Horny In The Morning Eliza Ibarra Charles Dera

Horny In The Morning

Horny In The Morning
Charles Dera, Eliza Ibarra

The sexy Eliza Ibarra is always in need of morning sex. As soon as she wakes up she wants cock.  But this morning she wakes up alone so she has to make do with just her fingers.  [FULL VIDEO HERE] When Charles Dera starts to flirt with her via sexting, her urge for cock increases two fold.  She invite Charles over to fuck her brains out, which Charles happily accepts.

Horny In The Morning – SUMMARY

In Horny In The Morning, Eliza Ibarra wakes up horny when she receives a text from Charles Dera, requesting she send him nudes. Eliza takes some filthy pics and masturbates in front of her phone for her stud until he arrives and surprises her, leading to a blowjob and hot morning sex!

This is Eliza Ibarra’s 12th Brazzers video to date.  It’s her first since June 30th 2020 when she starred with Lexi Luna in Laying the Landlord.

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Girlsway Study Dummies

Girlsway Study Dummies

Girlsway Study Dummies
Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright

Two straight friends and roommates, Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright are excited to take part in a study. Although Whitney’s a little nervous about it, especially since she’s not entirely sure what the study is about, Eliza is all for it. Eliza’s SURE that they’re just going to be asked some questions and then they’ll be done!


In Girlsway Study Dummies, When Casey Calvert arrives and announces that she’ll be the one conducting the study, Eliza and Whitney are ready to go! But then they get the shock of a lifetime when Casey asks if they’re lesbians, revealing that they need to be a lesbian couple in order to participate. They are even MORE shocked when Casey also announces that they’ll even need to have sex as part of the study!

Desperate not to get kicked out of the study, Eliza and Whitney play up being an adoring couple, although Casey is suspicious. Since they need to seal the deal, they begin kissing each other, cutely fumbling over themselves in their nervousness.

In Girlsway Study Dummies, however, to their surprise, Eliza and Whitney find that they actually ENJOY kissing and things gradually become more steamy… As Casey keenly observes them and scribbles down notes, Eliza and Whitney are about to give her all the data she needs!

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Girlsway Dont Mind Me

Girlsway dont mind me

Girlsway Dont Mind Me
Whitney Wright and Eliza Ibarra

Whitney Wright is getting ready to leave for the weekend. She’s on her way to a gaming tournament! Eliza Ibarra, her roommate, is excited because that means she has the one-room apartment all to herself. Finally, Eliza will have some alone time… special sexy alone time, of course!


In Girlsway Dont Mind Me, life is full of surprises, so later that same day Whitney returns home, her flight having been canceled. She is shocked to find Eliza masturbating, LOUDLY! They each have set times to have the apartment to themselves and this weekend was Eliza’s turn.  A deal’s a deal, so Whitney agrees to not bother Eliza, distracting herself with video games.

Whitney tries to play video games to distract herself while Eliza stubbornly masturbates in the background.  Whitney struggles to keep the other gamers from overhearing Eliza, but those sexy noises become increasingly difficult to ignore! Eliza notices and begins to be bolder, sitting right next to Whitney while continuing to masturbate.

During Girlsway Dont Mind Me, Eliza eventually throws a leg over Whitney’s lap while still masturbating. Whitney finally stops playing the game as lust consumes her, so Eliza invites her to have sex. They begin kissing and sucking on each other’s breasts. It’s time for this gamer to score!

Teaching The Tutor Eliza Ibarra

teaching the tutor

Teaching The Tutor
Logan Long, Eliza Ibarra

What is it about sexy geeks in glasses that make nerd porn so attractive to watch?  Is it the fantasy of seeing a sweet innocent student getting fucked by a big cock or is it when you realise that even geeks get horny and need fucking?

Eliza Ibarra and Logan Long star in Reality Kings Teaching The Tutor.  Eliza is a geeky tutor who is wearing those nerdy glasses and teaching Logan who to get better grades.  Those dark rimmed glasses make her look very intelligent.


I thought that she would have looked better being the student and doing a complete role reversal in this Teaching the student video.  But the porn producers know what they are doing and you will agree that Eliza Ibarra does make and excellent horny nerdy teacher.

After losing her patients at trying to get Logan to understand a little bit of physics, she decides to see is sexual contact would inspire him to concentrate harder.  She gets on her knees and gives him a deep throat blowjob as Logan tries to study.

Logan’s cock is huge.  Not only long, but face as well.  In Reality Kings Teaching The Tutor, Eliza struggles to keep her mouth stretched to take it down her throat.  Her pussy has no problem opening up to take it though.

Watch Eliza ride a massive cock deep into her hair pussy.  It’s nice to see a natural pussy.  A hair pussy on a nerdy looking tutor.

Laying The Landlord starring Lexi Luna and Eliza Ibarra

Laying The Landlord
Lexi Luna and Eliza Ibarra


WOW, what a fucking treat we have today.  Brazzers bring together Lexi Luna and Eliza Ibarra in a hardcore lesbian HD porn video.  Lexi Luna is a land lord trying to make sure that Eliza is treating her property with respect and not having any parties.

So when Lexi walks into the bedroom and finds Miss Ibarra riding her boyfriends big cock, she was a little embarrassed.  The amount of noise she was making whilst riding cowgirl was too much for Lexi.  She explained that her neighbours were not used to having to listen to so much sex going on.

Threatened with eviction, Eliza starts to use her charm on the nervous looking Lexi Luna.  Eliza sensed that Lexi would be willing to have some lesbian sex intercourse just to let her stay in the property.

In Brazzers Laying The Landlord Lexi Luna and Eliza Ibarra let their hot bodies do all the talking.  There is so many lesbian sex acts in this HD girl on girl video that I lost count.

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