Fake Taxi Ava in hot fuck to get her job back

Fake Taxi Ava in hot fuck to get her job back

Fake Taxi Ava Austen


When I saw a naughty looking woman with booty shorts and a see-through top around the corner, I knew it had to be Ava Austin. It had been at least half a year since I had seen Ava, and she had taken off without returning my calls.

Explaining what happened, Ava told me she had met a bloke in the taxi and they had got into a bit of a relationship, so he didn't want her driving the taxi anymore. The reason she had stopped ghosting me was that riding the same dick every day was getting boring, so she wanted her job back.

I would do anything for Ava so I said yes, but informed her of a caveat: she would have to pay for her ride! Her tits were already out, so I jumped into the backseat for a long overdue blowjob and rimjob, then fucked Ava's wet pussy until she wanked me all over her for a classic John facial!

Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Abigail Ash and Michael Fly star in Fake Taxi Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck

I really enjoy editing official Fake Taxi videos. It's always a pleasure to be part of such a world wide famous porn site. It is a real claim to fame.

This Fake Taxi scene star the very hot Abigail Ash. She really tries hard to speak her very best English, and her accent is very sexy.

She takes the role of a physiotherapist who offers to help out the taxi driver by taking a look at his foot that he injured during a soccer game.

The taxi driver pulls over so Abigail can give her diagnosis on his foot. She tells him that his foot is slightly bruised. But as the taxi driver put his socks back on, Abigail's hand brush his cock. She was taken by surprised about just how big hic cock felt.

She wanted a better look at his cock. She was very interested in seeing how much swelling his cock would produce when she popped it in her mouth.

The Fake Taxi Abigail Ash video called Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck was edited by me, XXXVideoEditor. I'm a freelance video editor who has over 6 years experience in editing top rated adult videos.

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Editing Fake Taxi Amber Jayne Fake Taxi Video 2018

Editing Fake Taxi Amber Jayne Fake Taxi Video 2018.

I'm always delighted to edit Fake Taxi videos.  Especially when they are as sexy as top British pornstar Amber Jayne.  In this scene that I edited, she is wearing a long over coat, but underneath she is just wearing a sexy underwear combination.


See the Amber Jayne Fake Taxi Trailer

The storyline for this Fake Taxi video is that she gets picked up by taxi driver Pascal White.  She explains that he went to her boyfriends house to give him a sexy surprise, only to find out that he was a married man!

Amber Jayne did not want to waste her time and her sexual frustration, so she gives the taxi driver a flash of her sexy underwear.  BUT as this is a Fake taxi video, of course, the taxi driver gets more than just a flash of underwear from sexy Amber Jayne.

This Fake Taxi video was edited using Premiere Pro.  Are you looking for an experienced video editor to edit your porn videos?

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Fake Taxi Busty MILF Amber Jayne Fucks Taxi Cock

Fake Taxi Busty MILF Amber Jayne Fucks Taxi Cock



I saw Amber Jayne flagging down the cab on the side of the road and said to myself "this looks like a slut!" Amber was a blonde MILF headed to the parade of shops near the station.

I knew the place well: there had been an uproar recently in the paper about how a sex shop was opening there. Since I could practically see her knickers, I told the blonde MILF that I had a toy of my own I wouldn't mind sharing with her called "The Bishop."

Amber was interested, so I hopped into the backseat so she could give me a blowjob. I fingered her pink pussy then ate her out, before formally introducing the bishop deep inside of her! After some doggystyle with a finger in her arse, I came in her arsehole. It was glorious!

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YesPornPlease Fake Taxi Stacey Sommers


YesPornPlease Fake Taxi Stacey Sommers - Her hole is stretched by big cock



Stacy Sommers got into my cab today, a beautiful brunette happy to be out of the cold. She lived and worked in Prague, but she was late for her work in Kobylisy, so we got right to driving.

We chatted a bit about life, about work, and finally, we reached the destination. Stacy was apparently told the ride would be 200 CZK, but everyone knows I charge 900 CZK. She had to supplement the fare somehow, so she showed me her tits. I told her that would be fine and she had to give me the 200, but said if she showed me her ass and pussy, the ride would be free.

I got into the backseat and tore her fishnets open, stretched her tight hole with my big cock, then came on her face!

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Fake Taxi Barbie Sin Naughty Nurse Video

Busty naughty nurse dirty taxi ride
Fake Taxi Barbie Sin Naughty Nurse Video

I was having a very lucrative day in the Fake Taxi when I turned the corner and saw Barbie Sins flagging down the cab. I recognized that sexy little fucker right away. Barbie was on her way to see someone who liked her to dress up as a nurse, complete with big white knickers!

It didn't take much charm to convince her to stick with me instead, and as I found us a location, she unbuttoned her shirt and showed me her new tits! When we pulled over I ate her out, then she gave me a blowjob, and even stuck her tongue in my arse!

She had a sex toy with her, so I stretched her with it and fisted her, then we shared a cheeky fuck! I came all over her face and complimented her as best I could: Barbie Sins is one sexy filthy fucker!



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YesPornPlease Fake Taxi Kira Thorn

The day was a busy one, and I was waiting for my next customer when Kira Thorn opened the door to the FakeTaxi. She engaged in a rather angry sounding phone call, then abruptly hung up.

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I asked what was wrong, and Kira revealed she had just found out her boyfriend had cheated on her. She was confused as to why he would cheat. Didn't he like my boobs, she asked as she flashed me, and isn't my butt so much better!

The sight of her naked body made me so horny, so when she invited me in the backseat I almost crashed in my haste to join her. We fucked all over the taxi and I made her forget about her ex, then I came all over her pretty face!

Fake Taxi 500th Porn Video

Fake Taxi 500th Porn Video

Usually I have a single passenger in my car, maybe two, so it was a little overwhelming to see Victoria Summers, Valerie Fox, and Diverse Stacey get in all at once!


The ladies had compared notes and hatched a plot to dominate me all together. They had even brought special toys along! The women started to fool around in the backseat with their toys, sucking their tits, licking their arses, and fucking each other with a whole variety of dildos.

By the time I got in the backseat they were right horny, and gave me a triple blowjob that made my cock explode in orgasm.

Fake Taxi Cindy Sun Anal Sex in a Taxi

Blonde bombshell does backseat anal


A blonde bombshell by the name of Cindy Sun got into my cab today, and was she ever beautiful! I love me the bimbo look, and Cindy was a particularly beautiful variety.

Cindy was from Finland, and had come to England on a mission. Her mission, she explained, was to try cock from every country she visited!

She asked me if I wanted to be her English specimen, and with big tits like hers, I wasn't about to say no.

I got into the backseat where she sucked my cock and balls and gave me a rimjob, then asked me to fuck her arse! After some horny anal we accomplished the English chapter of her mission with a massive facial!

Fake Taxi Verona Sky Back Seat Erection Issue

Fake Taxi Car Verona Sky

Fake Taxi Verona Sky Back Seat Erection Issue

I was having a slow day in the Fake Taxi today, so Verona Sky opening my door was a welcome distraction. The 27 year old didn't look a day over 23, and she was headed to a business meeting in the center.

She asked me in if she could change in the backseat, which was fine, but she didn't want me to look, which was an issue. How did she expect me to keep my eyes off her perky tits, pretty pussy, and round ass?

We had a problem: she had given me an erection! I needed her to help me with it, so I hopped into the backseat for a quick blowjob, then fucked her tight pussy and creampied her!

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