Brazzers Soaking Wet Erik Everhard and Cayla Lyons

Brazzers Soaking Wet

Brazzers Soaking Wet
Erik Everhard and Cayla Lyons

After recently finishing a porn video edit of another Cayla Lyons porn video, I was excited to see that she is now also appearing in a Brazzers porn video too.  I’m starting to guess that there must be a Czech branch of Brazzers content creators.  We are starting to see more and more European style videos being released on the Brazzers Network.  Some of these Euro porn videos look a lot like the SEXYhub style of video.


In Brazzers Soaking Wet, Cayla Lyons is soaking wet in her ZZ debut! The busty blonde may be new to Brazzersland, but she’s clearly no stranger to cock. Watch her get covered in oil from head to toe, or rather tits to ass (oh and what an ass it is!) before she takes Erik Everhard’s big, slippery dick like a champ until she squirts all over the place. Oil and squirt are not the only things that get our babe wet, because she also happens to love a good, creamy facial.

About Cayla Lyons – Brazzers Profile

If you make a list of the hottest blonde babes the porn world has to offer, you won’t have to check it twice to know that Cayla Lyons’s name will be near the top! Hotter than chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Cayla Lyons was born December 25th 1993 as a gift from Santa to perverts all around the world.

Having started her porn career at age 20, Cayla has already put in more effort than a workshop elf, and has racked up an impressive catalogue of scenes that including teen, toys, hardcore and softcore, masturbation, lesbian. She made her Brazzers debut in Brazzers Soaking wet with Erik Everhard in January 2021.  Best of all, she often unwraps herself in some of the steamiest stripteases known from the Czech Republic to the North Pole!

She might not have a bright red nose, but Cayla can get anyone to follow her with her natural boobs and bubble butt. With a thin waist that rocks around the clock, Cayla is the opposite of a nut-cracker: this out-of-this-world angel will top your stocking stuffer! The blonde bombshell is entirely unique, because the naughtier she acts, the nicer people find her.

Wise men all over the globe travel from far and wide to give her a taste of their candy canes, and it isn’t hard to see why. Cayla’s body is fully natural, and she has no tattoos or piercings, so give yourself a gift and check out some of her sexy scenes coming soon to FAKEhub and SEXYhub.

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Twerk For Me Now Fuck Me

Twerk For Me Now Fuck Me

Twerk For Me Now Fuck Me
Erik Everhard, Saritha Olivieri

She is very grateful for receiving a mouthful of cum from Public Agent. Saritha Olivieri is on her knees with spunk in her mouth after getting fucked by a big cock outside.  In Twerk For Me Now Fuck Me, this sexy busty babe, uses her big ass and big tits to get the Public Agent as hard as a rock so they can get on with some outdoor sex.

Oh sweet Lord Jesus!! Thank you for bring the ravenous Saritha Olivieri to my porn editing screen. Those big tits and bouncing big booty kept me entertained for the day whilst editing her in this Public Agent interracial porn video.

I fell for Saritha as soon as I browsed though some the RAW footage. Those boobs!!  I really enjoyed seeing this busty babe pull her skirt down to reveal a sexy lacy white thong and twerks her ass shakes and bounces like a fucking beach ball!

But I haven’t even mentioned those big boobs yet. As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed editing this video. In Twerk For Me Now Fuck Me, Public Agent takes her to an empty underpass and gets her to suck his big cock and then ride him until she cums!

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Daphne Turns The Massage Table Daphne Klyde

Daphne Turns The Massage Table

Daphne Turns The Massage Table
Erik Everhard and Daphne Klyde

Daphne Klyde is patiently waiting for her masseur to give her the daily full body massage that she pays a ridiculous amount of money for.  She doesn’t mind paying because she knows that the service she receives is first class.  Today, however, she id not having her usual masseur.  Today she is having a new recruit call Erik Everhard.  It’s his first day on the job and is very nervous.


In Daphne Turns The Massage Table, Erik was not expecting to find a naked women on the massage table on his first day.  Daphne laid there with just a small towel covering her big ass.  Erik got to work on her back, but Daphne was not impressed by his technique.  She decided to show Erik how she likes to be massaged properly.

She reverses the roles and starts to give Erik a massage instead.  Daphne found that she was really enjoying getting her hands all over a handsome man.  Her hand slipped under Erik’s towel and found a full erect penis.  With a huge beaming smile on his face, Erik let Daphne play with his cock.  To Erik’s surprise, Daphne was soon giving him a sloppy blowjob. What a great first day at work!

Daphne Turns The Massage Table, switches from being a sensual massage to a full on hardcore anal sex video.  Daphne gets her arsehole penetrated and slammed hard by Erik Everhard’s massive Canadian penis.

The background is a bright white, with three panels of lighter white coming through from windows. Daphne Klyde in the centre of the photo. She has black hair that it pulled back into a ponytail with most of it going down her neck, some curled pieces are across her shoulder.

In Daphne Turns The Massage Table, a short, small singular strand of hair falls across her left eyebrow and eye. Daphne Klyde has heavy makeup on, her eyebrows have been drawn over in a light brown and shaped into uniform with each other. The eye makeup consists of light and dark brown shades, the dark brown being in the crease of her eye and the light brown being on the eyelid.

She wears long false eyelashes that are in black. In her ears there are small pearl earrings. In her left nostril she has a silver, small nose ring. Her face makeup consists of her cheeks being lightly bronzed along with her forehead. On her lips there is a light red shade of lipstick, her lips are slightly apart showing her top white teeth. Her shoulders are bare, showing her even toned skin.

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Oily Yoga 2 Nicole Love and Erik Everhard

Oily Yoga 2

Oily Yoga 2
Erik Everhard and Nicole Love

Following the success of Oily Yoga part 1, Brazzers has swiftly followed up with Oily Yoga 2.  Canadian male pornstar Erik Everhard is tasked with giving Czech babe, Nicole Love, intense multiple anal orgasms in her Brazzers debut video.

It’s always nice to see a new Brazzers girl making her debut with hardcore anal.  Watching Nicole Love pop her Brazzers cherry by having Erik’s big cock buried in her Czech ass was a delightful sight for me, blogging about it on a cold December morning.


In the opening sequence of Oily Yoga 2 we see Erik playing with Miss Love’s long pussy lips or long labia if you are looking for the correct terminology.  He is sitting behind her with her bent over in the face down arse up position.  Erik is able to stretch her pussy lips with his fingers.  I don’t recall ever seeing this in any other Brazzers video before.  It’s a great initial impact shot to start off the video with.

We then get a great wife angle shot of Nicole in a sexy, figure hugging white body suit.  She is doing all the yoga stretches that she performs every morning without fail.  You can see that all the yoga she practises is really paying off as her body looks in fantastic shape.  She is performing her stretching exercises on a blue yoga mat.

The cameraman the treats us to some stunning close up shots of Nicoles groin area.  Her pussy is still covered be her white body suit, but it is getting stretched to the limit.  I think this makes a great teasing sequence to make the viewer wanting more.  Personally I would have liked to have seen the buttons suddenly pop open to reveal her pussy.

As this Nicole Love Brazzers debut video is called Oily Yoga 2 we of course get to see plenty of oil being poured over Nicole’s body.  Erik pours the oil over her while she is still wearing that figure revealing white body suit.  As the oil drenches her body, her tits and ass become visible through the white fabric.

Covering Nicole’s sexy little body in massage oil has left Erik Everhard with a boner in his pants.  Nicole quickly spots the bulge in his pants and, now feeling horny herself, she reaches inside Erik’s pants and pulls out his big cock.  Erik receives a slow sensual blowjob from Miss Love, before this Oily Yoga 2 video turns hardcore.

he hardcore sex sequences feature Erik on his knees face fucking Nicole as she lays on her stomach.  The look on Erik’s face is one of pure intense passion.  He does his best to get his full length down the back of Nicole’s throat, but she is unable to take his girth.

There is the traditional shocked face half way through this trailer.  As Erik puts his bell-end into her oiled up arsehole from behind, Nicole gives us one of those brilliant shocked faces that Brazzers fans have come to expect and enjoy.

During the anal sex sequences of Oily Yoga 2, you can really appreciate just how petite Nicole’s ass is.  In today’s thirst for big ass or big booty, it is a refreshing change to find a sexy little ass that is capable of taking a big fat cock inside it.  Erik’s big Canadian cock really looks thick against Nicole Loves small little tushy.

If Oily yoga 2 ever goes viral, I will suspect it will be because of the opening shot of Erik pulling at Nicole’s long labia.  It certainly grabbed my attention in the very first 5 seconds of this Nicole Love Brazzers debut porn video.


Cory’s Body Tour

Cory Chase is a sexy real estate agent and, when it comes to teasing her man, she has a special technique. When video chatting, she gives him a virtual tour of her body; showing off every nook and cranny. She closes the deal by giving the exterior a fresh coat of oil and opening herself up with a big dildo.

Emma And Lacy Miss Pussy
Emma Hix and Lacy Lennon

Watch as the hot pairing of Emma Hix and Lacey Lennon video chat with each other to catch up. The talk quickly turns to how much they masturbate and how much they’re missing fucking other people. This leads to some hot cybersex between the ladies, using their fingers and some big dildos. All while encouraging each other, and the audience, to keep up with them.

Shower My Tits In Cum Taylee Wood

Shower My Tits In Cum

Shower My Tits In Cum
Erik Everhard and Taylee Wood

I have had the pleasure of editing a few Taylee Wood porn videos in my role of a senior porn video editor for FAKEhub.  I have enjoyed watching her curvy natural body getting naked and fucked on camera.  She has a fantastic looking fully natural look and is able to pull off the sweet and innocent girl next door look too.


This is the first time that Miss Taylee Wood has appeared in a Brazzers porn video.  For her debut, she is fucked in the shower by male porn veteran Erik Everhard.  All the sex is performed in the shower room and nowhere else.

As a porn review writer, I am a little disappointed that the trailer doesn’t give me much to write about the scenario for Shower My Tits In Cum.  The only pre-sex build up is Taylee Wood saying that she is still horny.  Even when she is saying that one line, she already has her tits out and rubbing them seductively.

In the traditional manner of a Brazzers shower sex scene, we do get to see Taylee taking a shower by herself.  there are some great shots of her getting all leathered up with soap and then rinsing herself off with the shower head.  It’s in these shots that you get to see just how natural looking this European model truly is.  She’s not covered in tattoos, or plastered in make up, she just has an approachable look about her.

So without a lead up to the sex in Shower My Tits In Cum, or why Erik Everhard and Taylee Wood end up in the shower together, I can only assume that they live together and are girlfriend and boyfriend.  There is no sneaking around or other people around who could be a husband or wife.  They just get down to the business of hardcore sex in the shower, and why fucking not!

It must be nice to have a shower room big enough to perform all the sexual positions that Erik gets to fuck Taylee in.  I remember being on holiday in Greece and having a large walk in shower room and being able to fuck my wife in the shower every evening before dinner!  There’s no chance of me doing that at home with our shower cubical in the en-suite bathroom!

During Shower My Tits In Cum, the lucky Erik Everhard makes full use of his time fucking the delightful Taylee Wood.  He gets his fat hairy cock sucked with Taylee on her knees looking up at him.  He captures her gleeful face in POV.  He also films himself sliding his cock into her pussy from behind.  It’s a shot that shows you Miss Wood’s big natural ass too.

To create some more interesting sexual positions, Erik drags the bathroom table into the shower and gets Taylee to lay on in it and spread her legs.  This makes for a great shot of seeing some great sexual penetration.  In this position you also get to see her big natural tits wobbling about as Erik fucks away at her puffy pussy.

In Shower My Tits In Cum, there are some extra cut away shots of Taylee rubbing her big butt up agains the window to the shower room, which I really like.  It was a shame they didn’t include a shot of her rubbing her tits agains the glass too…maybe they’ve kept that in the full video in the members area.

I’m really glad to see that Brazzers are starting to include more and more European starlet pornstars.  I have seen so many great looking pornstars from Euro that would have made great additions to the Brazzers pornstar collection.  I don’t think Taylee Wood would have had her chance a few years ago, or even before the COVID outbreak.  Maybe Brazzers are starting to cast their nets further afield to get as much porn recorded as possible in case of another lengthy porn shutdown!

Masseurs Eye View Tru Kait Fucking

Masseurs Eye View

Masseurs Eye View
Erik Everhard and Tru Kait

It’s a pleasure to welcome back Tru Kait to my porn blog.  Her Brazzers videos are very popular and bring decent amount of organic web traffic. I’m hoping that her appearance in Masseurs Eye View will also boost my website traffic as there has ben a slight decrease in visitors lately.

Today, Tru Kait has visited her favourite massage Parlour. There is nothing she enjoys more than having her body massaged to reduce her stress levels.  She is pissed off as her husband was supposed to join her for a romantic spa day together, but her preferred to go and play golf with his business partners.

Brazzers Special Offer

In Masseurs Eye View, Erik Everhard was delighted to see this fed up housewife climb onto his massage table.  He was even more delighted to see that she was alone.  He was expecting to be doing a his and her’s massage.  Tru Kait started to explain that she was by herself and she had no problem being alone with a male masseur.

Erik performed his usual high standard massage, but Miss Kait wanted more.  She instructed Erik to massage her naked ass.  Erik was not going to pass up on the opportunity to get his hands on such a wonderful looking ass.  He would loose his job if anybody walked in to find his hands massaging and naked female ass.

During Masseurs Eye View, turned on by Erik’s magic hands, Tru Kait removed all her clothes and told him to give her a full body massage…do what ever he wanted.  Me Everhard was in dreamland.  He had the perfect female body laid out in front of him on his massage table.   Wasting no time, he poured sensual oils all over her big tits.  Using both hands he rubbed the oil all over her natural breasts and noticed that her nipples became erect.  It was no only her nipples that were erect.

In Brazzers Masseurs Eye View, Tru Kait rubbed her hand over Erik’s cock and was very impressed by what she could feel in his pants.  This horny neglected housewife was going to have sex with her masseur right there and then.  There was no way she was leaving the massage table with getting her pussy slammed by Erik Everhards’s massive cock.

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Booty Bounce Blanche Bradburry and Erik Everhard

Booty Bounce

Booty Bounce
Erik Everhard, Blanche Bradburry

Wow what a great looking screenshot that Brazzers have teased us with for this new workout porn video.  Blanche Bradburry is a hot looking busty blonde with ah fucking near perfect body for porn.  In Brazzers Booty Bounce we are going to see that smoking hot body put though it’s paces by Erik Everhard.


In the opening action we get to admire Blanche’s fantastic body as she prepares to start her early morning workout.  She is wearing tight fitting gym gear and her arse looks so tight inside those gym pants.  Im guessing that Erik Everhard is playing the part of her personal trainer who is obviously going to fuck her at some stage during her workout.

Worshipping Blanche Bradburry’s Great Ass

Of course he is…it’s a porn video.  Erik does plenty of ass worshiping in this Booty Bounce workout porn video.  I can’t blame him at all.  Blanche does have a fucking amazing looking ass.  The way this Brazzers trailer is cut we are able to see as much of what is in store in the full video ass possible.

Along with Erik’s ass worshipping, there is some great footage of Blanche Bradburry riding her exercise bike with a big fat dildo on the seat.  As she cycles, she gets the thrill of her dildo sliding into her wet sweaty pussy.  I have a friend who is always on about sweaty pussy, so he will enjoy Blanche’s sweaty cunt being penetrated by her long dildo.

So, given the fact that this Brazzers video is called Booty Bounce, we should be expecting to see some anal action at some point, and let me tell you, we are not disappointed in the slightest.  Erik Everhard is able to slide his big Canadian cock in Miss Bradburry’s ass while she rides her exercise bike.  It’s truly a fantastic piece of ass fucking.  Hats of to the production crew on this one!

So this workout porn video has a bit of everything.  It has great anal sex, a stunning blonde babe and lots of glorious ass worshipping.  Blanche has appeared in some of SEXYhub’s porn videos in the past.  I am hoping that she will be popping along and featuring in a few more FAKEhub video sooner or later and I’ll get the chance to edit her being fucked hard.

You will be able to see Blanch Bradburry getting her ass fucked during her morning workout on November 4th, 2020.

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Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs

Face Mask Fucking

Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs
Martin Gun, Erik Everhard, Mia Rose

Well it had to happen didn’t it.  Sooner or later there had to be some porn featuring face masks.  This Public Agent video feature teen babe with big boobs, Mia Rose giving a blowjob through her face mask.


This is the first video that I have edited a porn video that features Mia Rose.  I was really impressed by her composure whilst filming out in public, just after lockdown had finished in Czech Rep.  She gave no indication that she was nervous even when cyclists raced passed in their tight fitted lycra.

Mia Rose in Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs gives us all an eyeful of those big teen tits.  Public Agent offers her a cash incentive to follow him to a private place where she can get her big natural boobs out in the hopes of a modelling contract.

Mia Rose has the perfect pair of big boobs to help promote swimwear for busty women.  But when Public Agent offers her more cash to get the snatch out, she take the money with pleasure.

The scene where Mia Rose makes a hole in her face mask and then sticks a cock in her mouth should be viral by now.  It’s the perfect image of what the CoronaVirus post lockdown will loo like in a post COVID-19 world.

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