Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress Iconic Video

Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress

This is the Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress iconic porn video.  It is one of the most recognisable Fake Taxi ever released.  Jasmine sitting in the backseat in a light blue dress with that cheeky smile and outstanding looking figure.


This British FakeTaxi video was released on the internet on May 23rd, 2013 and was Jasmine’s first appearance on the backseat of the infamous London taxi.  Miss Jae is on the backseat talking to one of her girlfriends.  Jasmin is explaining that she has not had sex for a while but she in convinced that she has not lost her touch.

That figure hugging blue dress shows off her flat stomach and perfect looking bust.  her arms are covered by a black leather jacket that finishes of the look perfectly.  Jasmine Jae does a fabulous job in talking on her phone for the opening 3 minutes.  It’s not often the Fake Taxi driver is kept quiet for so long.

This Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress video is officially called Busty Brunette’s Dry Spell Ends With Cabbie’s Hard Fucking.  The scenario that plays out is about Jasmine trying to prove that she can still get a fuck out of any guy she chooses.  In this video she decides to try it on with the taxi driver.

She doesn’t have to work that hard.  He heard her phone conversation where she told her girlfriend that she was going to try and shag him.  He was not going to take much persuading to jump in the back and fuck her pussy with his big fat cock.

I really enjoy the blowjob in this Fake Taxi blue dress video.  Jasmine Jae’s big tits look great in a blue bra and she sticks a big cock down her throat.


Fake Taxi Video Editor Starts a YouTube Channel

Fake Taxi Video Editor

When I’m not being a Fake Taxi video editor, I’m out and about flying a DJI Mavic Mini drone.  I have been flying drones for about 7 years now.  I was able to buy a DJI Phantom 2+ one the affiliate money that I earned just promoting Fake Taxi in it’s early days.  Now that FakeTaxi is a globally recognised brand, it’s very difficult for me to make a penny from advertising FakeTaxi.


This new blog post is for me to try and generate more subscribers to my Drone YouTube channel.  I created the DronesDeep channel a few months ago and I try my best to upload a brand new drone footage video every Saturday.  I also occasionally upload a bonus video during mid-week if I have anything worth uploading.  It might be drone news or just something about drone video editing.

I’m hoping to be able to get enough drone video interest to start making drone review videos too.  I would love to be able to create drone review videos alongside editing the famous Fake Taxi videos.

Being a Fake Taxi video editor, getting out in the outdoors can be a welcome break sometimes.  Getting out from behind the editing desk and out into the countryside is both relaxing and healthy.  Working 12-14 hours a day editing porn is a privilege and a dream come true, but once a week it’s nice to take my mind off tits and arse.


Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian Fake Taxi

cookies and cream for hot russian

Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian
Starring Venera Maxima

If you like seeing hot European women in sexy uniforms, then you will love watching this new Fake Taxi video called Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian.  Venera Maxima looks so hot in a girl guides uniform.  She is caught out in the rain whilst trying to sell her cookies.  She gets picked up by the Fake Taxi and taken for a ride she will never forget.

Here’s what I wrote for FakeTaxiForum

Another day and hot babe on my editing screen.  This time it’s Venera Maxima getting her sweet pussy pounded in the back of the Fake Taxi.

She is dressed as some type of girl guide and is trying to sell cookies.  But as the rain began to pour, she has to grab a taxi.  This meant that there was no way she could sell her cookies.

The taxi driver offered to buy half of her cookies in exchange for a blowjob.  As she sucks on his cock, the taxi driver agrees to buy all the cookies if he can spunk all over her pretty face.

Look out for this Cookies and Creampie for Hot Russian scene going live in November 2020.

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Young Stud Fucks MILF Cab Driver Billie Star

Young Stud Fucks MILF Cab Driver

Young Stud Fucks MILF Cab Driver
Billie Star

I really enjoy editing Billie Star videos.  So I was really happy to know that she had recorded numerous Female Fake Taxi videos over a short periods of time.  I was lucky enough to be able to edit most of them, but this Female Fake Taxi Young Stud Fucks MILF Cab Driver video was editing by my colleague Dick DeLonge.  Here’s what her had to say about editing this video.

Dick Delonge for FakeTaxiForum – This was my first Female Fake Taxi edit for some time and it was a really enjoyable one to edit! This was my first time editing Billie Star but she’s a true pro (and that’s without mentioning her perfect tits and stunning body!).

Like with the Fake Taxi scenes, being outside can offer its challenges. With the sun and clouds moving about, keeping a consistent colour balance can be tricky. Car number plates are all over the place (obviously!) so I had to make sure they stayed blurred, one or two of the cameras can move a little inside the cab and so need to be ‘keyframed’ to move the blur mask around.

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Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight – Fake Taxi

emily bright is so nice and tight

Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight
Fake Taxi

Emily Bright is a wonderful looking blonde babe with a killer body to go with it.  She certainly got my attention when I was editing the Fake Taxi video.  I’m always happy to see a new pornstar appear on my editing suite.

Here’s what I wrote about this Emily Bright is so Nice and Tight Fake Taxi video for FakeTaxiForum.com

Wow…take a Goosey Gander and the delicious looking Emily Bright. With her long blonde hair, pretty dress and a hot looking figure, she looks a million dollars.  She is on her way to the bar to celebrate with friends. She believes that she has finally got a new job. She has just been to the interview and it went really well!

Unfortunately for Emily, she was so excited about her new job, that she left her handbag and her purse behind at the interview.  So, she had to offer up her tits, ass and finally her pussy to the taxi driver to settle her bill.

Emily Bright puts on a wonderful display of cock sucking and cock riding in this Fake Taxi video that will go live on 23rd October, 2020.


Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen Zaawaadi

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Wow, what a way to make your Fake Taxi debut.  This amazing African pornstar is called Zaawaadi.  She definitely only needs one name.  You won’t be forgetting the name Zaawaadi in a hurry.  This new African pornstar has a fucking awesome body and she loves hard rough sex too.  She certainly gets what she wants from Big Dave in the back of his Fake Taxi.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot more of this crazy big bootie African babe.  She really made me laugh whilst editing this video.  If she continues to shake that sweet black ass, then she is going to be a real fans favourite in no time at all.

Here’s what I wrote about Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen for FakeTaxiForum.com

Big Dave is back and he’s in for a treat when he picks up African Queen Zaawaadi. She is an ebony babe with a fantastic body on her. After fooling around about wanting to go on Safari in the taxi, Zaawaadi was in a playful mood. She joked about being an African Queen that loved to suck cock.

When Big Dave gets her naked on the back seat of his famous London taxi, he fucks her hard and fast for as long as he possibly can.  Eventually, he unloads a bucket full of spunk over her perfect black ass.

This interracial Fake taxi video called Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen will hit your screens on 18th October, 2020.


Identical Sisters Fuck Euro Cabbie – FAKE TAXI

Identical Sisters Fuck Euro Cabbie

Identical Sisters Fuck Euro Cabbie
Lady Zee, Sandra Zee

This Fake taxi driver was in heaven when was able to get hid big cock sucked and fucked by two hot identical sisters.  Lady Zee and Sandra Zee are two naught siblings that love to share big cocks whenever they can.  I think they have coloured their hair pink and green so we can tell which one is which.

I have had the pleasure of editing these two filthy sisters in Public Agent videos in the passed, so I was a little gutted that their Fake Taxi video never landed on my desk.

This Identical Sisters Fuck Euro Cabbie video was edited by Dick Delong.  Here’s what he had to say about it for the FakeTaxiForum.

This was a first for me! I’ve never had the luck to be assigned a scene where we have identical sisters in the same scene. Riding in the cab today we have Lady Zee and Sandra Zee, both are petite horny teens looking for a good time! There are some great angles in this to enjoy the action from and, needless to say, both of them thoroughly enjoyed their Fake Taxi debut!

I had some colour changes due to the roaming sun above in this one, so I had to use a few editing tricks to keep the colour nice and consistent, nobody like a sudden colour change, especially an editor!

Catch the Zee sister in Identical Sisters Fuck Euro Cabbie on FakeHub 9th October!

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Cleavage makes me Weak at the Knees

Shannon Blue Cleavage Fake Taxi

I don’t think it’s a big secret that I am a huge fan of big tits, but I must confess that it’s cleavage that makes me weak at the knees.  Fortunately for me, my wife has a great set of tits but it’s her cleavage that makes me do as I’m told, like a good husband should.

As a porn video editor, I get to see some of the best boobs in the adult industry on a daily basis.  I’m a happy bunny when I’m editing a FAKEhub porn video featuring a pornstar with big boobs.  But it might surprise you to know that I enjoy editing the part where her cleavage is working it’s magic!

I remember editing Fake Taxi videos of Georgie Lyall, Stella Cox, Jasmine Jae and other stunning British pornstars that have graced my editing screen.  I always remember these women because that know how to use that wonderful cleavage.  I think the phrases is, ‘less is more’, and that some times does the trick when showing off a big pair of fun bags.

There is even a model on Twitter who calls herself Cleavage Queen.  That is quite a title to give yourself, and boy, does she live up to the name.  If you are a big fan of cleavage, then you need to follow Cleavage Queen on Twitter.  She posts some incredible photos of herself on a daily basis.

The photo used in the header for this blog post is taken from a Fake Taxi video called Massive Boobs Titwank and Hard Fuck – starring Shannon Blue. She has fucking huge breasts and she lets the taxi driver fuck her pussy in the back of his London cab.