Georgie Lyall Romantic Porn Videos

I’ve picked out some of my personal favourite Georgie Lyall romantic porn videos from the female friendly porn world of SEXYhub.  When it comes to hot British blonde pornstars, few would argue that Georgie Lyall is one of the most highly rated in the adult industry.

Wife phones husband while cheating

Wife phones husband while cheating
Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall is staying in a hotel when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her again, and calls him up to demand answers. As she yells into the phone, her room service arrives, fresh orange juice squeezed by the bellhop Alan.

Furious with her cheating husband, Georgie tells him she will fuck his father, his best friends, and hell, even the bellhop to get back at him. With that, Alan looks up to see Georgie grab him by the tie and kiss him. Georgie gives Alan the Bellhop a sultry blowjob, then wanks him with her big tits.

The MILF then climbs onto his face and rides his tongue before taking his big dick in her pussy. Alan fucks Georgie doggystyle, then barely manages to pull out before cumming on her pussy.

Latina au pair joins older couple

Latina au pair joins older couple
Georgie Lyall, Baby Nicols

Miguel and Georgie Lyall are in bed together when Baby Nichols comes in to the room complaining she is too scared to spend the night alone. Though Georgie is uncertain, Miguel takes one look at the hot Latina babe’s tits in her lingerie and insists she stay.

As Georgie closes her eyes, Baby gets Miguel’s attention, then starts to seduce him. At Baby’s suggestion, Miguel starts to play with Georgie’s pussy, then eats her out. Keeping quiet, Georgie stifles her moan as Miguel fucks her until she cums, then leaves the room to go to the bathroom.

While she’s gone, Miguel hops on over to Baby, who enthusiastically starts to suck his cock. Georgie comes back to see Baby’s lips wrapped around her boyfriend’s cock and gets very angry that she isn’t doing it right! Georgie teaches Baby how to throat a cock, then they all have a threesome that ends with Miguel cuming in Georgie’s pussy, and baby licking his jizz out!


Big tits Scottish blonde on top
Georgie Lyall

How strange it is, that British-born Marc Rose and Scottish-born Georgie Lyall meet for a sensual session in a Massage Room in Prague. The pair get to chatting while Georgie oils up Marc’s sore shoulders and rubs out the tension, then she quickly removes his towel.

Impressed by Marc’s massive member, Georgie gets turns on, and while oiling up the stud’s thighs, asks if she can touch his penis. Marc is more than happy to say yes, the Brit moans with delight and Georgie gives him an oily handjob, then takes his cock into her mouth. In this In this Georgie Lyall romantic massage video, Georgie then oils up her own boobs, strips nude, and climbs on top of Marc’s dick. Georgie rides Marc for pure pleasure, then he cums deep inside her pussy for a creampie!


Big tits British blonde creampie
Georgie Lyall

Stanley Johnson has hired stunning Scottish blonde, Georgie Lyall, for a fun and oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms! Lying on his back with only a small, white towel to cover his penis, Stanley breathes out quickly as the busty blonde pours oil on his chest and legs, then begins to pleasure him.

Georgie pours oil on her own big tits, then lubes up Stanley’s cock to wank him with her huge boobs. Georgie takes Stanley’s cock into her mouth, then climbs on top and rides him in reverse-cowgirl. After an oily fuck, Georige lets Stanley fill her pussy with a thick creampie.

Big natural tits Brit covered in cum

Big natural tits Brit covered in cum
Georgie Lyall

Marc Rose is sitting in the living room on the chair reading his book when his wifey Georgie Lyall enters the room wearing a smoking hot blue dress. Georgie takes the book from Marc and sets it aside, then takes out her big tits and teases him a little before getting on her knees and undoing his pants.

During this In this Georgie Lyall romantic porn video, Georgie takes out Marc’s hard cock and gives him a sensual blowjob, then strips off her dress and gives him a tit-wank. Getting up, Georgie turns around and takes Marc’s dick into her pussy reverse cowgirl style, then the couple move to the bed where Marc can eat her out, fuck her good, and they can both cum!

Pretty Brit with big natural tits

Pretty Brit with big natural tits
Georgie Lyall

When you’re as beautiful a lady as Georgie Lyall, you’re bound to get sore every now and then, so the Scottish blonde books herself an oily massage with Nathaly Cherie. Lying naked on a soft mattress, Georgie’s skin tingles in anticipation of the feeling of Nathaly’s silky hands.

In this Georgie Lyall romantic lesbians porn video, Nathaly pours oil on Georgie’s naked body and massages her legs and bubble butt, then moves up to play with her big boobs. When Nathaly starts to give Georgie a bodyrub she can’t help but smile and the blonde babes make out. Nathaly moves between Georgie’s thighs and eats her pussy, then makes her client cum with some sensual finger fucking. Flipping their roles, Nathaly gets naked, then Georgie eats her out and returns the orgasmic favor!

Hot creampie for big tits UK blonde

Hot creampie for big tits UK blonde
Georgie Lyall

Big tits UK blonde Georgie Lyall and her lover Thomas have spent the morning enjoying the sunshine, and have returned home for some afternoon delight! Kissing and caressing each other, the couple explore their bodies, then Thomas takes out Georgie’s big boobs and worships them.

Slipping a hand into her onesie, Thomas first rubs her clit through her panties, then slips his finger into Georgie’s wet pussy. The blonde then gives Thomas a sensual blowjob, grinds on his dick, and takes his cock missionary and doggystyle, before riding him cowgirl until he creampies her!

Gorgeous UK blonde has intimate sex

Gorgeous UK blonde has intimate sex
Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall is getting dressed to impress in her flat while her boyfriend Thomas watches and admires her pristine beauty. Thomas admires the sleek and sensual curves of Georgie’s legs as she puts on her stockings, then can’t help but reach out and touch her.

In this Georgie Lyall romantic porn video, Georgie and Thomas kiss passionately on the sofa, and Thomas quickly begins to disrobe Georgie once more. Sucking her big tits and playing with her big ass, Thomas lies Georgie down on her back and eats her pussy.

Returning the favor, Georgie gives Thomas a loving sloppy blowjob, then takes his cock deep inside of her pussy. After some missionary and doggystyle fucking, Thomas cums on Georgie’s sensible bush.

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The First Time Georgie Lyall Appeared in a Brazzers Video

It has been said many times that Scottish blonde pornstar Georgie Lyall has the best tits in the adult business.  Few would actually argue with that.  But with so many other pornstar claiming that crown, I’ve decided to write a porn blog post remembering the first time we saw Georgie Lyall in a Brazzers porn video.

Let’s go back to April 30th, 2014 and we’ll find a Brazzers video called Forbidden Fruit.  The busty blonde Georgie Lyall makes her Brazzers debut getting fucked by Danny D and his massive long white cock.

georgie lyall brazzers video
Georgie Lyall in Brazzers Forbidden Fruit

It was a video produced for the Big Tits at Work Brazzers web site and to date has gained 2886 ‘likes’.  This was the first time that Brazzers members got to see Miss Lyall get those marvellous round big natural boobs out.  What a sight they truly are.

Wearing a sexy pink underwear set, Georgie gets fucked in all kinds of sexual positions.  the best positions are those that make her tits bounce or sway as much as possible.

Georgie Lyall have now gone on to appear in 12 hardcore Brazzers videos with the last one being released on 23rd August 2019 where she starred along side Jodi El Nino Polla in a scene called Pounding the Problem Son.  She plays a cock hungry step mom who fucks her annoying step son.

georgie lyall in pounding the problem son
Georgie Lyall in Brazzers Pounding the Problem Son

Today, Georgie is only producing her own content via her Georgie Lyall OnlyFans web page.  She believes that she is better off producing her own content and being her own boss at this time.

I’m wondering how long it will be before we get to see her wonderful breasts again in top rated porn site ever again.  Let’s hope that Miss Lyall makes the occasional star appearance in a Brazzers porn video at some point in the near future.

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