FakeTaxi Jasmine Lau First Date

FakeTaxi Jasmine Lau First Date

Jasmine Lau gets a ride to visit her boyfriend…or so she said.  She is fed up with guys hitting on her so she makes up a story to try and stop the faketaxi driver from hitting on her.

FakeTaxi Jasmine Lau

But this IS THE FAKETAXI DRIVER.  She has no chance of avoiding the fact that will will be fucked in the back of his famous British black cab where hundreds of sexy women have been fucked before.

The cocky FakeTaxi driver gave her all his best chat up lines and finally Jasmine Lau gave in to his charms.  She confessed that she did not actually have a boyfriend.  The driver could not believe his luck. Another sexy single white female in the back of his infamous London taxi.

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Of course the next conversation was all about sex..and her lack of sexual activity.  She has not had a good fuck her months.  She had the occasional one night stand, but none of those guys had the stamina to satisfy her sexual needs.

British porn star Jasmine Lau Fucked in the FakeTaxi

John the FakeTaxi driver explained that he was an older and more experienced guy.  He told her that he had satisfied plenty of women.  Jasmine did not believe him at first.  She thought that it was just another one of his chat up lines.  He didn’t need to keep trying it on. Jasmine told him that she was up for a fuck in the back of his taxi.  He just needed to find a quite spot where they could not be disturbed.

John knew just the place.  As soon as he parked up, he was on the backseat sliding his fingers into her already wet pussy.  Her pussy was soaking.  That was when John realised that this chick was absolutely gagging for it.

In this FakeTaxi Jasmine Lau dips her tongue into the FakeTaxi driver arsehole to give him a rimjob that he will never forget.  Once the driver had fucked her hard, he finishes the job by shooting his load into her pussy for a sweet pussy creampie.

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FakeTaxi April Paisley Blonde Gets By Taxi Driver

FakeTaxi April Paisley

FakeTaxi April Paisley Blonde Gets By Taxi Driver

Horny skinny blonde April Paisley is the latest blonde babe to get her pussy pounded by the British FakeTaxi Driver.

April was struggling to bring her painting supplies to her new flat, so I played hero and gave the damsel in distress the chance to grab a cab to her place.

When she asked for some help to get her paint cans up to the top, I couldn't say no to the gorgeous little spinner. Once we got upstairs, she offered me a cup of tea, then realized she didn't have the things needed, so I suggested she could offer me something else.

April called me cheeky, then beckoned me over to her. She confessed she loved sucking dick, and got down on her knees on the carpet to give me a demonstration.

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I fucking love a babe in glasses, gagging on my cock! I loved April's tiny titties so much, and that little round ass of hers. Her pussy felt like a velvet pocket, it was just amazing.

The perfect home for The Bishop to work out his pent-up energy! The saucy tart told me I could come around for coffee anytime. I promised I would, and I'd bring the cream!

FakeTaxi Eva Johnson Anal Date Night

FakeTaxi Eva Johnson Anal Date Night

FakeTaxi Eva Johnson Anal Date Night

I’m not the brightest bloke, but it’s not like me to forget a date with a woman as hot and horny as Miss Eva Johnson!

Still, when she stuck her head in my taxi window today and started yelling, I was pretty surprised. I asked her to get in the car so I could apologize, but Eva said the only way she would calm down was if I fucked her ass!

Well, it seemed like I was getting the best end of the deal there, but when Eva speaks, Eva gets! I drove us to our new shagging spot while the hot brunette wiggled her sexy arse for me.

Fake Taxi Sign Up

She gave me such amazing head, she made my dick throb. I licked her tight pussy and made her cum once, then I fingered her until she squirt!

Eva bent over through the slut hatch so I could fuck her doggy and get her asshole ready, then I gave her a nice rough anal fuck, just like she ordered!

Then I put her sexy stockings over my cock for my grand footjob finish. No woman can stay mad at The Bishop! I made a date for next week with the saucy tart.

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FakeTaxi Tera Joy Love Czech Taxi Cock

FakeTaxi Tera Joy

FakeTaxi Tera Joy Love Czech Taxi Cock

Tera Joy is lucky she's such a sexy lady, because she's a terrible taxi passenger! The pretty brunette got in my cab today asking me to go as fast as possible, then she complained we were hitting bumps in the road.

She thought I was going the wrong way, yelled at me for talking over her phone conversation, and then started going on about how the backseat was filthy, and even pulled her jeans off to clean them off.

She noticed I was looking at her, so she asked if I wanted to see her pussy. I said I have a girlfriend, but Tera didn't care. She's one horny troublemaker, this lady.

She told me to get in the backseat and see what a real woman is like. So I did! She was an amazing fuck, like some kind of professional maybe?

I've never come like that in my life. And I guess she wasn't too concerned about the back being dirty--we covered everything in squirt and cum, and didn't even bother to clean it off!

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FakeTaxi Ava Austin and John Video

FakeTaxi Ava Austin and John [28:32 minutes]

faketaxi ava austin and john

I picked up Ava today, and had to explain why I was in disguise! The reason I'd disappeared for a while is some bloke found out I fucked his girl in the taxi, and then he cut my brake lines, almost causing me to crash! I can never go back to Kent again, it's true. I told Ava our plans were back on, then started to drive her back to town, but she was having none of it!

In this FakeTaxi Ava Austin and John Video, she'd put on a pretty dress, left off her pants, and come 90 minutes to meet me, she said. And though I was on the hunt for new pussy, I do love Ava's amazing twat as well. So I found us a place to park where she could play with my beard and I could eat her snatch the way she likes. As usual, Ava was a total treat to fuck, down for some ass eating, and even drank my cum out of a little baggie in the end! Good thing she forgot her lunch, so she had lots of room to drink my protein shake!

Ava Austin loves the FakeTaxi.

Hailing from the Garden of England is the luscious, all-natural Ava Austen. Surely one of the naughtiest MILFs to ever rise out of the UK, there's no kink or fetish too extreme for this cum lover! Covered in tattoos, curves, and tattooed curves, you'll know this naughty minx means business the moment she takes her shirt off! With a couple years of webcamming under her belt, Ava is finally stepping up her game and breaking out into hardcore porn.

Pulling up her stockings for the biggest studios in the business, Ava is finally getting the hearty dose of dick she was meant for. Describing herself as fun, filthy, and humble, Ava's got a great personality to go along with those perfect 34C tits and that big bouncing butt. So if you're into MILFs with years of cock-handling experience and a list of fetishes so comprehensive it ought to be bound in hard cover, look no further than the sultry goddess, Ava Austen.

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FakeTaxi Megan Talerico Video

FakeTaxi Megan Talerico [24:51 minutes]

Punky blonde beauty Megan Talerico was on her way home from work, and told me that once, a taxi driver gave her a free ride in exchange for a kiss. I told her it will take a lot more than that in this cab! Then she asked if she showed me her perky tits, would I give her a discount? I gave her one kilometre for free.

FakeTaxi Megan Talerico

FakeTaxi Megan Talerico Gets Pussy Pounded

Only 19 more to go! When she showed me her pussy, I told her my dick was hard, and the cheeky passenger asked to see. Then she said it would be a shame to waste it. I couldn't agree more.

In this FakeTaxi Megan Talerico sexual encounter, Megan and I found a place to park that was out of the way, then I plunged my face into her tasty pussy to eat her out. The thick little babe rode my dick, then let me blow a massive load on her tongue, and swallowed it all! And it was so good, I offered to pick her up tomorrow!

So you may get to see another video of this sexy Czech blonde being fucked hard in my taxi.  I'll be more than happy to share my sexual encounters with her again.

Megan Talerico is a Czech blonde with short hair.  She has very small boobs, and a nice slim body.  Judging my the cumshot on this video, I assume that she likes the taste of cum in her mouth.

There are not many other Megan Talerico porn videos on the internet.  I'm hoping that she is going to be appearing in more FakeHub videos in the very near future.  Being a Czech blonde porn star, then I am sure that the producers of FakeHub will be booking her again very soon.


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Fake Taxi Paris Divine

Fake Taxi Student has nice arse and wet pussy

Paris was bored with her college classes today, so she skipped off to meet her boyfriend, but when she found out I knew one of the professors there, the punky babe begged me not to tell him!

She was right. I didn’t feel good taking her away from the college, where they are very strict, so I told the pretty redhead I was going to have to bring her back! Paris thought flashing her tiny tits at me would make a difference, but I wasn’t sure–until she said let’s make a deal, and wiggled out of her jeans to show me her super tight ass!

Paris loved giving head, and said her BF wasn’t a big fan. I certainly was! That spinner could deepthroat! I spanked her ass as punishment for leaving college, and she loved it so much, I stuck my thick cock in her tight pussy and pounded her like the naughty student she was!

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Fake Taxi Arwen Gold Russian Hairy Pussy Natural Tits

Fake Taxi Arwen Gold Russian Hairy Pussy Natural Tits

Arwen Gold was going to the doctor to ask about artificial insemination, because her man’s sperm couldn’t get her pregnant! The beautiful Russian said she had asked all of her friends, but nobody was able to help.

Then out of nowhere, she asked to see my cock! I said, sure, why not? She was a very pretty brunette with big cat eyes. I could tell she was probably very naughty! I found a place to park and got in the back to introduce myself, and the mama-to-be went straight for my dick, pulling it out so she could give me a blowjob.

Then she was stripping off, asking me to fuck her! I loved Arwen Gold’s hairy pussy.  It was a real treat to be able to fuck a natural hairy pussy for a change.  Most women that I fuck are all shaven. She said she thought I had good sperm, so I made sure to give her a little. Hopefully now she’ll be pregnant! Another happy FakeTaxi customer.

Fake Taxi Arwen Gold Russian Hairy Pussy Natural Tits

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Fake Taxi Izzy Delphine Backseat Rim Job and Hard Fucking

Fake Taxi Izzy Delphine
Fake Taxi Izzy Delphine Backseat Rim Job and Hard Fucking

Izzy was on her way to shop in Pariska, the most expensive shopping district in Belgrade, so I’d already guessed she was a snob, but it was much worse than that! She wouldn’t make conversation on the drive, and then flat-out told me she doesn’t speak to taxi drivers!

In fact, she said only takes taxis to help out the poor folks who can’t afford to shop in a place like Pariska! Izzy said she could buy my car, and me, and enforce a strict no-speaking rule. Then she threw a bunch of cash on the floor of the cab and told me to lick her ass clean! I don’t need a rich bitch’s pity cash. I told Izzy I love my job, and my taxi cab, and I would eat her ass for free!

I fucked the naughty elitist through the slut hatch, then made her squirt all over the backseat. After I blew a massive load on her juicy ass, I took just enough money for the cab, and told Izzy she could stick the rest where the sun doesn’t shine!

Fake Taxi Izzy Delphine Backseat Rim Job and Hard Fucking

FemaleFakeTaxi Hot Blonde Driver Fucked by Body Builder

femalefaketaxi body builder
When Ricci Hulk got into my taxi, he was very angry about missing his bodybuilding exhibition. I really wanted to relieve his stress, so I hopped into the back with him and started to rub his toned physique.

I couldn't wait to feel his biggest muscle, the one between his legs, so I put my hand on his hard shaft, took off his clothes, and sucked him off! This hunk got so turned on, he lifted up my jean skirt and rubbed my pierced clit.

I mounted his big dick and rode him reverse cowgirl as he massaged my big fake tits. Not wanting to forget this moment, I gave him the camera to film my ass bouncing on his monster cock.

I knew that I helped him relax when he jizzed all over my wet pussy!

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Petite American redhead Chloe Carter does anal

faketaxi chloe carter

Petite American redhead Chloe Carter does anal

American spinner Chloe Carter had never been to London before, so before I took her on a tour of the city, I just had to show her how a real Englishman fucks!

This petite redhead may have needed a man to guide her around the city, but when it came to my big cock, Chloe knew exactly what to do. Taking my dick in her hands, she massaged my long shaft and then gave me a deepthroat blowjob!

She even asked me to give her a good anal pounding. If I had known how horny American babes were, I would've gone to America ages ago!

Leaning her over the partition I rammed my big cock up her asshole and fucked her doggystyle! We fucked so hard, I forgot that I still had to drive Miss Carter around the city.

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