Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a Car

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Well well well…Do you want to see that video where Ella Hughes Fucked in the Ass Over a car? It’s one of the UK’s sexiest pornstars getting her arsehole filled by a fucking huge cock!  Ella Hughes shows off her ass gapping skills in this viral Brazzers porn video called Shy redheads Want Anal.

Chris Diamond is the lucky fella who gets to slam his big white cock deep into Ella’s beautiful little ass.  She has broken down in her car with her friend are the typical damsels in distress.  Wearing a pair of very short daisy duke denim shorts,  Miss Hughes uses her sexy body to flag down a passer by to see if they could look at the broken down engine.

Luckily for Ella, Chris Diamond drives passed and offers his expert opinion on how to fix the car.  But Chris is a professional, he’s not going to fix the car for free.  Ella Hughes and her sexy friend have no cash with them.  Mr Diamond is not actually bothered about a cash payment.  He is more than happy to take payment of a sexual nature.

Knowing how to please a man is Ella’s speciality.  She has fucked so many guys since her college days, that she has no problem what so ever in dropping to her knees and thanking Chris with a deep throat blowjob.  in Ella Hughes fucked in the ass, Ella frantically fiddles with her clit and she starts to enjoy sucking on this big penis.  She is so turned on that she forgets herself.  Miss Ella Hughes drops her shorts to the floor and bend over for Chris Diamond to stick his cock into her butt.

Watching Ella Hughes fucked in the ass is a real pleasure.  It’s amazing how her tiny little British as is able to take on such a huge cock.  She must of been walking sidewards for a few days after filming this viral Brazzers porn video.

I have been fortunate enough to edit a few Ella Hughes porn videos in the past for Fake Driving School and Fake Taxi, but never an Ella Hughes anal sex video!  Many one day….one day!

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