Pay Attention To My Pussy Gabriella Paltrova Luna Star

Pay Attention To My Pussy

Pay Attention To My Pussy
Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star

If you were faced down by Luna Star trying to make you eat her pussy, how long would you be able to resist burying you face into her sweet juicy pussy?  Gabriella Paltrova is not doing a very good job at friend listening to luna’s problems.  Luna is fed up with her husband, but Miss Paltrova is too busy listening to her music on her ear pods to give a damn about Luna’s problems with her marriage.

Luna Star gets really angry about the fact that one of her besties is not interested in hearing about her woes.  She really needed somebody to off load to.  Miss Star has been having problems in the bedroom department with her husband.  It was as though he was no longer interested in fucking her hot Latina body anymore…maybe he was having an affair.

In Pay Attention To My Pussy, Luna wanted Gabriella’s help in deciding how to get her husband to start fucking her again.  But Miss Paltrova was in no mood to be a listening post.  Luna had enough of being ignored.  She confronts Gabriella by taking out her ear pods.  Not only does she take them straight out of ears, Luna Star sticks the ear pods straight up her pussy.  It was up to Gabrialla Paltrova to retrieve them if she wanted them.

Luna Star Sex with Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova and Luna Star have rough lesbian sex in the kitchen.  By the time they are finished fucking each other, they are both completely naked and shattered by multiple orgasms that they have given each other by fingering and licking each others pussies.

Watching Pay Attention To My Pussy, I loved seeing Luna trying to talk to Gabriella.  Luna is wearing a low cut dress that really exposes that fine looking Latina cleavage.  It’s fucking perfect.  This is one of those videos where you are continuously asking yourself why the hell wouldn’t her husband want to fuck her every day…I would be trying to fuck her twice a day…at least.

Brazzers do not use many lesbian porn videos on their ad network, but I would hazard a guess and say that we might be seeing Luna Star inserting ear pods inot her pussy used in a tube site advert in the near future.  It is one of those porn moments that really catches the eye.

We will be able to watch this full length girl on girl lesbian lust fest called Pay Attention To My Pussy on November 3rd, 2020.