End Of The World Fuck Paige Owens

End Of The World Fuck

End Of The World Fuck
Paige Owens and Isiah Maxwell

It’s Paige Owens pretending to be a virgin in her latest Brazers porn video.  She get her cherry popped by a big black cock in this fantasy porno. [WATCH FULL VIDEO] Isiah Maxwell stuffs his massive dick inside Paige’s tight pink pussy to make sure that she doesn’t die a virgin.  It doesn’t take long before Mr Maxwell realises that Paige Owens’ is not actually virgin at all, she has too many sexual skills.

Maybe they are slightly wrong and meant to say that Paige is an anal virgin.  Does Paige want to experience and big cock in her arse before the world ends?  I think that makes more sense to me.


In End Of The World Fuck, it’s the end of the world in Brazzersland. Everything has shut down and conservative couple Paige Owens and Isiah Maxwell will not have their planned wedding… nor their wedding night! It’s a shame because Paige was waiting for her special night to give up her virginity.

But hold on a second… If the world is coming to an end, then she doesn’t have to wait anymore, does she? Oh no she doesn’t! In End Of The World Fuck, watch as Isiah’s big, hard dick takes Paige’s virginity and turns her from amateur to squirter!

I Can’t I’m Married Kendra Sutherland

I Can't I'm Married

I Can’t I’m Married
Isiah Maxwell, Kendra Sunderland

If you enjoy watching platinum blonde babes being fucked by big black cock, then you have found the video you are looking for.  Kendra Sutherland gets her tight pussy slammed by Isiah Maxwell’s big black cock in I Can’t I’m Married.

We find co-workers Kendra and Isiah in Kendra’s house.  She has invited Isiah over to look at some business figures that she had been struggling with in the office.  Isiah can see that her stress levels are very high.  He offer to give her a gentle shoulder massage to help relieve a little bit of stress.


The platinum blonde babe Kendra Sutherland is not over keen on getting a shoulder massage from his big hands. She is far too aware of inappropriate touching in the work place. But since they are in her own house, she seem conflicted.

In I Can’t I’m Married, wearing a purple blouse, a string pearl neckless, Kendra certainly looks fucking sexy as fuck.  She certainly would be the office eye candy in any office that I have ever worked it.  With a few too many top buttons on her purple blouse undone, her wonderful cleavage is fully on display.

Isiah Maxwell gets a superb view of her tits as he stands behind her rubbing her shoulders.  He has always been complimented on his massage technique by a few other women in the office.  He has fucked a few of them too.  He is finding her boobs far too distracting to concentrate of the work Kendra has asked him to help her with.

When Isiah has finished massaging her shoulders, he offers a foot rub.  He explains that the best stress relief he can offer is rubbing the soles of her feet.  Now slightly more relaxed, this blonde bombshell takes off her work shoes and lets her work colleague rub her feet.  She is  surprised just how nice it feels.  Her splendid cleavage is now starting to show more and more of her great looking tits.

During I Can’t I’m Married, as the camera shows close ups of her feet being massaged, we get a little bit of up-skirt action.  We are able to see right up her short black skirt.  Eventually Kendra opens up her legs to get a little more comfortable.  It now that we get a great looking at her sexy underwear.  She is wearing a peach coloured bra and panties set, it’s beautiful and fits her like a glove.

When Isiah Maxwell’s cock is bulging in his pants, he takes things a little further and start to nipple on Kendra’s big toe.  She is startled at first, but as she realises just how nice it feels, she lets him continue.  The thoughts of her husband coming home early suddenly enter her mind.  But her mind gets overwhelmed by the sexual sensations running through her body.

Mr Maxwell carries Kendra into the kitchen and slowly peels off her panties.  Her pussy is moist and waiting for his big black cock to slide in and penetrate her.  This Brazzers interracial porno sees Kendra Sutherland playing a married woman who cannot resist a big black cock.  She lets her co-worker work his magic by seducing her in her own home.

Miss Sutherland forgets about her boring marries life for 30 minutes as she enjoys being fucked hard and fast by her colleagues huge cock.  Her delicate pussy gets stretched like it has never bee stretched before.  Will she ever be able to look her husband in the eye again after being unfaithful wit ha black guy.

This is the 6th time that Kendra Sutherland has appeared in a Brazzers video.  Her sweet big natural boobs are certainly becoming a fans favourite.  Her natural boobs looked fantastic in this I Can’t I’m Married video.  Watching her making them bounce around in that purple blouse and peach coloured bra, was very enjoyable.

I bet she is a right little prick teaser in the office. Wearing short skirts and having top button on her blouses undone is a sure fire way of getting plenty of male attention in any office she works at.

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Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen Azul Hermosa

Yoga Freaks Episode

Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen
Isiah Maxwell and Azul Hermosa

Wow, has the Yoga Freaks really been going for fourteen episodes?  Or, do the Brazzers editors just use this title whenever they struggle to find a new original title 😉 It doesn’t really matter. Who cares about the originality of a porn video title?

This is an interracial episode of the Yoga Freaks series.  It stars Azul Hermosa and Isiah Maxwell having sex after Isiah watches Azul doing all her sexy stretching exercises right in front of his face.

In Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen, the stunning Azul Hermosa has taken up yoga to relieve some stiffness, with help from her trainer Isiah Maxwell. Before her session, Azul loosens herself up by masturbating on her couch.

When Isiah arrives, the two go through some poses together, but Azul is so turned on at this point that she’s more interested in getting fucked. She propositions her trainer, who’s more than happy to use his big dick to give Azul the personalized training she wants.

This yoga porn niche is well and truly established.  I think there will be plenty more to come.  Watching hot women doing yoga in those skin tight leggings is very popular right now.

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Big Tits Try On Haul Abigail Mac

Big Tits Try On Haul

Big Tits Try On Haul
Abigail Mac, Isiah Maxwell

What’s not to like about Abigail Mac in a tiny bikini getting fucked by a big black cock?  She’s laid out flat on the bed while Isiah Maxwell pounded away at her pussy, squeezing every inch of his BBC into her tiny crack.


I fucking loved watching Abigail trying on various types of bikini’s.  She has such a great looking body.  She’s what they are now calling ‘bikini ready’.  I loved her in the light blue bikini that she wanted to sear to her BF’s parents house.

In Big Tits Try On Haul, after trying on 3-4 different styles of tiny bikini’s Isiah Maxwells cock became too hard to ignore.  Abigail could see that Mr Maxwell had something else on his mind she turned around to expose her amazing ass in a g-string thong.

Abigail Mac slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down so Maxwell could get a good look at her pussy as she bent over the bed.  That was ll the invitation that he needed.  He whipped out his biog hard back dick and teased Abigails clit with his bell-end.

In Big Tits Try On Haul, Abigail’s pussy was wet within a few minutes and she was ready to get her tight snatch stretched by Isiah’s cock.  She laid back opened her legs and eagerly accepted his big wang into her lady garden.

I think most porn lovers are aware that Miss Abigail Mac has a fucking stunning looking body.  In Big Tits Try On Haul she spends most of the time naked and I really loved looking at her tan-lines.  She had obviously been spending a lot of lockdown time in the sun.

If you are a fan of seeing hot women in bikini’s getting fucked by big black cock’s, then this video will be right up your street.

Handled With Care Ana Foxxx and Isiah Maxwell

handled with care

Handled With Care
Ana Foxxx, Isiah Maxwell

OK, so it’s 0530 in the morning and I’ve decided to get straight onto the blog.  This morning I’m greeted with Handled with Care starring ebony babe Ana Foxxx and black male pornstar Isiah Maxwell.  The initial start up screenshot is of Miss Foxxx in a pair of nylon stockings and having water poured over her.

The opening shots are of a topless Ana Foxx playing with her small boobs.  She is doing a little dance to the camera.  Topless and wearing some very hot see through nylon pantyhose.  Ana wiggles her cute little butt and she knows how to make the most of it.


In Brazzers Handled With Care her boyfriend Isiah Maxwell arrives and places a blindfold over her eyes and she waits for him to play with her sexy black body.  The action then cuts away and we find Ana Foxx in a different outfit.  This time she is wearing electric blue lingerie and is busy masturbating like crazy, desperately trying to make herself cum, she even has a butt plug inserted in her fine looking ass.

Next comes a POV blowjob where Ana gives Isiah a wet sloppy blowjob and gets as much of his big black cock down her throat as she possibly can.  Once his BBC is as hard as a rock, the fucking can begin.

During Handled With Care, Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx fuck each other hard on the sofa.  His big cock gets buried into her wet pussy and makes her cum on several occasions.  There is a stunning shot of Ana riding cowgirl and spreading her arse cheeks to give a great view of her butt hole.

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Stuck Between Anal And A Workout Bridgette B

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout

Stuck Between Anal And A Workout
Bridgette B, Isiah Maxwell

Thank you, Sweet Lord Jesus.  We’ve got the fantastic Bridgette B getting fucked in the ass by a big black cock.  Brazzers are really treating us today.  not only do we witness the sex Bridgette B having her arsehole fucked, but we also get to see her amazing body working out and getting sweaty.

Bridgette has been looking for ways to spice up her daily workout routine.  She has become a little bored with her workout that she carries out every morning.  She has being putting her hot latin body through the same stretches and positions for a while now, she needs something different.

During Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, one of her pornstar friends recommended that she tries to insert a butt plug into her big ass before she workouts out.  Worth a try…sounds very strange.  However, Bridgette was delighted to feel how great it felt to have a butt plug in her butt.  Every time she bend over, she gave herself a cheap thrill.  Why didn’t she try this before, she thought to herself.

The only down side to this new sexy workout routine was that it was making her feel very horny indeed.  Her ass and pussy craved a cock to really finish off the routine with a bang.  Luckily for Bridgette B, she caught her neighbour peeping through the window, watching her working out.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, She drags her neighbour into her house.  Isiah Maxwell had been watching his hot neighbour working out with a butt plug in her arse and already had a hard on.  Bridgette B could see that Isiah was ready to fuck her brains out.  She sucked his cock like a woman possessed.  There was only one thing the Bridgette desired, and that was to have her ass fucked by Isiah’s big black cock.

In Stuck Between Anal And A Workout, Bridgette B got her anal graving satisfied.  Her butt gets fucked hard and fucked by a BBC in her living room.  This is yet another fantastic performance by this hot sexy Latin MILF.

Cheating Husband Gets Cucked Ivy Lebelle

Cheating Husband Gets Cucked

Cheating Husband Gets Cucked
Isiah Maxwell, Ivy Lebelle

If I was ever forced to watch my wife with big tits getting fucked by another man, I would hope that he didn’t have a big black cock.  I don’t think I could bare watching my wife enjoying a BBC while I just sat there and tried not to watch.


But that is what happens to Ivy Lebelle’s dick of a husband when she finds out that he has been cheating on her.  Her husband is unaware that Ivy has found out that he has been sleeping with the neighbourhood slut for a few months.  Miss Lebelle decides to create a video of herself disclosing what she has found out about him.

In Brazzers Cheating Husband Gets Cucked, she dresses in a low cut black dress and makes sure that her cleavage is out on show.  She knows that her husband worships her cleavage and it always brings him to his knees.  She then starts to finger her arse and pussy to get herself wet.  But she’s not getting wet for her husband…no no…

The surprise for her husband is that she is waiting for Isiah Maxwell to arrive with his bib black cock.  Ivy has arranged for Isiah to come to the house and fuck her in front of a camera so her husband will have to watch it for himself.  Ivy’s husband will have to sit and watch a DVD of his wife being pounds by the biggest cock she has ever had.

At the beginning of Cheating Husband Gets Cucked, Ivy talks to the camera she Isiah uses his massive long black cock to make this sexy wife cream.  Her pussy starts to ooze with pussy juicy and creamy cum.  The biggest surprise for her husband is that she allows Isiah Maxwell to fuck her deep in the big ass.  This is something that she has never done before.  She has always said no to anal sex, so watching her getting fucked in the ass is the ultimate slap in the face for her cheating husband.

Maybe Ivy Lebelle’s husband will now think twice about fucking the younger women on the street who flirt with him on a daily basis.  He will just have to learn to say no.  You will be able to enjoy Cheating Husband Gets Cucked on October 10th, 2020.

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Seductress In Stockings Abella Danger

Seductress In Stockings

Seductress In Stockings
Abella Danger, Isiah Maxwell

Some fantastic interracial hardcore porn in a video called Seductress In Stockings starring the wonderful Abella Danger and Isiah Maxwell.  Abella shakes that world class ass of hers and get Isiah’s big black cock has hard as a rock.

The way Abella Danger is able to shake that booty is truly remarkable.  She is so well known know for having the best white booty in the adult industry.  Her sexy ass has been fucked so many times in Brazzers videos that I’m surprised she can actually sit down.


Miss Abella Danger is dressed is some very sexy stockings which are held up with a garter belt and black suspenders that can drive most guys wild.  They certainly look as sexy as fuck on the legs and waist of Brazzers favourite Abella Danger.

When Isiah is ready to fuck, his cock is looking hard and ridged has a bedpost.  I don’t know how some women manage to fit cock this size into themselves.  Today Abella is going to ride it deep in her wet pussy.  We are very much used to seeing Miss Danger getting fucked in the arse, but today she settle for a big black stuck deep into her pussy.

In Brazzers Seductress In Stockings, Isiah Maxwell has the pleasure of having this experienced female pornstar ride his cock for however long he wants to.  He is able to control his cumshot until the time is right.  With Abella riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, it’s hard to see how any man could delay is orgasm as long as Mr Maxwell does.

So if you was to see a tight white pussy being stretched by a big black cock, then you will enjoy watching Abella Danger in Seductress In Stockings which is released on to the Brazzers Network on 27th September, 2020.

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