Sonic Vibrations Gianna Dior

sonic vibrations

Sonic Vibrations
Keiran Lee, Gianna Dior

Mr Keiran Lee is a busy male pornstar.  He’s back again for another Brazzers HD video.  this time he’s balls deep into the back of Gianna Dior in Sonic Vibrations.  This sexy brunette with medium sized natural boobs gets her pussy penetrated by Keiran Lee and his long British cock.

At the start of Sonic Vibrations, we find Gianna in the bathroom cleaning her teeth with and electric tooth brush.  She is wearing a sexy silk dressing gown, and has one of her breasts exposed.  She removes the dressing gown entirely to reveal her amazingly tanned body in just a purple g-string.


I think she must be getting turned on by her electric toothbrush, because she starts touching her pussy and staring at the vibrating sonic toothbrush.  Finally her curiosity gets the better of her and she places the head of her toothbrush over her clit.  Gianna loves the sensation of the sonic toothbrush head vibrating on her clit.  It’s just like discovering a brand new sex toy.

In Sonic Vibrations, Gianna has pulled her purple g-string to one side and has her pussy pleasured by her own toothbrush.  I suppose you need to get your thrills from where ever you can.  But her pleasure is disturbed as Keiran Lee walks into the unlocked bathroom and find Gianna totally naked with a toothbrush on her fanny.

But fear not.  This is a porn video after all.  Gianna Dior knows that Keiran has been looking at the sweet college girl body for a while and she knows she can fuck him with the click of her fingers.  Being her moms boyfriend, Keiran does his best o resist her sexual advances, but her finally gives in when Gianna Dior leds him to the bedroom and lets him do whatever he wants with her younger, tanned, fit body.

In Brazzers Sonic Vibrations, Keiran Lee and Gianna Dior have hardcore sex on her mom’s bed.  They try all the sexual positions they can think of.  Keiran is not going to let the opportunity of fucking this hot college babe go without doing everything he wants to her.  Gianna knows that she won’t get the chance to get fucked by a big cock very often so she sucks and fucks Keiran Lee’s big dick for as long as Keiran can last.

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Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart

Just Can't Keep Them Apart

Just Can’t Keep Them Apart!
Gianna Dior, Hazel Grace and Katie Morgan

Gianna Dior greets Hazel Grace, a friend who has arrived to stay over for the night. They’re both 19 and haven’t seen each other for a while. Gianna’s step-mom Katie Morgan joins them to greet Hazel as well and it becomes immediately obvious that Katie and Hazel have the hots for each other. Gianna becomes stressed, breaking them up by leading Hazel away to drop off her stuff.

In Girlsway Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna and Hazel are watching movies together. Katie joins them. But when Katie Morgan starts to move to sit in the middle of the couch to be closer to Hazel, Gianna sees this and panics, quickly scrambling to the middle of the couch, almost getting sat on. Katie and Hazel are both surprised and Gianna beams seated squarely between Katie and Hazel. Katie reluctantly sits on the end. Gianna looks pleased with herself while Katie and Hazel look dejected.

Later, Gianna and Hazel get ready for bed. Katie visits to give a goodnight kiss to Gianna and Hazel asks for one, too. Gianna interrupts them and shoos Katie away.
A short time later, Gianna is still laying in bed with her eyes open. She glances over and sees that Hazel has her eyes closed.

‘Oh my god, FINALLY! Now I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on her,’ Gianna whispers to herself.  Gianna hurries quietly out of the bedroom.

During Just Can’t Keep Them Apart, Gianna freshens up in the bathroom, but when she arrives back at the room, she catches Katie and Hazel enthusiastically fucking. Gianna is exasperated. There are a confrontation and Gianna accidentally let’s slip that she doesn’t want Katie and Hazel to be involved…because SHE wants Katie!

Now that they know the truth, Katie and Hazel don’t delay, bringing Gianna into the fold for a steamy threesome!

Bore Your Daughter At Work Day

Bore Your Daughter At Work Day

Bore Your Daughter At Work Day
Hazel Grace and Gianna Dior

Hazel Grace and Gianna Dior, two teens, are bored out of their minds as they meet for the first time in an empty conference room. It’s Bring Your Daughter To Work Day and they’re both finally getting a break while their parents are stuck in yet another meeting.


Although they’re both feeling a bit grumpy from being dragged around all day, they’re quick to bond over their shared boredom. In fact, as they begin casting each other flirty looks across the table, they can think of some fun ways to spice the day up. Sure, it’s nearly time to clock out, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out with a bang.

During Bore Your Daughter At Work Day, they start by pulling their chairs close and sharing some steamy kisses, feeling bold and frisky. As the heat builds, Hazel’s mischievous nature takes over as she slides beneath the table and begins eating Gianna’s pussy out. Now all bets are off as they please each other to no end. Maybe it wasn’t such a boring day after all!

Gianna Dior Big Black Cock Creampie

Gianna Dior Big Black Cock Creampie

Gianna Dior Big Black Cock Creampie
Gianna Dior and Rob Piper

Wild, comely Latina Gianna Dior loves teasing porn fans with her perfect body. The striking starlet strips and struts through a heated intro, groping her wet gash in anticipation of intense interracial pounding. She welcomes Rob Piper with a passionate kiss and then worships his big black cock with a raunchy blowjob.

In Gianna Dior Big Black Cock Creampie, Gianna fondles her clit as Rob’s dark dick clobbers her tight cunt, and she tastes her sweet juice on his massive meat. Decadent fornication comes with gagging fellatio, a lewd rim job, and a pussy creampie climax: When Rob’s creamy sperm drips from Gianna’s wrecked slit, the hungry girl scoops up the mess and tastes it!

Compete to Completion Lesbian Interracial 3Way

Compete to Completion

Compete to Completion
Demi Sutra, Gianna Dior, Kiara Cole

Threes outstandingly beautiful pornstar having a threesome together.  Two ebony babes and one hot blonde get naked and perform some fantastic lesbian hardcore sex in a wonderful girl on girl 3way.

In Reality Kings Compete to Completion, Gianna Dior and Demi Sutra are extremely competitive – with everything from who wears the cutest panties to who cuts apples best. So when their smoking hot new roommate, Kiara Cole, moves in, the rivalrous babes are dead set on winning Kiara over first.

And what better way to do that than by licking Kiara’s juicy pussy? Demi and Giana seduce and play with their new roommate separately, but soon enough, the girls link up for a heated threesome.