for as long as he possibly can.  Eventually, he unloads a bucket full of spunk over her perfect black ass.

This interracial Fake taxi video called Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen will hit your screens on 18th October, 2020.


Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery Sommer Isabella

Sommer's Big Dick Delivery

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery
Jovan Jordan, Sommer Isabella

It’s hard being a sex addict in these time of COVID-19.  Sex toys can only do so much to satisfy a horn woman like Sommer Isabelle.  In Brazzers Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery she tries all kinds of new toys to keep her pussy happy.  But as good as her orgasms were, she still craved the genuine article.  She was so eager for a big real cock deep int her throbbing pussy.


Eventually, she has no further option but to ring her friend with benefits, Jovan Jordan.  If anyone is going fuck her the way she needs to be fucked, it will be Jovan.  His big hard cock has always left her sexually satisfied…at least for a few hours!

As soon as Jovan Jordan arrives at er house, she gets straight on to her knees and starts sucking on his big black cock.  His cock is not only long but her has so much girth too.  It’s the girth that Sommer Isabelle wants.  She needs to feel her pussy lips being spread apart and pounded as hard as they possible can.

Sommer’s Big Dick Delivery is a black on black porn video that features Jovan Jordan and Sommer Isabella fucking indoors.  Her pussy really gets the attention it craves during this sex session.  This is only the 2nd time that we have seen Miss Isabella being fucked in a Brazzers video.  Her first video was released back in April 2020.

With her all natural ebony body, I’m hoping to see more of Sommer Isabella.  he has a very sexy all natural look and can take a big cock all the way down the the balls….what a trooper.

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Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck Viral Porn Video

Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck

Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck
Van Wylde, Bella Rolland, Scarlit Scandal

This is that video where you see a hot black babe getting fucked as she looks in the fridge.  Scarlit Scandal gets her ebony pussy fucked by a big cock wearing a red thong.

When Scarlit Scandal makes a nuisance of herself in front of her roommate, Bella Rolland, and Bella’s boyfriend, Van Wylde, she’s scolded about all her shortcomings. Having captured Van’s attention with some sexy yoga, Scarlit decides to play peacemaker by saying she’ll put the dishes away.

In this viral Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck, Van, unable to coax Bella into fucking, follows Scarlit to the kitchen – where he finds her ready and willing. Bella, however, easily catches them thanks to the fact that, you know, they were fucking right out in the open in the kitchen. But just when Van thinks he’s in major trouble, he finds himself on the ground and watching in shock as Bella drags Scarlit upstairs for some hot spanking and scissoring.

When Van finds Bella and Scarlit in the bedroom, he’s completely stunned to discover that sometimes cheating brings out the best in everyone involved – including a scorching hot threesome.

VBrazzerss Rough And Raunchy Group Fuck was released back in May 2020 and became a viral hit, being shown across various networks of free porn tube sites.

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