My Way All the Way Elisa Tiger Fake Taxi

my way all the way elisa tiger

My Way All the Way
Elisa Tiger

Elisa Tiger makes her Fake Taxi debut in a scene called My Way, All the Way.  She gets that wonderful arse out and her pussy gets pounded by a huge cock in this back seat hardcore fucking.

As you can see from the above screenshot, she does have a great looking ass.  Iy looks even better in a pair of hot demin shorts.

Fake Taxi description as written on Fake Taxi Forum.

Elisa Tiger loves a big dick. You can definately see just how much she longs to have a long hard penis deep in her pussy. In this Fake Taxi porn video, she is sure that her taxi man is not going the fastest way to her girl friends house.

She has to do her best to convince the driver to take her a quicker route. She gets her big natural boobs out and starts playing with her tight pussy in the back of the taxi. The driver has all the convincing he needs to change direction.

This Elisa Tiger video goes live on 16th October, 2020.

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Editing Fake Taxi Porn Videos

I have been editing Fake Taxi porn videos since the concept first started back in 2012.  The first batch of 10 scenes that I edited where produced in Prague, Czech Rep.  So one of my claims to fame is that I was the first porn editor to edit Fake Taxi porn videos.  It’s something that I use as an ice breaker if I’m out in the pubs.

Editing Fake Taxi Videos

When the demand for Fake Taxi videos grow and grow, a dedicated Fake Taxi editor was employed to over see the editing of Fake Taxi.  I was slightly disappointed because when the British Fake Taxi scenes started to arrive, they looked so good!  I was needed to continue editing Public Agent and Fake Cop videos that were coming in thick and fast!

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But about 2 years ago the situation changed and I was once again on Fake Taxi porn editing duties.  I was absolutely delighted.  By now the Fake Taxi brand was global…I was editing a globally recognised brand and the pornstars appearing were some of my absolute favourites.

The main tasks when editing a Fake Taxi video is to make sure that the drivers face is blurred at all times.  I know over the years his identity has been found out, but we still like to keep using the blur as part of the brand.

I also have to subtitle every scene that I edit.  This is the most time consuming part of the editing process, but a valuable one.  Some times the English language can be a little difficult to understand, or phrases may need translating to be fully understood by none English viewers.

I also have to cut the video too.  With up to 5 camera angles to use, this part is what I enjoy the most about editing Fake Taxi porn videos.  Being able to choose what the viewer gets to see is the job I really love to do.  I love to be able to get the best angle I possibly can throughout the full video.  Seeing a hot babe opening her legs or getting her tits out are the shots that I like to get right in the middle of the frame at all times if possible.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to tweet me on my Twitter account @XXXVideoEditor – I’ll do my best to respond.


Anal Sex Taxi Rides in a London Taxi

As a video editor for Fake Taxi I have seen many great anal sex taxi rides in the last 6 years.  I have edited 100’s of Fake Taxi videos so here is a quick selection of my most recent favourite Fake Taxi anal sex video.


I have put together some of my most memorable anal sex taxi video that I can remember, just by browsing through the Fake Taxi achieves on FAKEhub.

anal sex taxi rides liza billberry

Liza Billberry – This was a great Easter themed porn video.  This hot babe (Liza Billberry is all dressed up as the Easter bunny and on her way to a party.  She has a pair of wonderful tits and her whole body is absolutely stunning.

As I started to edit this Fake Taxi porn video, is soon began to realise that this was going to be a hardcore anal sex taxi video.  I was not expecting her to take this big cock in her arse.   She took a massive British penis deep into her arse with not problem.

This is a treat for all fans of Liza Billberry.  Not only do we get to see her amazing tits, but we get to see her wonderful arsehole being stretched to it’s limit.

anal sex taxi rides amber deen

Amber Deen – This Scottish blonde anal lover is picked up from the roadside and explained that she wanted to pay for her taxi fare by being fucked in the arse.  the taxi driver tried to explain that he no longer fucked his passengers in the arse, but it didn’t take too long for Amber Deen to change his mind.

I really liked watching Amber Deen lower her arsehole on to the taxi driver big bellend.  Seeing his cock disappear deep into Amber’s sexy Scottish asshole was a real treat for me as a full time porn video editor.

anal sex taxi rides shona river

Shona River – OMG Shona River has one of the best asses that I have had the pleasure in editing.  If she had big tits, then she would be one of my favourite pornstars.  She is a stunning pornstar from Hungary who loves cock in her arse.

In this Shona River anal Fake Taxi video, she is on her way to the airport but she wants to get fucked in the arse one last time before she returns to Hungary.  The taxi driver is only more than happy to perform his duty and fuck her sweet arsehole in his taxi.

Dildo in her arse

Barbie Sins – Miss Sins is one of the hot British blonde pornstars who I love seeing on my porn editing schedule.  She is a such a pro.  Editing her anal sex videos is relatively straight forward because she knows what she is doing and performs to the highest standards.

In this Barbie Sins anal sex video, she gets her arsehole stretched by a big double ended dildo and the taxi drivers cock as well.  she was on her way to see a sissy boy client but she had forgotten to have her arsehole stretched before she left.

Taxi arse sex

Tanya Virgo – This beautiful Russian short blonde haired Russian babe loves cock in her arse.  In her previous taxi video, Tanya Virago had promised to one day let the taxi driver fuck her arse, but I never thought she’d actually go through with it!

Tanya showed off her little arsehole and teased the London taxi driver by playing with herself on the backseat.  She is a real hot Russian that will take a big cock in her arse all the way down to the balls!

Louise Lee anal fucking

Louise Lee – To be honest i never thought I would ever see the day when cute British blonde pornstar Louise Lee would get fucked in the arse.  I always enjoy editing her videos.  She always bring her own personality to the screen and is good at giving and taking on screen banter.

In the Fake Taxi video, she explains that she needs some help in getting her arsehole stretched.  She is dating a driving instructor who wants to fuck her arse also.  So she turns to the Fake Taxi driver who she has heard is very good at getting women prepared for anal sex.

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Fake Taxi Lenina Crowne and a Big Black Cock

fake taxi lenina crowne

Fake Taxi Lenina Crowne and a big black cock was a lot of fun to edit.  This sexy British redhead takes Longwood’s huge long black dick deep inside her wet pussy.  John the taxi driver picks up Longwood and Lenina Crowne and let’s them borrow the taxi to fuck in.  They are given a free 30 minutes to have sex in whilst John goes on his break.


In Fake Taxi Lenina Crowne, Ginger babe Lenina makes the most of having a big black cock to play with.  She sucks it and sticks it down her throat as far as she can before jumping on his cock and riding it for all she is worth.

She has never had a cock go so deep inside her.  She loves the sensation of her pussy being stretched to it limit.  Lenina Crowne has certainly made an impression on my.  I have edited a few of her video now for FAKEhub.  She was great in a her Fake Driving School video and I think I also edited her Fake Taxi debut.  I’ve edited so much porn, I can’t remember.

I do know that I missed out on editing her Public Agent video which was a shame.  One of my FAKEhub colleague was the lucky one that got to see her strip off totally naked for that POV master peice.

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Victoria Pure Fake Taxi Little Red Lace Dress

Victoria Pure Fake Taxi

This is the Victoria Pure Fake Taxi video where she looks stunning wearing a short red lace dress.  This long haired MILF takes a big fat cock deep into her shaven pussy in the back on an old London taxi cab.

Victoria Pure looks so sexy as she gives the taxi driver a blowjob in POV before her pussy is pounded from behind and then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.  She is also fucked hard with her head through the snatch hatch.

A beautiful MILF porn actress who put on a great performance.  Her English was good and easy to understand.  Her body is in fantastic shape and can take a big cock all the way down to the balls.  She can also ad lib through the scene.  She delivers some funny lines whilst behind fucked from behind.

This Victoria Pure Fake Taxi episode was released by FakeHub on 15th April, 2015.


Scarlet Rebel and her Sexy Red Thong in Fake Taxi

Scarlet Rebel Fake Taxi

Spanish babe Scarlet Rebel appearing in a Spanish version of Fake Taxi.  She gets fucked whilst wearing a sexy red thong that looks really sexy again her soft round ass.

Scarlet Rebel needed a lift, but didn’t have any money to pay for it. I told her I drove a special taxi, then we got to driving. I told her why the taxi was special, and told her to show me her ass. Scarlet acted scandalized, but I could see in her eyes that she liked it, and pulled down her jeans to show me red panties.

When I asked to see her tits, she leaned forward, and I touched them. This made me horny, so I started to jerk off. Scarlet leaned forward to see, and when she saw my big dick, she turned around, pulled down her panties, and enticed me with her tight pussy.

I pulled over in a quiet spot, then got into the back seat. Scarlet got on her knees and gave me a sloppy blowjob, then turned around so I could spank her booty. She sat her wet pussy down on my big dick and rode me reverse cowgirl, then I fucked her doggystyle in the backseat. Finally, after she came to orgasm on my dick, I covered her smiling face with a facial!

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Fake Taxi Blonde Australian Fucked Senseless

Fake Taxi Blonde Australian Fucked Senseless

Fake Taxi Blonde Australian Fucked Senseless
Isabella Deltore

Stunning Australian pornstar Isabella Deltore is at the very best in this Blonde Australian Fucked Senseless hardcore porn video.  Save the fucking Roo’s, mate.

In the word of the Fake Taxi driver...“A beautiful blonde Australian woman named Isabelle Deltore got into my taxi today. Isabelle told me how she was raising money for the Australian wildfires, specifically, to save the koalas. She asked me for a donation, but I told her I was simply a poor taxi driver, I did not have the money.

In Fake Taxi Blonde Australian Fucked Senseless, Isabelle sweetened the deal, and offered to flash me her pierced boobs if I would donate money. I agreed, and she let me touch them. She was cheeky, and said if I paid double, she would show me her magic pussy. She stuck her bum through the partition, and when I touched her pussy, I was ready to give her every cent I had! I found somewhere to park and came into the backseat.

I tore open her tights to get at her wet pussy, then shoved my tongue deep inside her. Isabelle took care of my cock with a blowjob, then I fucked her heavenly pinkness. I fucked her missionary, then pulled out, and came a huge load on her pearly skin!”


Fake Taxi The Dominatrix and the Big D

Fake Taxi The Dominatrix and the Big D

Fake Taxi The Dominatrix and the Big D
Romy Indy and Dave

Dutch ebony pornstar Romy Indy puts on a marvellous performance and a dominatrix on her way to a house call.  She is picked up and fucked by a taxi driver with an enormous white cock.

In the words of the Fake Taxi driver…“Romy Indy used the app to book what I call the BBC – the Big Black Cab! I told the Ebony hottie that they called me Big D, and she knew I was talking about my dick.

We got to chatting, and when Romy adjusted her bag, I noticed she had a riding crop in it! Romy told me she was a professional dominatrix, and she would fuck blokes with a strap-on. I told her luv, the only one doing the fucking around here is me! All the talk about fucking made me horny didn’t it? I had a cheeky wank, and I guess Romy noticed, because she flashed me her tits, then leaned forward to see what all the fuss was about.

In Fake Taxi The Dominatrix and the Big D, she asked me if I liked being rimmed, then offered to rim my arse if I gave her the ride for free. No problem, luv! I got in the backseat and she swallowed my cock, then stuck her tongue up my arse. I fucked Romy’s tight shaved pussy all over the BBC, then came on her pretty little face!”

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