Katy Jayne Teasing the Teaser Brazzers

Katy Jayne Teasing the Teaser

British blonde porn star Katy Jayne appearing in her third Brazzers porn video called Teasing the Teaser.

Teasing the Teaser

Look at how sexy Katy Jayne looks in a stunning black lingerie set.  Her body looks incredible.  Katy’s nipples are barely covered over.  Her black lingerie set is complete with thigh high black stockings.

She is paying a visit to her ex-boyfriend, who she still fantasises about.  She knows that it won’t take a lot for him to seduced to having sex with her one more time.

Ricky Stone is appearing in his first Brazzers porn video and plays the part of Katy Jayne’s ex-boyfriend.  He has to try and resist this hot blonde sexual advances.

Ricky Stone babe enjoys Teasing the Teaser

But taking a look at British babe Katy Jayne in her naughty lingerie, Ricky finds it hard not to fuck her straight away.  He always liked it when she dressed in sexy lingerie.

But Ricky was not happy about Katy cheating on him a while ago, so if she wants his cock in her pussy, then she will have to do as she is told.

2Ricky handcuffs Katy to his bed.  Katy is not used to Ricky being so sexually dominating.  She expected to be the dominant one.

During their previous relationship Katy was always in control, but today Ricky is taking advantage of her sexual vulnerability.

British blonde porn star Katy Jayne really enjoyed being told what to do and how to do it.  Maybe if Ricky had been more of a man in bed then she would not of cheated on him.

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