She Likes Rough Quickies Emily Willis

She Likes Rough Quickies
Keiran Lee and Emily Willis

She Likes Rough Quickies

Oh yes, what a way to start the day.  Seeing the beautiful Emily Willis with Keiran Lee’s big cock in her arse.  In Brazzers She Likes Rough Quickies we get to watch Miss Willis getting fucked in the arse while she keeps her glasses on.

It’s a great nerd/geeky teen look that Emily is wearing.  This video really did brighten my day.  So far this morning I have managed to drop porridge all over the floor and spill coffee over my staircase!


Emily Willis is insatiably horny today, wanting a big cock to fuck all of her holes. It’s lucky for her then that Keiran Lee is coming over to talk to her father. In She Likes Rough Quickies, when Keiran knocks on the door, Emily answers and teases him, begging to be fucked. Keiran is worried about being caught by her dad, but can’t resist for long. He and Emily slip away to the master bedroom, where he gives her ass and pussy a good pounding.

Keiran Lee is still one of the very best male cocksmiths in the business.  When I see that today’s video features Keiran Lee, I’m in the knowledge that it will be a top rated porn video.  During She Likes Rough Quickies, watching him fucking the angelic looking Emily Willis deep in her her asshole was such a welcome sight first thing in the morning.

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Emilys Dirty Anal Play Emily Willis

Emily's Dirty Anal Play

Emilys Dirty Anal Play
Emily Willis

I’m not going to spend too much time writing about Emilys Dirty Anal Play.  for some reason solo girl videos just don’t attract many web site visitors.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a Brazzers solo girl video get anywhere near as much traffic as a good old fashioned B/G hardcore video.


Emily Willis is feeling horny and making a video for her boyfriend. She wears his favourite slutty outfit, then strips down to show off her tits and pussy. She takes out a big dildo, gives it a sloppy blowjob and then fucks her pussy with it.

In Emilys Dirty Anal Play, not satisfied after that, Emily wants to fuck her ass, but it needs to be loosened up first; she fingers her asshole, then puts a butt-plug in and finally works her way up to riding a dildo with her ass. At the end of all that, Emily still wants more and tells her boyfriend to come over. Would you go?

If you like watching women sticking dildos in their sexy tight assholes, then you will enjoy taking the time to watch Emily Willis in Brazzers Emilys Dirty Anal Play.

Peace Offering Silvia Saige Emily Willis Lauren Phillips

girlsway peace offering

Girlsway Peace Offering
Starring Silvia Saige, Emily Willis and Lauren Phillips

Silvia Saige and her stepdaughter Emily Willis walk up to the front entrance of a home. Emily seems nervous, while Silvia looks stern and determined. They are there to confront the parents of a bully who has been teasing Emily for being a lesbian.

Silvia rings the doorbell.  A moment later, the bully’s mom, Lauren Phillips, opens the door, smiling pleasantly and dressed in sexy workout clothes. When Silvia and Emily see Lauren, their eyes go wide, both obviously surprised by how hot she is. Silvia and Emily shoot each other a very brief ‘wow’ glance. Lauren looks puzzled, clearly not recognizing Silvia and Emily.


In Girlsway Peace Offering, when Silvia tells Lauren why they’re there, Lauren is immediately apologetic and invites them in.  Lauren, Silvia, and Emily sit on the couch as Lauren tells them that her daughter isn’t home at the moment.  There is then a somewhat uncomfortable silence as the three sit there. Finally, Lauren speaks up, revealing that she has recently come out as a lesbian.

Expressions of surprise cross the faces of Silvia and Emily. The hints of attraction towards Lauren flash in each of their eyes as they check out Lauren again. Almost unconsciously, Silvia and Emily then glance at each other for a second, clearly aroused. They lock eyes for a moment, an attraction between Silvia and Emily now blossoming too. After a moment, Silvia looks away.

During Girlsway Peace Offering, Lauren goes on to explain that her coming-out has caused her daughter to be angry with her and act out in various ways, such as bullying. Lauren offers to make it up to Silvia and Emily with a threesome. Emily is interested, and after a little reluctance, Silvia can’t resist.

This is one hell of a peace offering!!

Girlsway (Un)Safe Search Emily Willis and Silvia Saige

girlsway (Un) Safe Search

Girlsway (Un)Safe Search
Emily Willis and Silvia Saige

Emily Willis is busy looking up places to go for spring break. But as she searches for ‘Louisiana trips,’ her phone autocorrects it to ‘lesbian tribs!’ She’s shocked but also intrigued by the search results as she scrolls through some very tantalizing pictures. Then an idea forms in her mind as she grins slyly to herself…

She takes her phone with her as she goes to visit her step-mom, Silvia Saige, in her own bedroom. She can’t conceal her grin as she tells Silvia what happened and how she came across lesbians tribbing. Silvia is flustered but even more so when Emily ‘innocently’ asks her questions about lesbian sex! Silvia’s married to Emily’s mom, so who better to ask??

In Girlsway (Un)Safe Search, Silvia is embarrassed but trying to be a good step-mom to Emily, so she tries to answer Emily’s questions. Emily plays dumb, insisting that she’d understand a whole lot better if Silvia SHOWED her what she’s talking about instead. Although she’s hesitant, Silvia’s desire to be close to Emily and be a good parent soon wins.

During Girlsway (Un)Safe Search, Emily gets her burning questions answered and more as things get hot and heavy. Silvia guides Emily through her first lesbian romp, making sure she gets to taste pussy and experience tribbing for the first time. Of course, after this, Emily’s eager to come back again with even MORE questions in need of answering!

Fucking The Bratty Roomie Brazzers

Fucking The Bratty Roomie

Fucking The Bratty Roomie
Abella Danger and Emily Willis

Some Brazzers lesbians action featuring two absolute little darlings.  Abella Danger and Emily Willis star in a girl on girl video called Fucking The Bratty Roomie. It’s a real hardcore lesbian video that features all the lesbian sex acts you can throw a stick at.

If you want some female squirting orgasms, then you see plenty of those.  Emily Willis loves to shout jets of pussy juice as far as she can when Abella Danger rams a big fat dildo deep into her gapping pussy hole.


Abella Danger has a very bratty roomie, Emily Willis. Not only is she a brat, she’s a dirty little perv too. When she thinks that Abella is out for the night, she sneaks into her room and gets into her toys.

She loves sticking Abella’s anal beads up her ass and sucking on her suction dildo – they even smell like Abella! But this time Emily is not getting away with it. When Abella catches her fucking and sucking her toys, she’s had enough. She decides to punish Emily they way she deserves, by spanking her.

In no time it seems both girls have forgotten what they even started fighting for and are just enjoying some hot girl on girl scissor action. Emily uses a dildo and makes Abella squirt again and again and Abella returns the favor. Turns out both girls are really good at squirting. See Abella – sharing toys with roomies is caring!

Maids With Dildos Emily Willis and Tru Kait

Maids With Dildos

MOFOS Maids With Dildos
Emily Willis and Tru Kait

The sight of a sexy babe in a French maids outfit never gets old.  It’s one of the sexiest outfits that a girlfriend can use to seduce their man.  Here we have Emily Willis and Tru Kait teasing each other before having amazing lesbian sex together.


Emily Willis and Tru Kait are both wearing different styles of French maid outfits.  One is wearing a traditional black and white version, whilst the other has a more modern pink style outfit.

I’m not sure which one I prefer to be honest.  While I like the traditional black and white French maid outfit, it’s also nice to see a new spin on it.  Would I be bothered whether the wife dressed up in one or the other…no…of course not.

MOFOS Maids With Dildos we get to see Emily Willis and Tru Kait kissing each other full on the lips, including tongues.  Whilst they French kiss passionately, they finger each others pussies and get extremely moist in the crutch area.

This new MOFOS girls Gone Pink porn video is a fantastic example of lesbian porn with sexy French maid outfits.  If this is your fantasy, then you will have no trouble in getting turned on watching these two hot babes getting it on!

Cocked On Camera Emily Willis

Cocked On Camera

Cocked On Camera
Logan Long, Emily Willis

Do you want to see one of the sexiest babysitters on the planet?  Well, take a good look at Emily Willis in her latest porn video for RealityKings.

Uh oh! Petite Emily Willis is in trouble! She was babysitting Logan Long’s kids but now she might lose her job because Logan found out she’s a porn star! Emily decides that the only way for her to keep her job is to… double down and seduce Logan!


She goes down on his cock and shows him who’s the boss. Logan is convinced. A nice facefuck is enough to make him forgive Emily. He also slaps her cute little tight butt and fuck her hole without holding back.

In Cocked On Camera, Emily lets the guy explore her depths. It maker her even hornier, and she doesn’t hesitate to rub her clit as he pounds her. When Logan finally cums at Emily’s face, she knows she sealed the deal and secured her babysitter job.

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Cum in the Eye then Squirting on Classroom Desk

Emily Willis showing us all how she loves to be made to squirt in this Brazzers porn advert.  Markus Dupree is getting his cock sucked but cums in his girlfriends eye.


When Emily Willis interrupts, she gets a glimpse of Markus’s big cock and waits half an hour until he can get erect again.  Whilst they are waiting for his erection to show up, Markus fingers he fuck out of her pussy.  She squirts all over the classroom desk and into his mouth too.

Emily Willis Squirting for Brazzers

Getting An Eyeful is a true squirting porn video.  Miss Willis unleashes gallons of pussy juice over and over again as Markus does his best to keep her pussy stuffed with his fingers and fist.

Once Markus has got his erection back, it’s time for Emily Willis to get her arse fucked and gapped.  Emily is bent over double and Markus slams his big cock deep into her sweet arsehole.

If you like to see women’s arsehole opened up and gapping, then you will be happy to see that Miss Willis is more than happy to have her ass spread wide open to see what she is made of.

The video is called Getting An Eyeful because Markus girlfriend gets an eyeful of cum, and Emily Willis gets an eyeful of him shooting his load.  But Markus Dupress is still able to produce another load of cum for Emily to take n her mouth to swallow.

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