Hot Workout With A Cock Ending

Hot Workout With A Cock Ending

Hot Workout With A Cock Ending
Misty Stone and Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee has been a very busy male pornstar lately. He has been appearing in Brazzers videos more and more regularly.  This is good news for Keiran Lee fans and good news for female pornstars who love getting fucked by him too.

In Hot Workout With A Cock Ending, its ebony pornstar Misty Stones turn to have her ebony pussy pounded by Keiran’s big British cock.  Her body is having its usual early morning yoga workout.  She really enjoy’s keeping her body in tip top shape for her husband, Keiran, and he is very happy about that.

In Hot Workout With A Cock Ending, Misty is wearing silver trainers and a grey workout outfit and is enjoying her yoga workout in her own living room.  but it’s her husband that is in for a treat when he arrives in the room to find his hot ebony wife in a very revealing bending over yoga position.


Misty Stone loves to do sexy yoga and intense exercise to both work up a sweat and tease her husband, Keiran Lee, with her perfect tits and ass. It works like a charm when Keiran enters and is practically hypnotised by Misty’s bouncing black booty, leading him to interrupt her workout by grabbing two male handfuls.

In Hot Workout With A Cock Ending, it turns out that Misty was cooling down anyway, but before letting Keiran get exactly what he wants, Misty decides to tease him a bit. After worshipping Misty’s boobs, booty, and perfect body, Keiran whips out his hard dick and helps take Misty’s exercise routine to the next level.

I love watching these yoga porn videos.  Brazzers make great us of those huge workout inflatable balls in all their workout sex videos.

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Big Tits Try On Haul Abigail Mac

Big Tits Try On Haul

Big Tits Try On Haul
Abigail Mac, Isiah Maxwell

What’s not to like about Abigail Mac in a tiny bikini getting fucked by a big black cock?  She’s laid out flat on the bed while Isiah Maxwell pounded away at her pussy, squeezing every inch of his BBC into her tiny crack.


I fucking loved watching Abigail trying on various types of bikini’s.  She has such a great looking body.  She’s what they are now calling ‘bikini ready’.  I loved her in the light blue bikini that she wanted to sear to her BF’s parents house.

In Big Tits Try On Haul, after trying on 3-4 different styles of tiny bikini’s Isiah Maxwells cock became too hard to ignore.  Abigail could see that Mr Maxwell had something else on his mind she turned around to expose her amazing ass in a g-string thong.

Abigail Mac slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down so Maxwell could get a good look at her pussy as she bent over the bed.  That was ll the invitation that he needed.  He whipped out his biog hard back dick and teased Abigails clit with his bell-end.

In Big Tits Try On Haul, Abigail’s pussy was wet within a few minutes and she was ready to get her tight snatch stretched by Isiah’s cock.  She laid back opened her legs and eagerly accepted his big wang into her lady garden.

I think most porn lovers are aware that Miss Abigail Mac has a fucking stunning looking body.  In Big Tits Try On Haul she spends most of the time naked and I really loved looking at her tan-lines.  She had obviously been spending a lot of lockdown time in the sun.

If you are a fan of seeing hot women in bikini’s getting fucked by big black cock’s, then this video will be right up your street.


Nurse’s Threesome Cures All Lacey London Tori Montana

Nurse's Threesome Cures All

Nurse’s Threesome Cures All
Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels

Here we have an interracial threesome.  Two stunning ebony pornstars take on a big cock from Jimmy Michaels.  With hot nurses being worshipped all over the world right now, its a good time to bring out some porn featuring nurses getting fucked hard.

Lacey London and Tori Montana are two really beautiful women.  They are home help nurses so unfortunately we don’t see them dressed up in full sexy nurse uniforms, a bit of  a shame…BUT…they are wearing really tight clothes to make up for it.


The first bit of sex we see in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All is Lacey and Tori scissoring.  Rubbing their pussies on each other.  What a glorious sight it is too!  Their wet pussy make all the right noises as Jimmy walks in to find them performing lesbian sex acts.

In Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, Jimmy is not going to let this opportunity get away, even if it does mean fucking his step sister.  Jimmy has never actually fucked a black girl before.  He does realise that it’s not going to feel any different than all the white girl pussy he has fucked in the past…or is it?

Sexy home care nurse Lacey London has her hands full with an aging patient, but what makes matters more complicated is the rivalry between stepsiblings Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels – who both desperately want to fuck her.

As they vie for Lacey’s attention, Tori wins out thanks to some trickery, giving her alone time for some hot scissoring and pussy-eating. But when Jimmy stumbles in looking for Lacey, Tori decides on some next level trickery to show her seductive powers over Jimmy.  Brazzers Nurse’s Threesome Cures All, ultimately culminates in a scorching threesome after a shocking revelation under the blankets. After draining Jimmy’s cock of all his cum, it’s clear that Lacey has a healing touch.

If you are looking to watch an interracial porn video that has a bit of everything, then I think you are going to enjoy watching Lacey London, Tori Montana and Jimmy Michaels all fucking each other in Nurse’s Threesome Cures All.

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Spy Gets Sneaky Ride Jenna Foxx

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride
Steve Holmes, Jenna Foxx

Creepy old guy Steve Holmes (sorry Steve) is back again and this time he’s getting his old man hands on Jenna Foxx’s hot young ebony body.  Jenna was happily enjoying her alone time with her vibrator when Steve Holmes falls out of the closet holding a video camera.

In Spy Gets Sneaky Ride he quickly runs of to the bathroom to try and finish his wank, but he is caught by Jenna who would rather he finishes off in her black girls pussy.   How could Mr Holmes resist such an offer from such a much younger girl.

At the beginning of Spy Gets Sneaky Ride we find Jenna Foxx with her legs wife open and a purple vibrator getting to work on her clit.  She is letting out some moans and groans as he is getting closer to orgasm.  The camera gets a great close up of her pulsating pussy as Miss Foxx tries to force out and early orgasm.

She is getting closer and closer to orgasm when she suddenly realises that she is being watch from inside her closet.  She calls Steve Holmes a fucking sick pervert for spying on her.  She can believe that she has been filmed masturbating on her bed.

But as I’ve already explained, Jenna Foxx isn’t completely mad about the whole situation.  In fact she is quietly happy to find Steve with his cock hanging out.  She dashes to the bathroom before Steve has time to cum with his hands.

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride, hot ebony babe, Jenna Foxx wants Steve to fuck her pussy and make her cum.  It’s always more sexually satisfying to have a genuine big cock making her cum rather than her purple dildo.

She manages to find Steve in the bathroom with his trousers around his ankles, so she gets on her knees and sticks his cock deep down her throat.  She sucks his cock really had and fast.  Steve Holmes can’t believe his luck.  Looking down to find a gorgeous young black babe going to town on his bell end.

To make sure that Jenna makes the most of having a big cock to fuck, she takes Steve back into her bedroom to fuck him on her bed.  He rides him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then makes him fuck her in the missionary position with the vibrator rubbing her pussy.

I loved the view of Jenna Foxx’s natural tits hanging down in front of the camera in this Spy Gets Sneaky Ride video.  Her natural boobs are a breath of fresh air.  Jenna is a really good all natural ebony porn performer.

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Trying On Pantyhose Halle Hayes and Charles Dera

trying on pantyhose

Trying On Pantyhose
Charles Dera, Halle Hayes

Brazzers bring us some more great pantyhose ripping action with the stunning ebony pornstar Halle Hayes and Charles Dera.  Charles gets to rip apart a sexy pair of black nylon stockings and then fuck the shit out of Halle’s wet pussy.

Halle Hayes has a great body.  she has all the right curves in all the right places.  At the start of this Trying On Pantyhose video, she is trying on some new sexy see though pantyhose to tease her boyfriend with.  She slips on the nylons with no panties on so we can she her big black ass.  To get her boyfriend extra horny she shakes her big black tits in front of his face.


Charles loves seeing Halle Hayes in black pantyhose.  It’s a real turn on for him.  But what he likes best, is when he gets to rip them open from the crutch to expose her wet pink pussy lips.  Brazzers Trying On Pantyhose is a great opportunity for you to see Halle Hayes shaking her big black ass.  She can really make her junk bounce.

When Charles has finally had enough messing around with Halle’s pantyhose, he gets down to business with his big fat throbbing cock.  Charles lays Halle down on the bed, spreads her legs wide open and sticks his cock deep into her cock hungry vagina.

When Halle bends over and waits for Charles to fuck her from behind, the camera gets a great close up of her dripping wet pussy as it oozes through her pubic hair.  This interracial Brazzers porn video will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy on 25th October 2020.

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Breaking In Putting Out Claudia Obey

Breaking In, Putting Out

Breaking In, Putting Out
Charles Dera, Claudia Obey

Thank you Brazzers for giving me this really long scene description.  It saves me having to write 400 words about it.  I haven’t got the time this morning.  It’s always great to see Charles Dera in action and he has got his hands full with ebony babe, Claudia Obey in Breaking in, Putting Out.

Claudia Obey is a badass break and enter babe. She’s made her way into Charles Dera’s pad and is grabbing everything of value! She thinks she’s getting away with it too until he suddenly arrives home.


She has no choice but to hide in the kitchen cabinets! Close call, and she’s almost out of there when she catches Dera having a little “me time” on his laptop. He whips out his big hard cock which causes Claudia to change her plans. She decides to get his attention and heads to the bedroom, makes a ton of noise, and hides in his laundry. Dera quickly discovers her and she gives him the ultimate ultimatum; she can explain, or she can suck his dick. He goes with the dick thing.

In Brazzers Breaking In Putting Out, Claudia uses her big natural tits to give him a sloppy tit job and sucks him hard. Her round ass looks amazing riding up and down on his dick. He picks her up midair and takes her to shaking orgasm. Charles fucks her to near oblivion and then cums all over her face. How did she get in there anyway?

Is it me, or does this enboy pornstar called Claudia Obey look like Rihanna?

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Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen Zaawaadi

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen

Wow, what a way to make your Fake Taxi debut.  This amazing African pornstar is called Zaawaadi.  She definitely only needs one name.  You won’t be forgetting the name Zaawaadi in a hurry.  This new African pornstar has a fucking awesome body and she loves hard rough sex too.  She certainly gets what she wants from Big Dave in the back of his Fake Taxi.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot more of this crazy big bootie African babe.  She really made me laugh whilst editing this video.  If she continues to shake that sweet black ass, then she is going to be a real fans favourite in no time at all.

Here’s what I wrote about Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen for

Big Dave is back and he’s in for a treat when he picks up African Queen Zaawaadi. She is an ebony babe with a fantastic body on her. After fooling around about wanting to go on Safari in the taxi, Zaawaadi was in a playful mood. She joked about being an African Queen that loved to suck cock.

When Big Dave gets her naked on the back seat of his famous London taxi, he fucks her hard and fast for as long as he possibly can.  Eventually, he unloads a bucket full of spunk over her perfect black ass.

This interracial Fake taxi video called Taxi Fuck for Ebony African Queen will hit your screens on 18th October, 2020.


Cheating Husband Gets Cucked Ivy Lebelle

Cheating Husband Gets Cucked

Cheating Husband Gets Cucked
Isiah Maxwell, Ivy Lebelle

If I was ever forced to watch my wife with big tits getting fucked by another man, I would hope that he didn’t have a big black cock.  I don’t think I could bare watching my wife enjoying a BBC while I just sat there and tried not to watch.


But that is what happens to Ivy Lebelle’s dick of a husband when she finds out that he has been cheating on her.  Her husband is unaware that Ivy has found out that he has been sleeping with the neighbourhood slut for a few months.  Miss Lebelle decides to create a video of herself disclosing what she has found out about him.

In Brazzers Cheating Husband Gets Cucked, she dresses in a low cut black dress and makes sure that her cleavage is out on show.  She knows that her husband worships her cleavage and it always brings him to his knees.  She then starts to finger her arse and pussy to get herself wet.  But she’s not getting wet for her husband…no no…

The surprise for her husband is that she is waiting for Isiah Maxwell to arrive with his bib black cock.  Ivy has arranged for Isiah to come to the house and fuck her in front of a camera so her husband will have to watch it for himself.  Ivy’s husband will have to sit and watch a DVD of his wife being pounds by the biggest cock she has ever had.

At the beginning of Cheating Husband Gets Cucked, Ivy talks to the camera she Isiah uses his massive long black cock to make this sexy wife cream.  Her pussy starts to ooze with pussy juicy and creamy cum.  The biggest surprise for her husband is that she allows Isiah Maxwell to fuck her deep in the big ass.  This is something that she has never done before.  She has always said no to anal sex, so watching her getting fucked in the ass is the ultimate slap in the face for her cheating husband.

Maybe Ivy Lebelle’s husband will now think twice about fucking the younger women on the street who flirt with him on a daily basis.  He will just have to learn to say no.  You will be able to enjoy Cheating Husband Gets Cucked on October 10th, 2020.

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